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Martial God Asura - Chapter 1925


Chapter 1925 - Going Back On One's Word

After discovering the flaw, the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower, as if it had completed its mission, began to hop back to the YinYang Immortal. From its appearance, it could be seen that the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower was extremely happy. Its appearance was like a pet awaiting its master's praise after accomplishing the task its master had given it.

However, the YinYang Immortal was not happy at all. For his own Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower to find a flaw in his own spirit formation was akin to him slapping himself. This caused him to feel extremely displeased.

Thus, he grabbed the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower ferociously. He did so with so much strength that the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower uttered a 'jii' sound.

’’YinYang Immortal, it would seem that your world spirit formation is not perfect. Otherwise, your Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower would not have found a flaw with your spirit formation.’’

’’However, that sufficiently illustrates how powerful your Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower is. I feel that even if you are angry, you shouldn't vent your anger on it,’’ Chu Feng said.

’’Humph, the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower created by me would naturally be very powerful. There is no need for you to tell me that.’’

’’As for my spirit formation, humph, there is no perfection in anything in this world. My spirit formation only possessed a single flaw. This is already sufficient to show the high quality of my spirit formation,’’ YinYang Immortal said.

’’Is that so?’’ Chu Feng asked. His question was filled with mockery.

’’Chu Feng, since you are a part of the younger generation, I will not make things difficult on you.’’

’’If your spirit formation also only possess a single flaw, and the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower is to emit the same brilliance as it did with my formation, I will consider it your win,’’ YinYang Immortal said.

’’Very well, come and judge my spirit formation then,’’ As Chu Feng spoke, he stretched out his hand and deliberately pushed the spirit formation he had set up toward the YinYang Immortal.

As for the YinYang Immortal, he waved his sleeve and threw the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower onto Chu Feng's spirit formation.

His movements were extremely rough. It could be seen he still possessed a deep grudge toward the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower.


Right after the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower touched Chu Feng's spirit formation, it immediately started to shine with light. The light was so dazzling that it was like a small-scale sun had been born in its place, illuminating everything.

Furthermore, not only did the blue sky and white clouds appear within that dazzling light, there was also a rainbow. It had revealed one more item when compared to the YinYang Immortal's spirit formation.


At that moment, the YinYang Immortal's eyes were wide open. He was deeply shocked.

In fact, he was speechless. The reason for that was because the light emitted by the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower once it was placed on Chu Feng's spirit formation surpassed his own. Furthermore, there was an extra rainbow. This meant that the quality of Chu Feng's spirit formation surpassed his own.

Even though that was the case, he still perked his ears and fixed his eyes on Chu Feng's spirit formation. The YinYang Immortal was waiting for the sound of Chu Feng's spirit formation shattering. He was waiting to see the appearance of a flaw in Chu Feng's spirit formation.

However, the result was to his disappointment. His Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower separated itself from Chu Feng's spirit formation without being able to find any flaw in it. This meant that the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up possessed no flaws at all.

Or, at the very least, his Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower was incapable of finding a flaw with Chu Feng's spirit formation.

’’Damn it!’’

At that moment, the YinYang Immortal's gaze changed once again, and he even uttered a shout in anger that caused even heaven and earth to tremble. In fact, many of the surrounding trees even split apart from his voice. From this, it could be seen how furious the YinYang Immortal was.

It was not only him, even Chu Feng was stunned. The reason for that was because, after the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower removed itself from his spirit formation, it did not return to the YinYang Immortal. Instead, it flew toward Chu Feng.

Furthermore, after it approached Chu Feng, it jumped onto Chu Feng's body in a very intimate manner.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt very awkward.

The reason for that was because this sort of situation could be understood with a single glance. Due to the fact that Chu Feng possessed superb world spirit techniques, the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower had actually betrayed the YinYang Immortal and chosen Chu Feng to be its new master.

That said, the little fellow was quite adorable. Even though it was incapable of speaking, it did possess intelligence.


The YinYang Immortal shouted in anger. Then, he extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. The Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower was grasped by his power. Then, with a clench and a 'puu' sound, he actually crushed the Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower into pieces.

He had killed his own Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower.

Seeing that, Chu Feng narrowed his eyebrows, and coldness shone through his eyes. He said, ’’No matter what, it is a life. Is there a need for you to be that ruthless?’’

’’It is mine. If I want to kill it, then it dies. Those who are disloyal to me die,’’ the YinYang Immortal said coldly. He did not feel any trace of guilt for killing his Spirit Formation Flawfinder Flower.

’’In that case, you are not planning to abide by your promise, right?’’ Chu Feng asked with a cold voice. He had already sensed that the YinYang Immortal would not honor his promise.

Even though the YinYang Immortal had been defeated, he did not plan to let Chu Feng escape.

’’Hahahaha...’’ Sure enough, the YinYang Immortal burst into loud laughter. His laughter was exceptionally gloomy and cold;it caused the entire region to be filled with chilliness, and the surrounding plants to have a layer of frost covering them.

’’Chu Feng, you are talented. Looking at it from the viewpoint of the Dark Hall, I should not kill you, and should instead make an enormous effort to invite you to join our Dark Hall.’’

’’However, when looking at things from my own viewpoint, someone like you absolutely cannot be allowed to join the Dark Hall, for there will absolutely be no benefits to me.’’

’’As such, you must die. However... if you are willing to hand that insect in your hand to me, I can leave you an intact corpse,’’ The YinYang Immortal said.

’’Sure enough, you've come for Lil Red. If I'm not mistaken, you found me by tracking Lil Red's aura, isn't that right?’’ Chu Feng said.

’’You're right. The auras of the people from my Dark Hall were left on that little fellow. Merely, only I am able to detect that aura, whereas you are not,’’ The YinYang Immortal said.

’’You're right. I am indeed unable to detect that aura that you spoke of. However...’’ As Chu Feng spoke, he stroked Lil Red with his hand. Then, he raised his head and added, ’’Even you are unable to detect it now,’’ After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he hid Lil Red in his sleeve.

At that moment, the reddened eyes of the YinYang Immortal became even more murderous. The reason for that was because the aura on Lil Red's body had disappeared. Chu Feng had erased it.

Even though Chu Feng was unable to detect the aura left on Lil Red's body, he was able to completely remove it with some sort of technique.

’’It would seem that you do not plan to die with your corpse intact,’’ The YinYang Immortal said coldly.

’’That would depend on whether or not you are capable of killing me,’’ Chu Feng smiled slightly. Then, coldness shone through his eyes. ’’Boom!’’ His spirit formation that was only several meters away from the YinYang Immortal suddenly exploded.

After that spirit formation exploded, a myriad of sharp blades shot out from it. They were all aimed at the YinYang Immortal.

At the same time, waves of powerful oppressive might began to engulf the YinYang Immortal, forcing even him to fall back repeatedly.


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