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Martial World - Chapter 1052


Chapter 1052 - Grandmist Battle Armor




Yan Littlemoon looked at the scenery around her in a shocked daze. Right in front of her was a lush and vibrant medicine garden, completely filled with spirit herbs that were 100,000 years old and above. It was a verdant land, colored with spring. And behind this medicine garden, there was a palace. As she saw this, she immediately knew where she was. She was in Lin Ming's spatial ring, in a minor dimension formed within.

’’That fellow... he rescued me...’’

As she looked at this quiet and peaceful scenery, Yan Littlemoon felt all sorts of strange and complex emotions fill her heart.

She never thought that in the final moment, Lin Ming would receive her into his Extreme Violet Ring. As long as Lin Ming didn't die and the ring didn't break, she would be safe and well.

And in terms of Lin Ming's combat effectiveness, Yan Littlemoon didn't know why, but she felt an inexplicable blind belief in him. Even though she knew that it was impossible for him to resist 100,000 mystic realm demons, she still thought that he could escape, even if he couldn't obtain the dragon bone.


And at this moment, outside of the Extreme Violet Ring, a life and death slaughterfest had been engaged between the disciples of the four God Beast Clans and the mystic realm demons!

This was 100,000 mystic realm demons against 60 some genius clan disciples!

’’Dragon One, that f*king psycho! Everyone, get in formation!’’

Jiang Bai breathlessly said as six other disciples gathered by his side and began to form an array formation. As for the other three disciples, they didn't join in because they didn't have the ability to!

Not all disciples of the four God Beast Clans could form array formations with each other. For instance, in the Ancient Phoenix Clan there were many genius disciples spread out in the 72 branch palaces, so it was simply unrealistic for them to train in array formations. After all, doing so was impractical, especially since they didn't gather together often. Even when they explored this mystic realm they were often dispersed all over. This current group war was an entirely unexpected event.

Such a result also led to not every disciple from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Roc Clan, or Kirin Clan being able to gather into array formations. In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, only several disciples that had been together at headquarters were able to do so and compete with the Ancient Dragon Clan's 36 Astral Heaven Formation!

’’Everyone, gather by me, we're forming the 100 Bird Burning Sun Formation!’’ Xiao Ping shouted out. This was an array formation that the several disciples from headquarters had practiced together before.

’’If we form the array... then what will those branch palace disciples like Lin Ming do?’’ A disciple subconsciously asked.

’’What a bunch of nonsense. At this time what else can we do, just let them run about as they will!’’ Huang Tidemark sneered. But, this argument was also understandable. In such a crisis, who could still worry and look after others?

As Huang Tidemark imagined Lin Ming being swallowed up by countless demons until there was nothing left of him, he felt pleased with himself. That brat had taken Yan Littlemoon away from him in front of everyone and caused him to lose face.

’’Not even having a corpse left is the most miserable way to die. But what a pity about that Yan Littlemoon girl;I still haven't managed to taste her yet. Her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline is truly wasted!’’

But then, when Huang Tidemark glanced at Lin Ming through the chaos, he actually saw that Yan Littlemoon, who had been standing beside him, had suddenly disappeared.

’’Mm? A spatial ring with its own minor dimension? Humph, that's still useless. You will die no matter what!’’

Against a great army of 100,000 mystic realm demons, even they weren't sure they could survive after having formed their great array formation, much less Lin Ming, who was all alone.


With a terrifying series of ringing explosive sounds, the swarm of 100,000 mystic realm demons formed a giant current that smashed down against the disciples like a heavy armored fist. But, the genius disciples of the four great clans were like a sharp blade, colliding with the mystic realm demons together. For a time, wild and turbulent energy recklessly shot out!

And above the disciples of the four great clans, a giant blue wheel shot up into the skies. On top of this spinning wheel there were 36 runes, each of them sparkling with a bright light!

36 disciples each stood above their own rune. The runes combined together, causing a resonant dragon's cry to soar into the skies! The phantom of an Azure Dragon floated above the blue spinning wheel, its claws slashing outwards!

’’All fellow apprentices! Burn your blood essence together to form a Celestial Dragon Rune and inscribe it onto the 36 Astral Heaven Formation! We will increase the might of our formation to the limit! This is the greatest lucky chance that we will ever have in our entire lives! No one must think they will get lucky, we must all go all-out for this!’’

Dragon One bellowed. He was the first to burn his Dragon Clan blood essence!

Burning Dragon Clan blood essence was different from burning Ancient Phoenix blood essence. This was because a Phoenix God Beast could bathe in the fires of nirvana and be reborn. No matter how much blood essence it burnt, it still wouldn't diminish by a single drop. But as for the Dragon Clan's blood essence, that was simply not like the Ancient Phoenix Clan's at all. Every drop of blood essence they burnt was another drop gone!

At this time, Dragon One had really gone all out!


With a loud shout from Dragon One, 36 divine pillars of light beamed forth from the bodies of the 36 disciples;each of them had burnt their life's blood essence!

These pillars of light came in a rainbow of scintillating colors. There was azure, gold, blood red... each color represented each disciple's bloodline relationship with the different divine Dragons!

The entire sky was lit up with multicolored halos!

And in the center of the array formation's 36 runes, each rune rose up as if they had come to life. Each rune turned into a little dragon that soared into the winds, flying about like living beings.

’’Oh, Ancient Dragon God, with our blood essence as the sacrifice, we summon your glorious strength. We beg you, grant us loyal subjects your unsurpassed supernatural divine might!’’

Dragon One's face was filled with a pious reverence, as if he were carrying out some sacrosanct ceremony.

Wu wu -

The spinning wheel beneath his feet had already become a kaleidoscope of colors. As it quickly revolved, the spinning wheel even cut through the air, releasing a harsh grating sound as if countless ghosts were crying in the sky. Even the surrounding space began to tremble!

Such a sound was fused with the aura of a divine Dragon as well as the energy of 36 powerhouses from the Ancient Dragon Clan. Wherever these sonic waves struck, numerous mystic realm demons exploded into smoke!

These mystic realm demons were intangible and invisible bodies of energy to begin with. To strike them with these sound waves filled with energy, the lethality was truly great!

Not just that, but as the rainbow wheel spun around, it was also able to absorb the mystic realm demons that had exploded into energy. A massive amount of mystic realm energy curled up into the spinning wheel, nourishing and strengthening its body, making it shine with an even brighter divine light!

’’What!?!? What kind of array formation is that! The array formation formed by the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples can actually absorb mystic realm demons to strengthen itself and increase its killing strength!’’

’’If it's like this then they have no need to bear 100,000 mystic realm demons. This is because they can use the strength of the mystic realm demons themselves to slaughter even more of them! No wonder Dragon One was so crazy! He truly has the ability to stir up the 100,000 mystic realm demons and kill the Asura King as it's undergoing its final demonic tribulation!’’

’’This is bad! If this continues then we will be stranded in this sea of mystic realm demons! And the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan will directly push their way into the center. At that time, if they manage to obtain the dragon bone and walk away while we are stuck here, then we might exhaust ourselves and perish!’’

Jiang Bai instantly realized this and he fumed with anger. He felt as if he had been tricked by Dragon One. Not only had he turned into bait that had to share the pressure, and not only would he not obtain any benefits, but he might even have to compensate with his life!

However, it was simply impossible for him to compete for the dragon bone right now, especially within the swarm of mystic realm demons. Trying to advance just 100 meters within all these mystic realm demons was extremely difficult.

’’What do we do? Do we break out or rush in with the Dragon Clan disciples?’’

Everyone was caught in a dilemma. They had confidence they could break out of this encirclement. Even if they took some damage, they would still be able to survive with 70% of the disciples intact.

But, that was the same as giving up on the supreme dragon bone.

If they rushed forwards then there was a chance they could obtain the supreme dragon bone. However, the losses would truly be great. There was a chance that even with so many losses, they still wouldn't achieve anything!

And at this time, Lin Ming was also swallowed up by the swarms of mystic realm demons!

He hadn't formed an array formation. The advantage of this was that he was the most inconspicuous and this also made him the smallest target with the least amount of mystic realm demons rushing at him.

’’Grandmist battle spirit!’’

As he saw seven or eight mystic realm demons hurtle towards him, Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and the dark gold grandmist battle spirit directly shot forth from his spiritual sea. In a split second, those seven or eight mystic realm demons were all crushed to death and turned into pure mystic realm energy. Lin Ming waved his hand and received the energy into the Fire Pattern Furnace left behind by Yan Littlemoon.

Although Lin Ming's total combat strength wasn't the highest amongst the 60 some disciples, he actually had the easiest time killing groups of mystic realm demons. This was because with just a sweep of his battle spirit, all ordinary mystic realm demons in front of him would perish. This saved both energy and time.

However, this wasn't enough. Lin Ming was aware that if he approached the Asura King, he would suffer greater resistance. As he went closer to the Asura King, not only would there be more mystic realm demons, but they would also be stronger. There were mystic realm demons that had lived for thousands or even ten thousand years!

’’Heavenly Demon force field, open!’’

The Prime Emperor red lotus began to slowly bloom behind Lin Ming! In the chaos of the battlefield, no one had time to notice this. And as the Prime Emperor red lotus bloomed, the composition of space around Lin Ming began to change, turning into grandmist space!

Grandmist space symbolized the power of the most source Laws present at the forming of the universe. Even though the rules of the God Beast Mystic Realm world were different and had even caused the genius disciples of the four God Beast Clans to be slightly hindered as they tried to use the power of Laws, this still wasn't able to affect the grandmist space at all.

This was because the God Beast Mystic Realm was still a place that had evolved due to some unknown rules, countless hundreds of millions of years after the forming of the universe. Thus, it was unable to contend with the most original and source Chaos Laws.

As soon as the grandmist space appeared, Lin Ming's aura suddenly changed! He compressed the grandmist space to within 30 feet of himself. Any mystic realm demons that intruded upon this grandmist space immediately issued a terrifying scream as their bodies melted away!

Grandmist space annihilated all Laws. These bodies of energy were unable to withstand the decomposing power of the grandmist space!

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred and the grandmist battle spirit shot out. A world of will projection overlapped with the grandmist space, turning the entire grandmist space golden!

The grandmist space continued to compress and condense until it was finally only three feet away from Lin Ming. This nearly created a grandmist battle armor around Lin Ming, and the power of this grandmist battle armor to decompose the power of Laws had reached a terrifying degree. Any mystic realm demon that even slightly bumped into it would immediately explode before being twisted into the grandmist space and forming the elementary form of grandmist energy.

With the Ancient Dragon Clan's 36 Astral Heaven Formation as well as the other disciples of the three clans gathered into their own formations, Lin Ming was the smallest target. At any given time there were only two dozen or so mystic realm demons rushing towards him. And as these mystic realm demons touched his grandmist battle armor, they were immediately killed. None of them were able to stop Lin Ming's high-speed advance forward!


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