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Martial World - Chapter 1000


Chapter 1000 - Concept Large Success, Blue Lotus Domain




The Ruby Sovereign was ready to rescue Lin Ming. But, he continued surging past his limits for another two incense sticks of time. This left him incomparably amazed. Just because one's willpower could bear the pain didn't mean that their body could also withstand it. If some people forcefully pushed their willpower past its limits and their bodies couldn't keep up, they would simply fall unconscious.

But Lin Ming didn't have such a situation. This was because his body was already formidable enough. When he last crossed Life Destruction, his body had been tempered by fire energy, and his compatibility with the Fire Laws was extremely high due to this. And, he also dual cultivated body and energy. Even the physical body of a divine Lord realm powerhouse couldn't compare with Lin Ming's.

’’That's right, this little fellow dual cultivates body and energy, so the limits of his body are far greater than those of a normal martial artist. Incredible, this has already lasted for five incense sticks of time. As far as I know, no one has ever managed to reach this step. A formidable willpower, solid foundation, dual body and energy cultivation, all three of these are indispensable and necessary factors. Combined together, they allowed him to achieve this step!

’’In these last two incense sticks of time, Lin Ming's comprehension of Fire Laws has likely been even greater than what he gained during the first quarter hour!’’

As the Ruby Sovereign was thinking out loud, a complete half hour passed. Energy constantly accumulated within Lin Ming's body, like a roiling volcano that was ready to erupt at any moment. His body contained a terrifying strength, and now it was rapidly approaching the point of outbreak!

As the last Law symbol surged into Lin Ming's meridians, it became the last straw that crushed the camel's back. Lin Ming's body suddenly shook and his protective true essence completely shattered. His defenseless body was made to directly bear the brutal and violent impact of fire origin energy!

If this fire origin energy struck his body, then even Lin Ming would end up half dead. And if he continued for much longer then his body would be charred to ashes!

’’Hehe, little boy, you finally couldn't withstand it. If you kept persisting then how could that be? I definitely wouldn't be feeling too well about that.’’ The Ruby Sovereign insidiously grinned. But just as he was about to rescue Lin Ming, he suddenly stopped in his movements. The energy filled with the Concept of Creation that he had prepared beforehand suddenly stagnated.

’’This is... what's going on here?’’

The Ruby Sovereign's eyes widened. It never imagined that the crazy and violent fire origin energy that roared into Lin Ming's body would suddenly be suppressed by some mysterious strength. That mysterious strength actually caused the Ruby Sovereign to feel a slight bit of fear. Although the nature of this mysterious power was very pale and weak, it still contained a vast and limitless atmosphere that seemed to contain the most source Laws of the Great Dao, leaving the Ruby Sovereign dazed in awe.

This awe was like a memory that was etched deep into the very essence of the Ruby Sovereign. As the artifact spirit of a fire-attribute spirit artifact, it had an instinctual feeling of wanting to submit to the Great Dao Fire Laws.

’’This power... just what is it?’’


As the Ruby Sovereign was shocked, a change was happening to the violent fire origin energy within Lin Ming's body. Originally, with Lin Ming's strength and in a situation where he was defenseless, there was simply no way for him to withstand the scorching temperature of the fire energy within the Hells of Flame, even if he tried his best.

But, after comprehending the Laws for half an hour, a slight change occurred to the Heretical God Sprout within Lin Ming's body. After his physical body reached the limit and he couldn't withstand the impact of fire origin energy anymore, Lin Ming sunk his thoughts deep into the Heretical God Sprout and diverted all the fire origin energy into the Heretical God Sprout.

In that moment, the Heretical God Sprout blazed with a burning light, sending out dazzling rays of gold, as if it were a golden Bodhi tree undergoing nirvana in a sea of flames. All of the accumulated fire origin energy within his body was completely sucked up by the Heretical God Sprout in a single breath. Then, at the peak of the Heretical God Sprout, new budding leaves slowly stretched out. These small blue leaves slowly unfurled, a deep and vibrant color that was catching to the eyes. Then, these luscious green leaves formed a circle, taking the shape of a tiny blue lotus.

These were blue lotus leaves!

Lin Ming instantly understood that all of the tiny leaves that grew from the Heretical God Sprout were actually a single leaf. They were the representation of the Laws comprehended in the Hells of Flame, and also the representation of large success of the Concept of Creation!

At this point, the Heretical God Sprout now had six leaves;three thunder leaves and three fire leaves. Of these three fire leaves, one was formed at the germination of the Heretical God Seed;it was shaped like a crimson flaming heart. The second leaf had formed after absorbing the condensed Law fragments from the stone tablet left behind by Xiao Daoji;it had the appearance of a square golden-red imperial jade seal. Now, the third leaf was this blue-green leaf that had the appearance of a blue lotus.

These three fire leaves complemented each other's glory and beauty, constantly swallowing up the fire origin energy within Lin Ming's body. Soon, the violently rampaging fire origin energy within his body was cleared out, but this still wasn't the end! The Heretical God Sprout hadn't absorbed enough, so it began to devour the surrounding power of fire all around Lin Ming. A red vortex formed around Lin Ming where a massive amount of fire origin energy was being swallowed up!

Because Lin Ming had left on his own and was at least 10,000 miles from the closest martial artist, the only one who saw this was the Ruby Sovereign. Still, even the Ruby Sovereign was shocked to the point that he couldn't speak. ’’This is... what's going on here? Even though this child's phoenix bloodline density is so light, how can he have such high compatibility with fire origin energy? This is his first time entering the Hells of Flame, so how did he manage to make such a massive breakthrough? Just what did he do to accomplish this ridiculous feat?’’

The Ruby Sovereign thought out loud. Even with his incomparably rich experience and knowledge, he still wasn't able to explain just what phenomenon was occurring within Lin Ming's body. Lin Ming's body seemed to contain an unimaginable power, and by borrowing the strength of the Hells of Flame, he entered into a state of sudden enlightenment and began to crazily absorb energy to make a breakthrough!

Although the Ruby Sovereign had lived for countless tens of thousands of years, the Heretical God Force was an existence that surpassed his understanding. After all, the Ruby Sovereign was only the artifact spirit of a spirit artifact rank magic tool;it simply wasn't able to ever come into contact with something on the level of an Empyrean. And, the Heretical God Force was at least a transcendent divine might!

A transcendent divine might would be born only every million years, several million years, or even longer than that!

Moreover, after some transcendent divine mights were created, they would slowly be lost to time. For instance, the Heretical God Force. If the Heretical God Force hadn't been accidentally obtained by a supreme elder of the divine Realm as he was exploring the ancient ruins of an Evil God, and if Lin Ming hadn't accidentally obtained the soul fragment of this divine Realm supreme elder after he had died, then this transcendent divine might would have been lost forever in the universe.

Taking a broad view, it was difficult to find a single transcendent divine might even in the entire divine Realm. Each and every one was a heaven-shaking world-changing supernatural power. One could infer this from just the Primordius martial intent. Lin Ming had only grasped a third of the Primordius martial intent, and yet it was able to enhance his combat strength to such a degree. The might of the complete Primordius martial intent could be imagined.

And the Heretical God Force was even beyond that of the complete Primordius martial intent!

At the very start of Lin Ming's journey on the road of martial arts, he had the Heretical God Force. But even so, his perception had always been his weakness.

Lin Ming's perception could be considered at most decently good, however, compared to the peak talents of the divine Realm, the disparity was far too great between them. This was similar to him having treasures but being unable to use them. For instance, when Lin Ming had faced the stone tablet left behind by Xiao Daoji, he had only been to release the Heretical God Force to absorb the Great Dao Law fragments. However, his own comprehension of them was actually limited.

But now, by relying on the grandmist battle spirit, Lin Ming had been able to perfectly open the Gate of Opening. This was an achievement that no genius in the entire divine Realm could match. Lin Ming's perception had now leapt towards the highest standard. With a perfect perception combined with the Heretical God Force, a transcendent divine might that was especially useful in cultivating the Laws of Thunder and Fire, these two factors added together were more than the sum of their parts!

Lin Ming had now reached a breakthrough in Laws that he obtained through an accumulation of quantitative changes brought about by qualitative changes. This was a 'sudden enlightenment'!

The longer the vortex spun around, the more violent it became. It continued for a long time, without any indication of slowing down. The Ruby Sovereign was wholly focused on observing this. As an artifact spirit of Fire Laws, it could feel that within that raging fire energy, countless fragments of Fire Laws began forming, even as they were sucked into the vortex surrounding Lin Ming and swallowed up!

In this massive amount of Law fragments, there was more than just the first three Concepts of the Fire Laws. There were fourth level Concept and fifth level Concept Law fragments. Even though Lin Ming wasn't able to understand them now, they were still able to lay down a solid foundation for his future comprehension of Laws. This was similar to a martial artist being baptized by the Heavenly Dao as they crossed the ninth stage of Life Destruction. Although Lin Ming's baptism of Laws was far inferior to the baptism of the Heavenly Dao during Ninefall, there was still a similar effect!

The vortex of flame still continued even after a quarter hour. The Ruby Sovereign sighed as he watched, ’’Just what kind of lucky chance did this Lin Ming obtain that he could reach this step? This is absolutely not something possible solely due to a high perception. I have seen countless geniuses with amazing talent and perception before. Let alone the previous geniuses, even that little girl Yan Littlemoon has a perception that's high to an absurd degree, but even she cannot reach this little boy's level. He is far from breaking through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction and yet he is already being baptized by the Laws. This simply defies the will of the heavens!’’

The Ruby Sovereign thought out loud. At this moment, there certainly wasn't any need to help. Lin Ming had already completely absorbed the fire origin energy within his body, but even that wasn't enough and he had begun to recklessly absorb all the surrounding fire energy in the Hells of Flame. In this situation, how could he possibly need anyone to rescue him?

After half an hour passed, the vortex of fire around Lin Ming slowly began to die down before vanishing completely. Lin Ming was completely naked and his eyes were firmly shut within the Hells of Flame, as if he were deeply sleeping.

And at this time, because all of the surrounding fire origin energy had been cleanly swallowed up by Lin Ming, a vacuum of fire origin energy had been created around him. A tide of fire origin energy rushed to fill the emptiness. Just as it seemed it would swallow up Lin Ming within, a blue-green layer of energy took Lin Ming's dantian as the center and sprung outwards like a wave!

Hu -

Lin Ming was instantly surrounded by the layer of blue energy. The raging fire origin energy smashed into that layer of blue energy before being isolated outside.

The surrounding fire origin energy raged like wild stallions all around, but within that layer of blue energy there seemed to exist another world altogether!

Within the layers of blue energy, life began to appear. Flowers, birds, insects, beasts, even countless spirit plants and trees seemed to rise up into the world. This world was like an immortal fairyland, a paradise within a hell of fire.

’’This is... the Blue Lotus Domain! This little boy... he actually comprehended the Blue Lotus Domain so quickly!?’’ The Ruby Sovereign sputtered out, his face full of horror and shock.


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