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Marietta-hime No Konrei - Chapter 22


Chapter 22


Sierra's long night eventually came to an end, and she returned to work the following afternoon. No matter how desperately she attempted to remain steady however, her trembling hips and tottering steps eventually prompted Marietta to call out to her in concern.

’’Sierra, are you alright? What in the world did this to you?’’

’’... Indeed, just what did me... Special attention is needed to deal with brutish men, milady.’’

Seriously, especially when it comes to secretly muscle-headed seconds-in-command of the army! Really, to use my earnest request as a pretense, hiding behind that gentle face as he does such lascivious things to my body...

Sierra, as she recalled the beast that lurked below that sociable smile, could only blush.

[Every time you read this line, Marietta cries]

’’You must be thinking 'don't people usually wait until their wedding night for this' right?’’

’’Ahh, if that's the case, please stop, ahn~’’

’’However, if Princess Marietta asks you before then, you'll both be stumped for an answer, so hadn't you better memorize it all in advance?... Yup, this here is completely adorable.’’

’’Hyaan, stooop, bringing your face there... you can't, nooo!’’

To be sure, Sierra was thankful for a great deal that night. Thanks to thorough use of perfumed oils and attention, she felt no discomfort, and the instruction on bedroom matters could be called nothing less than the full course.


’’Now then, let's hold another review, yeah?’’

With lines like that, they would vehemently continue from the top, again and again.

Adlan, while maintaining his courteous explanations, launched a barrage upon Sierra's body, alternatively revealing and caressing every inch of her to the heights of sensitivity. The pleasure forced tears to her eyes until dawn broke and their embrace finally ended.

’’Look Sierra, this is the being called a man, you see.’’

Embarrassed from having that specific spot, untouched by others, not only seen but licked, the emotional damage had stolen away Sierra's breath. Despite her faint pants, Adlan's honeyed words sneaked directly into her ear, declaring his love even as his shaft was thrust through her body again and again.

’’Do you feel the way you hold me inside of you? This place is meant for me alone, so I'll engrave this feeling deep so that no other man can try to enter.’’

His emerald green eyes like a verdant pasture seethed with passion and an intense inner light. The large, stiff hands forged in swordsmanship interwove themselves with Sierra's soft, white fingers and pinned the woman to the bed. Her heavy breath was blocked as the thick tongue of a man pierced her lips and churned through every nook and corner.

From his usual sociable appearance, one wouldn't even be able to imagine the amorously vehement man before Sierra spouting pheromones from his whole body. At her wit's end, the inexperienced maid had no option but to follow along.

Afterwards, despite only sleeping a few hours after embracing Sierra through the entire night, Adlan somehow greeted the remainder of the day and his work with a dazzling face and overwhelming vigour.

Even though Sierra couldn't move until the sun was well into the sky.

No matter how much Sierra regularly drilled her body, she could never match up to the muscles of the active duty, second-in-command of the army.

’’I love you’’;’’be mine for as long as we live’’;’’I'll give you my everything’’;his sweet words flowing even as Adlan's manhood was driven into Sierra's body, a sweltering haze settled within her is it repeated, over and over, in and out.

In the end, her consciousness grew dim midway through, and her powerless white legs were lightly held apart as her body was jolted.

’’I love you, darling Sierra.’’

[This line too]

’’What 'knight'... They are all, without doubt, nothing but beasts! Those men all ought to learn the definition of 'going overboard'!’’

’’S-Sierra, really, what is it that happened last evening? Was it so detestable?’’

Sierra declared her thoughts in a low, forceful voice, startling the as yet inexperienced Marietta into asking of the maid's well being once more.


No, it was certainly troublesome in ways, but not detestable. Between Adlan's tempestuous pursuit, being held tight to his hot, sturdy chest, and hearing the knight proudly spouting on about their relationship, it wasn't bad... No, rather, she felt a pleasantly comfortable, instinctual happiness and excitement. Nonetheless, admitting as much was a bit embarrassing.

Be that as it may, she most assuredly did not wish to burden Marietta with negative thoughts for when she would share a bed with Belvant.

’’Well, to call it detestable, or rather, it's...’’

Sierra's words lacked commitment and she blushed fiercely.

’’Perhaps I can say it differs somewhat from the romance novella I provided previously.’’

’’Ah, that story! Ehehe’’

Recalling a particularly romantic love scene, Marietta giggled as a pink tint crept across her cheeks.

’’Was it not a dazzling night, like the dream of two lovers?’’


No, in reality it was like a nightmare, an endless night of eroticism.

Sierra concealed her retort behind a soft cough.

’’That is certainly how it is, indeed, not detestable at all. However, there are some small... Well, for example, there are issues such as size.’’

’’Size? How do you mean?’’

Marietta tilted her charmingly tiny head.

That men weren't so charmingly tiny down there was precisely the problem.

[Belvant has been notified of your transgression. Please wait patiently for termination]

When it came to Adlan, though his muscles were considerable, his physique was not to the degree of Belvant's. With his slender figure for a knight, he did not look the slightest bit ’’macho’’.

Even so.

’’S-sir Adlan, what is that?!’’

The nude Adlan was in top form down below! The erect figure waiting there was plenty ready to verify that, and the shock of the sight sent shivers of fear through Sierra.

’’It got like this thanks to my desire for you, Sierra. Wanna try touching it?’’

That arched stiffly towards the heavens as though to defy any thought of gravity, far and away from anything Sierra had imagined from such things. The dark red, ominous force it boasted was definitely rank A.

’’No, that's completely unreasonable, such a large thing would never fit inside!’’

Sierra's charm was so intense as she desperately shook her head, tears in her eyes, that Adlan struggled to suppress the bubbling desire to tease her as he gently responded.

’’It'll be alright, just leave everything to me. I'll make sure you're properly relaxed so that putting it in doesn't hurt at all. Okay?’’

Later, after Adlan had made true on his words to prevent any pain by shattering Sierra's mind beforehand, he let leak a stray thought.

’’Oh~, I wonder, will the princess be alright? Since she's smaller than you, Sierra, and Belvant is gargantuan compared to me, you know~’’

’’Huh, you mean to say that they can get bigger than this?!’’

Sierra, crammed full as she was by a veritable rod of meat, was shocked by the beyond unreasonable circumstances.

[Don't think you can run forever]

’’I understand, Sierra. In that case, I must go and affirm the real thing.’’

Sierra ended up explaining her worries in a rather roundabout manner, but Marietta properly listened before she responded with resolve.

’’Um, 'affirm', you say...’’

’’In order to gain victory, on must know one's enemy! Whether love can surmount this obstacle or not, I cannot begin if I don't know the truth. It's alright, no matter what sort of that it is, as long as it is Sir Belvant's that down there, I can love it!’’

’’Well, as I would expect of My Lady, you are magnificently proactive. Although that is certainly... it isn't wrong, but...’’

Marietta was, quite plainly, saying something completely outrageous. By saying she would affirm the real thing, she was declaring that she would strip Belvant down to the nude to look down there. If Sierra were the calm and composed maid she usually was, she would surely halt this idea immediately. Today however, her considerable fatigue and emotional damage left her feeling strangely disconnected from her common discernment.

And on top of all that.

’’Princess Marietta, I give my salutations.’’

As though the various thoughts concerning him had allowed him to manifest, Adlan located Sierra and, despite being in the middle of work, he wrapped his arms tight around her waist in an embrace and brought her a kiss.

’’Sir Adlan, desist with, nmm!’’

Unmindful of how they were standing just before Marietta, Adlan even went so far as to add his tongue to their kiss.

’’Kyaannn, nooo~’’

Right before the delighted princess was a passionate kiss scene, straight from her illustrations.

’’Is it alright for you to be up and about? I wonder if I held back too much.’’

’’No, if that's your degree of holding back, it is sufficient, now cease this-’’

As her fiance moved to begin setting new red claims upon her neck, Sierra frantically pushed him away.

’’Now, milady, it is important that you spend time with General Fargus.’’

’’It is indeed. How sly of you to start flirting on your own, Sir Adlan.’’

Marietta finished her words by turning to Sierra with a thumbs up, mouthing ’’I'm going to affirm it!’’ before she left. Sierra let herself sink onto the room's sofa, utterly exhausted and filled with the inexplicable feeling that she had overlooked something outrageous.


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