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Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 81


So Du Shaofu thought of this gamble plan when he passed by the Treasure Descend Firm, and went in after putting on some simple disguise in case someone might notice him placing bets. If this matter was leaked out, it may cause some unnecessary fuss.

At first, Du Shaofu wanted to bet on himself before noticing that he had become a hot bet, making the winning odds very low;even if he put everything on himself, and he won the championship, in the end, he would just receive winnings that are three times higher.

Three times higher meant winnings a little more than ninety thousand xuanbi, minus his capital it was only sixty thousand or so.

The less popular ones had a much higher odds, some reaching over a hundred times.

Seeing this, an idea flashed across Du Shaofu's mind;he gritted his teeth and pushed all thirty-three thousand xuanbi onto Bai Mei of the Bai Family.

Bai Mei, an eighth layer Houtian;entering the top ten had a payout odds of thirty/one. Entering the top five, and the payout odd jumped up to one hundred and twenty, and IF Bai Mei managed to be one of the last four participants, it was a payout odds of one hundred and sixty times!

This made Du Shaofu extremely tempted to take the risk. Thus, the scene that made the five families, as well as the crowd, to scratched their heads in confusion took place.

Du Shaofu isn't a fool;he made the Demonic Scale Tiger wait for him outside while he collects the winnings, involving such a large amount of money, he wouldn't trust the Treasure Descend Firm too much.

The moment he entered the Treasure Descend Firm, Du Shaofu had already detected that something wasn't right. If not for his hidden card, why would he follow them into the inner yard?

’’Bang! Bang! Bang!’’

Within a short time after the loud rumbles came from the Treasure Descend Firm, there were noises of people rushing over.

Looking at the man in his hand, Du Shaofu's eyebrows moved, and then a faint smile appeared on his face, lightly saying ’’You attracted trouble, big trouble.’’

’’Sou, sou.’’

Just as Du Shaofu ended his sentence, many silhouettes had rushed into the courtyard, each distributing a strong aura.

Silhouettes spread out and the entire Treasure Descend Firm was surrounded tightly.

Amongst them was the Ye Family's Ye Baolin, An Family's An Qingsong, Bai Family's Bai Jiru, Du Clan's Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong, and experts from all five families. Without a doubt, the Five Families Patriarchs were attracted by the terrifying tiger roars.

’’What is it, what happened just now?’’

Seeing the miserable ruined buildings, all the newly arrived masters had a puzzled expression on their faces.

’’Du Shaofu.’’

As they surveyed the messy scene, Du Shaofu's figure was right in the middle. Instantly, everyone's expression tightened, especially the An Family's An Qingsong, his face was especially ugly facing the ruined courtyards.

’’Shaofu, why are you here, are you hurt?’’ Du Zhixiong immediately came to Du Shaofu's side when he saw that his nephew was on the scene.

’’Second Uncle, I'm alright.’’

A smile emerged on Du Shaofu's face looking at Du Zhixiong and summarized the troubles his bet note had brought.

As for the Demonic Scale Tiger's appearance, Du Shaofu claimed that he didn't know anything about it;that Demonic Scale Tiger appeared suddenly, and after killing that Third Steward it went away just as sudden.

After he listened to Du Shaofu's explanation, Du Zhixiong could no longer hold it in, his temper exploded, ’’Bastard, dare to deny the bet note from my Du Clan, even dared to make a move on the people from our Du Clan! People, tie up every one from the Treasure Descend Firm and search every corner!’’

The people from the Du Clan who had been holding back their anger rushed out and executed Du Zhixiong's orders;kicking and punching the remnants of the Treasure Descend Firm and tying them up.

Those miserable people dared not fight back. In Stone City, who had the guts to go against the Five Families...

If they retaliated at this moment, the Du Clan would seize the chance and kill them off.

The rest of the Five Families each had a different expression. Listening to Du Shaofu's explanation, they finally understood why Du Shaofu protected Bai Mei during yesterday's competition.

This Du Shaofu wanted to calculate the Treasure Descend Firm from the very beginning, just one bet note was enough to make it close its doors permanently.

Five hundred and twenty thousand xuanbi ah, no matter which of the Five Families, this was a great sum.

’’Du Shaofu this kid is too black-bellied and ruthless!’’

Experts from the Five Families sighed inside their hearts;furtive gazes fell on the seemingly straight-backed, kind and amiable harmless looking young man, but in reality, this was a ruthless, black-bellied, and extremely cunning freak.

’’An Qingsong, you must give me an explanation. Otherwise, our Du Clan will not forgive this matter!’’

Du Zhenwu suddenly glared at An Qingsong, the expression on his face showed that he was not the least bit joking.

’’Du Zhenwu, what do you mean? This matter had nothing to do with me!’’ An Qingsong said with a sullen voice.

Du Zhenwu brushed his sleeves and pointed at An Qingsong, ’’Don't act in front of me! Since you want to deal with my nephew, then, don't blame me for the consequences. The force behind this Treasure Descend Firm was the Spirit Hunting Group, and it is related to your An Family!’’

The other Patriarchs' gaze also fell on An Qingsong. All of them knew there were vassal forces under the Five Families, and the Spirit Hunting Group and Treasure Descend Firm is one entity.

The Spirit Hunting Group was a vassal force under the An Family, this was no secret among the Five Families.

’’Spirit Hunting Group has no relation whatsoever with my An Family, this matter here also had no relation with my An Family.’’

An Qingsong gnashed his teeth and declared;at this moment, he so dearly wished he could tear apart this Treasure Descend Firm! These idiots actually made their move on Du Shaofu in broad daylight, wasn't this courting death! Not to mention that even his An Family dared not to do so while the sun is still shining.

If he admitted that there was a connection between his An Family and the Spirit Hunting Group, it will indirectly link the Treasure Descend Firm's plan to kill Du Shaofu to his An Family.

Before the public's' eyes, whether it was for face or retaliation, the Du Clan absolutely would not give up.

It was not because An Qingsong was afraid of the Du Clan, but now was not the right moment to start a war. Moreover, if he admitted, then, Du Clan stood on reason and justice, turning his An Family in a passive stance.

So, no matter what, An Qingsong is aware that he could not, and must not admit anything in this situation, he could only forsake the Treasure Descend Firm and the Spirit Hunting Group.

An Qingsong didn't know that the Treasure Descend Firm felt wronged and depressed at the moment. Before the Five Families arrived, they also did not know that the purple-robed young man was Du Shaofu. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared to touch Du Shaofu even if they're guts was ten times bigger.

’’An Qingsong, it is fine if it has no connection to your An Family, but if there was, then don't blame me for being merciless. Your An Family's younger generation, if I see one, I will kill one!’’ Du Zhenwu glared fiercely at An Qingsong, this time, he was truly angered.

Du Zhixiong kicked one of the tied-up Treasure Descend Firm's people near his leg, but his anger was not vented. He said to the Du Clan members behind him, ’’Du Qi, go and inform the Du Clan's experts, and prepare to enter the Wild Beasts Mountains. Those who dared to touch my Du Clan;I want to annihilate the Spirit Hunting Group!’’

’’Second Master, I will go and arrange it immediately!’’ Du Qi nodded and sped away.

The expression of the experts that were present changed secretly;this Du Shaofu is the Du Clan's most talented junior, these Spirit Hunting Group wanted to kill Du Shaofu, had touched the Du Clan's bottom line. If the Du Clan did not retaliate in a big way, then that is not the Du Clan. At the same time, the Du Clan was also declaring their stance towards the other families.

At this time, all the Patriarchs, including Ye Baolin was confused. Had the people in the Treasure Descend Firm became stupid, wasn't it courting death to make a move on someone from the Du Clan?

’’Hmph! It has been a long time since my Du Clan has killed, and it has made a lot of people forgot about the Du Clan, thinking that my Du Clan is easy to bully!’’

Du Zhixiong kicked hard again and again at the chest of one of the Treasure Descend Firm's worker, rupturing the organs and breaking the chest bones, the man kept spurting blood from his mouth.

’’It's good that Du Shaofu is unharmed. People that have no eye should be dealt with!’’

Ye Baolin finally spoke, indirectly advocating the Du Clan's actions and stood on the Du Clan's side, supporting the annihilation of the Spirit Hunting Group.

Bai Family's Bai Jiru and Qin Family's Qin Zongqiong did not say anything. They both knew the connection that An Family had with the Spirit Hunting Group, and they are happy to just stand at the side and watch a good show.

Du Clan destroying the Spirit Hunting Group was tantamount to weakening An Family's strength, and strangely this time, the An Family could only swallow it down and endure in silence.

’’This time, a Demonic Scale Tiger actually appeared inside the Stone City without our knowledge and disappeared right before us;on top of that, it swallowed the Spirit Hunting Group's Third Steward, it showed that its cultivation level was not low.’’ Ye Baolin continued, he was more worried about the sudden appearance of a Demonic Scale Tiger inside Stone City.

’’This matter must be investigated clearly;could those evil beasts in Wild Beast Mountains decided to entrench Stone City.’’

All the experts present fell into contemplation;a high cultivation Demonic Scale Tiger appearing in Stone City was unusual, if this led to a large-scale invasion of demonic beasts into Stone City then this it is really a big problem.

After like what seemed like half a day, none of them could think of a reason.

In the end, they could only agree to increase the patrols to prevent a large scale of demonic beasts from approaching the City.

Du Shaofu was silent, after he had finished talking to his Second Uncle, he stood obediently behind Du Zhixiong. Of course he couldn't say that the Demonic Scale Tiger belonged to him, right?

From Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong, he knew of the recent troubles that is taking place in Stone City, and a big storm might hit it at any time. The Demonic Scale Tiger was his safety amulet, and it could be said, that it was also one of the biggest hidden cards of the Du Clan. Thus, Du Shaofu had no intention of exposing it.

A short while later, everyone dispersed from the Treasure Descend Firm. Since the firm owed Du Shaofu a monstrous amount of debt, the firm ended up being taken over by the Du Clan.

The Treasure Descend Firm was one of the big names after the five families business, the value of the property was not low.


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