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Martial World - Chapter 1047


Chapter 1047 - Bizarre Enemy




Really too fierce...

Yan Littlemoon sighed inwardly. The flame chains that Lin Ming had used at the end to lock up the black coral were based on the fourth level Concept of the Fire Laws - the Concept of Manifestation.

Although Yan Littlemoon had also touched upon the threshold of the fourth Fire Concept, she was still far from being able to apply it in actual combat like Lin Ming.

Yan Littlemoon thought of the difference between her and Lin Ming. Their difference in comprehension of Laws was the smallest, and the difference of their ability in combat was much greater. And, the so-called 'combat' was when two opponents were evenly and equally facing each other on an arena stage.

In the complex real world with its countless variable conditions and the changing environment, where attacks and counterattacks occurred in desperate succession, she was flung impossibly far from Lin Ming.

One only had to see how Lin Ming hunted the black coral to understand this.

As Yan Littlemoon realized this, she gently sighed. This difference in combat experience could not be made up for in a day or two.

When Lin Ming had implied she was a burden, he had been right all along.

And just when she was a bit depressed and frustrated, she suddenly heard Lin Ming make a small alerting sound. She raised her head to see that in the distance, there was a figure stumbling towards them.

This person had disheveled hair and their entire body was covered with blood. One could make out her once beautiful appearance, but unfortunately, this woman had three gruesome wounds on her body as if some vicious creature has clawed at her face and neck. These three grisly wounds completely destroyed the woman's beauty.

’’Heavens! That is the senior-apprentice sister from Phoenix Feather Palace!’’

Yan Littlemoon jumped in shock. She recognized this woman. This woman was the same as her and Lin Ming: she came from one of the 72 branch palaces. She was a senior-apprentice sister that originated from Phoenix Feather Palace.

This senior-apprentice sister's background was that of a small distinguished family. It was not easy for her to struggle for a spot and arrive at this step. Moreover, she was also a woman, and only three of the twelve people that entered the God Beast Mystic Realm from the Ancient Phoenix Clan were women. Because of this, Yan Littlemoon subconsciously felt a bit of sisterly closeness towards this senior-apprentice sister. Now that she saw this senior-apprentice sister in such a dire state, she couldn't help but empathize with her a bit.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, what injured you?!’’ Yan Littlemoon hurriedly asked.

The senior-apprentice sister's eyes were originally glazed over, but as she heard Yan Littlemoon's shout, she looked up to see her and Lin Ming. Her eyes heated up as if she were about to cry at any moment. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Yan, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, it's you two, I'm so glad...’’

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, what happened to you...’’

’’I met some strange plant. I thought it was a spirit herb, but after I approached it, it turned into a massive claw that wanted to catch me. I paid a great cost to escape its grasp and I nearly died!’’ As the woman saw Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon, she seemed to lose all her strength and nearly fell down where she stood. Yan Littlemoon quickly took out a recovery pill from her spatial ring and was about to go and feed it to this senior-apprentice sister. But at this moment, she felt Lin Ming's hand grasp her arm like an iron pincer, to the point that it even caused her some pain.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, what are you...’’

Yan Littlemoon felt a bit cold as she was grasped by Lin Ming's hand. A strange taste filled her mouth.

Yan Littlemoon certainly wouldn't care if Lin Ming did something rude like grab her at this moment. She was originally highly tense in this mystic realm and was suspicious of everything. And now that Lin Ming grasped her arm to stop her, she immediately raised her guard.

Could it be...

Just as this idea flashed through Yan Littlemoon's eyes, in a split second, the senior-apprentice sister in front of Yan Littlemoon craftily smiled. The senior-apprentice sister's body turned into a black shadow that rushed towards her like an evil spirit, stretching out a pair of sharp claws that wanted to grasp Yan Littlemoon's neck!

’’It's a mystic realm demon!’’

Yan Littlemoon was horrified. But for good or bad she was still a top genius of Charming Phoenix Palace. She instantly overcame her panic and pulled out a thin red sword from her spatial ring, chopping it downwards.

This was a top-grade saint artifact. With the sound of a sharp sword energy splitting apart the air, an arc of light cut through the phantom figure, directly dividing it half!

But, this mystic realm demon didn't die. It was originally an energy form like a stream of air, without a physical body. Now that it was sliced it half, it still hurtled its pieces towards Yan Littlemoon!

These two streams of energy each turned into a fierce and hideous face lined with sharp fangs that bit towards Yan Littlemoon's pale snow-white neck. Although Yan Littlemoon hadn't been attacked, she could still feel a chilling killing intent reach her. All of the blood in her body was stirred up by this thick killing intent.

She knew that because a mystic realm demon's body was invisible and intangible, it excelled at mental attacks and soul attacks. If a martial artist with a weak will was possessed by a mystic realm demon, their spiritual sea would be shattered by the energy form. Then, the mystic realm demon would slowly suck up the martial artist's life force until they were nothing more than a withered corpse!


Lin Ming frowned. At this time he finally acted.

He didn't move, but a dark gold spear-shaped battle spirit howled out from between his eyebrows, turning into a blazing beam of light. In that moment, Lin Ming's willpower was like the divine sword of a war god, glorious and righteous. This divine light tore through the two sections of the mystic realm demon, ripping it to countless pieces!

A mystic realm demon had an intangible body and it excelled in soul and will. But, Lin Ming's grandmist battle spirit had already reached the gold level;he was the ultimate nemesis of a mystic realm demon!


The mystic realm demon miserably wailed before exploding into a gray fog. Lin Ming thrust out his hand and grasped the gray fog, condensing it into a ball.

Then, Lin Ming took out the Sun Melting Furnace to refine it. This Sun Melting Furnace was a high-grade saint artifact that he won in the gambling fight with Huo Yanguang. It had replaced the Cosmic Melting Furnace and had become his new pill furnace.

A mystic realm demon was a body of pure energy to begin with. Lin Ming only needed to use the pill furnace to burn out some of the impurities. This was a relatively easy procedure that he could do by himself with ease.

After Lin Ming eliminated the mystic realm demon, Yan Littlemoon stiffly stood on the side, embarrassed. She felt a bit helpless about this situation.

And she certainly had a reason to be embarrassed. In just a couple dozen breaths of time, she had already needed to rely on Lin Ming to save her twice. Although she wouldn't have died if he didn't help, she would still be distressed and possibly even injured. If she were injured in the God Beast Mystic Realm at such an early time, that would really put her in danger.

Yan Littlemoon originally knew that because of her low cultivation, her combat strength lay at the bottom of the 12 disciples from the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Even so, she never though her combat strength would be so garbage. It truly left her ashamed of herself.

At the start she had thought that Lin Ming looked down on her and thus she became angry at him, not speaking to him as they flew. But now that she thought back to this, she really wanted to smash her head into a wall and end her life. When had someone as proud as her lost so much face?

As she saw that Lin Ming was about to refine the mystic realm demon, she finally opened her mouth and stammered out, ’’That is... how... how about you use my Fire Pattern Furnace?’’


Lin Ming glanced over at the Fire Pattern Furnace in Yan Littlemoon's hand. This small and exquisite furnace was patterned with images of flowers and birds, and it was entirely crafted with fire spirit jade. It was very polished and refined.

’’Top grade saint artifact furnace? And it's a top grade saint artifact that is infinitely close to becoming a transcendent saint artifact!’’

Lin Ming secretly estimated that the quality of this furnace was no worse than that of the Phoenix Blood Spear.

It had to be known that after Lin Ming obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear at Saint Artifact Pavilion, it had a part of the old Palace Master's source strength poured into it. It had an extremely high value!

And, this Fire Pattern Furnace was the same!

This was also normal. Yan Littlemoon was a top extreme talent of Charming Phoenix Palace. If Lin Ming could have the source strength of the old Palace Master injected into his treasure, so could she.

In order to make it easier for Lin Ming to use the Fire Pattern Furnace, she temporarily sealed up her own spirit mark before handing it to him.

’’What a wonderful furnace! It also has the source strength of an old Palace Master poured into it. Its value must be several hundred times that of my Sun Melting Furnace! Thank you very much.’’

Lin Ming's words of thanks actually left Yan Littlemoon feeling pained and bitter in her heart. She secretly thought to herself, ’’This is about the most I can do...

’’Once I leave this God Beast Mystic Realm, I must go out and adventure on my own. It is as they say;a flower born in a greenhouse cannot withstand the wind and rain. Although I already knew this, I never realized it in such a profound manner as I have today. When I compared with this fellow, it's no different from a little baby being compared to a grown man! Whether it was the black coral or the mystic realm demon, neither of them were supposed to be my match. But they can use all sorts of strange and peculiar methods to make me eat a loss. I could suffer a loss once or twice, but if I continued at such a rate then I would surely perish here!’’

Yan Littlemoon clenched her fists with determination. She made an oath in her heart that she would undergo a massive amount of actual combat in the future to increase and temper her own fighting experience. As for breaking through boundaries, she simply wasn't worried. When Crimson Strifecloud was 29 years old he only had an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation, so there was no need for her to be in any sort of hurry.

As Yan Littlemoon was thinking this, Lin Ming had placed his hands on the Fire Pattern Furnace and was heating it up with real fire!

The mystic realm demon screamed as it was scorched within the Fire Pattern Furnace. It continued to emit rending cries until its consciousness was completely burnt away within the furnace. All that was left behind was its pure energy that condensed into a rainbow-colored stream.

In half an incense stick of time, this stream of energy flew out. Lin Ming cut this energy in half, swallowing up one wisp himself and injecting the other into Yan Littlemoon's body.

’’Mm?’’ Yan Littlemoon flushed red and silently absorbed this wisp of energy. She knew that this was the compensation for letting Lin Ming use her furnace. ’’This fellow is really detestable. Is it really necessary to divide everything so clearly?’’

The energy within the mystic realm demons contained Laws of a different world. These things were extremely difficult to perceive in the divine Realm universe.

After Yan Littlemoon swallowed up the wisp of energy, she felt as if a hot breeze blew across her body. Her entire body began to heat up.

Energy flowed throughout her body, making her body lighten as if she were floating above the clouds.

And at the same time, within her mind her comprehension of Laws also deepened just a little bit. To a genius disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the energy that a mystic realm demon provided wasn't too important. It was the Laws contained within them that were the true great harvest!

When a martial artist perceived the Laws, perceiving the Laws to a profound degree was one aspect. But, another aspect was to understand a comprehensive portion of Laws!

One had to comprehend many different Laws of all types. Only by summing up all the Laws together could one approach the truth of the universe's origin!

After a bit of time, Yan Littlemoon absorbed half of the Laws contained in the mystic realm demon's energy. She felt that her comprehension of the Fire Laws' fourth level Concept deepened further, nearly equal to 10 days of meditating herself. If she could obtain more mystic realm demon Law energy, she would be able to comprehend the Fire Laws even further!


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