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Martial Peak - Chapter 2


Chapter 2 – Breaking through the wall and not looking back

In the school there was one rule: All Sky Tower disciples were allowed to be challenged once every five days. Though they could at most be three levels higher, or they were allowed to decline. The winner would gain contribution points, while the loser will lose them.

Contribution Points were also known as Main Gate Contribution Points!

In Sky Tower, contribution points are equivalent to money. If you had enough contribution points, you could exchange them for anything you wanted;cheats, weapons from the Main Gate Logistics Department. Points can also be exchanged for gold and silver, but generally speaking these contributions were hard-won, and the disciples were generally reluctant to exchange it for that.

There were also many different ways to obtain these points. You can exchange them through the treasure hunt, completing tasks, etc.

The most common way to earn contribution points was to challenge others! The duels were to test their strength against other disciples, and if they won they earned contribution points.

So early in the morning and many people crowded around Kai Yang, it was like staring a ripe persimmon about to fall. Kai Yang’s name, in the school could be considered famous. I was not only because he carried the identity of a trial disciple, but also because every time someone challenged him, he lost.

Kai Yang naturally knew what the commotion was about;today is the fifth day from the last challenge. They who didn’t challenge him previously, could do so now. Who wasn’t looking forward to it? It was basically free contribution points, although the points gained were not large, it was still enticing, thus many people still came.

Positioned, Kai Yang shouted out two words, “Please instruct!”

That being said, anyone knew that Kai Yang was in for another beating!

Kai Yang was always the first to attack. Even with his thin body he would always put out an amazing fight, taking the step to Zhou Ding Jun, he then punched to the chest following through with a simple and direct attack, then a tiger-like fist. With his strong attacks, it felt like all of his energy were in his attacks.

In the school, all disciples had to learn the Shaolin Fist. This fist was well-known, a basic move to keep disciples in shape and start them off.

Zhou Ding Jun didn’t panic, because he was stronger than his opponent by two levels. Sadly, this battle didn’t hold any suspense because Kai Yang’s fist was seen coming and easily dodged by that burly body.

As it grazed past his clothes, Zhou Ding was left unharmed. Punching again, Kai Yang was easily countered and hit in his solar plexus.

Suppressing the pain, Kai Yang quickly retreated and avoided Zhou Ding’s third strike.

“Eh?” This surprised Zhou Ding, he hadn’t thought that this third stage brother, would react fast enough., disrupting his future plans.

But this small error didn’t affect the overall situation. Thinking quickly, Zhou Ding took to the occasion to catch Kai Yang unaware.

Unexpectedly, Kai Yang suddenly kicked his right foot forward. Seeing the shadow rapidly approaching, Zhou Ding saw his formidable spirit, whilst it executing a Shaolin fist.

Crap! His heart jumped. Although he had higher cultivation, he was still inferior to Kai Yang’s battle experience.

But what would it matter? Even if he couldn’t dodge, he would take it head on.

Two light chuckles were heard, before Kai Yang fell backwards, while Zhou Ding was left standing. If his opponent was at the same cultivation as him, the he would have been the one to fall down.

Others couldn’t see the exchanges, but they clearly felt it. This disciple was too fast;in other words he first hit Zhou Ding before being hit himself.

But, it was only his fist that was powerful, with the rest of his body and health being all too frail;skinny arms, legs and body. Malnutrition was very obvious, resulting in this ending.

“Senior, you let me win!” This battle left quite a bitter result in Zhou Ding Jun’s heart. Although he won, he didn’t feel as if he had won.

To the side, many whispers could be heard: “This person thought he won?”

“Ha ha. Doesn’t that mean he didn’t know of Kai Yang’s reputation and challenged him? ”

“This is really too hilarious.”

Zhou Ding furrowed his brow, because he really didn’t know of Kai Yang’s reputation. He had heard people talking about him so today when he saw many people crowding around, he had decided to participate too and was super lucky to be chosen.

Could you not win? His own fist made him go flying, making him at a supreme disadvantage. According to the school rules, he had already lost.

“Again!” After this thought, Kai Yang stood up again and without the slightest hesitation. This time, with even more spirit.

Without waiting for answer, Kai Yang charged over. Three feet away, he swept his foot towards Zhou Ding’s legs in an attempt to topple him.

A leg whip! The school had disciples cultivate various martial arts. Yet Kai Yang’s application of them far surpassed his peers, even though he knew less techniques.

So you could use a leg whip here.

Without notice, Kai Yang went flying away again.

With two realms apart, including the gap between physical fitness, Kai Yang was once again defeated. His attack to Zhou Ding’s leg had clearly wounded his own bones, causing him falter slightly.

“Again!” He said while clenching his teeth and eyes full of determination.

“Peng…….” Kai Yang flew away again.


“Peng…….” Kai Yang flew away again.

Those who couldn’t watch any longer had left, while the ones who stayed marvelled at the scene: “This guy Kai Yang, has real tenacity. No matter how many times he’s beaten down, he just gets back up. He won’t let it go!”

Hearing these words, Zhou Ding felt real bitter. He hadn’t imagined that his opponent was such a crazy person.

In the end, Kai Yang was sent flying another seven or eight times. Although his face was swollen, eyes were black, he was staggering around and breathing quite heavily, he still continued to persist and continue fighting.

Finally Zhou Ding exclaimed: “Are you crazy? Throw down the towel or you’ll die!”


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