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Martial World - Chapter 1010


Chapter 1010 - Requirements for a Drop of Phoenix Blood Essence




’’Mm, not bad.’’ Monarch Sweetyfox sweetly smiled and nodded, seeming quite satisfied with Yan Littlemoon. In order for a martial artist to continue walking down the road of martial arts, both destiny and talent were indispensable. There were some peak talents of the Ancient Phoenix Clan that possessed the Ancient Phoenix bloodline because of their family background. But, even though they had talent amongst talents, their destiny was lacking. In other words, they wouldn't be able to walk as far as Yan Littlemoon could on the road of martial arts in the future. This Lotus Blooming Step by Step phenomenon was good proof of just how great her destiny was.

Duke Golden Sword then stuck in and said, ’’Yan Littlemoon isn't too bad, but let me warn you that Yan Littlemoon obtaining first place in this Fire Spirit Star's Ancient Phoenix smelting trial is nothing at all. In our view it should be naturally what happens. What she must compare with is the geniuses of the other 71 branch palaces and the Ancient Phoenix Headquarters. Her opponents are the geniuses that lived thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago. Only they are the true opponents of Yan Littlemoon.’’

Those geniuses from thousands or tens of thousands of years ago had grown up by now and had become great figures within the Ancient Phoenix Clan. For instance, Duke Golden Sword and Monarch Sweetyfox were both ex number one trial challengers in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial.

’’I thank Sir Envoy for the guidance. Littlemoon will take it to heart.’’ Beside Chu Redcloud, Yan Littlemoon bowed.

Monarch Sweetyfox revealed an appreciative smile. ’’Yan Littlemoon, you must rush through the 18 Hells of Flame as well as the Illusionary God Combat Array. Let me see just how far you can go! If your results are good, then I can apply to Internal Affairs for extra rewards for you!’’

As Monarch Sweetyfox spoke, Yan Littlemoon's heart burst with excitement. She understood that this was her chance! Her family background was excellent in comparison to other disciples' of the branch palaces, but compared to those giant family clans at headquarters, her foundation was just too shallow. She needed to find a turning point, and this was her lucky chance to stir up the interest of headquarters!

’’Littlemoon, try your hardest!’’

Chu Redcloud said with a true essence sound transmission.

’’Mm, don't worry Aunty, this time I absolutely will not disappoint you, nor can I disappoint myself.’’ Yan Littlemoon gripped her white fists together, her heart filling with steadfast determination.

She was very clear about her limits in the 18 Hells of Flame, but she had never tried the Illusionary God Combat Array before.

That was a test of one's comprehensive combat strength, and usually the last test taken before the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial ended.

Although she had never attempted it, she had full confidence in herself.

Blackwood faintly smiled and said, ’’Senior Ruby Sovereign, since headquarters has come, I ask that you open a fire spirit mirror so we can all take a better look.’’

’’Hahaha!’’ An energetic laughter suddenly filled the 18 Hells of Flame, ’’No problem, it's just a tiny bit of effort!’’

The Ruby Sovereign was the artifact spirit of the 18 Hells of Flame. The 18 Hells of Flame itself was a spirit artifact, and the inside was a self-contained space. If one didn't have the Ruby Sovereign's permission, it was very difficult to spy on what was occurring tens of thousands of miles deep within.

In the skies, fire origin energy gathered together, slowly forming a fire origin energy mirror. The image of the 18 Hells of Flame was reflected within it.

’’It's done. Yan Littlemoon was it? Enter. I am looking forwards to your performance!’’

’’Senior Ruby Sovereign, please look after me.’’

Yan Littlemoon turned into a beam of light that broke into the 18 Hells of Flame. Through the fire spirit mirror in the sky, others could see Yan Littlemoon's figure. She flushed through the Hells of Flame like a lithe fish, easily passing through without any hindrance. All of the violet fire origin energy and the blazingly high temperature was no different from warm water to her, comfortable and relaxing.

First level, second level, third level, Yan Littlemoon continued to flush straight down!


Monarch Sweetyfox nodded. What she was noticing was the aura of the Laws around her. By depending on just her comprehension of Fire Laws, Yan Littlemoon was able to transform all that violent and wild fire origin energy around her into a gentle energy that she was able to easily absorb. She could do this freely and easily with a practiced hand.

Yan Littlemoon didn't slow down even when she broke through to the fourth floor. It was only at the fifth floor when her speed began to gradually decline.

’’Fifth level 5000 miles... 5500 miles, 5600 miles...’’ Monarch Sweetyfox silently counted in her mind. At 5600 miles, a clear crack appeared in Yan Littlemoon's protective true essence. Once she continued down further, she wouldn't be able to withstand it.

At 6000 miles, there was an explosive shattering sound as Yan Littlemoon's protective true essence shattered. The wild and rampant fiery heavenly wind crazily rushed towards Yan Littlemoon but was blocked by the energy barrier created by the Ruby Sovereign.

Her final result was 6000 miles into the fifth level!

’’6000 miles into the fifth level is indeed quite good.’’ Monarch Sweetyfox nodded in appreciation. ’’In the past when I was at the Life Destruction realm and came to the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial as a rookie disciple, I wasn't able to reach this depth. I will have others record this reward down. When this smelting trial ends, besides the other rewards, I shall also grand Yan Littlemoon three drops of phoenix heart blood.’’

Phoenix heart blood was even greater than phoenix plume blood. A drop of phoenix plume blood was equal to a hundred drops of ordinary Ancient Phoenix Blood, and a drop of phoenix heart blood was equal to 50 drops of phoenix plume blood. Now that Monarch Sweetyfox had granted Yan Littlemoon three drops of phoenix heart blood, that was the same as 150 drops of phoenix plume blood.

It had to be known that when Huo Yanguang made a gambling battle with Lin Ming, he had put out 20 drops of phoenix plume blood. That price was enough to make all others go crazy.

And now Monarch Sweetyfox had casually tossed out the equivalent of 150 drops of phoenix plume blood as a reward. As the other heroic young elites heard this, all of them were filled with incomparable envy. There were many among them who hadn't even seen 10 drops of phoenix plume blood in their lives before.

But, such a reward actually wasn't to Chu Redcloud's satisfaction.

To Yan Littlemoon, who had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, three drops of phoenix heart blood wouldn't have too amazing of an effect on her.

Chu Redcloud grit her teeth and said, ’’This child Littlemoon has both talent and destiny, but her family background is ordinary. The Yan Family is considered a good distinguished family in my Charming Phoenix Palace, but placed within the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan and compared with the Xiao Family Clan, Huo Family Clan, and Huang Family Clan, they aren't anything at all. Even if the Yan Family does their best to raise and train Littlemoon, the support they can provide to her is still limited at best. Thus, I humbly, and with great respect, request Envoy Monarch Sweetyfox to give additional bloodline resources so that Littlemoon's bloodline power can increase even further!’’

’’Hohohoho!’’ Monarch Sweetyfox gently smiled as she heard Chu Redcloud. ’’You want to increase the power of her bloodline even further? Yan Littlemoon already has a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. If you wish to take yet another step forwards, I fear you will need something even better than phoenix heart blood. I think that you want phoenix blood essence! But, that is something that I cannot take responsibility for!’’

Envoy Duke Golden Sword gaily laughed. ’’Fairy Chu, ever since the current Patriarch took a single drop of phoenix blood essence tens of thousands of years ago when he ascended to his position, there has only been a single time when a drop of phoenix blood essence has been awarded to a junior disciple because of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial! This is something that let alone a Palace Master, but not even some Patriarchs can obtain! Both I and Monarch Sweetyfox have never obtained a drop of phoenix blood essence, and that is because we fall far short of having the qualifications. Perhaps we will never have the qualifications for our entire lives!

’’Yan Littlemoon's results are exceedingly far from being enough to obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence. The only way possible is if her results surpass all others from the 72 branch palaces for the last 10,000 years. Fairy Chu, you have to know that Yan Littlemoon is not the only one with a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, and she might not be the only one who can produce the phenomenon of Lotus Blooming Step by Step either. Just by relying on that minor point, she is far, far off from being able to obtain a single drop of phoenix blood essence.’’

As Envoy Duke Golden Sword spoke, all the other young disciples were dumbfounded. In their minds, Yan Littlemoon's talent was already at the peak of possibility. It was high to the point that no one had the courage to chase after her. But, listening to Duke Golden Sword's words, even Yan Littlemoon fell far short of being able to apply for a drop of phoenix blood essence!

There was no limit in the universe. There was always a higher peak and a stronger person. In Fire Spirit Star's smelting trial, Yan Littlemoon was a crane among chickens. But, Fire Spirit Star's smelting trial occurred every four years, and it lasted two years each time. In 10,000 years, just how many smelting trials had been carried out here? Moreover, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had 72 branch palaces, and there were also over 20 similar smelting trial locations like Fire Spirit Star. Thus, the number of times the smelting trial had been carried out could be imagined!

Obtaining first place in an Ancient Phoenix smelting trial was simple. But, wanting to take first place and far surpass all other rivals in all Ancient Phoenix smelting trials for the last 10,000 years was unimaginably difficult.

How could Chu Redcloud not know this? She clenched her teeth and said, ’’I humbly request that lord and lady envoy give a target, and that as long as Littlemoon can surpass that target she can obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence!’’

This was all Chu Redcloud could say to force the two envoys as well as to force Yan Littlemoon. It had to be known that wherever there were people, there would be factions and relationships between them. In the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters and the three great family clans, the relations between them were complex and inextricably linked on 10,000 different levels. The juniors of the three great family clans, through some energy and methods, might be able to obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence even if their qualifications were lacking.

But as for Yan Littlemoon, the Yan Family she came from was neither small nor great. Compared to the Ancient Phoenix Headquarters, her foundation was far too shallow. If Yan Littlemoon wanted to struggle for a drop of phoenix blood essence, the path she would have to take would be suitably difficult!

Chu Redcloud was aware of this point. She never expected that it would be easy to successfully apply for a single drop of phoenix blood essence. She could only set up a target and then break through it in full view of everyone else, and seize this precious chance to obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence. She had to make it so that headquarters couldn't deny her request, and that those people who tried to play little tricks wouldn't have the chance to do so!

’’Oh?’’ Monarch Sweetyfox revealed a trace of surprise. Her eyes moved as she looked at Yan Littlemoon. She saw that the little girl was blushing red, her fists gripped together, obviously not backing down. She seemed full of vigor and courage. It was clear she wanted to go all out to desperately struggle for this drop of phoenix blood essence!

Monarch Sweetyfox's eyes revealed an amused light. ’’Good. But, I can only report this matter to headquarters;I do not have the authority to promise you anything. Headquarters will need to set the standard for this target. And, I hate to be rude, but this standard will be exceedingly high. It will be so high that all of you will believe that it is impossible, that we are forcing you into a dead end!’’

Monarch Sweetyfox said with a smile. In truth, she didn't believe in Yan Littlemoon too much, but she still had to speak her piece.

In the last 10,000 years, just how many geniuses had emerged in the 100 billion clansmen of the Ancient Phoenix Clan? It was an uncountable number. But among them, who had managed to obtain a drop of phoenix blood essence?

The truth was that since Monarch Sweetyfox had begun serving as successor to the Internal Affairs Envoy, several family clans had put forth their most dazzling geniuses and applied for a drop of phoenix blood essence from her. Headquarters had also given them a standard, but none of them had ever been able to achieve it!

This standard was outrageous even to Monarch Sweetyfox. Even if those family clans used all of their connections to reduce the standards by a tiny bit, all of them had failed without exception!


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