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Martial World - Chapter 1046


Chapter 1046 - Black Coral




After Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon had flown for a while, Lin Ming suddenly felt a stirring feeling in his mind. He looked down to see that the solid land beneath them had disappeared, turning into a vast and endless black swamp. The jet black mud roiled with giant bubbles. Each time a bubble exploded it would release a dark gray fog.

’’The scene on the ground has changed.’’

Lin Ming had read through the entire God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium, so he knew that the surroundings in the God Beast Mystic Realm could rapidly and unexpectedly shift at any given moment. After these changes, any sort of previous safety could become extreme danger. The Laws here were truly unpredictable.

This sort of change occurred not just beneath Lin Ming, but also beneath the other disciples of the four God Beast Clans.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, the terrain has changed. This is the swamp terrain with a third grade hazard level. When the land changes into a black swamp, a massive amount of poison swamp gas will swell out. This poison gas is what many lifeforms in this realm like to suck up. We might encounter a massive number of demons here.’’

In the God Beast Mystic Realm, the Laws of the world were different. The life here lived by sucking up the energy of the world. They were entities that existed as forms of energy with no physical body. These strange creatures were collectively referred to as mystic realm demons.

These demons were like a stream of air. They were fast, cunning, and loved to devour any form of energy. To a mystic realm demon, martial artists were the best source of energy. If they discovered a martial artist, they would swarm them and suck up all of their body's energy and life essence.

However, while a mystic realm demon posed a danger to a martial artist, they could also be considered a great wealth. A mystic realm demon swallowed up a massive amount of energy, purifying this energy to form their body. If one could catch these demons and toss them into a pill furnace, they could turn these demons into the purest form of heaven and earth origin energy and absorb it to cultivate.

This heaven and earth origin energy was greatly different from the heaven and earth origin energy in the divine Realm!

The heaven and earth origin energy within the God Beast Mystic Realm leaned towards the Laws present at the forming of the universe. This type of heaven and earth origin energy even had some similarities to grandmist energy. If one could absorb this heaven and earth origin energy, it was possible to be enlightened on extremely strange and exotic Laws, allowing a martial artist's comprehension of the Laws to take a step further.

’’I hope that we can come across some mystic realm demons. If we can encounter some 10,000 year mystic realm demons, then using them will have an even better effect on cultivating our martial arts.’’

Dragon One smirked. ’’Remember, do not try to come into conflict with the disciples of the three other God Beast Clans if you can. That will violate the taboo. And if we stumble into some extraordinarily rare treasure that will tempt even a Holy Lord, it will be fine as long as they don't try to snatch it from us. However, if they don't know what's good for them and try to divide our soup, then we shall be ruthless and retaliate. Moreover, once we kill them we must do so cleanly and erase all evidence, leaving behind no witnesses!

’’Also, there is that Lin Ming! Everyone must avoid provoking him if at all possible. For a person to reach this step, the destiny gathered upon their body is terrifying. If anyone provokes him they might find themselves suffering disaster instead! However, that is only under normal circumstances. In a crucial moment, kill him without hesitation. We too have the life of an Emperor! If we struggle with him, we won't necessarily be much worse off. The brat hasn't grown up yet. With his seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation, he is still comprehensively weaker than us.’’

’’Yes, Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One!’’

All of the other disciples nodded, following Dragon One's lead.

’’Let's go!’’

Dragon One's form flashed and he vanished, leading several other Ancient Dragon Clan disciples with him.


’’Mm? What is that?’’

Lin Ming's vision narrowed. He discovered that there was a withered old tree planted in the black swamp. This tree's trunk was macabre and eerily shaped. And there was also some black thing located in the mud beneath the tree. It looked like a plant and a stone at the same time.

’’Black coral! And such a large piece!’’

Yan Littlemoon cried out in alarm after being silent for all this time. The black coral that grew in the swamp was condensed from the purest energy of the God Beast Mystic Realm. The energy it contained was much more refined than the energy of the divine Realm! It was a surpassingly wonderful material to refine pills with!

One small piece of black coral was not inferior in value to a drop of phoenix plume blood!

And to the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix branch palaces, a drop of phoenix plume blood was highly precious. Although someone like Yan Littlemoon, with such high talent, might not care too much about giving away several drops of phoenix blood, having to give out over a hundred drops of phoenix plume blood would cause her to suffer. Moreover, if this giant black coral was completely exchanged for phoenix plume blood, it might be worth several hundred drops!

Yan Littlemoon really wanted to go and pick up the black coral. But, although she lacked experience in exploring mystic realms, she wasn't an idiot who would be blinded by treasures. She knew that around treasures, there was likely to be hidden dangers, and even some cunning beings skulking. These sorts of tricky creatures especially liked to defend the area around heavenly materials and use them as bait in order to slaughter humans or other creatures that came to pick them.

Yan Littlemoon immediately released her senses, investigating everything around her. She didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

’’It seems like... there's no ambush?’’

She asked Lin Ming with a bit of hesitation. The God Beast Mystic Realm was extremely bizarre. Yan Littlemoon was fully aware of her own lack of experience.

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He whispered. ’’There is no ambush... but...’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light. ’’But, that black coral itself is a problem. It has already developed a spirituality of its own. When we try to pick it, it will also try to absorb us as nutrients!’’

As Lin Ming spoke to here, he traced the Extreme Violet Ring. With a humming cry, the Phoenix Blood Spear leapt to his hand!

Around the Phoenix Blood Spear, 999 small blood spears shot out. They surged up and down, rolling up into a storm of sharp blades that cut apart all.

At this time, underneath Yan Littlemoon's surprised gaze, she saw that the old tree that the black coral was attached to suddenly twisted up. Its trunk and branches turned into black ropes that grasped towards them!

’’Those are... black coral roots? No... those are tentacles!’’

Yan Littlemoon sucked in a breath of cold air. A living existence like a black coral had no roots to begin with. Rather, the black coral had countless tentacles. It used these tentacles to prey on other creatures.

And, this black coral had exposed its tentacles to the outside, transforming their appearance into that of a withered old tree. If a martial artist approached to pick up the black coral, they would immediately be entangled within these tentacles. All of the martial artist's energy and vitality would be sucked out and absorbed.

As Yan Littlemoon thought of this, her palms became wet with sweat as a deep fear swelled up in her heart. If she had rashly gone down to pick up that black coral then she would have already been tied down by that black coral's tentacles!

Although Yan Littlemoon also had methods and the confidence to free herself, she would inevitably have to pay a great price to do so. And, in this God Beast Mystic Realm, there were countless dangers lurking around every corner. What if she managed to free herself from those tentacles and then stumbled into some other danger? For instance, a swarm of mystic realm demons?

The consequences could be imagined!

And this was just the beginning. There was bound to be more dangers the longer she was here! She wouldn't be this lucky every time.

As Yan Littlemoon thought of this, her face turned red with shame. If it weren't for Lin Ming, she really might perish here.

As Yan Littlemoon was caught in her thoughts, Lin Ming was already engaging those tentacles in a fierce and violent battle!

Ka ka ka!

The small blood spears crashed into the tentacles, creating crazy explosions. Lin Ming displayed his movement technique and poured all of his energy into the Phoenix Blood Spear. The spear-shaped battle spirit also howled forth, combining with the Phoenix Blood Spear. In that moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear in Lin Ming's hands turned a dark gold!


With a piercing, ear-scratching scream, three tentacles were directly sliced apart by Lin Ming! Blood rained down!

The Phoenix Blood Spear was originally a top grade saint artifact. With a gold battle spirit supporting it, the degree of its sharpness could be imagined!

At the moment Lin Ming cut off the three tentacles, he stashed them into the Extreme Violent Ring. And at this time, the exposed black coral realized its situation was bad and began to submerge into the black mud, wishing to escape!

The black coral was originally a life form that lived in the swamp mud. Once it entered into the mud it would be the same as a fish in the sea or a bird in the sky. No matter how fast one was, it would be impossible to catch it.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, it's running away!’’

Yan Littlemoon watched this occur but was helpless to do anything. After all, the main body of the black coral was buried in the mud so it was able to run away whenever it wished to and there was no method she had to catch it. Also, she was afraid that thrusting herself into the situation would cause more chaos and confusion on Lin Ming's part.

Although three tentacles had been cut off, the main body still escaped! That was truly a pity!

But as Yan Littlemoon lost hope, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a sudden frosty light. The gold battle spirit immersed in his spiritual sea shot out once more. Lin Ming's thoughts spread out, forming a world of will projection!

In that instant, the space for a mile around Lin Ming was completely covered in his world of will and was also restrained by the Laws of his will!

Ka ka ka!

Lin Ming's thoughts poured into the black swamp, suddenly turning the sludgy mud into a substance as hard as divine iron!

In just the blink of an eye, the swamp for a mile around Lin Ming had been locked down by his thoughts. As for that black coral, it was unable to drill any further so there naturally wasn't any way it could escape anymore.

The black coral was wild with panic. It emitted a series of whistling cries and then its body broke through the hard swamp mud and even jumped up from the ground!

As Yan Littlemoon saw a massive black object that looked like a gnarly old tree suddenly jump up from the ground, she was startled. The main body of the black coral was actually so big!

The black coral knew that it could no longer escape through the ground, thus it thought of breaking through Lin Ming's world of will projection blockade. However, how could Lin Ming allow it to do as it wished? His mind touched upon the Heretical God Sprout and a column of fire shot out from his hands, turning into a chain that wrapped around the black coral's main body and sealed away its tentacles.


Lin Ming linked his hands together, and in just a split second formed over a thousand seal runes. These seal runes fell onto the black coral's main body, imprisoning it under layers upon layers of seals!


The black coral screamed out. However, as it was continuously covered with hundreds upon hundreds of seal runes, its struggles began to die down. Finally, it was completely captured by Lin Ming!

Yan Littlemoon watched the entire process of Lin Ming capturing the black coral from the side, completely stunned. She couldn't even react properly!

In truth, the black coral didn't have much combat strength. But, it had a cunning and sly nature, and it was also very good at camouflaging itself and even better at escaping underground. If someone wanted to catch it? That would truly be hard!

And if it were someone that wasn't experienced enough like Yan Littlemoon, then she might even be tricked in return.

But with the situation in Lin Ming's hand, he only took several breaths of time to capture the black coral. This was the difference in ability. It wasn't just the gap in their combat efficiency, but also their experience and ability to react! If it were Yan Littlemoon in Lin Ming's place, then even if she had a gold battle spirit she still wouldn't have been able to make a split second judgment to instantly lock down the swamp mud with a world of will projection.


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