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Maou No Hajimekata - Chapter 17.2


Chapter 17.2

Translator: Smaturin

「Saint Meria. Thank you for visiting from such a faraway place. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Aur. They call me the Demon Lord.」

「...What do you mean to do with me?」

Aur had greeted her with an exaggerated tone of reverence, and Meria replied in a controlled voice without causing a commotion or shrinking back.

「You truly are a saint. Nothing can shake you.」

She could not move as her hands and feet had been bound. Aur moved her hair with his fingers and gripped her jaw as if to overpower her.

「My demands are simple. ...I will have you tell me about thaumaturgy.」

Thaumaturgy was similar to magic but was a skill that differed in both source and system. Unlike commonly known magic, only Saints learn and pass on this knowledge. It is said that it utilizes a power known as 『the force』as its source.

The prayers offered for the Harvest Ceremony, the barrier that surrounds the country are a result of this thaumaturgy. Aur understood that this was not sorcery, but he was not able to understand what it truly was and how to use it.

「I cannot.」

Meria answered with finality. That being said, Aur had expected such a reaction.

「Let me be frank. I employed rough measures to invite you here, but I have no intention of making an enemy of Lafenice. If you teach me about thaumaturgy, I will return you safely to your country and swear to never lay a hand on you again. You can be assured that I will not misuse this thaumaturgy. ...I just wish to retrieve something important that I have lost. That is it, that is all.」

「I cannot.」

Aur had talked passionately, but Meria answered without a change in expression or the appearance of doubt.

「...Then I have no choice. I will have to invade Lafenice, I will have to take it by force. You may believe that your country cannot be defeated, but we are that much prepared. But more than that, there will be casualties. Do you not wish to prevent that from happening?」

「Even so, I cannot teach thaumaturgy to you.」

Meria answered hopelessly.

Aur pretended to glare as he inspected Meria. Her expression had not changed at all, she was not sweating. Her eyes did not move, they continuously looked straightforward, there was no quiver in her voice, even her fingertips did not stir.

She had great acting skills if she was indeed hiding her fear and restlessness, if she did not even feel them, then she had exceptional courage. Even if she did have a hidden card to play, humans were not capable of maintaining their calm in such situations.

Aur fell silent for a while, he thought about what could be supporting her at this moment. Humans, whether it was yourself or others, cannot stand straight without the support of something. What that something is will differ from person to person, but that something will always exist.

Was it a love for her country? Or a sense of righteousness? Her pride as a Saint or her faith in God... He could think of a few, but none of them seemed to match Meria.

There was too little wavering in Meria for it to be any of those. Much too little. There was something that exceeded human knowledge... Did she have a God-like spirit of steel?

...It was preposterous. Aur shook his head, erased the thought from his mind. Whether you stopped being human, whether you were a Hero, whether you have lived many years, as long as you are human you cannot change the ways of your heart.

「In that case, I will make you regret that decision.」

Aur grabbed Meria's clothing and loudly tore it off. Aur's eyes caught the porcelain white skin, the breasts with tips like cherry blossoms and the se* hidden by the clear white bush which was the same color as her hair.

Even then, Meria's face did not change expression, not even a single eyebrow had moved. She only continued to look at Aur with still eyes.


「Come here.」

Spina appeared from within the darkness, she handed a small bottle to Aur. The contents were an aphrodisiac slime that she had previously created. But this time, the effects were doubled.

As Aur opened the bottle, the slime immediately latched onto Meria and absorbed her remaining clothes. It gained mass as it slid across the surface of her skin.


Meria's skin began to flush after a while, she let out a small cry. This type of drug was effective. It was not completely unexpected, but Aur was still relieved by the result.

Meria was of an unknown nature. As she utilized the unknown art of thaumaturgy, he was prepared for the possibility of something unpredictable occurring. But now an even greater restlessness came over Aur.

When he determined that the aphrodisiac had adequately entered into her body, Aur returned the slime into the bottle and pushed Meria onto the bed.

「I will enter you. Are you prepared?」

「By all means.」

Even while Aur Aur grabbed Meria's legs and his member became visible, her expression did not change. As the Saint replied without hesitation, Aur entered her without restraint.

Her se* was dripping wet as a result of the aphrodisiac, but it was tightly closed. It was apparent that no man had ever entered her. Aur did not mind, he continued to thrust inside. With a push, he entered deep within, as he pulled out the blood and fluids of arousal flowed out in a mixture.

「Look. The proof of your loss of purity.」


She frowned a little from the pain, but she did not appear to care a lot in her reply.

「I look forward to seeing how long that composure will last.」

Aur said as he kneaded both of Meria's breasts in circular motions with his hands.


She let out a small cry and her body moved slightly. Perhaps due to the aphrodisiac, her skin had become a bright red all the way up to her neck.

「Mmm, ahh, aaahh...!」

Meria let out a particularly loud cry as Aur moved his fingers towards her clitoris.

「It appears that you have explored this part yourself.」

「Mmm...uh, ahhh...」

Aur continued to thrust as his fingers rubbed that area which had become more sensitive as an effect of the drug. She was a virgin with no experience to speak of. Nothing could be done until she had learned what pleasure is at least once.

「To think one who is a Saint would drool and raise her voice with a man deep inside of her. Do you not find it shameful?」

「Aaahh...mmm, fuu, uhh...」

Even as Aur spoke to her, she would not answer but continued to intermittently raise her voice. It was certain that she was feeling it by the sweat and fluids of arousal, but there was no reaction through words to be felt. It was as if she could not hear Aur's voice at all. There was nothing so difficult as this.

Aur abandoned his provocations through words and focused his attention on physical stimulation. He slowly repeated his thrusts and rubbed her clitoris with his right hand, with his left hand he caressed her right breast while his mouth sucked her left breast.


Her brows furrowed, her body shivered as she was brought to an orgasm. Mercilessly, Aur continued to stimulate her body that had just reached a climax.

「Ahhh, ah, aaa!! AAAAaaa!!」

Her voice grew louder and louder, her back arched as her body shook.

「I am coming, Meria...!」

As Aur pushed himself into her, he released his seed deep within.


No longer able to raise to raise her voice, she could only tightly grip the bed sheets as Aur pulled out of her and released large quantities of the milky liquid.

As Meria lay limp from the reverberations of the climax, Aur placed a finger on her forehead. This is where it would begin.

「Meria. From here on you are forbidden from reaching a climax.」

Her expression which had not broken until now suddenly showed uncertainty.

「No matter how much pleasure you receive, you will not be able to climax without my permission.」

Those words that were tinged with magic were a suggestion as much as they were a curse. Saint or not, it was not possible for a vaguely conscious person to resist it.

「Now, fully enjoy this limitless pleasure.」

Aur flipped Meria's body around and entered her from the rear as he pressed her back into the bed.


Being stimulated so soon after reaching an orgasm caused Meria to let out a loud scream.

「What is wrong? You will damage your throat if you raise your voice like this so early.」

Aur grabbed Meria's white ass and moved his hips as if drawing a circle. He simultaneously moved his fingers as if shaking over her clitoris and flicked it.

「Aaaa, aaaaAAAaaa...!!」

Meria raised her voice and ass high up and shook it as if desiring more. Aur matched her movements and continued to thrust faster.

「Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhhhh!」

With every thrust she would cry loudly, clenching her se* around Aur's. And every thrust brought her another level of pleasure. But the promised climax was prevented by Aur's curse, a frustration like an unscratchable itch took over her and she cried as if she had gone mad.


Finally, Meria could bear it no more, she drooled and with an expression of suspicion on her face, she turned around and pushed Aur onto the bed.

And as she buried Aur's member into herself, she placed her hands on his chest and shook her hips like mad. Her pubic mound continually pressed against his crotch. Aur mischievously gazed at the sight as he toyed with her ample breasts.

「Aaaaaaahhhh, aaaAAAaaa....」

Meria's voice was now turning beast-like, her genitals were ceaselessly discharging fluids like a fountain. She furrowed her brows mournfully every time Aur would squeeze her breasts, pursuing the unquenchable lust, she pushed her breasts into him and shook her hips.

「Would you like to come?」

Aur asked her and she eagerly nodded. Her eyes were filled with the intense flames of lust, like a dog who had not eaten in days, they blazed days, they blazed brightly.

「Well then, tell me. Everything that you know.」

「Aah, aaa...I, I, Ahhh...」

Her inflamed expression no longer had any hints of sacredness left, Meria laboriously tried to craft a sentence.

「I am not, no, the Saint.」

And in that instant, she fell onto Aur's chest like a puppet whose strings had been cut.


Aur hurriedly felt her pulse. Her heart had completely stopped. Aur wondered if it was an attack from some kind of illness as he attempted to resurrect her.

And he was astounded.

What was there was a pure soul, so free of any impurities to a point where it was transparent.

The souls of humans would inevitably become dirtied and murky as life went on.

It would not be surprising for the soul of a Saint to be clearer than the average person, but there was a limit to that.

The soul of Meria lacked even the smallest spot of murkiness, it was not something that could be called beautiful-

「Ah, this is a well-made imitation.」

It looked like nothing more than a man-made object.

「So it is true then.」

Aur groaned at the words of the red demon who he just now realized was standing next to him.

「O' king. Surely, I would never have mistook the soul of a human. Even if it was something that was created, especially if it was the soul of a newly born young girl.」

The words were lighthearted, but there was no mistaking the words of a demon who has lived for thousands of years. Greed was what caused the corruption of the soul. Even a newborn baby has cravings. Without that, with no desires and no needs, you would be nothing more than a machine.

Meria had been nothing more than a machine with the title of Saint.

It was different from making a homunculus or a golem.

Those could be given intelligence, but they would never carry a soul. The creation of souls was recognized as impossible, and Aur was no exception.

It meant that there was someone else that could use thaumaturgy besides Meria.

「...This will be a lot more difficult than I had thought.」

At the very end. Aur mumbled as he looked at the soul, there was now one small cloudy spot that had appeared from the lust of the flesh imparted by Aur.

The enemy was above Meria. And likely, that enemy was very similar to Aur.

In other words, a cautious and cunning person who valued the ends over the means.

The new 『Saint』of Lafenice was announced just three days later.


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