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Martial Peak - Chapter 98


Chapter 98-­Killing two more

It was only that between these three people, only Nu Lang was at the qi

transforming first stage. So if he wanted to take them down, it would a bit

more troublesome.

So that's why Kai Yang needed to first deal with the other two Storm House

disciples that were only at the initial element stage, before he could put all

his heart into fighting Nu Lang.

Looking at himself, Kai Yang wondered if he could fight against a qi

transforming practitioner! Thinking about this, Kai Yang's blood began to

boil in anticipation.

What Kai Yang had predicted was on point;the two disciples that had come

from the left, truly were Storm House disciples. Their cultivations were also

at around the same level as the other two whom he had killed;even if they

could be considered strong, they weren't especially strong.

Hearing the cries of their junior brothers they had rushed in the direction

from which they had heard them, however before the two could even arrive

at the location of the sound someone had already been sent flying away.

’’Who!’’ Stopping in their tracks, the two Storm House disciples became


Not replying, Kai Yang instead quickened his pace and threw himself onto

them. Sensing Kai Yang's killing intent and hostility, how could those two

be unable to react? They immediately cried out: ’’It's Kai Yang!’’

Just as they finished speaking, their weapons appeared in their hands. One

from the right, one from the left, they jumped towards Kai Yang.

With Kai Yang's battle spirit aroused, he met their attacks without the

slightest bit of fear. Fast as lightning, the blood red blade once again

appeared within his hands and he targeted one of the attackers.

The disciple who was being attacked, raised their blade to block the

incoming strike. But how could his ordinary grade weapon possibly

compare to a drop of Yang Qi? As the two blades met, the Storm House

disciple's blade broke in two. Thankfully his reactions were fast enough for

him to hurriedly dodge that life threatening strike, as it skimmed the side of

his rib.

Shing, the sound of the blade skimming his rib rang out.......

The disciple in question cried out in agony, feeling as if a flaming piece of

metal was branding him. Immediately the taste of burnt flesh could be

sensed in the air.

(TL: Oh nasty~)

’’Senior brother!’’ The other person's complexion changed greatly as he

quickly withdrew his previous attack.

In this life or death situation, he re­evaluated himself and realised he had

put himself right under Kai Yang's blade.

How could Kia Yang be merciful with regards to them? Right after the

breaking of the blade, Kai Yang sent a palm strike towards the Storm

House disciple's solar plexus, causing fiery hot World Qi to enter his body.

Once the World Qi entered his body, that person's eyes bulged out as he

flew backwards. Landing on the ground, he jerked a few times before

ceasing all movement.

In an instant he had killed another Storm House disciple;and that death

was far faster than the one suffered by his preceding senior brother.

Before Kai Yang could initiate another strike, the other Storm House

disciple who was still alive, swung his blade.

Unable to dodge, Kai Yang tensed all his muscles in preparation of

receiving the strike.

’’Shua.......’’ As the blade glinted with light, it cut open his abdomen area.

Immediately pain flared throughout his body originating from that wound,

and blood spewed out. But Kai Yang still remained unmoved. He only

became more vicious and bloodthirsty as he turned his head towards that


That person had personally seen his junior brother killed right in front of his

eyes. So how could he be think about anything else? He had only harbored

thoughts about killing Kai Yang right that instant, in order to avenge his

junior brother's death. Right after his first slice, he raised his sword again

and this time he aimed straight for Kai Yang's throat.

Kai Yang only raised his arm to block the incoming strike. The blade

caused an inch long wound to appear on his arm, only to be stopped by his

bone, unable to penetrate further down.

’’Hehe!’’ As the blood dripped down, Kai Yang only sardonically laughed.

(TL: I'm starting to worry for Kai Yang's mental state........­.­)

Within the darkness, a set of of ivory white teeth appeared;they were like

the teeth of a night predator.

The current Kai Yang, from head to toe, emitted an demonic aura!

Kai Yang was vicious, excited and emitting a demonic aura! That smile

alone would make anyone who saw it tremble with fear!

’’You......’’ How could that still living Storm House disciple have ever had

the opportunity to see someone like him before? After receiving two

wounds, he could still smile. Was this person a madman?

His mind a mess, he only wanted to retreat. In this death match, to be

intimidated by the opponent's aura alone, how could he possibly hope to


Kai Yang's leg immediately flew out, aiming for his crotch.

The sound of something breaking rang out. That person immediately

arched his back and fell to his knees;his face deathly pale.

Swiftly, Kai Yang extracted the sword embedded within his arm and swung

it down to finish the job.

He had killed two more!

’’Shua!’’ It wasn't until then, that the person hurrying over from the right side

finally arrived at the scene. It was Nu Lang! The five disciple from Storm

House had split into three groups and had been searching in the vicinity for

Kai Yang and Xia Ning Chang's footprints. Unexpectedly, they were

finished off one by one by Kai Yang.

His gaze sweeping the scene, Nu Lang saw his two junior brothers lying

dead on the ground. In an instant, he turned around and said in a very

furious tone: ’’Was it you who killed them?’’

Kai Yang turned his head;within that insane gaze of his, was a calm and

collected coldness.

’’It looks like everyone had underestimated you. You actually possessed

such abilities.’’ His expression hazy, Nu Lang forcibly suppressed his inner

rage. Taking a deep breath, he continued solemnly: ’’I have something to

ask you.’’

’’No need to ask. Nu Tao and Cheng Shao Feng were killed by me. You

guessed correctly!’’

’’It really was you!’’ Nu Lang's body suddenly began to shake;he had

always held the hope that his younger brother had lost himself while

playing around. Although the chances of that actually happening were very

low, it was still a hope he had clung onto.

But now, that sliver of hope had been shattered by Kai Yang! He had

personally admitted that his younger brother's disappearance was related

to him and that he had actually killed him!

’’They wanted to kill me, so naturally I also had the right to kill them!’’ Kai

Yang seemed a bit impatient, ’’Let's not talk anymore nonsense. Let's


’’Good, good, good.’’ Nu Lang's killing intent was seething as he told Kai

Yang in a voice dripping with poison: ’’Since you dared to act and dared to

admit it, then I shall not say anymore. Today, I shall use your life as a

sacrifice for those who died!’’

Between words, Nu Land readied himself and rushed forward. His body

flickering, he arrived in front of Kia Yang in an instant. His hand curled like

an eagle's claw, he slashed horizontally at Kai Yang's throat.

Kia Yang's expression hardened;a qi transforming stage practitioner's

power was truly incomparable to one at the initial element stage. Their

power really couldn't be compared.

Hurriedly, Kai Yang leaned backwards and used his hands to cover his

throat;the vital area.

Nu Lang only smiled out coldly, and his five fingers actually changed

directions midway;directly aiming downwards.


Kai Yang took a few steps backwards. Looking down, he saw his clothes

ripped and five, bloody, claw­like marks across his stomach. Accompanying

the marks, he felt a strange energy enter him.

Activating his True Yang Tactics, he immediately dissolved that strange


’’A mere initial element fourth stage practitioner actually dares to act

presumptuous in front of me! I won't kill you quickly, but instead torment

you to the point that you wish you could die but can't!’’ With his successful

strike, Nu Lang's expression became more and more sinister.

’’A flowery strike and fancy footwork, you fight like a girl. Aren't you

ashamed?’’ Kai Yang immediately tore off his ragged clothing, revealing his

skinny and shrivelled body, coldly mocking him.

Nu Lang's face reddened, but he couldn't retort;who told him to train in the

claw arts? This truly wasn't a elegant art.

’’A tongue as sharp as ivory, I hope that later you won't beg for mercy!’’ Nu

Lang didn't want to battle with words. Moving both his hands, they took on

the shape of a hawk's claws, and once again he began to attack Kai Yang.

’’How about you taste the might of my fists too?’’ Laughing loudly, Kai Yang

rushed forward to meet those two claws head on.

’’You overestimate yourself!’’ Nu Lang laughed coldly. With his cultivation at

the qi transforming stage, even if it was a boulder, he could still claw

through it. So how could he not do the same to someone at the initial

element fourth stage?


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