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Martial World - Chapter 1019


Chapter 1019 - Hells of Flame's Seventh Level, The Domain of God




Rumble rumble rumble!

With irresistible momentum, Lin Ming broke through to the sixth level 5000 miles distance!

The Ancient Phoenix Clan used every 5000 miles as a separate grade. The sixth level 5000 miles, even in the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan with the 72 branch palaces, three great families, and headquarters added in, was a target that was only met by a few individuals every several thousand years! It was an extremely rare occurrence!

And that was only at the end of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. To reach this goal halfway through the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, that was more difficult than ascending to the heavens!

But now Lin Ming had broken through the sixth level 5000 mile distance without slowing down at all. He continued barreling towards the seventh level of the Hells of Flame!

As everyone saw this, they were shocked numb. Using a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation to rush into the Hells of Flame's seventh level, just what sort of wondrous feat was that!

The impossible standard that had been laid down by the Ancient Phoenix Clan was now actually soon to be met by Lin Ming!

After successfully reaching the seventh level of the Hells of Flame, no one dared to doubt Lin Ming any longer. It was likely that Lin Ming would continue onwards to complete the Thousand Slaughter within the Illusionary God Combat Array!

It had to be known that true combat was Lin Ming's strong point, and his comprehension of Laws was his weak point.

If his weak point was still enough to reach the seventh level, then what about his strong point?

Perhaps this argument was no longer accurate. It could be said that Lin Ming no longer had a weakness.

If one had to insist, then maybe Lin Ming's weak point could only be his cultivation speed. Lin Ming was 29 years old with a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation. Compared to other top geniuses of a similar level throughout history, he was much older!

However, this wasn't an absolute. A genius' cultivation wasn't necessarily better the faster it progressed. During the process of cultivation, if one desperately impacted towards the next realm they could certainly quickly rise in cultivation realms. But, their combat prowess might not be too amazing and their foundation could be unsteady.

During the cultivation process, if one was enlightened on all sorts of Laws and perceived many Concepts, such as Lin Ming, and also dual cultivated in body and energy, then it would be difficult to rise in cultivation realms rapidly.

But this wasn't a problem. For someone like Lin Ming, once he stepped into Ninefall, the origin energy cloud he summoned would be titanic, and the baptism of Laws he would have to withstand would also be much greater. After undergoing this baptism of Laws and slowly verifying his comprehension, his future achievements would be unimaginable!

’’Can Lin Ming really succeed in obtaining the drop of phoenix blood essence?’’

Sun Cyprestar gripped his fists. He could feel his palms slick with sweat. From the depths of his heart, he hoped that Lin Ming could succeed in his endeavors and leave an endlessly glorious reputation within the tomes of history!

At this time, he had a sudden thought. He turned towards Charming Phoenix Palace's direction and saw that Chu Redcloud's face was wan as she floated in the air, her fingers gently shivering.

At the moment that Lin Ming had broken through the sixth level 5000 mile distance at 10 times the speed of sound, all of her pride, all of her machinations, and all of her cunning had been mercilessly smashed apart.

In the presence of absolute strength, everything she did had become a joke.

It could even be said that the bet between her and Sun Cyprestar had already become a joke. The betting stakes were only a spirit artifact level Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron, an arctic ice immortal stamen, and a drop of phoenix heart blood. Those treasures were undoubtedly precious, and the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron was an object that even a divine Lord powerhouse would struggle for. But compared to a drop of phoenix blood essence, all of it was nothing more than sand and wind.

When Lin Ming first involved the phoenix blood essence in this smelting trial, the bet for the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron had already lost all meaning! This was a grand milestone that would be etched into the history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. It was destined to be a story that would be spread down for all of eternity, turned into a myth by the clansmen of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. How could a mere Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron possibly compare?

Sixth level 8000 miles!

The temperature here was already 360 times the temperature of magma, and even the surrounding space was scorched so hot that it began twisting. The fiery astral winds were far more powerful, crazily howling as they flowed all over. Even if a 10,000 foot high mountain of divine iron were placed here, it would still be turned into gas by the air currents!

Luckily, Lin Ming's three levels of Concepts had completed their initial fusion state. Moreover, no matter which one of these three Concepts was taken out, his understanding of them far surpassed that of all other disciples present. But now, in this environment, Lin Ming still had no choice but to slow down.

From 10 times the speed of sound he plummeted to five times the speed of sound. Then, he gradually slowed to three times the speed of sound.

As his speed reduced, the pressure he had to bear was much lower and he would also consume less energy.

In truth, after reaching this depth, no matter how extraordinary Lin Ming's restorative ability was, it was impossible for him to continue with such a terrifying consumption rate of energy. He was able to maintain 80% of his strength, and the only reason for this was that he was using the Concept of Creation to transform the violent fire origin energy into a gentler form that he could use for himself.

Sixth level 9000 miles!

Lin Ming's speed fell below the speed of sound. As he no longer passed through the sonic barrier, his consumption of true essence was reduced yet again.

Wishing to break into the Hells of Flame's seventh level was more difficult than ascending to the heavens. But now, all the miracles that occurred on Lin Ming's body had allowed him to reach this step. Even so, he was still reaching the end of the line!

All of the martial artists in the square held their breath, their eyes glued onto the light screen in the sky. They were all waiting for this historical moment to occur.

A sixth stage Life Destruction, 29 year old rookie disciple on his first smelting trial, would actually break through to the seventh level of the Hells of Flame!

At this step, all of Phoenix Cry Palace's disciples, including even Huo Yanguang, were cheering Lin Ming on. Although many of Phoenix Cry Palace's disciples had envied Lin Ming, now that his talent far surpassed all of theirs, they finally understood that it was impossible for any of them to chase after him, and all of that envy had slowly faded away.

On the contrary, Lin Ming's growth would instead bring glory and prosperity to Phoenix Cry Palace. In the future, when everyone talked about Lin Ming, these disciples could proudly brag that they came from Phoenix Cry Palace, the same branch palace that Lin Ming came from!

Also, in the future when Lin Ming became a vital figure at headquarters, he would be able to bring good fortune to Phoenix Cry Palace. For the 72 palaces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, it was impossible to be fair and even with all of them. There would always be some palaces that received far more resources than others, and there would always be some palaces that were stretched for resources.

In such a situation, no one in Phoenix Cry Palace would dare to offend Lin Ming anymore. Even someone like Sage Jiuyang, who almost controlled the entire Phoenix Cry Palace, would not think of moving against Lin Ming. This was because Lin Ming was now destined to become a paramount character of headquarters, someone that was the focus of attention.

9600 miles;Lin Ming's speed dropped to half the speed of sound.

9800 miles;Lin Ming's muscles bulged all over, blue veins popping up from his skin.

9900 miles;cracks began to form in Lin Ming's protective true essence once again.

However, this didn't matter. Even if some fire origin energy astral winds managed to break through his defenses, they would still be suppressed by the Heretical God Sprout and then absorbed by Lin Ming. With his tough meridians he was capable of withstanding such an impact.

50 miles... 40 miles... 30 miles... 10 miles... one mile!!!


With a light sound, it seemed as if the entire 180,000 mile long 18 Hells of Flame quietly trembled at that moment. Lin Ming broke through the space barrier that separated the sixth and seventh level, officially stepping into the space of the seventh level!

The seventh level of the Hells of Flame;the domain of god!

’’He did it!!!’’

’’Too fierce... I never imagined that I would be able to witness history occurring with my own eyes...’’

’’Although I might never reach this boundary in my entire life, for better or worse, no matter what, Lin Ming is still a disciple who came from our Phoenix Cry Palace. I can feel proud just stating this fact in the future.’’

’’That's right. Maybe headquarters will place a bit more focus on our Phoenix Cry Palace now?’’

The Phoenix Cry Palace disciples spoke amongst themselves with fervid excitement. At this time, if Lin Ming were among them, he would have been surrounded and grabbed by them, tossed up into the air!

This was Lin Ming's glory! This was also the glory of Phoenix Cry palace!

’’He really reached the seventh level. It seems like the drop of phoenix blood essence will really be obtained by Lin Ming. This child, as long as he doesn't perish in the future he will surely become an incomparably wonderful character!’’

Duke Golden Sword said with zest.

’’That's right. Moreover, with Lin Ming's background, it is already a miracle that he was able to reach this step. He has a great destiny, strong mentality, and unshakeable will. He can only be called extraordinary. It isn't easy for such a person to perish. I believe that our Ancient Phoenix Clan is destined to produce another extreme character. Even the current Lord Patriarch could not compare to Lin Ming when he was at the Life Destruction realm!’’ Monarch Sweetyfox gave her own evaluation.

The Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, that was a divine Realm Holy Lord. Placed in the divine Realm, a Holy Lord was a top character that could dominate their own stretch of the world. However, this didn't mean that Lin Ming would inevitably become a Holy Lord in the future. After all, there were countless variables and uncertainties on the road of martial arts.

The current Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan indeed couldn't compare with Lin Ming when he was at the Life Destruction Realm. But, the Patriarch had experienced immense lucky chances during the divine Sea, divine Transformation, and divine Lord realms. These also had to be placed into consideration.

If Lin Ming wished to become a Holy Lord, he would need to continue the momentum that he currently had at Life Destruction.

This was the reason why the Ancient Phoenix Clan wasn't willing to invest a drop of phoenix blood essence in a Life Destruction realm martial artist. There were simply too many unknown factors that could affect a genius' future. Even if a genius died, they might be lost within the rising talents in the future. A genius needed destiny and lucky chances to continue walking down the road of martial arts.

And at this time, Lin Ming's smelting trial still hadn't ended. This was the first time that he had entered the seventh level of the Hells of Flame. To a rookie disciple, this mysterious space was called the domain of god!

To a Life Destruction realm martial artist, this was an absolute forbidden zone!

The seventh level of the Hells of Flame no longer had fire origin energy astral winds. Rather, they were replaced by an aurora of glowing red light!

This glowing light was illusive like a dream. It filled the world, incomparably vivid, similar to a paradise of immortals. But, if a martial artist who didn't comprehend the Fire Laws was covered by this glowing light, then their entire being would evaporate without even ashes left over!

At this time, it was already Lin Ming's limit to break into the seventh level. And now that he suddenly had to bear the impact of this glowing red light, his protective true essence began to rapidly rupture!

Beams of glowing light shot into Lin Ming's body, burning through his meridians!

Lin Ming focused all of his will into the Heretical God Sprout, resisting the impact of the multi-hued light. But, he found himself verging on the edge of collapse. His body burned. His skin was scorched black, cracking, and his flesh was cooked, emitting sizzling sounds.

Lin Ming's current condition was extremely poor. He had less than 60% of his true essence remaining. Moreover, he was consuming it at a ridiculous rate.

But Lin Ming still held on. He grit his teeth and persisted. The role of the 18 Hells of Flame was originally not to check the level of a disciple and how far they could go. Rather, it was a smelting trial that pushed one's potential to the limits. In the smelting trial of the 18 Hells of Flame, when one arrived at their limits, the longer they stayed in that dangerous zone, the greater their harvests would be.

When Lin Ming first started the initial fusion of the three levels of Fire Concepts, he had used the pressure of this environment as the turning point of his comprehension of Laws.

As they said, one had to strike the iron while it was hot. To use the 18 Hells of Flame at this time to temper his own Laws was the best method to do so. If he gave up now then his benefits would be significantly lessened and he would have to take many more detours.

Lin Ming grit his teeth and actually pulled the glowing red light into his bones and flesh, allowing that glowing light to burn the Law runes on his bones!

Zi zi zi!

As his flesh burned, the pure jade-white bones were also scorched black, and they even began to wither and crack.

To draw fire into one's body and set their own bones on fire, just what sort of pain was that? Even so, Lin Ming clenched his teeth and withstood it all!


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