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Martial Peak - Chapter 210


Translator: Silavin &PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Separation and Reunion Boundary, True Element Boundary, although there was only a single gap between the two, there was an essential difference.

The former used Yuan Qi, while the latter cultivated True Qi.

Ten Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivators would not necessarily be able to fight a single True Element Boundary First Stage master.  Once one transformed their Yuan Qi into True Qi, their strength would experience a qualitative soaring.

If before today, someone had told these Immortal Ascension Boundary masters that someone at the Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary could fight evenly with a True Element Boundary First Stage cultivator, every one of them would laugh.  But now that this scene was really happening before their eyes, none of them dared to believe so any more.

But this should be as far as it goes.  This group of Immortal Ascension Boundary masters eyes were quite sinister, naturally they could see that Yang Kai was going all out, but Bai Yun Feng was still holding back some strength.  The gap between the two still existed.

On the field, Bai Yun Feng face was grim, but he soon sneered, "Little brat, you really have the capital to be arrogant.  This young master has taken a liking to you and will give you one finally chance, come back with me to the Bai Family, and all the unpleasantness from before  will be written off, but if you refuse then do not blame this young master for being ruthless!"

Yang Kai remained sullen, viciously responding, "No interest!"

"Since you refuse a toast, you must suffer a loss, don't blame other for not warning you!"  Bai Yun Feng had finally lost all patience, he was a True Element Boundary master, he thought he could easily crush Yang Kai and force him to cough up all of his martial skills, but after suffering such a loss, especially in front of so many onlookers, he had become a laughing stock.  Now, all he wanted to do was quickly end this farce.

His True Qi surged, actually spilling over giving his body a faint white glow, once again charging toward Yang Kai, his speed significantly faster than before;everyone here was actually unable to follow him.

Flying over, he deployed his Heaven's Snare again;countless True Qi threads coalesced into a large network, completely enveloping Yang Kai.

The gap in cultivation between the two sides was too much, and Bai Yun Feng’s movement skill was also quite outstanding, Yang Kai's own movement skill in this battle simply could not keep up.

Naturally, he understood that in this case, dodging was definitely not an option;he could only push forward recklessly!

One hand forming a knife, madly squeezing out all his strength, his Yuan Qi raging out, he viciously chopped towards the Heaven's Snare.

Instantly the True Qi threads snapped, unable to approach Yang Kai before they had been broken apart.

[Heaven Gathering Seal!]  Bai Yun Feng remained indifferent, his mouth showing a faint proud grin, thrusting his hands forward.  A huge palm seal fell towards Yang Kai chest.

His attack had changed too fast, and Yang Kai did not have time to counter before his opponents move struck him.

His body flew out, mid air a spray of blood escaping his mouth, he somehow managed to land upright, his expression pale.

The crowd was unable to hold back a loud exclamation, staring at Yang Kai, their faces were filled with shock. None of them could believe that he had managed to endure such an attack.  The Bai Family's Heaven Gathering Seal was a mid-Heaven Grade Rank martial skill with amazing lethality.  This kid's stature seemed so thin and frail, but he had suffered a direct hit and still remained standing, even maintaining the strength to fight on, how could they not be shocked?

At this point, Bai Yun Feng was in for a penny, in for a pound, refusing to give Yang Kai any room to breathe, his stature flashed like the wind, rushed forward.

Yang Kai desperately resisted, but he was simply outclassed, again flying out dozens of feet.

Surprisingly though, Bai Yun Feng also screamed out in pain, quickly falling back.  A violent burst of noise exploding from his chest, and he was unable to stop himself from coughing out a mouthful of blood, the white True Qi aura around him vividly fluctuation before becoming dim, almost to the point of collapse.

Bai Yun Feng’s face became ferocious, his expression fill with hatred, "Little brat.  Today is your death!"

Who cared about his shit Mysterious Grade martial skill, in front of so many people, he had suffered such a huge loss, all he felt was murderous rage.  The only thing he wanted right now was for Yang Kai to die under his palm so he could resolve this monstrous anger.

"Brother Bai, please think twice!"  Dong Qing Han shouted, "Right now we're on someone else's site."

"I don't care!"  Bai Yun Feng grinned, completely ignoring Dong Qing Han as he tightly gripped his fist.  An unstable and murderous atmosphere suddenly swelled up and began to gather around him as Bai Yun Feng's True Qi madly surged into his hand, constantly pulsing as its momentum surged.

"Heaven Gathering Meteor!"  Dong Qing Han's face went white, he couldn't believe that Bai Yun Feng had even cultivated the Bai Family’s Mysterious Grade martial skill Heaven Gathering Meteor, this martial skill could not even be remotely compared to his previously displayed Heaven's Snare or Heaven Gathering Seal;it was absolutely ranked amongst the core secret skills of the Bai Family.

Just as he was about to yell out a warning to Yang Kai, he suddenly saw a flash of starlight emerge, accompanied by a restless and violent aura bursting forth.

His right hand was and trembling, as if the power he was channeling was on the verge of break free of his control while a blurry but dazzling illusion of the starry night sky appeared around him.

[Star Mark!]

Everyone who was looking at Yang Kai could feel the immense power of this martial skill.

They had heard that inside the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance Yang Kai had used a profound martial skill to wound a sixth-order Monstrous Beast, now seeing this scene, how could they not understand that this little kid was once again displaying it?

"Young Master, be careful!"  The Bai Family's two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters exclaimed.  Fearing that Bai Yun Feng might be at a disadvantage during this clash, they quickly rushed towards Yang Kai, trying to suppress this little brat in advance.

However, before they could take a single step, two big hands landed on their left and right shoulders respectively.

Instantly their bodies went stiff, two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from that moment on could not move, their True Qi refused to circulate and they felt as if a towering mountain was pressing down on their shoulders, even lifting a finger was currently impossible.

Their faces went pale, cold sweat dripped from their foreheads, so terrified that their souls nearly left their bodies and their strong hearts suddenly stopped or a second

Although these two's cultivations were only around the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth or Fifth Stage, they could still be considered masters within their generation, but now both of them had quietly been restrained, it was obvious just how unfathomable the strength of this master was!

In this tiny High Heaven Pavilion, how could there be such a horrible figure?

"These two juniors are having a contest, so we old guys should just watch from the side, why intervene?"  A light sounding voice entered their ears.

After they heard this voice, the two found themselves again able to move and rapidly turned around to see an old man leisurely standing there, his face relaxed, smiling as he looked at them.

This person…they knew him!  He was the old man from High Heaven Pavilion's Contribution Hall.

Although they had been inside High Heaven Pavilion for some time and were aware that this treasurer was somewhat unusual, they had never guessed that his cultivation had reached such a terrifying realm!

"What are your two's opinions?" Meng Wu Ya asked with a big smile plastered on his face.

"What you've said…is very reasonable!"  How could the Bai Family’s two experts dare refute him?  The other side was simply an old monster, a snap of his fingers could end their lives, refuting meant death!

This unbelievable scene played out right before the eyes of the Immortal Ascension experts from the Dong Family and Purple Fern Valley.  These four also did had no idea how Meng Wu Ya had done this, or even when he had appeared beside the Bai Family's masters, everything happened in the blink of an eye.

For the Dong Family masters, although they were both shocked, but they managed to remain calm, they knew their own young master and Yang Kai were cousins so naturally, they were unafraid.

As for the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Purple Fern Valley, both of them vigilantly looked towards Meng Wu Ya, desperately trying to recall the faces of all the famous masters they knew, but Meng Wu Ya didn't seem to be among them.

"Haha, good good, this fight is still somewhat worth watching!"  When the two from Purple Fern Valley were still pondering their suspicions, another strange voice rang out beside them.

Their expressions rapidly changed, both turning their faces to the side, surprised find that another old man had at some point appeared.

This old man had a scholarly temperament, his beard pure white, wearing a very simple robe, quietly standing next to them.

Another master!

He was simply standing there, stroking his beard, a friendly smile upon his face, watching these two junior disciples furiously converge their Qi, but the Purple Fern Valley's two experts were still aware of this old man had locked his perception onto them.

Once they showed the slightest aggression, both of them would be ruthlessly cut down!

In this little High Hall Pavilion, why were there so many terrifying old monsters?  With just these two masters, it could be said that High Heaven Pavilion's strength was in no way inferior to a general first-class forces.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Purple Fern Valley and the Bai Family all looked at each other with faces filled with shock and frustration.  If no one was watching they would have cried tears of frustration and sadness.

*Shua Shua Shua*

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