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Martial God Asura - Chapter 2112


Chapter 2112 - The Outcome Of The Battle

’’So that's the case, so that's the case,’’ At that moment, the Elf King revealed an overjoyed expression. He gasped in admiration. ’’Although I do not know what sort of method little friend Chu Feng used, it appears that he has truly subdued the Magma Emperor, making it serve him.’’

’’Elf King, what you said is correct. Little friend Chu Feng is truly a miracle maker,’’ The Heaven Reaching Immortal said to the Elf King. A smile covered his face. At the same time, there was also a trace of astonishment.

It would be one thing if it were some other existence that was subdued by Chu Feng. However, this was the Magma Emperor, the legendary Magma Emperor that nearly destroyed the entire Holy Land of Martialism ten thousand years ago.

’’So, Lord Chu Feng really, he really subdued the Magma Emperor?’’


’’Amazing! This is simply godly! Simply too unbelievable!’’ After hearing what the conversation between the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal, the crowd's expressions became even more brilliant.

Excitement. An indescribable excitement filled the hearts of everyone present.


After putting the Magma Emperor Sword away, Chu Feng suddenly extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. Immediately, a ray of light entered his hand.

It was a bracelet. That bracelet was precisely the Incomplete Ancestral Armament the Dark Hall's Hall Master had been using earlier.

’’Dark Hall's Hall Master, starting from now, you are to answer all my questions.’’

’’If you do not answer honestly, I will make you suffer,’’ Chu Feng said to the Dark Hall's Hall Master.

Even though the Dark Hall's Hall Master was not injured, he appeared to have completely lost his will to battle.

A Dark Hall's Hall Master like that did not pose any threat to Chu Feng.

’’Trash like you is not qualified to get words out of my mouth,’’ The Dark Hall's Hall Master said.

’’Oh?’’ Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he formed a spirit formation on his palm and placed it onto the bracelet.

’’You want to sever my connection with my Incomplete Ancestral Armament? It is not that I am looking down on you. Rather, it is truly impossible for you to do that,’’ The Dark Hall's Hall Master said mockingly.

’’Is that right?’’ Chu Feng smiled again. Then, he said, ’’If you had truly managed to completely subdue this Incomplete Imperial Armament, it would naturally be impossible for me to sever your connection with it with the power I currently possess.’’


’’However, the truth is that you have yet to completely subdue this Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Thus, it would not be hard for me to sever your connection with it.’’

Hearing those words, the Dark Hall's Hall Master's expression turned stiff. A trace of fear appeared in his eyes.

He felt that what Chu Feng said was very reasonable.

However, upon thinking about it some more, he recalled that Incomplete Ancestral Armaments were different from Imperial Armaments. Thus, it would be very difficult to sever the connection an Incomplete Ancestral Armament had with its master. It would be something impossible to accomplish even for him.

When it would be impossible for even him, how would Chu Feng be able to accomplish it?

No, he absolutely refused to believe that Chu Feng's world spirit techniques could surpass his own.

Thus, the worry that he had in his heart soon vanished. He started to smile, and said to Chu Feng mockingly, ’’Since you said it that easily, go ahead and give it a try then.’’

’’I shall see exactly how you, trash, can sever my connection with my Incomplete Ancestral Armament.’’

’’I'll satisfy you,’’ As Chu Feng spoke, he exerted strength with his palm. Immediately, it started to shine brightly.


The very next moment, the Dark Hall's Hall Master opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of blood.

After he vomited that mouthful of blood, the Dark Hall's Hall Master's expression became extremely ugly. Blood was also flowing from his eyes, nose and ears.

Most importantly, his body became extremely weak. In fact, many people were even able to see that the Dark Hall's Hall Master was... trembling. He was trembling uncontrollably.


However, the Dark Hall's Hall Master had no time to concern himself with those things. He raised his head and looked to Chu Feng. ’’You, you actually...’’

At that moment, his eyes were not only filled with anger, but also astonishment. However, it was mostly covered with pain.

Earlier, he had deeply looked down on Chu Feng. However, as matters stood, after he had personally fought against Chu Feng, he had no choice but to admit that Chu Feng was a very powerful opponent.


Not only did Chu Feng's talent for martial cultivation surpass his own, even Chu Feng's world spirit techniques surpassed his own.

He felt extremely unreconciled. The more he admitted the truth, the more pained he felt.

Painful, it was truly painful. This sort of pain did not originate from his body. Rather, it came from deep within his heart.

The pain that was the most difficult to endure in this world was pain from one's heart.

Even for the Dark Hall's Hall Master, that pain was something that he couldn't endure.

’’No, this is not real, this is not real!’’

Thus, the Dark Hall's Hall Master began to firmly clench his fists and attack the void before him. His attacks shattered the void unceasingly.


He was using that sort of method to relieve himself, to vent his anger and alleviate his pain.

As for Chu Feng, he stood there watching him, watching the struggle of the Dark Hall's Hall Master.

He would not disturb the Dark Hall's Hall Master. To Chu Feng, he would rather watch him, watch this ruthless fellow, suffer torment to his heart and soul for a longer period of time. To him, that could be said to be a sort of punishment;a punishment for taking so many innocent lives.

That situation persisted for an entire hour. Only then did the Dark Hall's Hall Master slowly raise his head. At that moment, he had managed to calm his state of mind to a relatively stable level.

’’Chu Feng, I am willing to answer your questions. However, you must first answer one of my questions,’’ The Dark Hall's Hall Master said.

’’Speak away,’’ Chu Feng said.

’’Why would someone like you be in a place like this? Even in the Outer World, you should be considered to be a genius, no?’’

’’Why did you come here? Why?’’ asked the Dark Hall's Hall Master. A sense of irreconciliation was present in his tone when he asked that question. If it wasn't for Chu Feng, his plan would've been a success.


In the beginning, the Dark Hall's Hall Master had only felt Chu Feng to be someone abandoned by the Outer World, someone unworthy of mention. The reason for that was because he was someone that would be considered to be a genius even in the Outer World. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly compare to him? However, as matters stood, he had changed his opinion of Chu Feng.

He began to face Chu Feng squarely. Merely, even he knew that it was too late to treat Chu Feng seriously now.


’’I am unable to answer that question,’’ Chu Feng said, ’’It is your turn to answer me now.’’

’’What is your surname? How did you get here?’’ Chu Feng asked.

’’Haha... you truly act as if you are high and above. Did you think that you were certain you could defeat me?’’

’’Chu Feng, you are mistaken. I still have a trump card that I have yet to use.’’


’’As long as I possess this trump card, you will forever be unable to defeat me in this Holy Land of Martialism,’’ After saying those words, the Dark Hall's Hall Master revealed a strange smile.


’’Trying to escape?’’


Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad the moment he saw that smile. His body shifted, and he arrived before the Dark Hall's Hall Master while holding the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader in his hand. Using the Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader, he slashed at the Dark Hall's Hall Master.




However, as Chu Feng's Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader slashed at the Dark Hall's Hall Master, a strange light was emitted from the Dark Hall's Hall Master's body. That light instantly covered him.


That light was extremely powerful. It emitted an overwhelming aura of righteousness. Regardless of how Chu Feng attacked it, he was unable to break through it.


Chu Feng felt a sensation he had never felt before from that light. He knew that... with his strength, it would be impossible for him to break through that light.


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