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Martial World - Chapter 1014


Chapter 1014 - Lin Ming's Turn




’’She was just four people away from slaughtering 600. Who can still say that Yan Littlemoon's combat ability is lousy?’’

’’Of course it wouldn't be bad. She is a genius with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Even her worst aspect is likely something that we could never hope to catch up to. If she casually tries, she can already be the top talent of Fire Spirit Star for the last thousand years. If she can use this next period of time to temper her true combat strength then she will easily be able to break through 600 people, and perhaps even 600 and several dozen more wouldn't be too difficult.’’

’’Mm... however, that's her limit. The request for the phoenix blood essence is to complete the Thousand Slaughter. To slaughter a thousand people in there... that's just a joke and a half.’’

All of the disciples present felt pity for Yan Littlemoon. She was already this strong and yet she wasn't fated to obtain the phoenix blood essence. Her ability was simply far from being enough and the requests were just too severe.

Chu Redcloud was also disappointed. Although Yan Littlemoon's performance was excellent so far and she had expected this result, after actually seeing this result with her own eyes, she felt nothing but despair at such a massive gap. She couldn't even fake a smile with how ridiculous the difference was. To slaughter another 400 people... that was a moat that could never be overcome!

The Illusionary God Combat Array was different from the 18 Hells of Flame. In the 18 Hells of Flame, as long as you could progress, you could go even deeper. But, the opponents within the Illusionary God Combat Array were formed based on one's age. If you made progress, the array formation's opponents would also progress.

’’596 people. That's actually much better than what I imagined. How about it Golden Sword, do you still insist on your previous judgment?’’

Monarch Sweetyfox shot an eye at Duke Golden Sword. Duke Golden Sword smiled and said, ’’Of course. Did you want to make a bet? How about we have Lin Ming step up now?’’

’’Haha, there's no use making a bet. If Lin Ming can slaughter 600 people then I will not need your Disciplinary Enforcement division to put out the promised three drops of phoenix heart blood. My Office of Internal Affairs will personally put forth the rewards for you.’’ Monarch Sweetyfox casually said. Providing resources to talented disciples was part of her duties to begin with.

’’Okay.’’ Duke Golden Sword chuckled, a joking expression on his face. He turned to Lin Ming and said, ’’You brat Lin Ming, do you want to enter the Illusionary God Combat Array and give it a go? The beautiful Sweetyfox here has said that as long as you can slaughter 600 people, she will reward you with three drops of phoenix heart blood! That is phoenix heart blood! In addition, I will personally grant you a top grade saint artifact armor that approaches a transcendent saint artifact.’’

Duke Golden Sword's words floored all the martial artists present. All of them began to be filled with excitement.

Lin Ming was actually going to rush through the Illusionary God Combat Array! There was really climax after climax today!

Originally Lin Ming had meditated over the chaos stones for an entire year before coming out, so others had a little bit of fun over him because of that, and there was also some criticism spoken against him in private. But, that was just how things there. In terms of Lin Ming's combat strength alone, no one dared to doubt him there!

A fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist had defeated a Four Layered Heavens Ninefall master. That achievement was enough to startle someone from headquarters.

Even if no one believed that Lin Ming could make it far in the 18 Hells of Flame, they all had to admit that he had the qualifications to contend with Yan Littlemoon in the Illusionary God Combat Array!

’’Lin Ming is going to enter the Illusionary God Combat Array. I wonder just how far he can go? How many people can he slaughter? I don't think his results will be any worse than Yan Littlemoon's!’’

’’That might not be true. Yan Littlemoon's comprehension of Laws is too terrifying and her progress in this last year has been far too rapid. As for Lin Ming, he meditated on the chaos stones for this last year and wasted all of that valuable time. Even if he managed to understand a little bit of the Chaos Laws, that is simply a general outline of the Laws. They aren't necessarily applicable to actual combat.’’

’’I also think that Yan Littlemoon's results will be a tad better. After all, she has the Ancient Phoenix bloodline. But even if Lin Ming is worse, he won't be that much worse.’’

All of the young disciples present were eager and enthusiastic. They ardently waited for Lin Ming to rush through the Illusionary God Combat Array so they could see him struggle with Yan Littlemoon for superiority!

On the side, Chu Redcloud contemptuously curled her lips and said, ’’He's just rushing through the Illusionary God Combat Array. In the Illusionary God Combat Array, he'll barely be able to keep up with Littlemoon. And in terms of understanding of Laws, that is truly where a person's potential can be seen. The more prevailing one's comprehension of Laws is, the more amazing their future accomplishments will be. As for having extraordinary combat strength, that doesn't mean they will be able to maintain that in the future.’’

Chu Redcloud's voice wasn't loud, but everyone present was a top master, thus they naturally heard her clearly. Sun Cyprestar tugged on his beard in anger, his eyes wide with rage. But, he still couldn't find the words to refute her. Lin Ming's decision to meditate on the chaos stones for an entire year had left him speechless.

Everyone turned to Lin Ming, waiting for him to enter the Illusionary God Combat Array. However, what happened next left them all puzzled.

Lin Ming faintly smiled and said, ’’Lord and lady envoy, this disciple has a matter he wishes to discuss with you two. I wonder if that is permissible?’’

’’Oh? What is it? Speak as you will!’’ Monarch Sweetyfox looked at Lin Ming. In her opinion, a young disciple like Lin Ming was hot-blooded and loved to contest with others. With such a grand opportunity laid down in front of him, he should have already rushed inside. But she didn't think that he would smile and change the topic with such polite language. He clearly had some deeper meaning in doing so.

’’This disciple has heard that the two lord and lady envoys have laid down a standard for obtaining a drop of phoenix blood essence. That is, to enter the seventh level of the Hells of Flame and also to simultaneously complete the Thousand Slaughter within the Illusionary God Combat Array. Is that true?’’

’’Yes. But this standard was not set by us, but sent down from headquarters. What about it?’’

’’Mm... this disciple wishes to ask, if I can achieve this standard, then can I also receive a drop of phoenix blood essence?’’

Lin Ming's voice was slow and unhurried, filled with energy and true essence. As he spoke, his voice spread throughout the entire audience. For a time, everyone was stunned silent!

Sun Cyprestar and Xiao Whitesnow had their mouths hanging open, unable to figure out just what facial expression to make.

Yan Littlemoon's eyes had gone perfectly round. After rushing through the Illusionary God Combat Array herself, even she didn't have much hope of obtaining the drop of phoenix blood essence. But Lin Ming had actually asked such a question;just what was he doing?

As for Chu Redcloud, after being momentarily stunned, she looked at Lin Ming with kindness, as if she were looking at someone with brain damage. She chuckled and said, ’’Apprentice Nephew Lin, what kind of question are you asking! Did you also want to take that drop of phoenix blood essence?’’

Lin Ming didn't respond. He had no interest in Chu Redcloud. He kept his eyes glued onto Monarch Sweetyfox and Duke Golden Sword, his thoughts completely centered on the phoenix blood essence.

Chu Redcloud frowned, extremely annoyed at being treated with such contempt by a junior. She wanted to smack him around to teach him a lesson, but in this situation in front of two envoys, she naturally couldn't do anything like that.

Duke Golden Sword deeply looked at Lin Ming. Lin Ming's words had indeed startled him. ’’Are you saying you wish to attempt meeting this standard?’’

’’Yes, Lord Envoy!’’

’’Hohohohoho!’’ Monarch Sweetyfox started laughing like tinkling bells. ’’Indeed, the baby calf does not fear the tiger. Since this is the standard sent down by headquarters, then of course it's acceptable. If you can achieve that standard then that drop of phoenix blood essence shall be granted to you! However... do you know just how difficult it is to achieve such a standard?’’

Monarch Sweetyfox's words caused all of the martial artists present to start privately speaking amongst themselves. Did Lin Ming really not know how difficult the standard was?

Thinking about it, Lin Ming truly didn't have much of an understanding of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. He had come to Fire Spirit Star for just a brief period before holing himself up in Totem Tower. He hadn't even been as far as the third level yet, so he naturally didn't know how difficult it would become. As for the Illusionary God Combat Array, he had never attempted that before. Was it possible that Lin Ming was really setting himself up to be a giant joke?

If Lin Ming didn't meet the standard then he certainly wouldn't suffer any losses. But if the difference was too great, that would just be too shameful.

Sun Cyprestar felt his palms turn sweaty. Just what sort of games was Lin Ming trying to play today? Lin Ming choosing to meditate on the chaos stones had already given him a great shock. And now that he was doing all of this, Sun Cyprestar really wasn't sure if his heart could withstand it. On such a grand occasion, once Lin Ming lost face, not only did that mean he would lose face, but Phoenix Cry Palace would also lose face by association.

’’Lin Ming you brat, do you know what you are saying?’’ Sun Cyprestar angrily said with a true essence sound transmission.

Lin Ming was abnormally calm as he replied, ’’I only want to give it a try. Elder Sun, please rest assured.’’

’’Lin Ming, this standard is for one year later when the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial ends. Did you want to try it now instead of one year from now?’’ Even Duke Golden Sword, who favored Lin Ming, didn't believe that he had even the faintest hope of success. He thought that Lin Ming simply didn't know how difficult it was.

’’Now!’’ Lin Ming enunciated loudly. If he obtained the phoenix blood essence a year earlier, that would be a year more of benefits. Of course earlier was better.

’’Hah! Okay, then start from the Illusionary God Combat Array!’’ Duke Golden Sword motioned towards the Illusionary God Combat Array. He estimated that Lin Ming's results in the Illusionary God Combat Array wouldn't be too bad. Although he wouldn't be able to achieve the Thousand Slaughter, his results wouldn't be too ugly.

But, Lin Ming shook his head and said, ’’Lord Envoy, this disciple wishes to begin at the 18 Hells of Flame.’’

Lin Ming chose the 18 Hells of Flame for a reason. In this last year, he had comprehended far too many Law fragments. These Law fragments were stored in his body and mind, and he needed to verify these Laws within the 18 Hells of Flame and thoroughly master them.

Only like this could he become stronger. Then, his results in the Illusionary God Array would also be better!

But Lin Ming's words caused the martial artists present to stare at him, mouths agape.

What Lin Ming wanted to attempt was not the Illusionary God Combat Array, but the 18 Hells of Flame!

In their opinion, Lin Ming excelled at combat. As for his comprehension of Laws, no one had a good opinion of him. At best, his talent with Laws could compare with someone like Huo Yanguang.

It would have been far better for him to attempt the Illusionary God Combat Array. If he didn't fail too miserably then no one would mention him not achieving the standards and there also wouldn't be a need to try the 18 Hells of Flame.

But now, Lin Ming wanted to rush through the 18 Hells of Flame first. If this happened then his weakness with Laws would be exposed. At that time, if he couldn't even reach the fourth level then wouldn't that be a great loss of face?

Chu Redcloud also felt that Lin Ming was crazy. If this boy actually wanted to take a piece of shit and smear it all over his face, just who could stop him?

’’This brat was locked up in Totem Tower for an entire year. In front of those chaos stones that are like tomes of heaven, could he have been stimulated somehow?’’ Chu Redcloud thought. Duke Golden Sword had given Lin Ming a way out and yet he refused it and insisted in disgracing himself. Even if he didn't know how difficult the 18 Hells of Flame was, was he actually naïve enough to think that he could instantly rush to the sixth or seventh level?’’

As Chu Redcloud was thinking, Lin Ming had already turned into a beam of light that shot towards the 18 Hells of Flame.

At this time, the 18 Hells of Flame's artifact spirit naturally formed a light screen projection of Lin Ming as he rushed downwards.

Lin Ming was like a falling meteor as he blazed down with amazing velocity!

The first level!

The second level!

The third level!

Nothing was able to hinder him!


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