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Martial God Asura - Chapter 1558


MGA: Chapter 1558 - Grand Powerful Expert

’’Heh...’’ As Chu Feng looked at the Orion Monastery's headmaster who had fallen on his butt, he let out a cold snort of contempt.

Using his Heaven's Eyes, Chu Feng had already managed to see through the contents of that letter. Thus, he knew why the Orion Monastery's headmaster was so frightened.

’’Haha...hehe... little friend Chu Feng, it is indeed I who was wrong before. The conditions that you said earlier, I will agree to all of them. Please, please do not mention this matter to Lord Headmaster.’’

Suddenly, the Orion Monastery's headmaster got up. He wiped away the sweat that covered his face and displayed an incomparably eager smile on his aged face.

As he spoke, he walked over to Sikong Zhaixing and took out a lot of treasures from his Cosmos Sack and placed all of them before Sikong Zhaixing. With a forced smile on his face, he said, ’’Brother Sikong, these are the remaining fifty percent of the treasures from the treasure deposit. They're all here. Please kindly accept them. Starting next year, I will provide you with the equivalent value in tribute every year to show my respect to you and little friend Chu Feng.’’

’’This...’’ At this moment, Sikong Zhaixing was stunned. He was completely confused as to why the Orion Monastery's headmaster was doing this.

Exactly what had happened? Why would the attitude of the Orion Monastery's headmaster change this quickly? Feeling confused, he grabbed the letter.

After reading the contents of the letter, Sikong Zhaixing's expression took a huge change. When he looked to Chu Feng again, his gaze became very complicated.

That was because even he did not expect that Chu Feng's progress would be this fast. The news that they had received earlier only stated that Chu Feng defeated Bai Yunxiao and the others. It also mentioned that he had received Half Martial Emperor White Ape's favor.


However, never would he have expected that not only would Chu Feng defeat Qin Lingyun and Qin Wentian, but he would even have received the favor of Dugu Xingfeng. This sort of progress was truly too fast. Not to mention the people of the Orion Monastery being unable to accept it, even he was unable to accept it.

’’Little friend Chu Feng, if there's nothing else, I shall take my leave first. Please rest assured, I will definitely accomplish what I've promised. Please do not mention this matter to Lord Headmaster.’’

’’If possible, please say a couple good words for me in front of Lord Headmaster,’’ After the Orion Monastery's headmaster finished saying these words, he prepared to leave. He truly regretted his decision in coming here today. Thus, he did not wish to stay here any longer.

’’Wait a moment,’’ However, right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke to stop him.

’’Little friend Chu Feng, what's wrong? Is there something else you need?’’ The Orion Monastery's headmaster asked with a beaming smile.

’’I think you're mistaken. When I said to pay a tribute worth fifty percent of the treasures of the treasure deposit, that was before you received the letter. Right now, I am going to have you pay tribute equivalent to the value of all the treasures from the treasure deposit every year,’’ Chu Feng said.

’’All of the treasures? Chu Feng... you... you... you're price hiking, you're bullying us intolerably!’’ Hearing those words, the Orion Monastery's headmaster was extremely angry. Even though he knew that Chu Feng possessed a very high status and was someone that he could not afford to offend, he was still unable to accept Chu Feng's demand.

To pay tribute worth fifty percent of the treasures obtained from the treasure deposit every year was his limit. After all, the amount of treasure accumulated from that treasure deposit was not a small amount.

However, if he were to pay tribute worth all of the treasures, that would have surpassed the limit which his Orion Monastery could bear. If he were to continue paying that tribute for a couple of years, the Orion Monastery would be completely broke. In the end, they would be walking the path of annihilation.

What Chu Feng was doing could not be said to be compensation at all. He was simply planning to empty out the wealth of the Orion Monastery, planning to exterminate the Orion Monastery.

’’I might as well tell you this. Yes, I am indeed price hiking, I am indeed bullying you intolerably. You can choose to refuse. However, you'll have to bear the consequences yourself,’’ Chu Feng said those words one word at a time. He was extremely calm when he said those words. However, his eyes were shining with a threatening gaze.

’’I'd also advise you to listen to Chu Feng. Else, even without Dugu Xingfeng doing anything, I will be able to extinguish your Orion Monastery,’’ Right at this moment, a person walked in. It was none other than Hong Qiang.

’’You... who are you? You actually dare to say that sort of thing?’’ After seeing Hong Qiang, the Orion Monastery's headmaster became even more diffident. He was able to sense that Hong Qiang was a very extraordinary character.

’’You are not qualified to know my name,’’ Hong Qiang did not declare his name. Instead, he narrowed his brows and released his aura, the aura of a peak Half Martial Emperor.


In an instant, a surging aura charged forth. The Orion Monastery's headmaster and the elders were all knocked to the ground. The aura was so strong that they began to roll and crawl on the ground, and were blown all the way to the outside of the palace hall.

Outside of the palace hall, the many elders and disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest all saw this scene.

Not only did they see the Orion Monastery's headmaster and elders rolling out of the palace hall, they also saw them lying on the ground motionlessly like dying dogs. This scene shocked everyone. They were confused as to what exactly had happened.

Hong Qiang's frightening oppressive might was aimed at only the people from the Orion Monastery. Thus, at the moment when the people from the Orion Monastery were feeling this enormous pressure, the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest did not feel anything.

’’Ple, please stop...Milord, I beg of you... please stop. I'll agree to Chu Feng's proposal, I'll agree to Chu Feng's condition,’’ The Orion Monastery's headmaster gave in.

He had no choice but to give in. That was because, if this were to continue, they would be crushed to death by Hong Qiang's aura.


It was only after they agreed to the condition that Hong Qiang removed his oppressive might. The Orion Monastery's headmaster did not hesitate. Immediately, he took out from his Cosmos Sack treasures equivalent to fifty percent of the treasures from the treasure deposit and handed them to Sikong Zhaixing. Furthermore, he did not forget to promise that he would bring tribute equivalent to the amount he had given before to show his respect to the Southern Cyanwood Forest every year.


After he finished doing all that, the Orion Monastery's headmaster did not bother to even say anything, and planned to leave. He truly wished to get away from this place as quickly as possible. The things that had happened today were simply even more frightening than a nightmare to him.



However, right at the moment when the Orion Monastery's headmaster was about to leave, Chu Feng suddenly moved. Like a flash of lightning, he arrived before the Orion Monastery's headmaster, extended his palm and gave a firm slap toward the Orion Monastery's headmaster's aged face.


No matter what, the Orion Monastery's headmaster was a rank three Half Martial Emperor. As for Chu Feng, his cultivation was only that of a rank eight Martial King. Thus, the Orion Monastery's headmaster subconsciously moved backward with the intention to dodge Chu Feng's slap.



However, right at this moment, lightning began to flicker all over Chu Feng. His aura instantly increased. From a rank eight Martial King, his cultivation directly increased to that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor.


After his aura increased, Chu Feng's speed also became many times faster. He was a lot faster than the Orion Monastery's headmaster. At this moment, the Orion Monastery's headmaster could only look on helplessly as Chu Feng's powerful palm approached his aged face. He was unable to dodge at all.


Finally. ’’Pow~~’’ a sharp and clear sound was heard. Not only did Chu Feng's slap land directly on the Orion Monastery's headmaster's face, it had also slapped him to the ground and left a crimson colored handprint on his face.


’’This slap is to remind you that you must keep your promise. Else, even if you are to escape to the ends of the world, I, Chu Feng, will still come and find you,’’ Chu Feng said coldly.

’’I won't dare, I won't dare. I will definitely keep my promise.’’

The Orion Monastery's headmaster was truly terrified. He had a sensation of being on the verge of collapse.

Not only did Chu Feng possess the backing of Dugu Xingfeng and this unknown powerful expert, his own strength was actually also so powerful that he could not contend against it.

At this moment, the Orion Monastery's headmaster had the heart to kill himself. He felt that he had been extremely foolish to have believed in that tiny piece of news and come to make things difficult for the Southern Cyanwood Forest.


However, there was no medicine for regret. He had no choice but to accept the misfortunes as decreed by fate and leave with his tail between his legs. That was because he feared that if he did not leave now, he might end up dying here.

If the current Chu Feng wished to kill him, it would be as easy as crushing an ant to death.

After the people from the Orion Monastery left, the people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest still stood there. They all had stunned expressions on their faces. They were all extremely shocked to see what had happened.

Back when Chu Feng had just arrived in the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he had been forced to flee all over the place by the rank nine Martial King Han Qingyu. He had even nearly lost his life to Han Qingyu.

However, the current Chu Feng was actually able to defeat the Orion Monastery's headmaster, a grand rank three Half Martial Emperor, with a single slap. This sort of progress was truly a bit too extreme.

One must know that it had only been a little over a year since Chu Feng had arrived in the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

In less than two years' time, Chu Feng's cultivation had increased to such a degree. This was truly too frightening.


At this moment, everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, including Sikong Zhaixing, were looking at Chu Feng with complicated gazes. Their gazes simply did not look like the gazes one had toward a person. Rather, they were like the gazes one would have when looking at a god.

Chu Feng's talent for martial cultivation was so frightening that it surpassed their imagination. To them, Chu Feng was already no longer a person. Rather, he was a deity.


In order to welcome the arrival of Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and the others, Sikong Zhaixing had planned to arrange a feast. However, Chu Feng was urgent to leave and did not stay. After he said some words of thanks to Sikong Zhaixing and finished arranging a place for Grandpa Luo and the others, he left the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

When Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue left, practically everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest came to see them off.

To them, Chu Feng was not a disciple. Rather, he was a hero, the pride and honor of everyone from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

’’Lord Baili, what you said was correct. A grand powerful expert will appear in our Southern Cyanwood Forest, and that person would be capable of influencing the entire Holy Land of Martialism.’’

’’I firmly believe that the person that you spoke of has appeared. And he is Chu Feng.’’

As Sikong Zhaixing looked to the direction in which Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue disappeared in, he muttered those words. Two words were present on his aged face: pride and honor.


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