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Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Universal Storage Pouch

’’An atyanta level Xiantian's strength is really not weak ah.’’

Du Shaofu watched as Skinny Tiger pounced at him like a mighty tiger descending the hills;a weird expression surfaced on his face. With no intention to avoid or dodge, his hands formed seals, and from his body dazzling pale golden light shined brightly, runes rotated in rapid speed and an overbearing aura erupted from his body like an angry volcano. His right hand slapped hard at Skinny Tiger who was lurched at him.

Hu la~ la~!

As his palm strike out, the aligned golden replicated a surreal shadow of a giant golden wing, mercilessly strike onto Skinny Tiger's body. Neither one avoided for this is a direct head-on collision sans any fancy tricks.

Bang! Bang!

In the collision, the surreal gigantic golden wing exuded a domineering atmosphere that holds unparalleled power just like lava bursting out from a volcano.

The force of the collision repelled Du Shaofu and he staggered back two steps before he managed to steady himself. A tiny smile appeared on his face, just as he had expected;after he swallowed the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and the torturous physical training his physique became much more powerful. On top of that, his strength also increased exponentially after he breaks through to mysterious layer Xiantian. Previously, just depending on his body and his own strength he managed almost draw with the Skinny Man. The Golden-winged Garuda's exercise law is truly domineering and terrifying.

Deng! Deng!

Skinny Tiger frowned deeply as his body stumbled several times, the force of his feet stamped on the ground were enough to crack it. When he finally regained his balance, he raised his head to look at Du Shaofu: ’’How could a mysterious layer Xiantian be so powerful!’’


Blood spurted from Skinny Tiger's mouth while he was talking, being aggravated thus worsened his injury, confusion written all over his face.

’’I did not mess with you and yet you continuously attempted to kill me, let's settle our debts clearly today!’’

Du Shaofu's feet stamped on the ground, this time he took the initiative to attack. He dashed forward with great velocity just like a Garuda flapping its wings, a hunting goshawk instantly arriving in front of Skinny Tiger. Xuanqi swirled between his palm, five fingers clenched into a fist, and a terrifying breath erupted from Du Shaofu. The fist punched out directly at Skinny Tiger.

Dread took over Skinny Tiger's face, from the exchange earlier, this young man before him gave him the impression of facing a dangerous wicked beast, powerful and tyrannical;an unknown species of Wicked Beast King. His soul trembled, and at this moment the young man's speed had already exceeded his imagination.

Unable to avoid or even dodge, Skinny Tiger's xuanqi rippled and the two fists collided.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A salvo of blast echoed in the air from the impact, one after another blast continued to echo, if one were to count, there's a total of thirteen blasts. A total of thirteen layers of raging wind, thirteen levels of multiplied force crashed onto Skinny Tiger's fist.

Ka cha!

The sound of breaking bone came from Skinny Tiger's hand, his face turned liver-red from the excruciating pain that his face seemed distorted. His entire fist was gone, non-existent;but the tyrannical energy entered his body as if it wanted to grind his internal organs into dust.

’’From now on, White Panther Hunting Group's name is removed from Wild Beast Mountains!’’

Du Shaofu once again appeared in front of Skinny Tiger quicker than lightning, golden lights flickered around him. His palmprint crashed like raging waves against Skinny Tiger's chest from the overwhelming energy that burst forth.

Skinny Tiger's pupils shrink;he realized the horror that is the young man before him at this very moment, more horrifying than the youngsters from those forces like the Blacknether Sect or Mystical Talisman House. If only he knew earlier, how would he dare to provoke this young man?


More blood flowed from the corner of Skinny Tiger's mouth. His ribs broke, shattered, and even his internal organs were crush into pieces from the massive impact. His body inverted out and when it fell to the ground, there are no longer any signs of life.

An atyanta layer Xiantian warrior was killed just like that, quick, overwhelming and straightforward. And that irresistible terrifying oppressive aura!

The nearby Guo Ming and Lin Boguang were stunned speechless from the beginning. Witnessed to the whole process with their own eyes, the degree of shock they experienced are greater than imagined.

However, when Lu Kun and the White Panther Hunting Group saw this, their expression became hideous. They never thought Skinny Tiger would end up dead being an atyanta layer Xiantian moreover he was actually killed by a young man. The shadow of faint smile appeared on Du Shaofu's face;clenches his fists, unexpectedly mysterious layer are so much stronger then he was an early Xiantian. The Blood-Infant Ganoderma increased his body's toughness to such an extent. Without his physical toughness, killing Skinny Tiger would be much more difficult. The tyrannical and overbearing atmosphere is due to the toughness of his physique, spurned everything under the sun.

’’Big Chief's dead, quick flee!’’

Beast hunters from the White Panther Hunting Group fled away in panic, not daring to linger a moment longer.


A tiger's roars that can shake the heavens resounded and Demonic Scale Tiger appeared roaring thunderously. Two beast hunters of early Xiantian cultivation who ran the fastest died under the claws of the huge tiger, shredded into pieces, blood soaked the ground;putting fear into human hearts.

’’Is that Demonic Scale Tiger.’’

Fear apparent in everyone's eyes, their bodies trembled. Its wings spread over sixty meters wide hovering in the air as if appraising the humans below;it's terrifying atmosphere affected Lin Boguang, Zhu Xue, Guo Ming and the rest of the disciples.

The Demonic Scales Tiger turned around went away after it killed two people from White Panther Hunting Group, it not attacking anyone else baffled everyone present.

’’Run ah.’’

The rest of White Panther Hunting Group who was shivering in their pants once again tried to escape when they saw the Demonic Scale Tiger went away.

Squatted down next to Skinny Tiger's corpse, Du Shaofu's hand searched around for valuables, and he finally found a palm-sized pouch from his bosom, covered in dense runes.

’’That is his Universal Storage Pouch. Everything he owns should be stored inside this storage pouch.’’ Zhu Xue walked up to Du Shaofu, her eyes contained traces of shock from earlier.

Du Shaofu smiled. He heard from somewhere only a Spirit Talisman Master is able to refine storage pouch. A tiny little pouch after engraved with runes by a Spirit Talisman Master could shrink part of space between heaven and earth into a small pouch. The more powerful the Spirit Talisman Master the bigger the space within the pouch and the more things one can store inside.

Without question, Du Shaofu bluntly placed the storage pouch in his bosom, a storage pouch itself is a treasure, not something ordinary folks can afford. Furthermore, it's not in Du Shaofu's nature to 'discard' things. After he kept the storage pouch somewhere safe, he stood up.

’’Thank you for saving me.’’ Zhu Xue's pearly white teeth showed as her cherry lips arched in a smile, a trace of strange light flitted across her pupils.


Du Shaofu nodded his head. Due to the Demon Scale Tiger he was able to leave that deep ravine easily, and unexpectedly he ran into Zhu Xue a second time. The White Panther Hunting Group is a matter he needed to resolve thus at that critical moment, he naturally interfered.

’’Brother Shaofu.’’ Guo Ming ran over happily towards Du Shaofu, and said, ’’You saved us once again.’’

’’Just a helping hand, are you alright?’’ Du Shaofu smiled lightly and asked. The injury on Guo Ming's arm looked severe.

Guo Ming shook his head and glanced at his injury from the corner of his eye indifferently. ’’Small matter, nothing serious. Swallow some dans and spend a few days healing, and it'll be fine.’’

’’It's you, so you are called Du Shaofu. Thanks for helping just now;I'm Lin Boguang, a disciple of Blacknether Sect.’’

Lin Boguang said as he came beside Du Shaofu. He had seen Du Shaofu before once and once again at Spirit Gorge. The strength shown by Du Shaofu just now had once again shocked him greatly. He is a person that didn't even bother with Shen Yan, however, this time he took the initiative to greet Du Shaofu, and this alone was enough to proof Du Shaofu's standing in his eyes.

’’I helped because of familiar faces, in addition I have own grudge with them. I did not specifically interfere because of you, so it's not necessary for you to thank me.’’ Du Shaofu said to Lin Boguang.

’’It's okay, I'm thanking you for helping Junior Sister Zhu Xue, as for me, that Skinny Tiger can't kill me, why should I thank you.’’

Listening to Du Shaofu's words, Lin Boguang nonchalantly glanced at Zhu Xue, seeing the way she looks at Du Shaofu, he said, ’’Don't assume just because your strength is higher than me you can wrestle away Junior Sister Zhu Xue from my hands. Whoever wants to grab Junior Sister Zhu Xue from me, I will fight to the death with them.’’

Du Shaofu looked at Lin Boguang feeling somewhat speechless, in the end, he laughed helplessly.

’’Lin Boguang, I am not your junior sister and is not related to you in any way. If you spout any more nonsense I'll not be polite.’’

Zhu Xue's clear brown eyes reveal a hint of iciness. She almost stamped her foot in anger, how could this Lin Boguang say something like that about her, there's not even a dot of relation between them. Unconsciously she became worried about how the young man will view her. Water seemed to reflect in her eyes as she looks at the young man.

When Lin Boguang heard this, he didn't get angry. He smiled lightly at Zhu Xue and said, ’’Junior Sister Zhu, don't be angry. I'll listen to you and not say anymore.’’


After Zhu Xue yelled at Lin Boguang, she lowered her eyes and pursed her lips bowed slightly, not saying a word. She does not wish to bicker with Lin Boguang. The more she reacts to him, the harder it will be to make things clear.

’’Brother Du Shaofu, thank you for your assistance. That Lu Kun is the same as the White Panther Hunting Group. These Sky Serpent Sect disciples are really too hateful.’’

After a brief hesitation, Shen Yan stepped beside Du Shaofu. He fought Lu Kun with no outcome and looking at Lu Kun from where he stood;his eyes brimmed with bitter hatred, but he is unable to deal with Lu Kun.

’’And what does that has got to do with me.’’ Du Shaofu didn't even look at Shen Yan directly.


Universal Storage Pouch will be refer to as storage pouch.


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