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Martial God Space - Chapter 613


Chapter 613: Mission Exposed

"Sister Gao, I haven't seen you for the last few months . Your martial power has advanced very significantly . Congratulations!"Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance, and said . Gao Ling Xiu was still in the Sage Accomplished realm . It appeared that her realm hadn't changed . However, how could her recent progress be concealed from Ye Xiwen?

"Brother Ye hasn't come across a small change either . Congratulations to you as well!"Gao Ling Xiu replied with a smile . She could also see that Ye Xiwen had become even more powerful .

The experts who stood behind Gao Ling Xiu also looked at Ye Xiwen somewhat incredulously . After all, they hadn't expected that they would see him alive . Ye Xiwen had refused to join their group back then . And, many people had thought that he was overestimating his capabilities . In fact, they believed that he was courting death .

However, they saw that Ye Xiwen was alive and well . Moreover, he had clearly become more powerful . This obviously made them a bit depressed . [So, he has a hidden trump after all . . . It's no wonder that he's so haughty . ]

"Sister Gao, I feel reassured in my heart since you've arrived!"Bi Jing Wei smiled and said .

Ye Xiwen was a bit surprised . [Bi Jing Wei has said these words as a courtesy . However, it is clear that he thinks highly of Gao Ling Xiu . In fact, it seems that he considers Gao Ling Xiu as his equal . He clearly isn't treating her like an ordinary sage expert…]

Ye Xiwen also looked at Gao Ling Xiu's rank on the merit list after he thought this… She had stormed into the Top 20 positions;she had obtained the 18th rank . She hadn't made it to the Top 10 . However, everyone apart from her in the Top 100 ranking on the merit list was a peak expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm . It was clearly visible from this that she had tyrannical strength .

As for a nonentity like Ye Xiwen who was ranked among thousands… there was nothing to say .

"Brother Ye, who is this?"Gao Ling Xiu looked at Ling Fei;Ling Fei was beside Ye Xiwen . [We want to launch an ambush on Shou Kun this time . So, we must execute this matter secretly . After all, the consequences would be too dire if Shou Kun got even a sniff of it . He might bring a group of Ten Thousand Beasts Villa's people, and launch a surprise attack on us instead . There isn't any problem with people who are with Bi Jing Wei . Ye Xiwen is also trustworthy . Otherwise, Bi Jing Wei wouldn't have called him . However, who is this person beside him? She doesn't look to be from the True Martial University . ]

"This is…"Ye Xiwen had a headache as to how to introduce Ling Fei . He knew Gao Ling Xiu's intention behind asking about Ling Fei… This operation was very confidential . So, not everyone could participate in it… However, Ye Xiwen had been invited . So, this proved that he was a reliable man in their opinion .

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had agreed without any hesitation when he had received the invitation . This was also a kind of affirmation that he wouldn't keep himself away from joining the core army of the True Martial University forever .

He already had a very bad relation with the Law Enforcement Hall . So, it was impossible for him to stay away from joining the main army of the university eternally . He would eventually integrate into them… just like he had fully integrated into the Hidden Star Peak now .

"I'm his… friend!"Ling Fei didn't give Ye Xiwen much time to think… She stepped forward on her own accord, and replied… Ye Xiwen could clearly see a smiling expression in Ling Fei's eyes . It was a rather complacent look . "My name is Ling Fei . I'm very powerful!"

Ling Fei waved her small fist to show a sense of strength as she spoke . It seemed as if she wanted to show off her power .

However, it was clear that the result wasn't good . Other people didn't believe that Ling Fei was truly a powerful expert by looking at her . She had entered the devil world . So, she obviously wasn't a weakling . However, she didn't look capable enough in front of these elites .

Therefore, they didn't pay too much attention to her . She was Ye Xiwen's friend… So, there would surely be no problem . After all, they believed that Ye Xiwen wouldn't be this irresponsible with respect to this matter . He obviously wouldn't have brought along just anyone in confusion . He would have considered everything .

Ling Fei became anxious when she saw that nobody believed her . "I'm truly very powerful . Very, very powerful!"

"Okay, okay, everyone knows that you're very powerful!"

Ling Fei was planning to reveal her true strength to prove that her words weren't empty . But, Ye Xiwen couldn't stand by idly and watch… He promptly pulled her towards himself, and cracked a joke . [There would be no pressure on on these people who are here on the mission if I let this little devil reveal her powers . ]

"According to the news that I've obtained… Shou Kun will pass from here after a few days . We can attack and kill him at that time . I've also invited a member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction for this task!"Bi Jing Wei shot a glance at Ye Xiwen as he said . He felt a bit embarrassed . After all, everyone knew about the conflict between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall . Therefore, it was quite difficult to say that whether they would attack Ye Xiwen or not if they appeared .

However, it also wasn't that easy to launch a surprise attack on Shou Kun . An ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm couldn't match his fighting prowess . So, the Heavenly Punishment Faction's fighting prowess would have a very important role in this mission .

However, Bi Jing Wei had already invited Ye Xiwen before . Therefore, this had formed a huge contradiction .

"Brother Ye can leave if he feels inconvenienced!"Bi Jing Wei said . Bi Jing Wei would lose a little strength if Ye Xiwen left . However, he would lose a backbone if he lost the Heavenly Punishment Faction . He had calculated this thing . However, he believed that nothing was more important than the university . So, he wouldn't hesitate even if Ye Xiwen got offended as a result .

"I don't mind!"Ye Xiwen replied . He was very wary of the Heavenly Punishment Faction . However, they wouldn't be able to kill him even if they attacked . So, there was nothing to fear .

Bi Jing Wei let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Ye Xiwen wasn't bothered about it . He said, "Brother Ye is very broadminded . I want to thank you on behalf of all the disciples of the university!"

Ye Xiwen promptly replied, "It's nothing . Brother Bi needn't do so!"

Bi Jing Wei could lay down his own dignity for the university . So, what could Ye Xiwen complain about? Ye Xiwen could only put aside any grudges that he might have because of Bi Jing Wei's decision .

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen suddenly became scared… Bursts of evil wind blew down from the sky! A giant claw of a beast fell from the sky to grab everyone .

"Oh no! Everyone pay attention… There's a danger!"Bi Jing Wei roared . Everyone else also saw that a giant claw was coming down towards them .

Bi Jing Wei had the highest martial power among the people here… people here… apart from Ling Fei . divine beams immediately emitted from his hands, and curled everyone in . Then, he suddenly retreated a dozen miles along with everyone under his protection, and evaded the surprise attack of that giant claw .

"Rumble!"The giant claw smashed down on the ground where everyone had been standing a moment ago… A huge hole was formed, and the space exploded . The might of this claw made everyone terrified . It was hard to imagine .

"This is White Phoenix Demon Claw!"Bi Jing Wei's complexion became exceptionally ugly . "Shou Kun, come out for me!"

His mood immediately sank to the bottom . White Phoenix Demon Claw was the martial technique of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa . There were certain records of this technique in the True Martial University . As per the rumors… A senior of the Ten Thousand Beasts Hall had created this technique back in time . He had comprehended this claw technique after he had accidentally gotten involved in a fight with a white phoenix . It was one of the secret techniques of the True Martial University . It wasn't passed on to outsiders . It was a very confidential technique .

There weren't many people in the present generation of the Ten Thousand Beast Villa who had obtained the inheritance of the White Phoenix Demon Claw . In fact, there no one besides Shou Kun who could have the skill to inherit it .

Bi Jing Wei had made thousands of plans in order to keep this mission a secret . However, it had gotten leaked in the end . In fact, it hadn't just leaked out… Shou Kun had launched a surprise attack in advance;and that too at a time when that member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction hadn't arrived . . .

Bi Jing Wei was obviously contemptuous towards Shou Kun's character . However, he had never denied his strength . He couldn't dare to say that he would win easily even if he and Gao Ling Xiu attacked him at the same time .

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's very funny . Bi Jing Wei, I hadn't expected that you would dare to scheme against me!"A huge figure appeared in the sky;it was a hill-sized ferocious tiger . Its entire body was as white as snow, and a pair of wings were protruding out of its ribs . It was floating in the sky . Its four claws vigorously grabbed the sky of the Devil World, and ripped a huge crack in it . The crack wouldn't restore for a very long time . The scene was exceptionally dreadful!

A tall man was standing on the forehead of this giant spirit tiger;he looked to be in his thirties . He was dressed in flashy clothes . His square His square face was filled with a disdainful expression .

"Humph! You've dared to attack the disciples of our university?! You should've known that this day would come!"Bi Jing Wei snorted and replied .

"Someone like you thinks that he can kill me? Do you know who you're talking to?"That tall man was Shou Kun . He opened his round eyes wide . He looked a bit sinister . "I've heard that you are loyal and devoted to the True Martial University . But, you've dared to think of killing me this time?! You were a nonentity in the previous Devil World Competitions . You were just like an ant in front of me . But, you've dared to do this now?! It seems that you've grown audacious!"

Bi Jing Wei was ranked ninth on the merit list . However, Shou Kun didn't pay attention to him . Instead, he had treated him like an insignificant nonentity .

However, Bi Jing Wei had indeed been a nonentity when Shou Kun had become famous in the True Martial World . Only people like Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie could be compared to him . He didn't pay attention to other people . What was Bi Jing Wei?

"You're too negligent . You've dared to come alone . You're just an expert of half-step Great Sage realm even though you've cultivated for many more years than me . Had you thought that you'd come here and just walk away?"Bi Jing Wei calmly said . Everything had already been seen through . Their target had knocked on their door with the intention of looking for a fight . So, they might as well give it to him . There wasn't enough time to set up matrix formations, and there was very little assurance of their operation's success . However, it didn't mean that there was no chance at all .

"Humph . Who do you think you are? You're just an insignificant youth, and you dare to act presumptuously in front of me . I can eliminate you in one stroke!"Shou Kun snorted . He simply disregarded him . He didn't even pay attention to this group of people . They were in the same realm of the late stage of half-step Great Sage as he was . However, there was a difference of heaven and earth between their strength and his .

"Brother Shou can surely clean up these small fries alone . However, it would be better if we act quickly . I've heard that a member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction is also coming . He might arrive before we're done if we don't act quickly!"suddenly, another brash-sounding voice came from the sky .

(To be continued)


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