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Martial World - Chapter 1037


Chapter 1037 - Phoenix Blood Essence




’’He won... he really won...’’ Monarch Sweetyfox mumbled. Beside her, Duke Golden Sword and Huo Highdragon were stunned speechless.

’’Good! Well fought!’’ Huo Violentstone raised his fists. This battle was too amazing! He had only been watching the fight and yet he was filled with a hearty feeling. This was what all battles should be like!

’’This Lin Ming must have obtained some lucky chance somewhere. The might of those final abilities he used as well as that martial intent was simply incredible. It's impossible that he created such moves on his own. He must have obtained the inheritance of a top extreme powerhouse.’’

Huo Violentstone could see that Lin Ming's last attack was not ordinary at all. It was normal for geniuses to obtain lucky chances, and Lin Ming's lucky chance was far more terrifying than he had assumed. This wasn't surprising. After all, Lin Ming was a martial artist from the lower realms. If he didn't have some great lucky chance then it would have been impossible for him to reach this step.

’’It looks like I underestimated Lin Ming. I originally thought he was a powerhouse who had the possibility and potential of becoming a character on the level of a Highest Elder in the future. But now, it seems that his achievements may continue past even those of a Holy Lord. Perhaps the Ancient Phoenix Clan will not be the final destination. He will leave the Ancient Phoenix Clan and step onto a broader stage in the divine Realm!’’

Huo Violentstone took a deep breath. The 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm each took an incomparably broad mainland as their center;this was the so-called primary world. But, there were also countless celestial stars that existed outside of these primary worlds. Many of these celestial stars were even larger than the planet that the Sky Spill Continent was located on!

And on these celestial stars lived incalculable lives!

Of the 3000 great worlds, every great world had an unimaginable population base and every great world also had over a hundred Holy Land level influences.

And these were only the 3000 great worlds! Besides the 3000 great worlds there were also medium worlds and small worlds. Even these small worlds had top powerhouses!

In addition, a divine Lord powerhouse was able to form a divine world within their bodies. This world could hold rivers, lakes, seas, deserts, grasslands, and all sorts of life could be raised within. Then, the master of this world could obtain strength from all the power of faith emanating from their inner world.

For instance, characters like Huo Highdragon and Monarch Sweetyfox had divine inner worlds. If the population of this world was added together, that was also a huge number!

It was impossible to measure how vast the divine Realm was. Even if a World King were to spend a million years wandering the cosmos, they would still find it difficult to explore even a ten thousandth of the divine Realm.

’’My Ancient Phoenix Clan has continued on in the divine Realm for so many years and yet a World King has never appeared among our people. Even Xiao Daoji, Huo Burning Heaven, all of them were almost close to becoming a World King. With Lin Ming's current achievements it is still far from him becoming a World King, but he has a faint hope in doing so.’’

Huo Violentstone truly hoped that the Ancient Phoenix Clan would be able to raise a World King. But, training a World King was simply too difficult! There were only 3000 World Kings for the 3000 major worlds of the divine Realm. These were accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years.

The truth was that one could step onto the stage of the divine Realm after becoming a Holy Lord. If one could surpass a Holy Lord and become a World King, then one could become a leading actor on the divine Realm's stage.


At this time, in the distant Crimson Light Word, in an endless space of fire, a tall and broad middle-aged man with long crimson hair was sitting down.

Then, he had a sudden feeling in his heart. He slowly opened his eyes, ’’Mm? The wisp of divine sense I left in the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Illusionary God Combat Array was broken?’’

The red-haired middle-aged man was surprised. He stood up. This man was Crimson Strifecloud!

It had already been a matter of 40,000 years ago when he left behind a strand of his divine sense.

At that time, he had been filled with the fire of youth and also far too much arrogance. He had believed that all geniuses beneath the heavens were inferior to him. But now, he had become much more composed and levelheaded than before. His boundary was different and thus his horizons were different. As he grew older, he slowly became deeply aware of just how broad and vast the divine Realm truly was.

If it were now, he wouldn't leave behind a wisp of his divine sense to provoke a Holy Land, because there simply wasn't any meaning in such an act.

A Holy Land also couldn't be underestimated. Although it was true he had suppressed the Ancient Phoenix Clan 40,000 years ago, that was only a matter of 40,000 years ago. There was the glory of ten million years ago or even longer than that. During that long history, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had produced numerous talents that exceeded him in all aspects, not to mention existences like Xiao Daoji or Huo Burning Heaven, extreme characters that had been half-step World Kings. There were even some less famous past Patriarchs of the Ancient Phoenix Clan that were about the same as Crimson Strifecloud.

At his age, Crimson Strifecloud's chances of stepping into the World King realm were becoming more and more uncertain. He had more or less stopped at the peak of a Holy Lord. A peak Holy Lord was still a Holy Lord. Compared to a World King, there was simply an insurmountable chasm between them.

Crimson Strifecloud casually reached out his hands and tore apart space. From the endless space, he grasped a tiny red strand. This red strand slowly lingered in his palm;this was the wisp of divine sense he had left behind, but it had already been scattered by Lin Ming.

Crimson Strifecloud opened his mouth and absorbed this strand of divine sense into his body. The scene of battle within the Illusionary God Combat Array reappeared in his mind. However, because the strand of divine sense had been brutally ruined by Lin Ming, he could not recover the complete battle scene. The most he could do was recognize Lin Ming's appearance and his cultivation.

’’In the past, I completed the Thousand Slaughter in the Illusionary God Combat Array when I was 29 years old. This youth should by the same age. The Illusionary God Combat Array should be able to perfectly reproduce my past understandings of the Concept and Laws, my skills and cultivation methods, my complete combat efficiency, and even the fiery hotheadedness of my youth. In order to create a legend that would never be broken, I also displayed the Tyrant Ether Blood in the Illusionary God Combat Array before I left. That strength was left behind along with my divine sense. I should have been reproduced in the exact same condition of my peak strength back then. And even then, I actually managed to lose. He is the same age as I was, and moreover he is... mm? Seventh stage Life Destruction!’’

Crimson Strifecloud's eyes widened. This discovery was even more shocking!

In truth, for a genius of Crimson Strifecloud's level, it was extremely easy for him to break through the earlier realms. If he wanted to he could have stepped into the divine Sea at 26-27 years of age. But, there was no reason to do that. Only when he felt that his cultivation had become the greatest limiting factor of his comprehension of the Laws would he then break through to the next boundary. In his opinion, if a 29 year old could suppress their cultivation to the seventh stage of Life Destruction then their talent must truly be great! This youth must possess a talent that surpassed his own by a great margin.

’’This Lin Ming fellow appeared in the Ancient Phoenix Clan. With such talent, it is possible that he will become a character like Xiao Daoji. In the future, our paths will surely intersect. I want to take a good look to see just what sort of monstrous little creature he is.’’

Crimson Strifecloud muttered to himself. Then, he sat back down and continued to perceive the Laws. When he was 25,000 years old he had already reached the peak of the Holy Lord realm. Now, he either spent his time perceiving the Laws and Concepts, closed up in diligent cultivation, travelled for enjoyment, or sought lucky chances of his own in dangerous lands. Even so, he had still been stuck at this step for a full 15,000 years!


At this time, at Fire Spirit Star, the last star lit up on the arch of the Illusionary God Combat Array. The ninth star symbolized the completion of the Thousand Slaughter!

The array formation portal violently trembled. Then, with a whistling sound, the portal disappeared and a pale-faced youth was kicked out. This youth was Lin Ming.

It was over!

Lin Ming took a deep breath. At this time his long hair was in chaos and exhaustion tinged his eyes.

It had only been Lin Ming's spiritual form that fought in the Illusionary God Combat. The spiritual form had been reproduced from his own body so that he wouldn't be directly harmed during the trial. Even so, in an endless revolving fight that continued for almost an entire day, it had been a tremendous test of Lin Ming's mind, will, and soul. His consumption had been immense!

Without a doubt, his Thousand Slaughter was far more difficult than what Crimson Strifecloud experienced 40,000 years ago!

Although he had been brimming with energy and vitality when he first rushed into the Illusionary God Combat Array, now that he exited, all he felt was exhaustion.

Even so, as his figure fell into the eyes of the other martial artists present, there was nothing reflected in them but supreme power and influence, a grandeur that left their hearts racing.

Lin Ming had jumped levels to defeat Crimson Strifecloud. Such strength, such talent, it was all like an unreachable mountain peak. Just this point was enough to have the three branch palaces' disciples feel awe. But before, Lin Ming had also given a rousing verbal counter to Crimson Strifecloud's words. Those words had caused their blood to boil and for them to deeply worship and revere his daring bravado.

Lin Mind had defended the glory of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. He had defended the pride of everyone in the Ancient Phoenix Clan, so that they could hold their heads up high.

’’Littlemoon, you cannot struggle with him.’’ Lu Xiaoyun couldn't help but say. Beside her, Yan Littlemoon was staring at Lin Ming in a daze, her lips gently moving as if she were speaking to herself. This blow to the heart of the arrogant Yan Littlemoon was not minor.

Yan Littlemoon's body shivered. Then, she averted her gaze. She bowed her head and said, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister Lu, I'm fine.’’

Yan Littlemoon seemed to think of something. She looked up and clenched her fists.

’’Regardless of whether or not I can struggle with him, I will still try to do so no matter what. As long as I can follow his footsteps, then even if I never surpass him, in the future, I too have hopes of becoming a Holy Lord level character. But, if I were to be ashamed of my own weakness now and give up my hope, then there would be nothing left...’’ Yan Littlemoon said after a moment of thought.

As Lu Xiaoyun heard these words, she smiled in appreciation. ’’That's right. At any time, no matter how powerful our rivals and enemies are, we still cannot lose heart, we cannot abandon our will to never surrender... Littlemoon, your talent far surpasses my own. As long as you grasp the chances that appear to you in the future, you truly do have a chance of becoming a Holy Lord!’’

’’Mm!’’ Yan Littlemoon firmly nodded. There was no limit in this universe;there was always a higher mountain, a stronger person. Yan Littlemoon understood this. She knew that she was far from being able to compare with those truly monstrous geniuses out in the wide universe. But, there had never been a situation like today where she personally experienced this with her own eyes and heart. Now, she understood just how great the disparity was. Although this was a major blow to Yan Littlemoon, it was also an extremely important life lesson. It had broadened her horizons and cemented her goal, giving her the strength to press forwards.

’’Apprentice Nephew Lin, congratulations. You have reached the seventh level of the Hells of Flame and have also completed the Illusionary God Combat Array's Thousand Slaughter. This is yours - you have earned it.’’

Huo Highdragon took out an ordinary-looking wooden box and handed it to Lin Ming.

This wooden box was extremely plain-looking;it was unknown just what type of wood it was made from. As Lin Ming opened this box, he could see that there was a square crystal inside, translucent and utterly clear, shimmering with a faint light. And sealed in the center of this crystal was a single crimson drop of blood. This drop of blood seemed to have a spirit of its own. Just by looking at it, one could feel endless flames burning within, and within these flames was a phoenix bathing in the fires of nirvana.

This was... phoenix blood essence!


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