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Martial Arts Master - Chapter 405


Chapter 405: The Final Round

As Chen Sansheng was sighing with emotion, He Xiaowei wrote a weibo:

"Still remember what I said? Songcheng's substitutes are too weak to compete with Capital College! Even Homer sometimes nods, so you shouldn't curse me by foretelling my victory just because I make some mistakes occasionally. Now do you believe what I said?"

"Occasionally…" Someone replied to him with the emoji "smile through tears".

There was a line of similar comments following his.

"I'm done. I'll jump out of my balcony after finishing this cigarette…"

"I'll jump with you!"

"Wait for me! I won't let you go alone!"


An All-knowing Man in Ganghood, who had been silent for a few days, also wrote a weibo:

"Everyone has his or her ups and downs, and warriors are no exception. Though Ren Li didn't perform well today, the result won't change."

The implication was that although Lou Cheng defeated Ren Li today, he was actually still not her match because she was not herself today.

As for whether Ren Li performed well or not, it was easy for him to find enough "evidence" since everyone knew how to look for a bone in an egg.

If there were still people doubting his conclusion, he would shove the result in their faces!

For the moment, there was no one in the comments section calling him shameless, because in Lou Cheng's forum, Yan Xiaoling and the other fans of Lou Cheng, who were likely to do that, were all worrying about the fourth and final round.

"Are we really going to lose the match?" Brahman asked with a "depressed" emoji.

"I, I, I don't know…" Eternal Nightfall replied with a "crying face". "I'll make a vow! If we beat Capital College today, I'll get up early for one month!"

"Well, did you skip all the lessons this morning?" Unparalleled Dragon King was surprised.

Yan Xiaoling replied with a "smiling while feeling tired" emoji. "Thank you, but all of our courses are selective and most of my professional courses in the morning are adjusted to be in the afternoon or evening, except for martial arts lessons! But it is not important! Now I wish you to pray along with me. We will finally beat Capital College!"

"Why should we do that? It's normal for us to lose the match to Capital College since victory and failure are common to see at martial arts competitions," Road to the Arena added.

As a fighter who majored in the Wuthering Eight Movements, he always regarded himself as a disciple of Kongtong School, so it was obvious which team he supported.

"No! Someone told me that once a warrior doesn't care about failing, instead of feeling depressed, the competition will blunt his response to glory and he will no longer get any stronger." Brahman replied with a "beating a wooden drum" emoji. "The same for us fans and supporters. If we are indifferent to their victories and failures, we wouldn't love them any longer."

"Applause! You make sense." Yan Xiaoling did not know what to say in such a situation. "Come on, make a wish one by one!"

"If Songcheng University wins tonight, I'll go streaking in the public bathroom!" All Good Names Are Taken By Dogs said.

Bull Demon King said jokingly, "If Songcheng University wins tonight, I won't date any girls next week."

"I won't barbecue for half a month!" Unparalleled Dragon King added.

While everyone was making their wishes, Yan Xiaoling sighed with relief and then @Many Cats:

"Box, Box. No, dear cat reporter, are you nervous? Do you want to disclose the inside story?"

Many Cats did not reply in time, for everyone in the seats of Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was focusing on the ring with a serious look. They did not even have time to check their cellphones.

Lou Cheng followed Yan Zheke in standing up and smiled deliberately.

"In which way do you want me to cheer you up? I will do everything for you, even if you want me to dance the hula!"

He tried to diffuse his girlfriend's tension and stress with some jokes.

Yan Zheke smiled. Taking a deep breath, she encouraged herself.

"If I win, you must give me a massage tonight until I fall asleep. You can't do anything else!"

"Okay, no problem. Come on! Seize this opportunity and I'm sure you will win the match!" Lou Cheng promised her without hesitation. Stretching his hand to give the girl five, he grasped the girl's hand secretly.

"Ah!" Yan Zheke nodded.

In order to save time, she did not high five Li Mao, Cai Zongming, and the other fellows one at a time. Instead, she turned sideways and waved her fist at them.

Then she walked toward the ring along the path that Lin Que had just covered.


In the seats of Capital College Martial Arts Club, Chen Diguo exhaled like a bellows and then sighed.

"What a tough battle!"

If Jiang Kongchan had not mastered the Force of the Plague Sect, she would have lost the match to Lin Que, and the final year of her university martial arts career would have ended in regret.


"Be careful, Kongchan…" standing near Chen Diguo with his arms crossed over his chest, Shen You said to himself with great concern.

"Chan is always careful." Ren Li was drinking a can of soup called Jiuan, Jiuan, which helped nourish and regulate organs, while keeping her eyes on the ring.

Chen Diguo nodded. "Yeah, though Chan is childlike and even logy sometimes, she treats everything with great caution and patience. So there is a very fair possibility of her defeating a Professional-Ninth-Pin fighter."

"Well, you said that Chan was logy." Ren Li got the point without turning her gaze to Chen Diguo.

When Yan Zheke walked into the ring, all the leading fighters and substitutes of Capital College Martial Arts Club suddenly calmed down as if they all had turned mute for a moment.

It was the round that would determine success or failure!


The audience in the stands also reacted differently to the round since they supported different teams, and the cheering sounds gradually faded down. Ding Yixin was a fan of both teams, so she could not even dare not to look at the ring. Finally, she sat huddled beside Qiu Hailin, burying her face in Qiu Hailin's shoulder.

"How come you are so nervous?" Qiu Hailin was amused.

Her heart was also racing uncontrollably, and she did not know whom she was actually worrying about, her mother school or her present schoolmates.

"Of course I'm nervous. The loser will say goodbye to this place and go back home in regret. No matter how much effort they have put in, even if they have spent most of their youth on martial arts, they will have to accept the cruel reality. How could I feel happy now?" Ding Yixin said sincerely.

She majored in Chinese in Capital College.

"You have the heart of an artistic, young person…" Du Yiyi said jokingly, but the great concern in her face gave her away. She also did not want to witness this doomed tragedy.


In the broadcasting booth, Liu Chang looked through the stands and seats of each martial arts club along with the camera and then sighed with emotion.

"The knockout round is always cruel. Only the winner will remain in the ring, and the other teams must go home to improve themselves until next year's competition, but some of them may miss the competition forever."

"And maybe regret it forever," Chen Sansheng added.

In order to keep suspense, Liu Chang asked,

"Sansheng, it there any possibility that Songcheng University will win the match?"

"Yeah, but there is not a high chance of that, and it still depends on the performance of both teams." Chen Sansheng thought for a while and said, "To be honest, the previous round cost Jiang Kongchan much stamina and energy because of the use of the Plague Sect force. On top of that, she blocked Lin Que's Lin Que's Meteor Blast with great effort and the shock may be still within her body. If her next opponent were Lou Cheng or Lin Que at the pre-Dan Stage, Songcheng would be likely to win the competition, considering their previous competition with the tired-out Wei Shengtian and Zhou Zhengquan. However, her next opponent is Yan Zheke, who is much weaker than they are…"

He suddenly stopped since the program director again changed the scene to the seats of both martial arts clubs. He saw Lou Cheng, Ren Li, Lin Que, and Chen Diguo all stand up, hold their substitutes' hands, and turn their gazes to the ring. They were actually praying while cheering for their teammates, telling them they were always standing hand in hand!

The atmosphere in the gymnasium suddenly turned serious and tense.

"Sigh, let's enjoy the last performance of Songcheng University or Capital College in the National Competition," Liu Chang said.

In the ring, Yan Zheke had already lowered her center of gravity and made a stance in front of Jiang Kongchan.

On the other side, Jiang Kongchan was still adjusting her breath. Her pale face and black lips showed that she had suffered a lot from the match with Lin Que.

Taking a glance at the girls, the referee raised his right hand and announced,


Round four started!

The last match of Songcheng University or Capital College began!

Swinging her center of gravity forward, Jiang Kongchan flashed towards Yan Zheke with wind-like footwork.

She intended to attack at the first opportunity and chase Yan Zheke with her Wind Step. When she found the flaw of Yan Zheke's defense, she would suppress her opponent with Whirlwind and the other moves, forcing Yan Zheke to block her Weaken Force directly. She was also saving some strength at the same time in preparation for another Force Concentration to avoid anything unexpected.

Instead of standing still, Yan Zheke jumped backwards lightly like an antelope, trying to fight a running battle with Jiang Kongchan.

In the audience's eyes, the chasing and running figures were actually dancing around the ring. As time went by, Jiang Kongchang, who had the upper hand in every aspect, began changing her direction constantly with mercurial balance and gradually narrowed the gap between herself and Yan Zheke.

Finally, she targeted and approached Yan Zheke after turning abruptly like a ghost and then kicked her tightened legs out.

At that moment, she saw the beautiful girl raise her hands to make a gesture that she was familiar with!

"It's impossible!" While Jiang Kongchan was still doubting what she had seen, she heard a low but dulcet voice say,


Nine Words Formula, Army Formula!

Now Formula, Army Formula!

Now that Li Que was able to learn the Xing Formula, why did Yan Zheke not know the Nine Words Formula?

She had not only learned the Attainment Formula, but also the Swordsman and Army Formulas!

In order to help his girlfriend, Lou Cheng even begged his master to borrow the original rubbings of the Army and Zhe Formulas instead of using his own copy!

In order to make the most of the Nine Words Formula, Yan Zheke, who had not appeared in the ring in the previous matches, had kept that word in her mouth until Jiang Kongchan approached her. If she had used the formula from a long distance, Jiang Kongchan might have recovered quickly with her tough willingness, and thus Yan Zheke would not have gotten the chance to launch an attack!


Yan Zheke's spirit began invading Jiang Kongchan's mind like hundreds and thousands of blades, and she immediately suffered from a nervous breakdown and was about to cry and beg her to stop.

Now was the time!

Yan Zheke visualized a dropping meteor in her mind to gather the Qi within her body, then she swung her right arm quickly to punch at Jiang Kongchan.

The move of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Force!

Though Yan Zheke could not advance to the Dan Stage, she could make herself be at the top of Professional Ninth Pin. Now that her brother could master the Meteor Force before he reached the Dan Stage, she could do that as well!

She had not wasted a second over the past few months!


Her punch triggered a fierce gust of wind.

Jiang Kongchan raised her arm to protect herself as soon as she had sobered up. Then she began preparing for another Force Concentration to remove all of the hidden danger.


As if being hit directly by the blast wave, Jiang Kongchan felt like the remaining shock in her body was activated and her Qi, blood, and all her organs began burning. Her groaning mind stopped her from gathering all her force to make another attack.

Yan Zheke shook her left arm and threw it toward her opponent, which stopped near Jiang Kongchan's throat.

The referee was stunned for a while and then raised his right hand to announce,

"Round four, Yan Zheke wins!"

"The final result, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

Yan Zheke sighed with relief upon hearing the referee's words. If she had failed to defeat Jiang Kongchan with that attack just now, Songcheng would now be the losers!

Then a sudden joy overpowered her, making her turn around and wave her fist at all her teammates, who were still stunned.


The whole gymnasium was silent.


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