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Martial Peak - Chapter 75


All Hail Treasurer Meng

’’That's right then!’’ Su Xuan Wu laughed non stop, ’’In the duel between Wei Zhuan and Su Mu, why was he wearing a defensive artifact? Is this not breaking the Main Gate rules? How should we handle this?’’

He didn't ask about Kai Yang first, but went to rope in Wei Zhuan first, causing the Grand Elder to stare blankly at him, unable to respond.

’’If Wei Zhuan really used his own skill to win against Su Mu, then it's no wonder for Su Mu's loss. But since Wei Zhuan was under the protection of his defensive artifact and used that protection to humiliate my grandson, First brother how can this be endured?’’ Su Xuan Wu bellowed out in fury as he slammed his palm down on the arm of his chair, turning it into smithereens.

Wei Xi Tong couldn't help but lower himself: ’’Second brother, please quell your anger. Wei Zhuan's defensive artifact was given to him by myself, but that was only because I wanted to make sure he would be safe. But he was like a child and actually used the artifact's power to duel with others. This was Wei Zhuan's fault.’’

Right after this, an angry voice immediately sounded out: ’’Wei Zhuan, why haven't you apologised and admitted your wrongdoings to your senior brother Su yet?’’

Wei Zhuan was extremely clever and immediately cupped his hands towards Su Mu, saying: ’’Senior Su, this time it was this junior brother's fault and he says his apologies to you. Senior brother, you are a great person with great forgiveness, so please don't care about my wrongdoings!’’

’’Humph!’’ Su Mu overexaggerated his disregard.

But since things had reached this point, how could Su Xuan Wu say anything else?

The Grand Elder said: ’’Wei Zhuan was wrong, but Kai Yang committed a bigger violation of the rules. With a divine weapon in hand, he threatened to kill Wei Zhuan. If not for the Disciplinary Hall Disciples timely intervention, then I'm afraid that Wei Zhuan would have lost his life already. This was done with extremely evil intentions, so Kai Yang must be punished accordingly and used as an example to others.’’

The Fourth Elder Zhou Fei and the Fifth Elder You Zi Zai both nodded their heads in agreement.

However the Second Elder laughed out coldly: ’’Wei Zhuan broke the rules and only needed to apologise to be forgiven, meanwhile Kai Yang needs to suffer the punishment? Could it be because Wei Zhuan is your grandson first brother, so he can have special privileges? If this is the case, then how would our great Elder Council have any reputation and prestige in Sky Tower?’’

Wei Xi Tong's face turned grim: ’’Second brother, your words are piercing. Kai Yang's wrongdoings and Wei Zhuan's wrongdoings cannot be put on the same level. Wei Zhuan only wore a defensive artifact to protect himself, not to hurt others. While Kai Yang's weapon was used for attempted murder and could be used at anytime in the future, so second brother you should be able to see the differences!’’

Su Xuan Wu replied: ’’I dare to ask first brother, who has seen Kai Yang with this so called treasure? If this weapon really existed, then why couldn't the Disciplinary Hall Disciples confiscate it or find it on Kai Yang's body? Old Four, did your Disciplinary Hall report of anything similar to that being found?’’

The Disciplinary Hall came under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Elder Zhou Fei. When he was addressed, he merely shook his head and said: ’’Although it wasn't found, under the eyes of the many disciples present, they all saw Kai Yang holding a blood red blade, this is the undeniable truth.’’

Su Xuan Wu laughed coldly, and then using his World Qi, he formed a long and slender blade comprised completely of World Qi. Although it's form flickered, you could still feel its power and majesty.

’’If this was the case, then am I not also in possession of a weapon?’’ Su Xuan Wu laughed mockingly, looking at the three opposing people facing him.

’’This is only the fine use of World Qi, how could it be considered as a weapon?’’ The Fifth Elder You Zi Zai shook his head faintly.

’’Second brother means that Kai Yang who is only at the initial element third stage can already use his World Qi to this extent?’’ The Fourth Elder Zhou Fei looked at Su Xuan Wu with a smile, that was not a smile.

These words were such a joke. Because only when a martial practitioner reached the true element stage, and their World Qi became True Qi, were they able to form their Qi into a solid substance. While Kai Yang was only at the initial element third stage and the distance between it and the true element stage was like a thousand and eight hundred li. How could he have this ability?


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