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Martial World - Chapter 1008


Chapter 1008 - Gold Battle Spirit

The four chaos stones were boundless, solemn, and mysterious. They circled in the air around Lin Ming, slowly gushing out with vague Law runes that fused together with the faint traces of grandmist energy around. As they flowed through space, they seemed to come from the nothingness of ancient times, bringing with them the highest truths of the infinite Heavenly Dao, containing the burden of arcane Laws.

Chaos represented the limitless, and limitless represented the world before heaven, a reality without beginning nor end. No one could guess the meaning behind it. Besides the universe itself, no one was able to understand its cryptic mysteries.

First there was the infinite exhaustible void, then there was primal chaos, then there was yin yang energies, which later divided into the five elements, which grew into celestial bodies, and which finally gave birth to all life and creation.

From the hazy void, grandmist energy emerged, an energy that surpassed a star in weight. On these stars, countless complex life forms evolved, growing and changing. Just how many Laws of the Heavenly Dao were observed in these changes? Just how many truths of the Great Dao were contained within?

It was simply unimaginable!

And the most complicated truths also extended from the infinite arrangement of the simplest truths. Evolution, combination, transformation, the process really made one praise the heavens!

Perhaps even for an Empyrean level character, in the face of all the Laws of the universe, the totality of their comprehensions were nothing more than a drop in the ocean, simply unworthy of mentioning!

And at this time, Lin Ming was actually unknowingly swimming in such an ocean. It was as if his soul had left his body and his mind was swimming through endless space.

Vaguely, through a dim haze, he could see the world filled with infinite chaos. This chaos energy was vast and endless. As it flooded the universe, it seemed great without limit, and yet it also seemed infinitesimally small, as if it could all be concentrated into a single spot without any volume at all.

This absurd illusion caused Lin Ming to feel flummoxed. But as he thought over it carefully, a feeling of awareness appeared in his mind. This was the state of chaos that the universe existed in before it was formed.

In chaos, there was neither space nor time, there was nothing to hear or anything to feel, so how could anything be called large or small?

Such a state continued for an unknown time. It seemed to last for an infinitely long period of time, a period of time where the entire evolution of the universe could be followed, where the universe was born and destroyed. It seemed to last for an infinitely short period of time, a period of time so short that even an instant couldn't describe it, a period of time so short that it couldn't be described in words at all.

But whether it was a long time or a short time, in this moment, the chaotic state of the universe was torn apart!

A terrifyingly high temperature, a tyrannically crazy explosion!

In that moment, it was as if all the energy within the vast divine Realm, all the energy throughout the infinite boundless universe was completely released at once!

Even an Empyrean or divine god wouldn't be able to resist one-billionth trillionth of this energy!

In this horrifying explosion, that grandmist energy that was heavier than the stars was actually sundered apart!

Infinite matter, infinite energy, all of it began within this terrifyingly high temperature. All of it was ejected out from this jumbled state of chaos.

As the temperature cooled down, a miraculous change began to occur.

As the chaotic state of the universe slowly disappeared, everything began to move and slowly evolve. This was the primal chaos!

Primal chaos was the source of change.

The primal chaos gave birth to the vigorous yang and the calm yin. Like this, the two yin and yang energies came into being.

In that blazingly high temperature, Lin Ming could see yin and yang energy being produced. They were originally a single pure energy. Yin energy and yang energy slowly evolved into the smallest particles, particles so small that they were a billion trillion times smaller than a speck of dust! Even if a divine Lord powerhouse poured all of their supernatural power into their eyes, they still wouldn't be able to see them!

But Lin Ming, who was meditating on the chaos stones through his grandmist space, was actually able to see them.

He saw energy evolve into yin thunder and yang thunder. The particles that contained yin thunder and yang thunder were mutually attracted to each other, latching onto one another and maintaining a most delicate balance.

Since ancient times, yin and yang did not mix. If they collided they would annihilate each other. But, in these smallest particles, yin thunder actually revolved together with yang thunder. Both energies complemented each other, supporting and restraining the other.

After the yin and yang particles were split and paired together, they began to condense, combining and arranging themselves in a series of patterns that exhibited countless properties and characteristics.

And these were the five elements.

The five elements were not solely five different types of matter. Rather, they were the ultimate embodiments of matter. With the five elements as a foundation, they could be combined into all of life and the infinite energies of the world.

These were the truths contained within the Heavenly Dao. The infinite nothing gave birth to primal chaos, primal chaos divided to yin and yang energies, yin and yang energies transformed into the five elements, and the five elements formed all life!

"So this is the primal chaos… it was originally yin and yang energy as well as the power of the five elements…"

Lin Ming took a deep breath, an unprecedented clarity appearing within his mind. The Heavenly Dao was incomparably abstract. The five elements could be partly understood, but as for what yin and yang were, and what primal chaos was, that was an extremely abstruse and philosophical idea. Even if a supreme elder tried to explain it, they would say that one could only understand it and not put it into words.

But today, Lin Ming was finally able to see that the primal chaos was the evolution of the limitless nothing, and that the primal chaos contained the most source Laws from the beginning of the universe. As for yin and yang, they were not abstract ideas, but rather particles that truly existed as the tiniest manifestation of matter.

Yin and yang transforming into all of existence was not empty talk. Those infinitesimally tiny yin and yang particles truly existed in all things. This included the stars, this included mountains and rivers, seas and lakes, this included all the people of the world! Even Lin Ming was no exception. Even the chaos stones here were formed by yin and yang energies. In all matter, yin and yang energy existed equally. Otherwise, if they were in an imbalanced situation then they would produce thunder.

The divine thunder of fire, water, metal, earth, wood - that was how the five elements divine thunder was produced. Although thunder was tied to the five elements, it in truth didn't belong to the five elements. Rather, it was the evolution of the five elements.

In this short period, Lin Ming was enlightened to many truths. He personally saw the evolution of the universe. Watching this was the same as bearing witness to billions of years of the universe compressed into a short moment. This experience itself was a massive lucky chance. Even a Holy Lord or World King might not have the good fortune to experience it!

In that moment, Lin Ming's mind was filled with knowledge. He felt his spiritual sea suddenly tremble. A boundless aura surged into the world, accompanied with countless Law fragments that overflowed from the chaos stones and poured into Lin Ming's body.

These Law fragments were constantly absorbed by Lin Ming, turning into mysterious runes within his body.

And in the skies above Lin Ming's spiritual sea, the silver gray grandmist battle spirit began to transform.

A faint trace of elementary grandmist energy gathered above the spear-shaped battle spirit. This made the battle spirit emit a brilliantly dazzling radiance. This radiance started silver but slowly began to mix with a golden light. As time passed, more and more golden light appeared, becoming brighter and more abundant until it completely engulfed the silver light!

In that moment, the spear-shaped battle spirit within Lin Ming's spiritual sea finally turned from silver to a sparkling gold. After a long period of accumulation, his battle spirit finally broke through the bottleneck of silver perfection and became a gold battle spirit!

A gold battle spirit could be projected into the world and form a space of will. At this step, a battle spirit would have a tremendous effect on one's combat strength!

A gold battle spirit was no longer just a supportive attack method but could also be used as a main attack method.

However, Lin Ming's gold battle spirit was different from that of an ordinary martial artist. It was not a brilliant shining gold, but had the dark color of grandmist energy fused into it.

It was a dark gold color!

The dark gold battle spirit contained an ancient and boundless aura;this was the atmosphere of chaos. Because Lin Ming had perceived the Chaos Laws, his grandmist battle spirit contained an aura of grandmist energy that was far more vivid than before.

Because of this special attribute, Lin Ming's battle spirit was only at the formative gold level, but it was actually far more powerful than a normal small success gold battle spirit!

A martial artist with a mere sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation actually had a battle spirit comparable to that of a divine Transformation realm powerhouse. This accomplishment couldn't even be described with the words monstrous genius!

At this time, as Lin Ming recalled the jade slip that Fairy Feng had left behind to him, he felt as if all the truths within there were easily seen and understood!

Indeed, the Chaos Laws were not directly related to the Fire Laws. But, the Chaos Laws were all-encompassing. From time, space, yin and yang, the five elements, stars, life - all of it was included within the Chaos Laws. This was the universe originated from chaos, and all matter and energy within the world was part of the universe.

Chaos was the foundation of the universe. Once one comprehended it, that was the same as grasping the very nature of the universe!

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that from this moment on, Lin Ming had truly stepped into the divine pantheon of the universe's source Laws.

As for all other geniuses, they were kept outside of the door, waiting anxiously to catch the little fragments of Laws that overflowed from this divine pantheon of Laws. As they were happy and complacent with their own achievements, Lin Ming was actually swimming within that divine pantheon of Laws, starting his journey to comprehending the origin of the universe!

This was the very essence of disparity. This difference wouldn't manifest too obviously at the start, but as time passed, the distance between him and others would begin to become increasingly large. At that time, Lin Ming would truly step towards the peak of martial arts. As for other geniuses, including even the once in a millennium talent Yan Littlemoon, they would at most be guaranteed to become someone like a future Palace Master of one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's branch palaces. As for becoming an even higher Holy Lord and becoming a ruler of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they would have to put forth enormous effort. In this process, if their mind, mentality, will, destiny, or strength ever fell just a single point short, they would fail!

Time slowly passed. Without knowing it, Lin Ming had already been in Totem Tower for an entire year. In this year, there were still many Law fragments within the chaos stones. What Lin Ming managed to absorb was only a very tiny portion of them. He lay suspended in the air as before, withstanding the baptism of Law fragments.

And outside of Totem Tower, many great changes were occurring once more.

White Daohong, Lu Xiaoyun, Yan Littlemoon, and Xiao Whitesnow had all completed their second period of seclusion in Totem Tower. Now, they were all training within the 18 Hells of Flame. They had finished two seclusion rounds within Totem Tower, but as for Lin Ming, he hadn't even finished his first.

After the second period of seclusion, the divine Transformation realm disciples like White Daohong and Lu Xiaoyun didn't have that great of a change. This was also to be expected. At their boundary, it would take them a very long time to perceive the Laws, and they had to do so in an ordered manner, step by step. Wanting to rapidly increase their understandings of the Laws in a year or two was actually impossible.

However, Yan Littlemoon and Xiao Whitesnow had made tremendous progress…


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