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Martial World - Chapter 1044


Chapter 1044 - Can I Go With You?




Celestial Dragon World was a small world that existed outside of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds. It was only one-fiftieth of the size of a great world, but its size was already more than amazing.

The ruler of Celestial Dragon World was the current Patriarch of the Ancient Dragon Clan. Celestial Dragon World had an extremely deep inheritance. Throughout the history of the Ancient Dragon Clan, there had even been a true Great World King that had appeared. And, even when the Ancient Dragon Clan was at their worst state they still had a half-step World King character within their ranks.

But, it needed to be said that although a divine Realm World King was said to be a king of a world, it was actually impossible to rule an entire major world. No matter how large a World King Family was, they would occupy at most several hundred planets, or a billion mile area of a major world mainland. It was near impossible to occupy much more land.

And this area was nothing but a drop of water to a major world of the divine Realm. In the other lands of a great world, there were countless sects and families, many of them Holy Lands.

These sects were at most on good terms with the World King Family. They wouldn't blindly obey the orders of the World King.

At this time, within a secret hidden space slit within Celestial Dragon World. Within this space slit was an ordinary tiny planet. This planet had a diameter of only 2000 miles.

Besides the high level figures of the four God Beast Clans, no one knew that this minor planet was the location of the transmission array leading to the God Beast Mystic Realm.

’’There is still four hours until the mystic realm opens. Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, I heard that there was a genius disciple that appeared in the Ancient Phoenix Clan this year, and he managed to defeat Crimson Strifecloud of the same age and complete the Thousand Slaughter. At his rookie smelting trial he even broke through into the eighth level of the Hells of Flame. I wonder if these rumors are a bit exaggerated?’’

On the minor planet, there were 30 some people standing loosely about. These people all had patterned blue clothing on, a similar design that showed they were from the same sect. The youth who spoke was tall and large, and his muscles were extremely compact. He had a pair of fierce tiger-like eyes and his aura was staggering.

Within the Ancient Dragon Clan there was a ranking list called the divine Fate Decree. All young geniuses that were below 33 years of age and in the divine Sea or Life Destruction realm had the possibility or ranking on the list. The standard ranking system for this list was to arrange those that slayed the highest numbers of opponents in the Illusionary God Combat Array in descending order. There were a total of 108 individuals on this ranking list.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan took the numeral nine and worshipped it as the most extreme number. But, the Ancient Dragon Clan worshipped the number eight. The Ancient Dragon Clan Headquarters had eight Celestial Dragons that acted as the High Council of Elders for the Ancient Dragon Clan.

The top disciple of the divine Fate Decree was given the title of Dragon One. The second was Dragon Two, the tenth was Dragon 10, and this continued all the way in a similar pattern to Dragon 108.

This sort of title was a symbol of glory. Disciples would refer to each other not by their names but by their titles. The large man who just spoke was ranked twelfth on the divine Fate Decree so he was called Dragon 12. And, the one he spoke to was the top number one junior disciple of the Ancient Dragon Clan - Dragon One.

This person was the extreme talent of the Ancient Dragon Clan that the Kirin Clan envoys had spoken of.

’’It should be true. This person will likely become a top class character like Xiao Daoji in the future. He won't be much inferior to our Ancient Dragon Clan's Patriarch.’’ A blue-clothed man with a medium build said. This young man looked to be around 27-28 years old, but he had an extremely mature and noble appearance, one that was filled with high dignity. This young man was Dragon One.

’’Become a top class character like Xiao Daoji? Even a World King would have to pay attention to such a character! However, Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, when you were still at your rookie smelting trial, you managed to kill 850 people in the Illusionary God Combat Array, and you also reached the seventh level of the Dragon Labyrinth. Our divine Dragon smelting trial is far more difficult and intense than the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One's results aren't that much worse!’’

In the minds of the Ancient Dragon Clan's young disciples, Dragon One was an invincible existence with unstoppable prestige. As this man spoke, everyone looked up into the skies to see faint ripples appearing in space. A spirit ship broke through the barrier of space and appeared above the minor planet. In the next moment, several young men and women flew down from the ship. These were the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

’’Ancient Phoenix Clan!’’ Dragon One looked up and locked his eyes onto a blue-clothed youth fluttering in the air. ’’With that cultivation, that person should be Lin Ming!’’


’’Below us are the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan's Dragon Soul Palace. The one with the unfathomably deep foundation is Dragon One. You all must be careful of him!’’

Xiao Ping sent a true essence sound transmission to everyone as he flew down from the spirit ship and saw the disciples of Dragon Soul Palace.

’’Dragon One?’’

Lin Ming looked at the youth below him and was surprised to discover that he seemed like a placid lake. He was calm and without any ripples on the surface, but no matter how one tried it was impossible to see below the surface of that water. Lin Ming couldn't even make out his cultivation!

’’I can't see his cultivation. Is this some arcane ability to conceal one's cultivation?’’

Normally, heroic young elites underneath 33 years of age would be at most at the middle divine Sea stage. There were even some extreme talents that deliberately suppressed their cultivation to the early divine Sea realm. With Lin Ming's cultivation it was impossible that he couldn't see theirs.

’’This person is a bit troublesome...’’ Lin Ming whispered. After having experienced the threat known as Yang Yun, Lin Ming always felt suspicious and guarded towards those people that hid their cultivation.

’’Haha, Brother Dragon One, it's been a long time since we last saw each other. Your Ancient Dragon Clan is truly filled with talented individuals;you've even managed to send out such a mighty lineup. With Brother Dragon One to Dragon 36, all of you have come!’’

After the Ancient Dragon Clan released the divine Fate Decree, there was one great advantage. That was that all distributing of resources would be fair. No matter what resources were available, everything would be spread down beginning with Dragon One. If one wanted to obtain more resources then that would all depend on their own ability.

For instance, in this God Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial, the first 36 ranked disciples of the divine Fate Decree had been selected.

’’Brother Xiao Ping is too hilarious. In our generation of junior disciples, your Ancient Phoenix Clan is the true winner. Not only does the Ancient Phoenix Clan have such a talented individual like you, but they even have Junior-apprentice Sister Yan Littlemoon with her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, and also Junior-apprentice Brother Lin Ming, who managed to defeat Senior Crimson Strifecloud at the same age...’’

Dragon One smiled as he spoke. He glanced over at Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon, giving them a tiny nod.

Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon also nodded in return.

Then, at this moment, a ripple appeared in the skies once again. The Kirin Clan and Roc Clan's disciples had arrived.

The Roc Clan had even fewer clansmen than the Ancient Phoenix Clan. They only had two branches: the Golden-winged Roc Branch and the Blue-winged Roc Branch. Their clan was the weakest among the four God Beast Clans.

Those two great clans only brought 10 disciples each, for a total of 20. In addition with the Ancient Dragon Clan and the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the number of disciples entering the God Beast Mystic Realm this time was a total of 68.

These 68 disciples were all the elites of the elites. They were true chosen prides of heaven selected from a population of 1.5 trillion. Not a single one of these individuals could be underestimated!

Lin Ming secretly sized up the masters of the Roc Clan and Kirin Clan, recording their unique characteristics in his mind.

’’Most of the disciples that are participating in the journey into this mystic realm are at the Life Destruction realm. There is only a small number of early divine Sea martial artists, and the middle divine Sea martial artists can be counted on one hand. I can defeat those at Life Destruction, but it's difficult to say if I can defeat those at the early divine Sea. As for going against the middle divine Sea martial artists, I will only be able to preserve my own life. And as for that Dragon One, I don't know if I would even be able to escape him...’’

Lin Ming speculated. After all, these were all extreme characters of their generation. Even though Lin Ming's combat strength was extremely abnormal, to cross a large boundary and four small boundaries to fight was still past his limits.

’’Everyone is here;let's go!’’

Dragon One waved his hand and 1.5 billion violet sun stones flew out from his spatial ring, piling up into a massive crystal mountain! Surging origin energy rushed out like a broken dam, causing everyone to feel a great impact.

And after Dragon One threw out the violet sun stones, Xiao Ping and the head disciples of the Roc Clan and Kirin Clan also threw in their violet sun stones. For a time, purple light broke through the heavens, shooting towards the stars!

At this time, with a great rumbling sound, an ancient stone platform rose from the ground. The four mountains of violet sun stones began burning at the same time!

The vast amount of energy was constantly absorbed by the stone platform, twisting the entire surrounding space.

’’The transmission is about to begin. Everyone, focus and defend your mind. Because the distance is so great, the load on our soul force will not be minor.’’ Xiao Ping said with a true essence sound transmission. In the next moment a dizzying feeling came over Lin Ming. This feeling became increasingly intense, as if his spiritual sea would rupture at any moment!

Lin Ming twisted his eyebrows together. His mind touched upon the gold battle spirit in his spiritual sea. The spear-shaped battle spirit emitted a soft cry and then the dizzying feeling vanished.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Lin Ming suddenly felt his body shake. In the next instant he had arrived above a wild and desolate land.

This vast and boundless land was quiet and uninhabited. There weren't even plants. The sky was entirely covered with inky clouds. The clouds were very low, and arcs of lighting faintly glittered amidst the layers of clouds. As they flashed across the sky they looked like passing white dragons.

’’This place is...’’

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. He could taste the ancient and inexhaustible flavor that tinged the air. This was because this space had existed for far too long. It was at least several hundred million years, or even a billion years old!

This was the God Beast Mystic Realm. In ancient times, this land might have shined with a splendor and magnificence so great that no mortal could imagine it, with numerous powerful existences living here. But now, everything was gone.

Time was the most terrifying weapon of all. Even an Empyrean or God Beast was unable to withstand the baptism of infinite time!

At this time, all 68 transmitted people arrived together. Dragon One squatted down and sifted through some dirt. He picked up the dirt and placed it between his lips, tasting it. Then, he smiled and said, ’’We're in luck. This area hasn't been explored yet! This means more lucky chances for us, but it also means far greater unknown dangers. You all must be extra careful. You may all explore by yourself or you may even form groups. Now, let's go. We only have 96 hours until we are transmitted out of here!’’

The domain of the God Beast Mystic Realm was broad and boundless. But, the ancient transmission array was actually very random in where it transmitted people. It was normal for groups to be transmitted to an area that had never been explored before.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Littlemoon, I am Huang Tidemark. I'm also known as the Riverflame LIttle Tornado. Exploring this sort of mystic realm is extremely dangerous. I have a great deal of experience. Perhaps Junior-apprentice Sister Littlemoon would like to join me? The benefits that we obtain can be divided equally.’’ Just as everyone was preparing to leave, a smiling youth suddenly spoke out from near Yan Littlemoon.

Yan Littlemoon froze. In truth, although she had been training and gaining as much experience as she could in true life or death battles, she was still inexperienced in adventuring through this type of mystic realm. She simply didn't have any experience at all. She was a bit nervous and really did hope to join someone. But, she had never met Huang Tidemark before and all she knew about him were some unsavory rumors. If she randomly joined a stranger then the dangers could be imagined.

Out of the 11 other individuals from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the only one she knew was Lin Ming.

Yan Littlemoon hesitated for a moment before sending Lin Ming a true essence sound transmission. ’’Um... Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, can I go with you?’’


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