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Martial God Asura - Chapter 2316


Chapter 2316

Chapter 2316 - Loyal And Righteous

’’Don't you blabber nonsense! It was clearly you who attacked me first!’’ Di Jiuzhou refuted.

’’That's right, it was that stutterer who attacked us first. As for that Chu Feng, he even killed senior brother Ma,’’ The disciples from the Highlord's Mansion cried out in grievance.

’’I e-even said t-that it was me w-who attacked first. H-however, w-what I have said is all t-true. I-if you d-don't trust me, g-go ahead and a-ask them. T-they a-all saw what h-happened,’’ Wang Qiang pointed to the bystanders.

’’Even if what you say is the truth, it remains that Chu Feng has killed senior brother Ma.’’


’’Lord Mansion Master, you must avenge senior brother Ma, you must obtain justice for us,’’ The Highlord's Mansion's disciples started to plead to their Mansion Master. It was as if they were truly the victims.


However, at this moment, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master actually turned around and shouted angrily at those disciples, ’’All of you, shut up!’’

The disciples of the Highlord's Mansion were all bewildered by that shout.


Originally, they thought that the appearance of their Lord Mansion Master would mean that he would obtain justice for them. Never did they expect that their Lord Mansion Master would not only not immediately take care of that Chu Feng, and would instead become angry at them.

Exactly what was going on?


At this time when the Highlord's Mansion's disciples were puzzled, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master was cursing in his heart.


As Di Jiuzhou's master, he knew best what sort of character his disciple and the others had. He did not doubt what Wang Qiang said at all. He knew very well that was indeed something that Di Jiuzhou and the others would do.

Thus, he simply did not care who was in the right and who was in the wrong in this matter. After all, as he had appeared, he would naturally be planning to help Di Jiuzhou and the other disciples from his Highlord's Mansion.


However, the main problem was...


His appearance was not his actual body at all. Instead, it was only an image. Although he appeared to be very powerful, his image did not contain any actual destructive power.

Unfortunately, his foolish Highlord's Mansion's disciples were simply unable to tell, and even wanted him to take care of Chu Feng for them by pretending to be wronged.

Furthermore, what made him the most depressed was that even though his Highlord's Mansion's disciples were unable to tell, Chu Feng and Wang Qiang seemed to have seen through all of it.

In this sort of situation, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master had no choice but to politely turn to ask Wang Qiang, ’’Little friend, may I know your distinguished name?’’

Being asked by the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master in such a polite manner, not only were the disciples of the Highlord's Mansion shocked, even the bystanders were extremely shocked.


Exactly what was going on? Chu Feng had already killed a disciple of their Highlord's Mansion. Why would the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Head not directly kill them, and instead question Wang Qiang this politely?

They who did not know the truth were unable to understand why this was happening.


’’I h-have b-but o-one name and o-one name o-only. I a-am Wang Qiang,’’ Wang Qiang said.


’’Little friend Wang Qiang, little friend Chu Feng, it was the disciples of our Highlord's Mansion who were in the wrong. However, it remains that little friend Chu Feng has already killed one of our Highlord's Mansion's disciples.’’

’’In this world, one's life is the most valuable thing. However, as it was indeed our Highlord's Mansion that was in the wrong to begin with, we will not bicker with you regarding this. I suggest that we drop this matter at this point. Might the two of you be willing to accept this?’’ The Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master said.


’’Drop? He actually proposed to drop the matter?’’

’’Heavens! The Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master is actually suing for peace?’’


Hearing those words, the bystanders were even more shocked. Whispers began to be heard from the crowd.

’’Drop? Haha...’’ However, at the moment when the crowd were all puzzled, Chu Feng burst into laughter. His laughter was filled with mockery.

’’Little friend Chu Feng, no matter what, it remains that you have killed a disciple of our Highlord's Mansion. Could it be that you're not satisfied with dropping this matter?’’


It remains that the Highlord's Mansion's Master Master was the Mansion Master of the Highlord's Mansion. Thus, even when suing for peace, he could not appear too petty and low. Seeing that Chu Feng seemed to be unwilling to accept his request, for the sake of preserving his image, he finally revealed a trace of displeasure on his face filled with smiles.


’’If it wasn't for the fact that your disciple was no match for me.’’


’’If it wasn't for the fact that you are but an image right now, and do not possess actual strength.’’

’’Would you still drop the matter?’’

’’In the end, you merely want to use this sort of method to save your disciple's life.’’

’’And, if I were to drop this matter today, how can I be certain that you will really leave the matter at that in the future?’’ Chu Feng said with a sneer. He simply did not believe the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master, and did not have any intention to drop the matter.

’’What? An image?’’

’’No wonder. No wonder the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master did not directly attack Chu Feng and that stutterer. So he was only an image, and he simply does not possess the ability to do anything to them.’’


After hearing what the crowd said, the surrounding people came to a sudden realization.


The disciples from the Highlord's Mansion also realized the situation they were in. When they discovered that their respected Lord Mansion Master was only an image and was simply unable to actually help them, they once again started to panic.


’’Hah. Little friend Chu Feng, I know that you're an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. However, are you really certain that I am only an image?’’


’’If I am not an image, you should know what the consequences will be if you are to attack my disciple.’’

The Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master revealed a cold yet confident smile.


He was gambling. It was his final gambit. He was gambling that Chu Feng was unable to be completely certain that he was only an image. He was trying to scare Chu Feng off with threats.

’’I do not have the time to bother with superfluous words with you,’’ Chu Feng snorted impatiently. Then, he clenched the Magma Emperor Sword in his hand and began to walk toward Di Jiuzhou one step at a time.

’’Chu Feng, exactly what are you planning to do?’’

Standing before Di Jiuzhou, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master was unable to do anything as Chu Feng walked toward Di Jiuzhou. At this moment, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master started to panic.

’’I already said it earlier. Those who dare to injure my brother will die!!!’’ Chu Feng said coldly. His resolute gaze seemed to indicate that no one would be able to change his decision, that no one would be able to save Di Jiuzhou.


’’Chu Feng, if you dare to kill my disciple, this old man will definitely not spare you,’’ Seeing that Chu Feng actually dared to disregard him like this, the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master started to gnash his teeth in anger.



Once the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master said those words, Chu Feng finally stopped his footsteps.

’’Could it be that Chu Feng is finally scared?’’


Seeing that Chu Feng had stopped, the disciples from the Highlord's Mansion heaved a sigh of relief.


However, who would've thought that right at this moment, Chu Feng's lips would lift into a cold smile? He said, ’’I have heard countless threats like that my entire life.’’

’’However, my answer remains unchanged.’’


’’Those who dare to injure my brothers will die.’’


As Chu Feng said those words, the Magma Emperor Sword in his hand turned into a blaze. Like a flame dragon, it soared toward Di Jiuzhou.



A loud explosion was heard. Then, the fire dragon shattered the body of the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master, proving to the crowd that it was only an image.



Following that, another loud explosion was heard. As that explosion was heard, blood splattered all over the sky.


It was Di Jiuzhou. Di Jiuzhou's body had been smashed to pieces. Not even his soul remained. He had been completely killed by Chu Feng.


’’Killed! He really killed Di Jiuzhou!!!’’


’’Heavens! That is the Highlord's Mansion's number one disciple, an exceptional genius!!!’’

At this moment, the surrounding crowd were all tongue-tied and dumbstruck. Even though they had all heard of Chu Feng's reputation, when they saw him doing such a thing with their own eyes, they still felt extremely disbelief.


After all, the person that Chu Feng had killed was the Highlord's Mansion's number one disciple, the strongest genius among the tier two powers' disciples. Furthermore, Chu Feng had killed him even after the Highlord's Mansion's Mansion Master personally spoke to request him to stop. His methods were simply too overbearing.


At the same time when the crowd were astonished by how overbearing Chu Feng was, they involuntarily looked to Wang Qiang.

The reason for that was because they knew very well that Chu Feng had not killed Di Jiuzhou for himself. Rather, it was for Wang Qiang.

This caused the crowd to feel deeply moved. At the same time, they were astonished by how fearless and courageous Chu Feng was.

They were moved by Chu Feng's righteousness and loyalty.


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