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Martial World - Chapter 1048


Chapter 1048 - Asura King




Lin Ming continued forwards with Yan Littlemoon. Every 10 miles or so they advanced, they would encounter several mystic realm demons. Lin Ming effortlessly slaughtered these mystic realm demons. And as for Yan Littlemoon, after she overcame her initial shock and panic, she also began to show her own formidable strength.

Yan Littlemoon was still a genius disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan after all. Although she was far from being able to compare with Lin Ming in the aspect of battle spirits, she still stood out amongst disciples of the same age. She used her own thoughts to staunchly defend against the will attacks of the mystic realm demons and simultaneously used her true fire abilities to melt away her enemies. As this sort of fighting continued, her actions became increasingly smooth.

This sort of fight was a common event for someone like Lin Ming. But to Yan Littlemoon, it was actually a rare opportunity to temper herself. Yan Littlemoon was an extremely talented character. As long as she had the time and space to grow, she would undoubtedly become a Holy Lord level character in the future.

More and more mystic realm demons were refined into streams of energy. But, the more mystic realm demons they killed, the less useful these energy streams became in enhancing their comprehension of Laws. This was because many of the Laws within the mystic realm demons' bodies were repeated and redundant, thus new insights became much less effective.

’’These ordinary mystic realm demons are becoming less and less useful. If we can find and slay some 1000 year mystic realm demons or even some 10,000 year mystic realm demons then they'll have Law energy that is far more valuable.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He looked off somewhere into the distance.

’’Mm? What is it?’’

As Yan Littlemoon saw Lin Ming suddenly act strangely, she put up her guard. Soon, she discovered a vast aura surging out from the distance, ebbing and flowing, like a great drumming beat was causing the distant heaven and earth origin energy to tumble over.

’’What is that?’’

Yan Littlemoon was shocked. Such a powerful yet unknown existence could be a great lucky chance, but it could also be a life-threatening disaster.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then said, ’’Stick close to me and stay near the ground. Restrain your aura as much as possible;we're going forward at high speed!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, his entire body sank down to the ground, drawing close to the swamp. He flushed forwards like a fish in a downwards stream.

His speed was extremely fast. But from just a bit farther, it was nearly impossible to detect the movements he created in the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy.

Yan Littlemoon also quickly restrained her aura and followed behind Lin Ming.

After flying for just a short period of time, they were able to make out a towering mountain peak in the far off distance.

In the muddy swamp, there was actually a pitch black mountain rising into the heavens!

What was that?

Lin Ming's eyes turned steely. He quickly reduced his speed.

It was mystic realm demons;a massive number of mystic realm demons! As Lin Ming swept out with his divine sense, he discovered there were tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand mystic realm demons scattered around this mountain!

Although Lin Ming had a grandmist battle spirit, a perfect weapon to kill these mystic realm demons, he still felt his scalp tingle as he imagined facing off against so many. If he were to rush into these mystic realm demons and be surrounded by them, there wouldn't even be ashes left of his body.

Moreover, Lin Ming discovered that some of these mystic realm demons were slightly blue in color. Only mystic realm demons that were thousands of years old and were nearing 10,000 years of age would have such a special characteristic.

These types of older mystic realm demons had strength 10 times or even tens of times greater than an ordinary mystic realm demon.

But, the Laws inherent within their bodies were also far from what a common mystic realm demon could compare with.

’’Mm? What is that?’’

From within that throng of 100,000 mystic realm demons, there was suddenly an eruption of energy that pierced through the skies, directly shooting into the horizon. Even the dark clouds high above were washed away by this energy.

This type of energy was definitely not something that could be emitted by 100,000 mystic realm demons gathered together. The energy that 100,000 mystic realm demons could emit when gathered was only huge and great - it wouldn't be pure to such a level.

In other words, the energy that Lin Ming felt in front of him was not only massive, but the quality of pureness had also reached an incredible degree.

Lin Ming's thoughts raced. He began to whisper, ’’Is this... a 100,000 year mystic realm demon? It's a 100,000 year mystic realm demon evolving into an Asura King!’’

A mystic realm demon was a life form of energy. They naturally evolved from the energy of the world, and also relied on that same energy for sustenance. If energy was lacking, then they would even devour each other.

Normally, a mystic realm demon would grow to a certain stage and then a new mystic realm demon would develop from their body and split out. Afterwards, the old mystic realm demon would slowly wither away until death. It was already excellent for a mystic real demon to live to a thousand years, and those that lived to several thousand years were even fewer. As for those 10,000 year mystic realm demons, they were nearly extinct!

However, mystic realm demons were similar to human martial artists in that there were also those geniuses amongst them with a massive destiny upon their bodies.

There were some mystic realm demons that were born with Law energy far more exquisite and profound than others. Then, because they encountered great lucky chances, they were able to swallow up spirit medicines, spirit pills, or other heavenly materials. They were able to gather a massive amount of energy within their bodies, changing the Laws within them and making a breakthrough that extended their lifespan.

The longer a mystic realm demon lived and the more energy they devoured, the stronger they would be.

Only by being strong would they be able to obtain even greater treasures. For instance, that black coral that Lin Ming had gathered. If an ordinary mystic realm demon tried to gather that black coral, it would only end up as food for the black coral instead. But for a 100,000 year mystic realm demon, this was actually easy.

According to the God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium, the records showed that when a mystic realm demon reached 100,000 years of age, they would be able to undergo demonic tribulation and be reborn into the incarnation of an Asura King. An Asura King was equal to a human late divine Transformation powerhouse. And, because a mystic realm demon was formed from energy to begin with, the energy within their bodies would be 10 times greater than that of a human! In terms of just energy alone, they could even compare with an early divine Lord realm powerhouse.

With Lin Ming's strength, he simply wouldn't have the ability to resist in the face of such an existence. This sort of mystic realm demon was beyond rare. In the long history of the four God Beast Clans, such a dreadful existence had only been encountered a few times. And every time this occurred, there would be a massive loss of genius disciples. At those times, the gains in this mystic realm smelting trial were definitely not equal to the losses.

However, that was only a mature Asura King. This Asura King in front of them hadn't yet crossed its great tribulation.

And, most importantly, an Asura King would be in its weakest state after crossing its demonic tribulation, without much strength to protect itself.

This time was actually the golden time to defeat it. Otherwise, if the Asura King were allowed to recover its strength, then even a top level character like White Daohong would find it difficult to kill such a creature. And, with White Daohong's cultivation it was impossible for him to enter the God Beast Mystic realm. At that time, such an Asura King would become a dire calamity to the four God Beast Clans. In the future, if there was ever a wave of disciples that had the bad luck to be transmitted near such a being, their fates could be imagined.

’’To think that we would encounter a mystic realm demon that has manifested into an Asura King. This is far too strange. If we can kill it and use its inherent Law energy to baptize our spirit bodies then that will not be much different from crossing Ninefall. And these types of Laws simply cannot be found in the divine Realm! Moreover, the powerful energy will also enter our bodies and greatly strengthen our cultivation. Although that effect isn't as great, it will still save us a great deal of cultivation time.’’

Yan Littlemoon muttered. As she looked at the Asura King, she was extremely tempted. But she also knew that wanting to kill such a creature and obtain its source energy was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

And even not considering the Asura King, there was still the 100,000 mystic realm demons surrounding it.

At this time, Lin Ming whispered in a low voice, ’’There are some experts that have arrived nearby. It seems like they are... Ancient Dragon Clan disciples.’’

As the Asura King was undergoing its demonic tribulation, it released a mammoth momentum. The strange fluctuations in the world's energy could be felt from thousands of miles away. What would be truly strange was if there were no experts that were drawn in.

’’Ancient Dragon Clan...’’ Yan Littlemoon's complexion changed. The Ancient Dragon Clan had always been overbearing and insolent in their actions. Moreover, the comprehensive combat strength of their disciples far surpassed that of the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Even someone as arrogant as Huo Violentstone had to be reticent in his dealings with the Ancient Dragon Clan, otherwise it would be easy for him to suffer a loss.

’’From the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples that came, Dragon One, Dragon Six, Dragon Eight, Dragon 12, and Dragon 13 are all divine Sea powerhouses and top combat masters. We are not their match. Especially that Dragon One. His cultivation is unknown but I can tell he is an unfathomable character! With them here, our chances of obtaining the Asura King's source energy has dropped to zero.’’

The divine Fate Decree only ranked disciples in order of their talent, not their combat strength. A lower ranking disciple might not have a lower cultivation, and a higher ranking disciple might not have greater combat strength.

Lin Ming pondered the situation, not speaking. He was well aware that wanting to seize the treasure in such a situation was beyond difficult!

Lin Ming couldn't even feel Dragon One's aura. Since those from the Ancient Dragon Clan had come, that should mean that Dragon One had to be here. This person must have been hiding somewhere and had likely already discovered his presence.

Lin Ming's guess was indeed correct. At this time, Dragon One had already discovered Lin Ming. Of course, this was because Lin Ming hadn't been hiding himself to the greatest degree he could. Otherwise, if he completely shielded himself in grandmist space and hid in the swamp then it would be near-impossible for these people to discover him.

’’Two little fish have mixed their way into here. It's the two little baby chicks from the Ancient Phoenix Clan.’’

Dragon 12 vigorously said. He was tall and had a robust and well-built body. At 35 years of age, he was the oldest of the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples that had come. Although he was no longer considered to be in the ranks of the junior disciples, the limits set on those that entered the God Beast Mystic Realm were based on cultivation and not age. Thus, Dragon 12 was still able to come.

’’Heh, those are just two little seventh stage Life Destruction babies. Elder Brother, should I go and play with them a bit? They should suffer some losses lest they try something later and add themselves to the chaos.’’ Dragon Eight eagerly said from beside Dragon 12.

Dragon One briefly frowned. Then, he whispered, ’’Don't stir up any trouble. If there isn't a top treasure to come into conflict over then don't cause a ruckus on your own. The two of them shouldn't pose a threat to us. Still, we must give them a warning. If we finally come close to hunting down that Asura King as it crosses demonic tribulation after so much trouble, and then those two join in at a critical moment to muddy the waters, causing us to finally fail at the end, then we will kill them 10,000 times over!’’

’’18, go and give them a warning. Have them leave this area immediately.’’

Dragon One said. But at this time, from the distance, a loud roar rang out. This roar lingered through the world, resounding between the heavens and earth!

As Dragon One heard this sound, his complexion immediately changed.

This... this sound... could it be... a dragon's roar!?

This sort of roar contained a boundless and ancient touch to it, as well as a great majesty that looked down at the world with contempt. This was not a sound that a normal creature could form. As this roar echoed out, Dragon One could clearly feel his bloodline surge within him, resonating with that sound!


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