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Martial World - Chapter 1051


Chapter 1051 - The Great War Begins




Dragon One sucked in a deep breath, a cold light shining in his eyes. He knew that if he tried to keep this a secret and kill them all, even he couldn't manage that! Moreover, if they fought then they would inevitably be weakened in the aftermath, adding even more variables to the situation!

At this moment, two more beams of blue light caught up. They were disciples from the Roc Clan, the Blue-winged Roc Branch. They were favored children of the Wind Laws and excelled at speed. Dealing with their high speed movements was extremely difficult.

’’What is that?’’

’’I have no idea! It should be some kind of extreme saint beast, or possibly even a God Beast bone!’’

The Blue-winged Roc disciple as well as the Fire Kirin disciples could all feel the terrifying aura emanating from the God Beast bone. Such a great lucky chance left them all frothing with excitement.

’’Mm? Those are the Ancient Dragon Clan's people! Dragon One, Dragon Six, Dragon Eight, Dragon 12... so many of them!’’ As the Blue-winged Roc disciple saw so many Ancient Dragon Clan disciples here, his heart immediately sank.

’’Shit! We were too late! The Dragon Clan people definitely won't let off such a fat piece of meat. Moreover, there are still 100,000 mystic realm demons here that are extremely difficult to deal with. Wanting to obtain that divine bone will be far too difficult.’’

’’Summon all our other clansmen here, we're going to join forces!’’

None of the heroic young elites present were idiots that couldn't tell just what the current situation was like, thus they made the most sensible judgment. Only by gathering all of their scattered clansmen and uniting together could they have a chance of obtaining this divine bone. Trying to take possession of it alone was far too unrealistic.

’’You lot, I want all of you to f*k off!’’

Dragon One's entire body surged with crushing killing intent. With him as the center, the great array formation formed by several powerhouses of the Ancient Dragon Clan was indeed extraordinary. The thick killing intent condensed into reality, giving off bottomless pressure.

But, the geniuses of the other clans were heroic elites chosen from a hundred billion people. There was not a single one of them that was weak. Facing Dragon One's pressure, their complexions changed for the slightest moment before they immediately recovered.

’’How amusing! Your Ancient Dragon Clan has been far too cocky! For world treasures like this, they belong to whoever can take them. Just when was it that the likes of you could monopolize them yourself!’’

A Kirin Clan martial artist said with a severe light, his entire posture vigilant. He was a peak early divine Sea martial artist, just a step away from the middle divine Sea realm. His strength was amazing.

And as he spoke, with two whistling sounds, two sound transmission talismans flew out.

Summon all reinforcements!

They were extremely far from Dragon One and sending a sound transmission talisman only took a brief moment. How could anyone possibly stop it?

Moreover, Dragon One also knew that it wouldn't matter if he tried to stop him. This was because it would take the Asura King a long period of time to cross its demonic tribulation. Even if there wasn't a sound transmission, with such a massive scene occurring around them, the powerhouses of the other clans were bound to catch up sooner or later.

This lake was bound to become more and more muddied!

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, what should we do!?’’

Dragon 12 nervously asked. If the disciples from all three other God Beast Clans arrived here, their Ancient Dragon Clan would absolutely become the target. This was because they were the most powerful. As long as the other three clans weren't idiots, they would join forces to deal with them.

’’We might as well start now and take advantage of the time before they join together. If you see one kill one, if you see two kill two!’’

Dragon Six harshly said. As the genius disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan grew up, all of them were subject to extremely intense competition that could even be called brutal and tragic. Each one was more ruthless than the last! This Dragon Six actually wanted to kill everyone present!

Dragon One's face darkened until it resembled the nine nether abyss. A cold light blazed from his eyes, but he actually maintained total silence as countless plans and machinations flashed through his mind.

Everyone was scattered and they were also very far away. They were able to run away at any moment. Wanting to kill them was easier said than done. If he needed to kill them then he had to make sure no survivors were left behind. Otherwise, if the survivors managed to grab their treasures in the ensuing chaos later, they would really be fools.

As time passed, more and more people arrived!

It wasn't just people from the Ancient Dragon Clan that caught up, but also disciples of the other three clans.

Although there were countless dangers in the God Beast Mystic Realm, the geniuses of the four clans were nearly unscathed. One reason was that they were all geniuses that excelled in combat to begin with, and the destiny gathered upon their bodies was also great, so ordinary dangers weren't likely to harm them much. Another reason was that even if there was someone who was inexperienced and tender like Yan Littlemoon with insufficient cultivation, they could still seek out the shelter of an older powerhouse, thus preventing any troubles from rising.

Soon, over 60 people had gathered up. Nearly every genius that had entered the God Beast Mystic Realm had arrived!

On one side was the Ancient Dragon Clan with Dragon One leading them, and on the other side were the disciples of the three other clans.

The two sides stood in sharp opposition!

At this time, everyone knew that having sole control of the supreme dragon bone was impossible. Let alone a single person taking it, but even a single clan taking the entire thing was impossible. Even if the most powerful Ancient Dragon Clan wanted to eat up all the treasures, they would bite off more than they could chew.

’’Haha! Brother Dragon One, how about our four clans join forces to obtain the dragon bone before we decided further about how to split the benefits?’’

Xiao Ping laughed out. He had already heard from the Kirin Clan and Roc Clan about how Dragon One had acted against them before the other disciples arrived. Even so, he still happily laughed and chatted with Dragon One as if nothing had happened.

’’Yes, let's join forces. At that time your Ancient Dragon Clan can have a bit more of the benefits!’’ Near Xiao Ping, the Kirin Clan's Eldest Disciple Jiang Bai echoed in joyous agreement.

’’Join forces? Have a bit more of the benefits? Hahahaha!’’ Dragon One suddenly raucously laughed, raving like madman.

Jiang Bai wrinkled his eyebrows. ’’What are you laughing about? Is this situation funny to you?’’

Dragon One's smile disappeared and he icily said, ’’What pleasant words. Even if all you scattered garbage come here, what combat strength do you have? The 36 of us can join together to form the Astral Heaven Formation and will inevitably become the main target of the Asura King and its minions. Meanwhile, the lot of you will randomly wander at the sides until both of us are wounded and then you'll swoop in and snatch away the victory! Dream on! You want to fight together? Alright! We might as well start now!’’

Dragon One's face flashed with a ferocious light. He swiped his spatial ring and in the next moment a massive arc of blue sword light cut through the skies, directly impacting towards the distant mountain peak with 100,000 mystic realm demons around it!

’’What are you trying to do!?!?’’ Jiang Bai's eyes widened in utter shock!

Before his voice fell, there was an explosive ringing sound as the sword light smashed into a group of mystic realm demons. In that moment, over 20 mystic realm demons were ruthlessly torn apart by that sword energy, bursting into smoke!

All of the mystic realm demons swiveled towards the disciples of the four clans. Their strange red eyes formed by energy began to fill with a violent rage!

All of the disciples from the four clans suddenly felt a creepy feeling washing them. Originally they were all standing on the periphery. Since their strength far surpassed that of an ordinary mystic realm demon, all they needed to do was use some special barrier concealment methods to deceive the sense of the mystic realm demons. But now, Dragon One's attack had exposed their position.


Jiang Bai was infuriated. He had originally been prepared to wait for the final moment when the Asura King was undergoing its demonic tribulation, and then by gathering the strength of everyone present and focusing it together, they would launch a long-range attack through a combining array formation and heavily wound the Asura King. They might have even managed to kill the Asura King. Then, those 100,000 mystic realm demons would become like headless flies. If everyone then rushed over with on overwhelming momentum, they could cause all the mystic realm demons to scatter in panic.

But, he didn't imagine that Dragon One would directly launch a solo attack on the 100,000 mystic realm demons. They originally had the perfect advantage, but now this attack exposed their position. If they were forced to engage in a massive melee with an army of 100,000 mystic realm demons, the disciples would suffer serious losses!

That was 100,000 mystic realm demons! And they were only a group of 60 some disciples!

Dragon One was filled with bloodthirst. From the start he had never thought of sharing anything with the other clans. His only desire was to swallow up half of that supreme dragon bone by himself! Only then would he have a faint chance of attacking the World King boundary!

’’You want to join forces? Fine! Then I'll draw those 100,000 mystic realm demons and we'll engage in a true, tragic, slaughterfest! I want to see just where you'll hide! You pack of blithering retards, did you really think that the Asura King hasn't discovered us from the start? It has already absorbed the strength of the supreme dragon bone and is no longer an ordinary Asura King! It is a spider that set out web, waiting for you small flies to gather in before catching you all! Hehehahaha! Since you've come here, then you might as well make use of your life and blood and pave the way for me!’’

Dragon One crazily laughed. His laughter echoed between the heavens and earth. As the number one master of all the geniuses present, Dragon One's sense and judgment were far above everyone else's! Moreover, as a member of the Ancient Dragon Clan, he was clearest about just what the supreme dragon bone was. He was able to vaguely estimate just how powerful the Asura King had become after absorbing the supreme dragon bone!

Now was not the time to decide how the four clans would divide the supreme dragon bone. Rather, it was the time to decide whether they would become the hunters of the supreme dragon bone, or become the prey that was hunted instead!

The 100,000 mystic realm demons surged forth like a black tide. 200,000 eyes radiated with a blood red light, their killing intent soaring to the heavens!

’’Hehe, have they all arrived? Over 60 talents from the outside;their flesh and blood should be enough for nourishing me a bit. That little kid from the Dragon Clan isn't too bad, he knows just what I was planning. He dared to provoke such an attack so he should have a bit of ability. But even so... all of them will die the same!’’

At this time, the Asura King was still undergoing tribulation. Its face was that of a handsome man, and its lips were curved up in a cunning smile. But as it spoke his last word, its face suddenly shifted into that of a brutal demon. Killing intent gushed out from its entire body. ’’Encircle them, kill them all! Leave their energy essence for me to swallow up!’’


’’You are deranged! You are out of your mind!’’ As the disciples of the four clans saw the waves of mystic realm demons hurtle towards them, all of them felt a cold chill run up their backs. If they fought in this war, they would suffer absolutely tremendous losses.

’’Hahahaha! Fight! Fight and die! The more of you that die, the less people there will be to compete with me for the dragon bone!’’ Dragon One flourished a top grade saint artifact sword. He seethed with a fevered frenzy!

At this time, although he looked as if he had gone mad, the truth was that his innermost thoughts were as calm and cold as a lake of ice! At the moment he had decided to compete for the dragon bone, he knew that this sort of cataclysmic war would occur. And, the disciples of the other three clans were the best sacrificial lambs!

Yan Littlemoon blanched as she saw the waves of mystic realm demons rush towards her like a massive tsunami. She was well aware that once she was embroiled in this sort of chaotic melee, the first one to die would be an inexperienced rookie like herself!

As for counting on Lin Ming to protect her, that was just a joke. It wasn't like she was his woman or something, so why would he feel the duty or obligation to do so?

For a time, a trace of despair and fear flashed through Yan Littlemoon's heart. In the face of impending death, who could still be calm?

But at this moment, an incomparably tranquil and familiar voice sounded out in her ears.

’’Enter my ring.’’

’’Mm?’’ Yan Littlemoon paused. She felt a soft strength cover her and she subconsciously didn't resist. In the next moment she had entered into an unknown space.

This was actually a beautiful valley with mountains and rivers around her, resembling a summer paradise.

At the moment the war was about to break out, Lin Ming placed Yan Littlemoon into his Extreme Violet Ring. This was one of Jiang Ziji's relics he obtained from the Temple of Marvels. The inside contained a separate space that could hold rivers, valleys, mountains, and even a medicine garden. Naturally, it could also hold a living person.


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