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Martial Peak - Chapter 108


Chapter 108 - Xia Ning Chang hindered

Translator - Sequin

Editor - Ben

The Nine Yin Dew Crystals drifted from place to place, without any specific route. This mountain valley was also quite large, so if one's luck was good, then they would be able to meet up with it. So if they do, then they might as well obtain it and draw things to a close.

But no matter how much Kai Yang asked how to do so, whether it was Xia Ning Chang or old man Meng, both of them refused to answer. They both said that things will be revealed in due time;this had caused him to be quite suspicious.

It's about time everything was made clear.

The place in which Xia Ning Chang was hiding, Kai Yang still remembered quite clearly. While he was sprinting over, he paid close attention to all of his surroundings while focusing on his Origin of Yang to see if he could meet up with Yuan Lang.

But throughout the entire journey, the Origin of Yang had no reaction whatsoever;who knows where Yuan Lang had run off to. This left Kai Yang at a loss, but in the end, his area of search was only the area within two hundred feet of himself. If Yuan Lang was out of this range, then naturally he wouldn't be able to feel a thing.

When he smelled a sweet fragrance and was about to arrive at the area where Xia Ning Chang was hiding, the Origin of Yang started to react.

Kai Yang was both startled and happy.

Startled over the fact the Yuan Lang was very, very close to Xia Ning Chang's position and happy because he had finally found that final Blood Group disciple.

Could it be that he had already discovered Xia Ning Chang's location? Thinking of this, Kai Yang hastened his pace and sprinted with all his might over, while focusing his attention carefully looking for any movements in the area ahead.

The next instant, Kai Yang let out a breath of relief because the area was very quiet and lacked movement. Yuan Lang most definitely hadn't found Xia Ning Chang's hideout. Otherwise he would have long since started to commence his attacks.

He wasn't too concerned over Xia Ning Chang's safety, due to the fact that she could still activate that heaven grade defensive artifact of hers. But the position of the cave was too awkward. It only had one entrance and exit. So if Yuan Lang blocked that entryway and signalled for Long Hui and that master to come over, then things would get very bad indeed.

With this thought, Kai Yang became more alert and cautious.

Xia Ning Chang was currently very worried. Right after Kai Yang left, she started to recover her World Qi. After taking one of Wen Fei Chen's blows, then activating that heaven grade defensive artifact and then activating the Nine Cloud Eight Locks, the amount of World Qi she had exhausted was far greater than any other person there.

During the time she was recovering, she used up all the pills she had brought with her yet only recovered a small portion of her strength;about equal to the World Qi of someone at the initial element seventh-eighth stages.

Just then, she sensed movement outside of the cave, she was very startled;she didn't dare to move a single muscle as she hid in the cave. Squinting her big and bright pair of eyes, she peered outside to see who dared to come here.

She hoped that it was Kai Yang. But if it was Kai Yang, then he would have no reason not to come inside directly.

That person wandered outside for quite a while, clearly demonstrating that it was not the person she was hoping it to be.

It was an enemy! She just didn't know what cultivation level they had reached!

That person stayed outside and searched for about the time it took to burn a stick of incense. They searched each nook and cranny very seriously, but were without any result. Hearing their footsteps receding, Xia Ning Chang couldn't help but release a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately at that moment, at the front of the cave a slight shuffling of bushes could be heard. And Xia Ning Chang's heart which had just calmed down started to beat quickly again.

Then the next instant, a small black shadow ran out from the shrubs towards Xia Ning Chang.

She was so scared that she nearly screamed. Looking closely, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

That little creature was a squirrel that lived in the valley. It was probably frozen by the Yin Qi, so it had come to find a cave in which to hide from the cold.

Xia Ning Chang cautiously stretched out her hand towards the creature. But that squirrel was very alert and upon discovering that someone else had occupied the cave it immediately ran back out.

A large hand suddenly appeared in the air and caught the squirrel. Squeezing hard, it burst into blood and guts.

(TL: o.O What did the poor squirrel ever do to you?!?!?!?! YOU VILLAIN!)

’’He he he he!’’ A series of laughs rang out in the silence as Yuan Lang's silhouette blocked the only entrance of the cave. A look of delight could be seen on his face while he looked at the sitting Xia Ning Chang. He said: ’’So you were hiding here!’’

Xia Ning Chang gave him a very frosty glare, her clear eyes displaying her fury. Women contained a natural love towards small animals, especially towards very cute looking animals. Although that squirrel had revealed her position, Yuan Lang's method of killing it had truly enraged her.

’’You really made me look hard for you!’’ Standing at the entrance, Yuan Lang sized up Xia Ning Chang, ’’To lose at the sunset, but gain at the sunrise. Even if I didn't find Kai Yang, finding you is equally good!’’

Hearing that, her heart let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that her junior brother was still safe and sound.

’’If you dare come closer, I will make you die a miserable death!’’ Xia Ning Chang frostily threatened. But due to her pure and innocent character, that threat came out a bit weak. If it were any other person, that threat would contain at least a little bit of power. As for Yuan Lang, he could hear the lack of confidence in her words and mockingly smirked: ’’You still have energy to battle? Taking one of Wen Fei Chen's hits and not fainting is considered quite good. I guess this could be considered your final struggle before death's door.’’

Although Yuan Lang's true strength had been sealed away, Xia Ning Chang wasn't in much better shape. Yuan Lang wasn't the least bit scared of her, because they were both practitioners at the separation and reunion boundary. It was just one's level was higher while the other one's was lower.

Furthermore, the only entrance had been blocked by Yuan Lang. So his position was extremely advantageous;he held all the power.

’’Be an obedient child and listen to what I say. If you do, I promise to not treat you badly, but if you don't, then don't blame me for being heartless.’’ Yuan Lang viciously threatened her.

Xia Ning Chang remained silent as she started to prepare her World Qi. Waiting for the chance when he started to come closer to give him a fierce strike. Of course, Yuan Lang could see what she wanted to do. So he just stood at the entrance, making her bitterly complain.

’’I know that you possess a heaven grade defensive artifact, so I can not do anything to you. But what if I were to call the others over? Would you still have any hope of escaping?’’ Yuan Lang wasn't impatient, fully in the mood for a bit of cat and mouse. Using his eloquent words to break Xia Ning Chang down.

’’What do you want to do?’’ Xia NIng Chang asked coldly.

’’What do I want to do? He he, I think I should be asking you this question. I just want you to obediently satisfy a few of my requests, if you don't, then I'll call the others over!’’ Aware that his chance had come, Yuan Lang revealed his fox tail.

’’What requests?’’ Xia Ning Chang had also decided to play along with his game. The more time she bought, the more time she had to recover her World Qi.

’’One, I want you to seal away your World Qi and obediently allow yourself to be captured. Two, hand over your defensive artifact! Three, ......’’ Yuan Lang let out an excessive smile, ’’I want you to take off your veil and show me your true features. Relax, if you are a true beauty, I won't do anything to you. I will let you go and definitely not make things hard for you!’’

Those words, even a little child wouldn't believe them. If Xia Ning Chang really sealed away her cultivation, the wouldn't she be at the mercy of Yuan Lang. In the situation where there was only a unmarried young male and female, which man could resist the temptations of a beautiful woman?

Even if Xia Ning Chang was innocent, she wasn't that easily tricked. Immediately she rebuked him: ’’In your dreams!’’

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