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Marietta-hime No Konrei - Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Dancing with You

’’Announcing General Fargus and, from the Kingdom of Stellaus, Princess Marietta!’’

By this point, almost everyone present knew of Oltaire's hero Belvant and the high profile, so-called ’’princess of the nation’’ Marietta.

Setting foot into the hall prepared for the evening party, Marietta was forced to recognize the sheer scale of this country called Oltaire. The vast hall overflowing with people differed from what she would have seen in her own country. Since Stellaus was a small kingdom, whenever she attended an event, she would be able to recognize most of her acquaintances. Here, however, the crowd was a mass of the unknown.

The moment they entered, all those unfamiliar eyes turned towards Marietta, as though appraising her. For just a moment, her hand tightened it's grip on Belvant's arm. His attention drawn, Belvant passed Marietta a fleeting glance.

’’Shall we go, Sir Belvant?’’

Though one might have expected her to falter under the pressure, she turned forward with a bright smile as she looked at each and every person. Since her youth, the lady of Stellaus had trained in social etiquette, and that training shone clearly in her bewitching smile and dignified wave to the crowd.

’’Is that Stellaus' Princess Marietta?’’

’’I had heard the rumors, but she truly is a beautiful lady.’’

’’She certainly is the Living Jewel of Stellaus, no?’’

It seemed she had already garnered quite the bit of fame as the lovely treasure of the Stellaus royal family, but actually seeing her in person showed that the person herself lived up to her rumors, if not exceeded them.

Marietta smiling face turned across the room, granting a generous nod to those that met her eyes. Those caught by her noble radiance, her pitiful beauty, could only breath a sigh. Upon those small, noble shoulders rested the entire Stellaus Kingdom.

She is so much more than simply a beautiful face.

Impressed by the strength of her heart, Belvant proudly puffed out his chest as he escorted his fiance. Of course, he made sure to fire silent, coercive glares at any man who looked at Marietta with a speck of impure intent.

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The evening party was a chance to socialize, and, as a dance was a vital measure of communication for events like these, dancing was an indispensable skill for nobles. Belvant hailed from a lower noble family himself, and as such, received training in various aristocratic responsibilities, up to and including dancing... Supposedly. As it happened, he could hardly ever find a woman to practice with him, so his skill with his feet was yet unseen.

’’Marietta, let's go.’’


The first to dance for the evening would be the king and queen, followed by the escorted couple. The two fiances would need to dance through three straight pieces of music under the watchful, judging eyes of the Oltaire aristocracy. This was a battle ground, even if it didn't look the part.

Marietta took Belvant's hand, and the two stepped forward to begin their battle.


As soon as Marietta felt the weight of his arm around her back, the cold eyes around her seemed to disappear. Her face slightly blushing, when she raised her glittering eyes, she could see nothing but Belvant, feeling nothing but pure joy.

I'm glad I am able to dance with this dreamy Sir Belvant! I've been blessed. Ah, this man will become my husband, you know? This mighty, gallant gentleman! All mine! I love you, Belvant.

Concealing her sweet desire to monopolize the general, her slim fingers tightly seized Belvant's hand. Meeting her eyes, hearing those rose petal lips ecstatically mutter his name, a smile teased at Belvant's lips.

This girl... No, this woman, she truly likes me, huh?

To her honest, yearning eyes, her sweltering gaze, there existed nothing and no one besides the man called ’’The Invincible General’’, and ’’The Most Wicked Knight’’. The macho man, who often reeked of sweat and aimed to become a knight since his earliest memories, was nearly moved to tears by his partner.

This golden kitten, this extraordinarily charming creature that looked fluffy and tender enough to shatter if he was too rough, looked at him with favor, her blue eyes unclouded by fear.

Belvant felt his chest squeeze in an almost painful sweet feeling.

I'll cherish you, I'll make sure you're happy, so, please, stay with me forever.

Belvant put more strength into the hands embracing Marietta, and she happily pressed herself against him. The first tune started soon after, and the two began their dance. However, because of the difference in their heights, their step size was completely different. Just as it seemed Marietta's posture would break from the sheer difference in their leg length, Belvant lightly swept her up.

’’Well, this is to be expe...’’

Wrapped tightly in an embrace, Marietta realized about halfway through her step that she was flying through the air. With Belvant taking almost complete charge of her weight, her body was as light as a feather.

Then, under Belvant's considerable skill, Marietta was turning circles as she danced in the air, looking in every way like a genuine fairy. That lovely young fairy's dance with the fearless black lion looked as though it had sprung straight from a dream, and the assorted eyes of the gallery were fascinated.

Dancing in the air, Marietta gradually found she couldn't contain her amusement and let out a tinkling laugh.

’’Hehe, Sir Belvant, what fun!’’

’’Is that right.’’

’’It's like I am flying. It is a wonderful feeling.’’

’’If you are so delighted, I guess I'll let you soar as much as you like.’’

Turning her about in a flashy rotation, Marietta gifted him with a joyous smile that made even the glittering Oltaire diamonds around her neck appear dull.

Facing such an innocent young Marietta, feeling her affection, Belvant's face grew boundlessly tender and sweet.


Seeing the two fall into their own little world, a shock ran through everyone present.

’’Hey, the heck, is he smiling?! That General?’’

’’The 'Fierce God' is smiling... Is this the end of the world?’’

’’No, wait, calm down, are we certain that that is General Fargus? Because...’’

That smiling Belvant.

Was an Outrageously Handsome Man.

The tight, lean muscles about his tall body were well packed into his black formals, and his silky, tawny hair was neatly set. His ice blue eyes held a brilliant shine, and just below his nose, his somewhat thick, se*y lips wore an affectionate smile. Though the description sounded like a typical hero from one of Marietta's beloved romance novels, it was no exaggeration;the man was truly charming.

’’Is it true?! Is that General Fargus? That, how, he's such a dreamy gentleman!’’

’’How could I have not noticed... General Fargus is... so fascinating...’’

Many of the young ladies present, especially those with a taste for good looking, manly men, gazed at Belvant, spellbound.

Even though tonight was the debut of Belvant's betrothal, he had never before appeared so attractive to the opposite se* as he did in this moment.

[Beat them off with a stick, Marietta! (white)]

’’Miss Marietta's face... What?!’’

Among the many eyes watching the lovey-dovey couple, one woman alone staggered in shock: the attendant Sierra. Convinced that the princess' love sickness was actually poor physical health, Sierra had decided to stand watch over her master from a corner of the assembly hall.

’’That expression, it's the same one she wore when she fell for Lyortas, the hero of 'The Silver Knight and Captive Princess'... Her expression is so loose she looks near ready to melt, the face of someone madly in love... It can't be, does she not truly dislike the general? Wait, if that's the case, her behavior until now is incomprehensible. Let's see...’’

Sierra was in chaos.

’’Yo, Miss Maid. Thanks again for helping out the other day, eh?’’

Adlan, part of the security for tonight, recognized Sierra and gave a greeting before turning his eyes to the dancing couple.

’’Seeing them like this, those two seem fairly well-matched, no? In the beginning, I wondered how it would all work out, but they're getting along well. Ahh, they have such a good mood going that we might be sucked right in, huh?... Something wrong?’’

’’Their relationship, does it seem good?’’

’’Definitely good. Belvant has completely lost his head over the Princess' charm, right? That guy, it's easy to misunderstand him with how he looks, but inside he's an earnest, nice guy, and it looks like your princess has seen right through all that huh? Not bewildered by outward appearances, she is quite the level-headed woman.’’

’’That, is correct. The princess is a magnificent lady. She certainly holds eyes that can see through the truth.’’

Unlike my inexperienced self, Sierra weakly muttered.

’’How long, do you think it's been like that?’’

A bit of the situation was suspicious, but was it already too late? Had she fallen madly in love with the general?

’’Since when? You mean Princess Marietta's feelings, or Belvant's?’’

’’The Princess'.’’

’’I wonder. For that, wouldn't it be fine to just ask the princess herself? After all, girls love conversations like that, no?’’

’’... Yes, that would be best.’’

Still confused, Sierra let out a sigh.

[Author Note]

Sierra, shock!

Also, what is this attractive development;is this the same Belvant? (lol)


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