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Martial Peak - Chapter 193


was only a trivial matter. For these famous great Sects, how could they keep track of the countless cultivators they rejected each year, he was just one of them.

But three decades later, there was a huge uproar in the Endless Sea Islands. The Supreme Solitary Sect's Sect Master Seal was lost. Somehow, a thief had managed to sneak into the Sect's inner sanctum and had stolen it.

Shortly after, the news came from other Endless Sea Island Great Sects, each claiming a treasure had been taken;some of these things were very valuable while some were merely symbolic, but each of these things was their respective Sect's Hallowed Treasure. All the great Sects were panicked, constantly on edge, fearing that this godly thief was eyeing their own Hallowed Treasure. However, no matter how prepared they were, none of them could avoid the fate of being robbed.


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