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Martial Peak - Chapter 110


Chapter 110 - A young girl's heart

Translator - Erza

Editor - Ben

The sword which had penetrated his chest caused a life threatening wound.

Yuan Lang could feel his heart constricting and the blood madly gushing out. Feeling his life draining away, he hurriedly turned his head around to look at Kai Yang behind him.

’’Animal!’’ Yuan Lang shouted out, his expression highly grotesque, as he was so unwilling to meet his end here.

Kai Yang stayed silent and only moved to pull out the sword;bringing with it a warm stream of red blood, only to re-pierce his body.

After taking four direct blows, Yuan Lang couldn't endure any longer and directly fell onto the ground.

With his vision gradually fading away, Yuan Lang let out a bitter smile on death's door.

Fate is really is unfavourable and luck toys with you, ah! Originally he had thought that by standing at the entrance and blocking the female's path, he would be able to assert dominance over her. Contrary to that however, he was the one who was trapped in the end.

If it wasn't for the the location's special topography, how would he fall this easily?

Even if he couldn't beat them in a 1 vs. 2 fight, he would still be able to run right? But now, everything had been in vain.

Hunters, will eventually become the prey one day........

’’You're okay right?’’ Kai Yang looked at Xia Ning Chang.

In reality, before Yuan Lang had even discovered this little senior sister of his, Kai Yang had already been in the vicinity. He had just waited until Yuan Lang entered the cave to battle with Xia Ning Chang, thus exhausting himself, before mounting that ambush of his.

Although this method was somewhat despicable and Xia Ning Chang had been completely unaware of the situation. But in the end, it was the most energy efficient method.

’’I'm fine, you.......’’ Before Xia Ning Chang could finish her sentence, she saw the large gash on the side of his stomach and the bloody wound on his shoulder.

At this moment, the blood covered Kai Yang's expression was one of calmness and concern. He gave off a steady and reliable air that was exclusive to men. Completely different from his usual ’’too weak to even stand against the wind’’ look.

His ** body blocked the entrance of the cave, but his body was unwavering and appeared as sturdy as a mountain. Blocking all wind and tribulations, turning this isolated mountain cave into a peaceful, warm and safe harbor.

Walking a few steps forwards, her small hands shook as she reached out towards the stomach wound, yet she didn't dare to touch it. Xia Ning Chang was afraid that the slighted touch would be painful, which lead to her eyes turning red.

In these short four hours, what type of harsh battles did he have to endure in order gain such horrendous wounds? How much did he have to bleed in order for this much blood to cover him?

In this isolated cave, after confronting the ten or so beast like people, Xia Ning Chang and Kai Yang felt that they were mutually dependant on each other for their survival. So when she saw his miserable condition, how could her heart not be in pain?

There was no female that didn't have the dream of the hero saving the damsel.

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