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Martial World - Chapter 1040


Chapter 1040 - End of the Smelting Trial




Lin Ming nodded at Huo Violentstone's counseling.

’’Alright. Lin Ming, you should have already guessed the reason why I came to Fire Spirit Star. I'm not going to play word games with you. I will ask you directly, I have decided to take you in as my disciple. What do you think?

’’I've already heard that Yan Fengxian has taken you in as her secret disciple, but you do not need to worry about this. Martial artists of the divine Realm all have different masters at different boundaries;it wouldn't be strange for someone to have 10 masters. The reason I want to take you in as my disciple is to cement your status. With this status, you will by someone of my Huo Family. My Huo Family will pour forth our strength to raise you. Of course, in the future you must also support my Huo Family. I will not limit your freedom, nor will I limit your growth. In the future when your wings have spread, you may leave the Ancient Phoenix Clan and wander as you wish, adventuring and exploring to your heart's desire. Would you be interested in such a proposal?’’

Lin Ming wasn't surprised at Huo Violentstone's words. The more extraordinary talent he revealed, the more attention he was bound to obtain from high level forces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Numerous influences would desire to win him over. There was no advantage to remaining neutral. Instead, he would be suspected or even excluded by the major powers. Having the backing of a great tree to cover him was the most sensible and wise decision.

’’You do not need to immediately answer. After all, this isn't a minor matter. I am willing to give you time to consider this. But, I will also tell you something. Of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's three great families, my Huo Family will put forth the greatest effort to train you, far more than what the Xiao and Huang Families are willing to do! This is because those two families already have core figures that they are raising.

’’When you entered the Illusionary God Combat Array, you should have understood just what family Crimson Strifecloud came from. Perhaps you even think that the Ancient Phoenix Clan is extremely miserable and pathetic to be suppressed by the Crimson Family. But, there is no choice but to admit that this is the truth, this is reality!’’

’’But that doesn't mean that our Ancient Phoenix Clan's legacy is incomparably far from the Crimson Family's. Rather, it is because the Crimson Family has produced a World King and now they are enjoying their greatest period of glory. As for my Ancient Phoenix Clan, we are actually stuck in a rut. The blood pond reserves at headquarters are running low, and this has caused no amazing character to appear for the last 100,000 years. In order to measure a family, one must consider their history through a period of millions or even tens of millions of years. My Ancient Phoenix Clan may only be a Holy Land level influence, but it is actually a peak Holy Land level influence. The Kirin Clan and Roc Clan are also the same.’’

’’This disciple understands.’’ Lin Ming nodded. A World King Family would not enjoy glory for perpetuity. After a World King died, it would take tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years in order to raise a second World King.

’’Lin Ming, for these next few months you will meditate on the Laws in my divine world. I will change the flow of time so that it is reduced by 20 times. You can meditate on the Laws here before returning to participate in the end of Fire Spirit Star's smelting trial.

As Huo Violentstone spoke, he waved his hand. Nine totem stones appeared before him.

These nine totem stones flowed seamlessly together. Thick and twisted traces appeared on them. These traces had no method to them;some were deep and some were shallow. It was somewhat similar to the chaos stones.

At the center of each of the nine totem stones, there was a pattern that converged into a single eye. These eyes were very abstract, but also seemed as if they were alive. As these nine totem stones appeared, the nine eyes also looked at Lin Ming. In that moment, Lin Ming had a feeling like his entire being had been seen through.

These nine totem stones were undoubtedly far superior to the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. In terms of profound exquisiteness, they approached the chaos stones.

It had to be known that even though the chaos stones were close to the Source Laws, they were still only a general outline of the universe. If Lin Ming wanted an even more comprehensive understanding of the Laws, he would have to perceive the sole elements of the Laws.

’’This is the most precious treasure of my Huo Family, the Sacred Flame Testament. An ancestor of my Huo Family obtained this in an ancient ruin. It does not come from the hands of any previous Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In fact, no one really knows just what boundary the senior who left behind the Sacred Flame Testament was at. You may meditate on these. 200 days from now, I will come back and look for you.’’

As a result of the change in the flow of time, 200 days in the divine world was only 10 days outside.

After Huo Violentstone left, Lin Ming sat down in the center of the Sacred Flame Testament. He began to perceive the Laws contained within them.

Dao patterns constantly appeared in Lin Ming's pupils, slowly verifying the truths that Lin Ming had obtained from the chaos stones.

If the chaos stones that Lin Ming meditated on before could be said to be the skeleton of Laws, then the current Sacred Flame Testament was the flesh and blood that filled the skeleton. The skeleton was the foundation, but having flesh and blood was also essential.

’’This Sacred Flame Testament is really mystical. Not only is there a massive amount of Law fragments in them, but these nine eyes also contain the will of the senior who left behind the Sacred Flame Testament. If I can withstand the baptism of this will, the advantages will be tremendous...’’

Lin Ming thought. He quickly entered the ethereal state and found himself swimming in a sea of Laws, constantly absorbing the Law fragments within the Sacred Flame Testament.

After a totem stone was carved and completed, it could independently absorb Laws from the vast space of the universe and condense them into Law fragments. These Law fragments could then be comprehended through meditation and absorbed.

These Law fragments were extremely precious. Once they were absorbed it would take a great deal of time to reform them. Thus, just allowing Lin Ming to meditate on the Sacred Flame Testament was a great hemorrhaging cost to the Huo Family. Lin Ming wasn't an ungrateful person that had no virtues. Since the Huo Family showed him sufficient sincerity and since there also wasn't any harm in joining them, he might as well push the boat along and take Huo Violentstone as his master.

During these 200 days of meditation, Lin Ming's enlightenment of the Sacred Flame Testament's Fire Laws became increasingly profound. On the 180th day, Lin Ming suddenly opened up his eyes from meditation. In that moment, the fire origin energy around him stirred up. Underneath his watchful gaze, a wisp of fire origin energy slowly condensed into the shape of a crane. The fire crane landed on his shoulder and crooned.

Lin Ming's eyes moved. The fire crane turned into a fire snake that winded down and around Lin Ming's arm.

Then, in front of Lin Ming, fire origin energy constantly condensed into various shapes. There were fire birds, golden crows, flaming parasol trees, and so forth!

This was the fourth level Concept of the Fire Laws - Manifestation!

In that moment, Lin Ming had finally touched upon the threshold of the fourth level Concept of Fire and just barely crossed into it. All that was left was to comprehend the fourth level Concept to large success. He would understand its essence and fuse it with the first three level Concepts into one.

After comprehending the fourth level Concept of Fire, condensed origin energy would have a spirituality and life of its own;it wouldn't just be a shape on the surface. In the future, when Lin Ming was manipulating origin energy, it would also be far more powerful.

The same Concept also appeared within the Thunder Concepts. With the Fire Laws' Concept of Manifestation to serve as a guide and signal, it would be much easier to comprehend the Thunder Laws' Concept of Manifestation in the future.

After several more days of meditation, Lin Ming's comprehension of the fourth level Concept became even more profound. Then, after Huo Violentstone contacted him, he left the divine world and flew straight towards the 18 Hells of Flame.

The Laws comprehended from the totem stones needed to be tempered and verified in the Hells of Flame. Lin Ming once again broke through into the seventh level 5000 mile zone.

At this depth, the power of fire that swirled about was just perfect for him. He rapidly consumed his energy here. Yet, it wasn't at an unbearable point, nor was it at a point where there wasn't enough pressure.

Lin Ming began a long period of training at the seventh level 5000 mile distance of the Hells of Flame. When he consumed nearly all of his true essence he would return to the second and third level to rest and restore his strength before returning to the seventh level yet again.

Besides training in the Hells of Flame, Lin Ming also entered Totem Tower. He took the time to meditate on the chaos stones again to verify the truths from the Sacred Flame Testament. His understandings of the chaos stones also deepened.

Like this, time slowly passed. Soon, a year had gone by.

The end of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial soon approached.

And today began the final round of the smelting trial. All of the Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples needed to undergo a final examination. All rookie disciples that could enter the third level of the Hells of Flame would obtain a high-grade saint artifact as well as a drop of phoenix plume blood.

In addition, those who passed the Hells of Flame's third level obtained the qualifications to attempt the Illusionary God Combat Array smelting trial. Those that managed to slaughter 300 enemies within would also receive rewards.

At killing 400 and 500 enemies, the rewards would increase. Every 100 enemies cut down resulted in a greater reward.

’’Mm? Yan Littlemoon has slain 650 people in the Illusionary God Combat Array?’’

Praying Phoenix Palace's top rookie disciple Xiao Whitesnow was shocked as he heard this news. He had only managed to slaughter 500 enemies and yet Yan Littlemoon had reached 650!

Before this, Yan Littlemoon had only managed to kill 596 people. In the following year, not only did she not lose heart because of her frustrations towards Lin Ming, but her progress increased by a great deal instead!

Although Lin Ming was the unparalleled shining star of this Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, Yan Littlemoon also couldn't be ignored. Her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline brought her a great deal of attention from many distinguished families. There were countless handsome and charming heroic young elites that were attracted to an unmarried virgin with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin also came!’’

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin has left seclusion!’’

At this time, many people were gathered at Totem Tower's square. As Lin Ming left seclusion, everyone's eyes turned over to him. No one was concerned with Yan Littlemoon and Xiao Whitesnow's achievements anymore. All attention was turned to Lin Ming.

Ever since Lin Ming completed the Illusionary God Combat Array's Thousand Slaughter a year ago, he had spent nearly all his time in seclusion and training. This was his first time making a public appearance.

’’I heard that Lin Ming had been training at the seventh level 5000-6000 mile distance. And that is only training - he hasn't been trying to rush through! I heard he can stay for several days at a time!’’

’’Are you sure? Holy crap. Does Junior-apprentice Brother Lin have a chance of reaching the eighth level?’’

’’Of course I'm sure! Also, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin seems to have comprehended the Concept of Manifestation. This level of understanding towards the Laws is quickly catching up to Crimson Strifecloud!’’

’’Heavens. I have no idea just what step Lin Ming's strength has arrived at.’’

All the disciples looked at Lin Ming, discussing and praising him. Xiao Whitesnow ruefully smiled, darkly sighing in his heart. Lin Ming's speed of progress was just too fast. It was so fast that he couldn't even see his back.

At this point, Huo Violentstone, Monarch Sweetyfox, Duke Golden Sword, as well as two fresh new faces appeared in front of everyone. The two newcomers were a man and a woman. But, what was strange was that they were covered with purple scales and there was a pair of antlers on their heads. They didn't appear to be Ancient Phoenix Clan clansmen.

’’Is that the... Ancient Dragon Clan? Kirin Clan?’’


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