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Marietta-hime No Konrei - Chapter 18


Chapter 18

Sierra Struggles

After that, Belvant took a horrendously cold shower until his mind and body (and nethers) were properly cooled off. Returning from the bathroom once more, he found Marietta still sprawled across the sofa and gently lifted her in his arms.

’’Oh... Sir Belvant.’’

Cloudy, blue eyes gazed at him.

A tongue captivatingly peeked between moist lips.

He had only just chilled himself to the bone, and yet before he could so much as breathe, Belvant's temperature was rocketing up.

After all, muscles generate a lot of heat.

Actually, no, that probably didn't have much to do with the current situation, but still.

’’She's just a girl, a girl!’’ I kept thinking, and yet this person's se*ual appeal recently is bewildering... Is it, maybe, my fault?

Belvant mobilized his rationality as he sat down on the sofa, placing Marietta on his lap. Marietta raised her eyes to his troubled face as he quietly combed through her smooth, golden hair.

’’You alright? I'm sorry, I went too far.’’


Having the one she loved so close, looking at her with such tender eyes as he stroked her hair, Marietta gave a soft blush as she fidgeted about.

’’I, when conferred any thing or act by Sir Belvant, will be happy no matter what it is. However, the way my mind went white just earlier was quite odd. I myself don't quite understand what happened.’’

Belvant's affectionate eyes sparked.

What is this adorable young rabbit! Any thing or act, is it? You can say that even despite that ridiculous misconduct earlier? Is her wariness towards men just that lacking? Or is it... that she likes me so much that she'll pardon anything? Ah, I want to pounce right on this tender, defenseless body;I want to taste her all over and gobble her up.’’

Belvant's inner beast of prey growled, but somehow or another his reason kept it in check.

’’Marietta, how much do you know of the acts of married couples?’’

Belvant asked, since it seemed as though she didn't understand the small bud of an orgasm she experienced before.

’’Married couples?’’

Her head tilted to the side, curiosity written across her face.

’’Or, maybe, if I called them bedroom matters...’’

Thereupon, Marietta replaced her curious look with an embarrassed one.

’’That... I am sorry, but despite our approaching marriage, I have not yet properly understood bedroom matters. From Sierra, I've learned that it consists of, in one bed, a couple disrobing, and, well, laying together, however... My insufficient study is truly inexcusable.’’

No, hey, is that really the extent of it all?!

So I just groped and coaxed an orgasm out of a clueless young lady! How am I not a terrible, perverted old man?

Despite his reflections, Belvant displayed the composure of an adult man and began instructing Marietta.

’’Don't apologize, leading one's wife is also a husband's role, right? Ah, Marietta, I suppose first on the discussion of bedroom matters is the thing from earlier. For women, that reaction is pretty generally expected, so you don't have to worry about when your 'mind went white'. Rather, for these matters, it's the proper outcome, so we could maybe call you a rare talent, or, maybe natural disposition is the better term. Regardless what you call it, think of it as a happy thing.’’

Hearing Belvant's explanation, Marietta's somewhat anxious expression lit right up.

’’Well, is that so! Wonderful, I'm truly relieved. You are quite knowledgeable, Sir Belvant. Once more, you've provided me your consultation to assuage my worries. I humbly thank you for granting this young lady your guidance.’’

’’What a reliable husband’’ the reverence in Marietta's sparkling gaze seem to say. Belvant seriously nodded with an innocent look.

Truly relieved... isn't what you should be feeling, little rabbit;the one in front of you can't help but want to gobble you up like a beast.

Ignorant of Belvant's internal discord, the little rabbit innocently snuggled up to him, only compounding his worries.

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’’Sir Belvant has also started providing me information on bedroom matters, you know? I wonder how Sir Husband can be so reliable...’’

Sierra, combing Marietta's damp, freshly washed hair from behind, choked.

’’Wh-, b-bedroom...?’’

’’Right. With the various things Sir Belvant properly understands, he can provide instruction in anything. However, I don't think I should merely impose upon his benevolence. Such a splendid husband deserves an appropriate wife, and... Goodness, I'm going to be his wife, right? Ehe, that's right, in order to become an appropriate wife, I have no choice but reliable study.’’

Her shy eyes raised to the mirror before her to reveal Sierra's stiff face.

’’And so, were you able to find good study materials?’’

’’Y-yes, I was able to find one copy of a book I think will be easy to understand. I will prepare it presently.’’

Sierra retrieved the adult romance novella (The Dazzling Romance of the Body Building Knight and the Young Lady) she had obtained. From her somewhat red face, it was apparent that she had already finished reading this... shall we say, M rated novella. For Sierra, who had never known a man in most senses, it was a bit too stimulating.

’’Here it is, my lady. However, as it seems this book does not cover all bedroom matters, I plan to secure more books for study.’’

’’Thank you again, Sierra. I can always rely on you.’’

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Now then, about Princess Marietta's reliable maid Sierra.

At twenty one years of age, she was three years Marietta's senior, and best described as a cool beauty. Besides her platinum blonde, silky hair and blue eyes, she also possessed a sharp wit and a polished sword arm, making her a truly accomplished woman. Her head turned quickly, as did her heart. However, whether it was because she was too good to be true, or because the eyes she gave men were quite severe, she had spent all her years a virgin.

That said, such a thing was no hindrance for her work as a maid.

Until now.

Someone like me is supposed to teach bedroom etiquette! As it is, I wonder if it would be good to let the husband take over, the so called ’’passing the buck’’... No, I cannot run away using the Princess' request to study. If I am not sincerely reliable...

Her worries worried away at her.

For a situation like this, it would be great if I could pick out a suitable man at my own discretion and just do it once in advance!

No, I don't think that'd be too great at all. You should really put more value in yourself.

At any rate, the earnest attendant brooded to that extent.

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After finishing their usual romance novel reading, Marietta's breath had grown ragged, saying ’’what do I do, the bedroom, somehow, eep!’’, and Sierra had to calm her down with a reprimand that ’’you ought not become so vehement from the onset;please calm down’’. After escorting the red faced princess to her date proper, Sierra reflexively let out a sigh.

’’Miss Maid, what's wrong? Got some troubles?’’

Adlan intended to greet her as usual, but when he saw Sierra's unusual state, he worried.

’’Sir Adlan... No, I am fine.’’

Adlan, Belvant's ever aloof advisor, looked rather out of character as his eyebrows bunched together.

’’You don't look all that fine though. You seem like the sort, Miss Maid, to bottle everything up and work through things alone.’’


’’What's more, here and now after coming to Oltaire, you've had no chance to replace those few people you are able to consult with, right?’’

’’... Yes, I suppose you could say as much.’’

That was just the case. She had reached this point precisely because she had no one to turn to with her concerns.

’’If you're alright with me, I'm willing to listen anytime. If it's concerning those two handfuls, it's especially important that you get someone to listen in, since your decisions alone might topple the country, Miss Maid.’’

’’Topple the country, you say?’’

At Sierra's alarmed expression, Adlan shrugged and took up a grin.

’’Sorry, I guess that's too menacing a way to say it? But whether those two get along or not is an international issue, right? Therefore, everyone from me to the royal family is concerned.’’

’’Well, that's certainly the case.’’

’’Since we've reached this point anyways, come along to my room.’’

Like Belvant, Adlan had a room prepared in the royal castle whenever his work necessitated an overnight stay, as his was a post that was obliged to work overtime during emergencies.

Since it seemed it would have been a hassle to talk in the corridor, he beckoned Sierra inside for the sake of his work.

There was, without doubt, nothing to feel guilty about in this situation.

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When compared to Adlan, Sierra was approximately ten years his junior, and seemed little more than a charming girl. Even with her natural skill and strength, Adlan, whose sword arm was not to be trifled with, would likely only think ’’this child's been working hard, huh?’’

This was the margin of seniority.

That perhaps slightly favored girl was worried right before his eyes. Lacking her usual composure, her struggling figure wondering what to do was quite fresh, and as Adlan smiled, he might have thought that the gap between this and her typical figure was quite cute.

’’As I thought, speaking with Sir Adlan... With men... However, without men, I wonder...’’

Worrying, worrying, how adorable. It might be a difficult trouble to reveal to a man, huh? Since Miss Maid does her best every day, I'd like to do something to settle her issue.

Adlan took a seat to begin their interview, and Sierra sat on the neighboring sofa, her body turned towards him. The 45 degree angle, he had found, made it easier for people to speak.

’’Even just saying things out loud, you'll be able to organize your thoughts, and you might even start onto a clue, you know?’’

’’Is that how it is?’’

’’Trust me when I say that, upon my honor, nothing I hear will leave this room.’’

Sierra brooded for a while longer, but since she had felt for some time that Adlan was someone she could trust, she resolutely opened her mouth.

’’I, wish to lose my virginity.’’

’’... Huh?’’

’’That is, I wish for that experience, the experience between a man and a woman. This attendant must absolutely take up this experience and report it to her lady!’’


As expected by the troubles that exceeded his expectations, Adlan sat speechless, pinned under those unwavering blue eyes.

’’Please, do it with me!’’

Author Note:

How in the world will Adlan respond to this request from Sierra?

Look forward to the next issue (lol)


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