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Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love) - Chapter 82


Chapter 82

Chapter 82 - Extra 6: Gu Xin's Day.

It was 6:45 in the morning when Gu Xin woke up.

The early morning sunshine seeped into the spacious bedroom through the thick curtains at the windows, bringing about a gloomy atmosphere.

Gu Xin rose from the bed, simultaneously picking up a pair of jeans as he walked up bare-naked to part open the window curtains.

Having lost its obstruction, the light instantly illuminated Gu Xin's body. He lifted his hand and parted his hair to one side as he gazed out the window. He then turned around and headed towards his wardrobe.

Gu Xin didn't have plans to record a song today;he intended to dedicate the entire day to compose a new song.

He selected a black t-shirt to put on and then went on the treadmill for a run.

By the time Gu Xin's morning exercise ended, it turned 8:00 sharp. He went to his refrigerator and took out a large carton of milk. While doing so, he discovered that his fridge was nearly empty.

When Gu Xin finished his breakfast, he picked up his keys which laid on the table and went out to get food to refill his fridge.

Near Gu Xin's house was a convenience store. Since not many people frequented this convenience store in particular, Gu Xin felt secure with leaving the house with just a hat on.

When opening the doors into the convenience store, the bells above rang crisply. Behind the cash register stood a short-haired female, who spoke up in a sweet tone: ’’Welcome.’’

Gu Xin swept a glance at her;it was not someone he recognized. It was probably a new employee. Her appearance was not bad;it was as sweet as her voice.

Gu Xin walked towards the food section. After getting the items he needed, he went towards the cash register for check-out.

’’Hello, that will be a total of 483 yuan.[1]’’ Although she was a new employee, she performed rather skillfully. It did not take long for her to total up Gu Xin's items.

Gu Xin dug out his credit card and handed it over to the cashier[2]. When the cashier took the card into her cards, a feeling of shock jolted through her body: ’’You are...’’

’’I am not.’’ Gu Xin lowered his hat.

The girl blinked a few;she didn't pursue the matter any further. After receiving the payment, the girl returned Gu Xin his credit card along with a receipt.

When Gu Xin exited the store with his shopping bags, the bells above the door rang out once again.

As Gu Xin walked along the streets, luxurious looking cars would past by at the side from time to time. At front, there were four or five high school girls dressed up with cakes and various gifts in their hands, laughing and talking as they walked towards Gu Xin.

Gu Xin subconsciously lowered his hat as much as possible. If he were to turn around now, it would appear too suspicious. Gu Xin pretended to not pay them any attention as he walked past.

But when the girls noticed the man, the tone of their voices increased.

Gu Xin thought that even if he wasn't wearing the uniform he tends to wear on stage, he would still raise shrieks and shrills from girls.

’’Wow, look there. That boy is so tall.’’

’’Yeah yeah, at least 1.85 meters[3]?’’

’’Great figure, long legs, slim waistline.’’

One after another, the girls' voices drifted into Gu Xin's ears. Gu Xin remained calm as they walked closer closer and closer.

As the distance became shorter, the girls' gazes on Gu Xin became more and more meticulous. Before both parties could even walk past one another, the girl holding a cake suddenly shouted out: ’’It's Gu Xin!’’

Right then and there, there was no hesitation;Gu Xin immediately turned around and ran.

These fans, high school girls, were the most troublesome. Gu Xin had experienced this more than once.

However, in this time's escape, it seemed like other girls who were sitting nearby overheard the commotion and, too, joined in on the chase.

There were only a few pedestrians who had no idea what was going on and cluelessly observed the ruckus.

As Gu Xin ran down the street at a rapid pace, he unwittingly entered the same convenience store he had been in just moments ago.

’’Wel......’’ The girl behind the cash register didn't even utter a whole word, staggeringly moving her mouth to change her speech: ’’Mister, have you dropped something?’’

Gu Xin hurriedly rushed to her front, asking: ’’Is there a place that I can hide for a bit?’’ After he finished asking, he turned and went towards the direction of the restroom before the other could even reply.

Gu Xin felt that it would be a piece of cake to avoid his fans by hiding in the restrooms.

’’Wait, how about you enter our lounge area.’’ The girl behind the cash register shouted at Gu Xin, quickly dashing towards the lounge and opening its door for him.

Gu Xin glanced at the girl, before stepping into the lounge and locking the door from behind.

When the girl returned to the cash register, the female fans who were chasing Gu Xin arrived into the store.

’’Welcome.’’ The girl politely greeted them, her smiling expression impeccable.

The expression impeccable.

The cake-holding high school girl came up to the cashier, impatiently asking: ’’Have you seen Gu Xin?’’

The cashier blinked her eyes: ’’Gu Xin? It's that banana donut over there. It was endorsed by him.’’ The cashier pointed a finger to a shelf at her left side. ’’There's even a picture of him on the wrapping.’’

High School Girl: ’’......’’

She took a deep breath, then spoke: ’’I'm talking about the actual person.’’

Cashier: ’’I haven't seen him in real life. Will he be doing some concerts towards the end of the year?’’

High School Girl: ’’......’’

This cashier's IQ... other than work, does she not have anything else on her mind? And it's just cashiering![4]

It may be best to switch up the question: ’’Have you seen a tall, lean boy who was wearing a hat along with a black t-shirt and black jeans?’’

Cashier: ’’Oh! I've seen him! He came here to shop just recently!’’

The high school girl looked as if she finally found some hope: ’’And then?’’

’’Then he just ran off.’’ The cashier pointed her finger towards the outside of the convenience store;the main road.

The high school girl looked at the cashier for a while, then chuckled: ’’I beg your pardon, where would the restrooms be? May I use it?’’

The cashier nodded: ’’Of course.’’

The cashier pointed towards the restroom for her.

The high school girl had her classmate hold onto her cake for her before she entered the restroom. Not long after, she exited the restroom with an impatient expression: ’’He's not in there, perhaps he really did run off. Hurry and chase!’’

And thus, several high school girls flocked out of the convenience store.

The cashier watched the backs of the girls hurrying out. She let out a sigh and shook her head.

She shook her head.

She went towards the lounge entrance and knocked on the door: ’’Mister, they've left. You can come out.’’

The unlocking of the door sounded out and Gu Xin walked out of the lounge.

The girl raised her head and looked at him, laughing: ’’So you are actually Gu Xin?’’

Gu Xin laughed back, responding: ’’Sorry.’’

The girl didn't mind: ’’You should quickly leave, who knows if your fans will come back.’’

’’Ok, thank you......’’ He swept a glance across the girl's name tag. ’’Miss Chen Shishi.’’

Chen Shishi has heard her name thousands of times before, but when the name came out of this man's mouth, she felt her heart skip a beat. She even felt her cheeks slightly flushed.

Gu Xin let out a small chuckle as he began exiting the store, but after a few steps he turned back around, landing his gaze on the girl.

Gu Xin recalled that about now should be nearing the time for the convenience store's employees to switch shifts.

’’Wha- what is it?’’ Miss Chen Shishi was at a lost under Gu Xin's gaze.

Gu Xin raised the corners of his lips and lifted up the shopping bags he had in his hand. He then asked:

’’Do you like eating curry rice?’’







《Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love)》

The End.

[1]483 Yuan = 76 USD~

[2]顾信掏出一张卡递了过去 (It just saids ’’card’’. It can be a check, credit card, anything qwq! I just settled with credit card because I believe in China, customers would hand their credit cards to the cashier for them to swipe it on the machine. But it can also just be an identification card, since security is very strict in some parts of China, even if you are just buying food.)

[3]1.85 meters = 6 feet~



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