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Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Coming Across Injustice on the Road

This Demon Scale Tiger's willingness to submit to him must be due to his awesomeness and might, it could tell that he is of a unique mold.

As Du Shaofu's line of thought continued in this direction, the more shameless he became;confident that it must be his exceptional temperament that attracted the Demon Scale Tiger. The more he thought about it, the higher the pedestal he built for himself.

He looked at the Demon Scale Tiger's enormous body close to the size of a small hill;Du Shaofu's sighed and said, ’’It's not a problem if you want to submit to me, it's just that your body is a little too big. If I bring you back to Stone City looking like this, it will only attract troubles.’’


It seemed like the Demon Scale Tiger understood Du Shaofu's meaning thus its mouth issued a low growl. Then, as it flapped its huge wings, its enormous body began to shrink mysteriously;even its wings seemed to disappear. Finally, it stopped when became as large as a kitten. The runic scale on its forehead became a tiny dot and underneath it, faintly discernable seemed to be a small bump that is hard to notice if one does not look for it.

’’A transformation skill, you actually know a transformation skill! It seems you are not an ordinary wicked beast.’’

Du Shaofu was in shock. He naturally had heard that some wicked beasts possessed supernatural ability. Once they have grown, even top experts of the human race couldn't rival.

’’Wa ha ha ha ha, I've made a fortune this time!’’

Looking at the reduced-size Demon Scale Tiger in front of him, felt the brimming xuanqi inside his body, the corner of Du Shaofu's lips lifted into a smile. Slowly the smile became bigger and bigger, in the end, he burst out in a loud complacent laugh.


In the Wild Beast Mountains, there are numerous peaks within the mountain range;some areas of the forest are obscured by fogs all year round.

’’Bang!’’ ’’Bang!’’ ’’Bang!’’

Sounds of energies colliding resounded from a certain valley;dozens of people were in intense battles and amongst them are Zhu Xue, Guo Ming, Shen Yan, Lin Boguang, and Lu Kun. Silhouettes shrouded by xuanqi crashed into each other.

In the valley, colorful xuanqi burst out in rapid sporadically;as runes swirled an endless blasts rang out as opposing xuanqi collided, even dried leaves and rocks on the ground turned into dust.

Zhu Xue, Guo Ming, and Lin Boguang were fighting three to one against a tall skinny man. However, the skinny man had no difficulty fighting against three people alone, and he dealt with the three of them easily. His long chicken feet like skinny hands wrapped in xuanqi clawed out crushing Guo Ming's attacks, shredded Zhu Xue's palmprints into pieces, and deflected all of Lin Boguang's attack.

The Skinny Man released his aura oppressing Zhu Xue, Guo Ming, and Lin Boguang that they find it hard to breathe.

Shen Yan and Lu Kun were fighting close by, their similar strength made it difficult to determine the winner in a short time.

Blacknether Sect's Wang Yuan and the remaining disciples of the Blacknether Sect, and Mystical Talisman House battled against the Sky Serpent Sect's disciples and the beast hunters from White Panther Hunting Group. As the battle continued, more people are wounded.

’’Just the three of you are not enough against me.’’

The Skinny Man sneered;claw prints once again pushed Zhu Xue and Guo Ming back. His brutal attacks already injured Guo Ming's left arm, a long deep scratch run along the length of his arm as blood ran down his arm.

’’Bastard! Is an atyanta level Xiantian so great? Dare to touch the woman I fancy, I'll not let this slide.’’

Lin Boguang yelled loudly, his hands condensed seals and runes converged into a fist print, punched across space aimed at the Skinny man, bringing with it an overwhelming and powerful atmosphere.

A feeling of unease flashed across the Skinny Man's eyes looking at the fist;although this young man is only a paramita layer Xiantian but his strength made him a little wary. Without a doubt these are the disciples of prominent sects, even the young ones have such terrifying strength and cultivation.

The Skinny man's expression turned sullen. Although he was a little wary, when the fist was about to hit him, his years of experience in Wild Beast Mountains was displayed. A foot tapped lightly on the ground and his body floated backward gently, just like a falling leaf. And at the same time, a sharp claw condensed out of xuanqi clawed down on Lin Boguang's fist-print.

’’Ka cha!’’

The moment the claw slashed down, instantly the fist and the claw collided.

’’Nethersun Sword!’’

Lin Boguang bellowed as a huge sword mysteriously appeared in his hands, imbued with xuanqi. His arms swung and the huge sword cuts down at the Skinny Man with lightning speed, sharp and ruthless.

The Skinny Man panicked. The young man in front of him is much stronger than he had anticipated;his foot quickly tapped on the ground speedily retreated. While he retreated, his weren't idle, at the same time condensed a claw-print and slammed down on the sword, barely blocking the sword attack.

’’Chi la la la.’’

Everything happened in just a few breath's time when the Skinny Man retreated to safe spot;there was a deep cut on his palm, blood dripping from it. The claw-print was cut in two by the sword.

’’Sure enough, there's some ability.’’

The Skinny Man raised the bloody palm to his mouth;his tongue licked at the dripping blood. A trace of coldness flashed across his pupils, his hands condensed handseals rapidly, and in less than a dozen breath's time, he pounced on Lin Boguang emitting a strong xuanqi fluctuation.

’’Tiger Roar Jolts the Heavens!’’

At the same time Skinny Tiger pounced on Lin Boguang, he hollered a deafening roar like an angry thunder which shook the entire valley.


The loud tiger-like roar resounded throughout the valley, and the sound waves turned into a violent whirlpool and swept Lin Boguang away.

Lin Boguang swung the huge sword in his hand, rays of sword light slashed at the sound wave whirlpool but to no avail. The vibrations became faster and faster caused sharp pain in the ears;sand and stones swirled off the ground.


After staggered backward ten steps, blood flowed out from the corner of Lin Boguang's mouth and his expression turned somber.

’’Talisman transform, KILL!’’

Zhu Xue took the chance to sneak behind the Skinny Man, a piercing sharpness flitted across her eyes, her hands condensed mysterious seals, and an unusual strong fluctuation rotated around her body as strange runes spread out and gathered together transforming into a life-like goshawk.


The goshawk issued a sharp cry, flapped its meters long wings created small tornado-like energy, crashed into the Skinny Man.

’’You're actually a Spirit Talisman Master, pity;just an early Two Star level is insignificant!’’

The Skinny Man was surprised;with a wave of his hand, a whip-like xuanqi appeared, runes circled floats around the whip as it lashed straight at the life-like goshawk like a beam of light.


The surreal body of the goshawk quavered and shattered into tiny dust-sized glitter, and an explosion of energy shook the air.

Zhu Xue silhouette shuddered. Her body uncontrollably swayed a few steps back;her face turned deadly pale.

’’Jie jie, so what if Blacknether Sect and Mystical Talisman House and giant existence, kids that have yet to wean from a mother's milk[1] dares to trespass into Wild Beast Mountains. This is the end, the things on your bodies are all mine.’’

The Skinny Man lets out a cold smirk, so what if Blacknether Sect and Mystical Talisman House are prominent sects, this is the Wild Beast Mountains;a tiny remote border town at the edge of a country, as long as he gets this bunch of greenhorn's valuable items, he will be set for life. Change his name and hide away. At that time, doesn't matter how powerful Blacknether Sect or Mystical Talisman House is, they can't find him.


At exactly the same moment Zhu Xue was swaying on her feet the Skinny Man state his part;in the blink of an eye, he reached Zhu Xue. His fingers clawed out grasped at Zhu Xue's delicate neck.

Guo Ming and Lin Boguang's expression changed drastically when they saw this scene. But they were at the end of their limit;they have neither the strenght no the way to rescue Zhu Xue. They could do nothing except to close their eyes and not watch.


The ferocious claws slowly enlarge in Zhu Xue's pupils as it closes in;when Guo Ming and Lin Boguang despaired at the thought that there's no chance Zhu Xue would survive, suddenly a pale golden streak of light arrived accompanied by a wind whistling sound come out of nowhere crashed straight into those skinny hand.

’’Chi la~!’’

The pale golden light carried an overbearing atmosphere that the Skinny Man's body flew back from the impact.

A young man roughly fifteen to sixteen-year-old stood shielded Zhu Xue. On that youthful face, there are a hint of resolution and determination that most peer his age lack;with thick broad brows and bright clear eyes.

This unexpected scene rendered everyone speechless, mouth wide open. Zhu Xue was shocked for a moment when she saw the broad back when her eyes opened. Shock turned into surprise.

’’Brother Shaofu!’’

Guo Ming called out with enthusiasm seeing who the young man was, wild joy spread across his face. The young man that appeared is still wearing his clothes, who will it be other than Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu's sudden appearance attracted much attention. This young man's overbearing actions at Spirit Gorge, oppressed all beings and passed unhindered in the midst of ferocious beasts to snatch away the Blood-Infant Ganoderma. His actions caused great waves in the minds of all present.

’’Brat, it's you!’’

When the Tall Skinny Man recovered, he immediately recognized this young man from the description Lu Kun gave. The one who killed Second Bro and Third Bro;instantly, killing intent surged in his eyes.

’’You must be Skinny Tiger, seems like you were searching for me everywhere?’’

Du Shaofu smiled;the brows on his bright clear eyes moved as he maintain a calm manner, but it was exactly this relaxed attitude that increased Skinny Tiger's wariness against Du Shaofu.

’’That's right, I was looking for you. You can play tricks in front of those wicked beasts, but in front of me, you can go straight to hell!’’

Skinny Tiger smiled sinisterly as Du Shaofu. He was searching for this kid, the killer of his brothers and the Blood-Infant Ganoderma is with him. A powerful aura burst forth from his lanky silhouette;his foot stamped on the ground, akin to a fierce tiger descending the mountains. Both of his hands waved, and two paws similar to a tiger's clawed out shredding cross space and with a sharp wind piercing sound arrived before Du Shaofu. The strong aura coming from the Skinny Man could suppress even space for he used all his might wanting to kill Du Shaofu in one hit.


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