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Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 78


Outside is Too Big

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’’Shaofu, Aunt made a mistake before, you have to forgive Aunt ah.’’

’’Shaofu, come, quickly sit. I have some healing dans here, it can heal injuries faster;quickly take it.....’’

In the Main Hall of the Du compound, the group of aunts that once made things difficult for Du Shaofu came beside Du Shaofu with faces red with embarrassment and were smiling awkwardly.

’’All of you are my elders, I have long forgotten what happened before.’’

As the saying goes, a raised hand does not hit on a smiling face;Du Shaofu knew these aunts weren't bad, just a little overprotective towards their children. Not much different to the way his Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle were protective over him. Therefore, Du Shaofu naturally did not place the incident in his heart, after all, he was not the one who suffered.

’’A group of little bastards, roll over here!’’

A loud bark vibrated in the huge hall as an elderly old man pulled Du Hao before Du Shaofu. Following behind Du Hao were Du Yan and the usual gang;and without a doubt, all of them were 'taken care' of by Du Shaofu.

’’Big Elder,’’

Seeing the elderly old man appear, everyone quickly rose to salute;Du Guangyao, Du Clan's Big Elder held a high position in the Du Clan, no lower than the Patriarch.

’’Big Elder,’’

Du Shaofu recognized the Big Elder, the impression he had of Big Elder was that he didn't speak much, and today in the city square, the Big Elder was present too.

’’Shaofu, I brought this group of little bastards over, so that they can apologize to you properly.’’

Big Elder looked at Du Shaofu, the old wrinkled face was gentle before he turned around and glared angrily at Du Hao and his gang. His temper lit up, barking ’’A group of little bastards, if not for Shaofu being tolerant to you guys, I don't know how many bones you have broken. This time if not for Shaofu, how could our Du Clan win the championship, should we have relied on the several of you who didn't even strive to improve yourselves! Which participant from the other families who are not stronger than you?

Du Hao, Du Yan, and the other little guys were scolded till their heads bowed down, not daring to utter a single sound.

’’Big Elder, they are still small children, forgive them this time.’’

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, and some of the Elders spoke. Moreover, Du Hao is Big Elder's grandson;it brings a whole different meaning when Big Elder was the one doing the scolding.

’’If we do not teach this group of little bastards a lesson, then their future will be ruined. How can they strengthen our Du Clan, bring glory to out Du Clan?’’

Big Elder did not give Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong that many face, twisting Du Hao's ears angrily, Big Elder pulled Du Hao by the ear till they come before Du Shaofu, ordering ’’Quickly apologize to Shaofu, in the future, ask your little cousin brother for guidance about your cultivation. Useless thing, maybe in the future you would have some the strength to help grow our Du Clan.’’

’’Little Cousin Brother Shaofu, we were wrong....’’

’’Hope Little Cousin Brother Shaofu doesn't mind it....’’

Du Hao, Du Gui, and Du Yan dared not resist, bowed their heads down and apologized.

’’I have already forgotten those things;everyone is siblings of Du Clan, no need to do this.’’

Du Shaofu wasn't someone vengeful;he nodded towards Du Hao and the others. After all, all of them were part of the Du Clan.

’’This is the right behavior;mind your manners in the future.’’

Big Elder let go of Du Hao's ear, a trace of smile appeared on the old wrinkled face as he said to Du Shaofu, ’’Shaofu, these cousin brothers of yours were not as good as you, so don't mind them. In the future, find some free time and guide them a little, otherwise, they will go out and lose our Du Clan's face.’’

’’Big Elder is not old and confused ah, his mind is way clearer than any of us.’’

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong praised in their hearts, feeling admiration and respect towards Big Edler. Big Elder seemed to favor Du Shaofu, wanting to please the little guy, but he did it for Du Hao, and of course, for the Du Clan.

’’Big Elder is too serious.’’

Du Shaofu nodded. He, of course, knew Big Elder's little abacus, even he can't deny having some admiration for Big Elder.

’’Good boy, Tingxuan really gave birth to a good son. This is the Du Clan's fortune.’’

Big Elder nodded happily, but a sharp light flashed across his eyes. He then left the Main Hall as everyone saluted.

The evening sun slowly sets, painting the sky in a fire red glow;setting lower and lower till the sky was covered in an ever stronger gray to darkness.

Du Shaofu returned to his courtyard, and it was one of those rare occasions that his drunkard Dad was at home. However, Du Tingxuan was in his favorite position, hugging his wine jug, in the same old wicker chair, watching the sunset.

’’Why not use the new wine jug I bought for you,’’ Du Shaofu came beside his drunkard Dad, and took a seat on the wicker chair next to him, accompanying his father to watch the sunset.

’’There is some affection after using it for so long, reluctant to throw.’’

Du Tingxuan's words weren't much;unplugging the cork from the wine jug, and gulped down a mouthful of wine.

Du Shaofu continued to look at the sunset. A short while later, he lightly said, ’’Today in the Five Families Juniors Competition, I won.’’

Du Tingxuan did not say anything, father and son sat in silence, and there was a feeling of warmth in that silence.

’’Have a drink.’’

After a brief moment of silence, Du Tingxuan passed the wine jug in his hand over to his son.

Du Shaofu took the wine jug and drank a sip out of it. A burning sensation rushed down his throat, and a burst of alcohol escaped his mouth making him burp. He returned the wine jug to his father.

’’Stone City is too small,’’ Du Tingxuan took the wine jug and continued to lean back in the wicker chair.

’’If there is a chance, I will go out and have a look.’’ Du Shaofu said.

’’Outside is too big.’’ Du Tingxuan continued to say.

Du Shaofu no longer spoke;the same with Du Tingxuan. The two people, father, and son sat like that, watching the sunset - for a very long time.

Till darkness covered the sky, Du Shaofu stood up and returned to his own room.

Night time, the streets of Stone City were bursting with liveliness.

’’I won't accept this, I can't accept this!’’

In the An Family's residence, An Long was gloomy and confused. He cannot accept today's result.

That Du Shaofu and Cao Qitai both were very strong, their talents were really terrifying. Especially that Du Shaofu, was too much of a freak.’’

An Qingsong was seated, his gloomy expression was comparable to An Long. But then, a cold sneer rose at the corner of his mouth and said to An Long, ’’Long'er, continue to heal your injuries. A short moment of victory doesn't mean one is a hero. We still have a chance, a big opportunity;a Lightning Pool is nothing great;the most important thing is getting its arcane bone and blood essence. As long as we could put our hands on those two things, that Du Shaofu and Cao Qitai is but our stepping stone. Not only them, at that time, even in the entire empire it is enough for you to stand at the top and rule one direction!’’

’’That's right, I still have a chance. Compared to that Predecessor's arcane bone and blood essence, what value does a Lightning Pool have. Let Du Shaofu test the waters, as long as I can get the blood essence and arcane bone I can rise once more;which of them can be compared to me then!’’ A cold smile crept up on An Long's face.

Night time, in a garden pavilion.

’’Didn't imagine that Du Shaofu was so strong, truly inconceivable.’’ Qin Zongqiong stood tall with his hands behind his back, his complexion showed his terrible mood.

’’Dad, what do we do now?’’ Qin Xiaolu was a little pale as if she was an anemic.

Qin Zongqiong pace in the pavilion for some time, and then said, ’’Wait. An Family, and the Bai Family were also waiting. We will also wait, wait for them to make their move, wait for the Ye Family to move, and also wait for Liuyun County to act. The Cao Family will not let this matter rest so easily....’’


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