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Magi’s Grandson - Volume 3 - Chapter 74


Chapter 74

Chapter 74 + notes


Kaelpie here.

So it's been a year. A year since I've started translating, and what a year it has been.

From starting by my lonesome, to partnering with Conform Child and joining Yado Inn. Taking up JUSCO and Yado Inn being a whole hurricane of it's own. Figuring out how the f*k are you supposed to use wordpress and regretting that choice to this very day.

And in that year I put out 19 chapters counting this one. 1 Short of that round 20 but oh well. What can you do? Apart from not being a lazy f*k.

Watching people I work with come and go has been an interesting experience to say the least. When I think of events from 4 or 5 months ago it feels like 4 or 5 years. Even if I only appear once a month I do feel I've become a bit of a stable pillar at least in my corner of the tling community. Even if I don't have the skills to justify it.

Here's hoping I can keep chugging along for another year.

I may have pushed this out unedited to make it in time for the anniversary. Thank god CC puts up with my lazy ass. Be warned I may have missed some nameless characters in order to make it in time.

Also Croatia beat Nigeria 2-0 in the World Cup. Yay!

And the music recommendation for this month is Death - The Sound of Perserverance(Death Metal)

As far as Death goes I could honestly put any album of theirs. Sorry for all the metal recommendations but that is the genre I love most. I'm trying not to be so one note(ha!) with them but I can make no promises.

Ralph Strikes Back!(lolz)

Due the speech of Ekatarina, the head of state of Holy Country Ys, Shin became and official ’’Angel of God’’.

From the people that heard the speech, two of them feel anger and disappointment.

One of them was Ralph, who objected to placing Shin at the center of the strategy during the strategy meeting.

And the other one is...

’’That girl... Did she just...?’’(Melinda) (Kaelpie: OH NO SHE DI-INT. That's my best impression of a sassy black woman. leavemealone.)

It's Melinda who was listening to the Pope's speech in Earlshyde.

Merlin and Melinda weren't willing to let Shin be used in politics due to his abnormal power.

However currently it's a state of emergency due to a mass outbreak of devils.

At such a time they don't intend to say they aren't allowed to depend on Shin's power.

Furthermore, Shin has clearly express the desire to save the world.

They can understand the desire to strategically rely on such a Shin.

So Melinda didn't object to Shin gradual ascension into a hero and didn't oppose the publishing of a story about Shin.

But this was completely different.

This was the Pope standing atop of this world's largest religion.

The Pope has proudly declared to the World Alliance that Shin was a messenger of god.

Through that declaration some will recognize Shin as an important figure in the Church of Creation.

If that happens, people who seek to use Shin in political tactics may come out.

That was the most unforgivable thing for Merlin and Melinda.

’’Kukukuku... I guess I will have to prepare quite the lecture...’’(Melinda)

When her anger reached its peak, Melinda burst into laughter while the Earlshyde Queen Julia, May and Elizabeth who were listening to the speech at the departure ceremony together at venue in Earlshyde were looking at her with puzzled faces.

’’Melinda is scary...’’(May)

’’Shh! May, what if she hears you!’’(Elizabeth)

May is afraid of Melinda's appearance which she has never seen before, and Elizabeth is really worried if Melinda heard her.

’’It's too bad but a business trip just popped up. With this I will have to take my leave.’’(Melinda)

’’Yes... Well, could you please not overdo it?’’(Julia)

Julie anticipates the situation that will happen and asks Melinda but...

’’Come on Merlin! I'm going to Dahm!’’(Melinda)

Maybe she didn't hear her or she intentionally ignored her and instead of replying to Julia, she called Merlin who became a part of the background in the corner.

’’Haa... I understand. Would you like to appear at the Dahm Cathedral?’’(Merlin)

Merlin said that and opened the Gate.

When she saw Merlin and Melinda disappear into the game, Julia murmured to herself.

’’That girl... I wonder if she will be able to get out with her life?’’(Julia)


Thanks to the earlier speech, the departure ceremony ended lively and the heads of state returned to Dahm Cathedral.

’’Well, that was an excellent statement.’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

’’Umu, by recognizing Shin as the messenger of god, the rumor that we have a fighting chance has probably spread.’’(Ekatarina)

’’Ufufu, you did a good job for the first time in a while.’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

The departure ceremony ended on a high note so the state leaders got swept up in a happy occasion and were celebrating.

They are the top executives of their national governments and if it's necessary they must be able to prepare a speech to rally the people.

In that sense, in order to give courage and hope to the people of the World Alliance, the aforementioned speech was splendid.

But they neglected to consider what Shin's guardians would think.

’’Young giiiiiirl!!!’’(Melinda)

A loud shout suddenly echoed through the corridor of the Dahm Cathedral.

Escorts who heard the shout put themselves on guard for an enemy raid.

The leaders of the three world powers are here! Their bodies stiffened.

If you become a leader of a country it's common for you to be exposed to danger.

However, even the leaders of the three powers were frightened by that earlier shout.

Other leaders and escorts who saw it wondered if it is that powerful of an opponent? And the ground seems to be trembling as the threat approached...

Eventually... The owner of the voice showed up.

’’Young girl... You've done it now...’’(Melinda)


Among those frightened leaders, Pope Ekatarina let out a voice when she saw Melinda.

The people from the Holy Country Y were particularly surprised to hear those words.


The Pope certainly did say that.

Come to think of it they have heard something like that. When Pope Ekatarina was young woman, she left the Holy Country Y and was traveling around the countries with a party.

And the woman Ekatarina that had returned to Ys acquired a power different from normal people and was proclaimed a saint.

Certainly, that party was...

’’M-m-m-m-master? W-w-w-w-why are you here?’’(Ekatarina)

’’Surely I wouldn't have decided to come if I didn't hear your playful speech!?’’(Melinda)

Yes, it was a party with the Magi Merlin and Guru Melinda.

Melinda, a Guru hailed as a hero worldwide is the one Pope Ekatarina looks up to as her master.

The legend is in front of their eyes.

She is also considerably angry.

The escorts couldn't even move because of that force and only grounds called out of their throats.

Bonk! (Kaelpie: We Garfield now bois.)


Nobody could move so nobody could stop and they could only watch carefully as Melinda approached Ekatarina and dropped her fist on her head.

’’Wh, What are you doing!?’’(Ekatarina)

’’What are you doing! You used my grandson for something like this! Are you prepared for the consequences!?’’(Melinda)


Ekatarina knew that Shin was raised as Merlin and Melinda's grandchild.

She knew but this was an emergency. She believed Melinda would understand and turned to Diseum for help.


Diseum turned his face away..

’’Hey! Big bro, you're heartless!’’(Ekatarina)

Being accompanied by Merlin and Melinda on her journey means that she was traveling with Diseum.

Ekatarina referred to Diseum, who was accompanying the two aforementioned people, as her older brother.

Incidentally, she refers to Julia as her older sister.

Ekatarina, betrayed by her fellow senior disciple, felt betrayed.

’’W-well... Long time no see master. Er... Even is she made a mistake like that, is it really unforgivable?’’(notimetothinkofajokename)


’’Hii!’’(Little boy)

’’Ah, what is it, little boy?’’(Melinda)

’’N-no master. Don't you think I'm not a little boy anymore after I pass 40?’’(Little boy over 40)

’’As long as you act like a little boy you'll be a little boy. Or do you have something to add? You think I should respect you just because you became the president of Els?’’(Melinda)

’’That's not true... As expected of master...’’(Little boy President of Els)

The man Melinda has been calling little boy just now is Aaron Zenith, the President of the Els Federation of Free Commerce, and the Merlin's travel companion when he was young.

He was traveling around the country as a peddler, but was attacked by demons along the way and saved by a hair's breadth.

As thanks for that, Zenith, who was traveling around the country, served as a guide, he negotiated the demon materials that were hunted along the way and sold them at a high price, thus earning the parties travel expenses.

He also calls Melinda master because she taught him how to negotiate and at the time he left the party and became independent, Melinda gave him rights to some magical tools she developed. (Kaelpie: Because no one in this novel can do shit on their own. This world literally revolves around Merlin and Melinda.)

He started a business in the capital revolving around those magic tools and in the blink of an eye he climbed ranks to a large merchant and eventually became the president.

Because of that, he felt deeply indebted to Melinda.

Because he used to travel around the country as a peddler, he has a lean body that doesn't seem like it's over 40 years old. Such a Zenith is deeply humbled in front of Melinda.

Els's officials couldn't hide their confusion due the miserable appearance of their president who should be tough but reliable.



’’Why didn't you stop her?’’(Melinda)

’’W-well... That is...’’(Diseum)

Because if Melinda's glare, Diseum panicked and was at a loss for words.

The longest associate amongst the three disciples, her realized that Melinda is quite angry and his body stiffened.

Melinda saw Diseum like that...





’’’’’’Ye-yes!’’’’’’(The Three Merry Idiots)

Even Zenith, who should originally be unrelated was pushed by the angry gaze of Melinda and sat in a seiza.

’’Now... Little girl.’’(Melinda)


’’Have you read the book about Shin?’’(Melinda)


’’If that's the case you should remember what was written in the book. That Shin won't allow himself to be used for military or political plots. That's what is says. What you've done is definitively a political plot. Or is it different?’’(Melinda)

’’That is... Yes...’’(Ekatarina)

’’I will not oppose the use of Shins abnormal power for the benefit of humanity. But hey, isn't this a little different?’’(Melinda)


While it's good to use Shin's power for world peace, it's wrong to use it for political plots and that is why Melinda reprimanded Ekatarina.

Scolded my Melinda, Ekatarina silently dropped her shoulders.



’’Why didn't you stop her?’’(Melinda)

’’T-That is... If Shin was certified as the messenger he would be recognized as a friend of humanity...’’(Diseum)

’’Even though I'm glad you're thinking about Shin. Did you not think about the impact if this little girl declared it?’’(Melinda)

’’...I'm sorry. I only thought about how with this no one would think of Shin as an enemy of humanity...’’(Diseum)

’’Haa... Good job Diseum. You proved that Shin has a good relationship with Ys and the church of creation. Isn't that great?’’(Melinda)

’’Yes... I'm sorry.’’(Diseum)

Diseum also failed to think of the possibility that it might produce an unnecessary misunderstanding for Shin, and dropped his shoulders as well.



’’...Why are you sitting in a seiza?’’(Melinda) (Kaelpie: This might be the first genuine laugh I got from from this series.)

’’Well... Ahaha, I sat in a seiza because it's a habit from the old days.’’(Aaron)

It appears he was scolded a lot in the past. Zenith said that he sat in a seiza on reflex.

’’Really all of you...No matter how much time passes you never grow up.’’(Melinda)

’’Aahahaha...’’(The Three Twats)

Merlin, who was becoming one with the air more than usual, was watching that sight in such a way as to not trigger Melinda's anger.

’’...There is no doubt that Melinda is this world's grandma god...’’(Kaelpie: wat?)

’’Did you say something?’’(Melinda)

’’N-no! I didn't say anything.’’

Even the leaders of the three world powers cannot raise their heads in front of Melinda.

Given that Melinda was mad at them for Shin's sake, The big shot Merlin was invisible.


And the other person who couldn't hide his disappointment from the speech of Ekatarina, Ralph, moved to the battlefield in a horse drawn carriage.

His position is at the top of the military in the Kingdom of Dahm, the military commander.

Indeed the Kingdom of Dahm is deeply religious and most people are followers of the Church of Creation, he is pious believer and with an honest personality, the King and the people trust him greatly.

However his behaviour at the previous cabinet meeting caused ripples in Dahm Kingdom.

Ralph refused let Shin Walford participate in the strategy.

It's not an exaggeration to say these talks will decide the fate of the world, so all the minutes are open to the public.

In the minutes it said that Ralph was opposed to placing Shin at the center of the strategy to subjugate the devils until the very end.

It's already knows amongst the people that Shin has subjugated a devil twice before and has torn down nearly half of their forces.

To say that that hope of humanity Shin Walford to be excluded from the strategy...

Just what is going on with Ralph?

Does he have a feud with Shin Walford?

The rumor has caused rumors and it is now the hottest gossip amongst the Dahm citizens.

Ralph who is considered to be the center of such popular gossip, was riding on a horse drawn carriage with fellows who share his views.

’’I can't believe it... For even the Pope to admit that Shin Walford is a 'Messenger of God'...’’

’’Secretary Portman. I can't stand it! Well... Even though he's not a believer he is touted as the messenger of god and moreover his wedding ceremony will be conducted by the Pope herself! What are they doing!? About Shin Walford and the others!’’

A minority group within the Church of Creation. A soldier that was unable to acknowledge Shin as a ’’Messenger of God’’ and Sicily as the ’’Saint’’ roared his voice.

Those who rode on this horse drawn carriage, although they verbally abused Shin who officially received the ’’Messenger of God’’ title, Shin didn't ask for any of this, archbishop Makna was the one who suggested the wedding ceremony and the Pope of the Church of Creation Ekatarina was the one who arbitrarily decided to proclaim him a messenger of god. Even though because of that they were heavily reprimanded by Melinda...

They didn't mention any of that and naturally concentrated all their spite on Shin.

All of them are pious believers in the God of Creation.

The purpose of this religion is to accumulate good deeds and be guided to god who created this world after death, the expectation is that the person who was sent by that god should be respected.

However the person they regard to as a god is not an imaginary figure.

The person that is supposed to have been sent by God is not religious... Is this some sort of sick joke? (Kaelpie:I'm starting to think this novel is some sort of sick joke as well.)

Originally it was because of that that he was opposed to calling Shin a messenger of god, but it turned out that he had a playful personality which came and drew lots in the middle of a battle.

Although not outrageous, it is still unacceptable. So they claim.

Incidentally, they won't accept Sicily as the saint because she is not a priest in the Church of Creation.

The current Pope gained her title after studying as a priest, it would be expected to face backlash from the Church of Creation if you start to call yourself that while not being a priest.

’’...Because of that we must accomplish great achievements and show to the Pope that fake messengers such as Shin Walford are unnecessary.’’(Ralph) (Kaelpie: Imagine he sees the error of his ways and somehow ends up with the Pope.)

’’That's right Ralph, Fortunately, Shin Walford and Sicily von Claude are dispatched to our country. It's a perfect opportunity to accomplish visibly greater achievements than him.’’(A rock. Not the Rock. A rock)

’’Mhm. Although at first I was disappointed to know the members of the Ultimate Magicians that were dispatched were those guys... This may be the will of God.’’(Ralph)

’’Oh. That means God is looking out for us!’’(A pebble)

’’Hehe, that must be it. Shin Walford. I won't let you bastard do as you please.’’(Ralph)

Accomplish a feat greater than Shin's to prove he isn't a messenger of god.

Pope Ekatarina declared Shin a messenger of god, the devil territory recapture strategy started, they got impatient which made it impossible for them to form a concrete plan.

Although it's a complete nonsense of a reasoning, they've convinced themselves that if they achieve more than Shin, they could withdraw his messenger of god title.

And as for Maria... They didn't even spare a thought for her... (Kaelpie: On second thought...)


Due to the shocking declaration of Pope Ekatarina, I have been accredited been accredited as a ’’Messenger of God’’ to the countries of the World Alliance.

If i complained, there were so many people in the departure ceremony, how could I complain to the Pope of the Church of Creation in such circumstances...

I wonder if she took that into account?

If I complained to her in a place like that.

Followed by the Earlshyde's book release, there's a declaration of divine authority by the Pope.

Thanks to that, no one will think I'm a threat to the world...

’’...Our names will keep spreading in places we don't know...’’(Shin)

’’Isn't it nice? Because titles are given only to those whose skill is recognized. I also want something like that.’’(Maria)

Maria is carefree and says that she would also like a title.

’’...Then I'll think of one.’’(Shin)

What would be good for her? A title suitable for Maria...

...Pitiful maiden...?

’’W-What? That look in your eyes is pity...’’

Maria is a beautiful girl as well... Strong enough to kill devils by herself. Why is that despite that she isn't recognized by the world... Perhaps she doesn't stand out...

I hope that a nice person appears for Maria. (Kaelpie: And it turns out to be Ralph. Ralph the harem man.)

Oh, It something like this might be good.

’’How about 'Seeker of true love'?’’(Shin)

’’Allright. Shin, get out!’’(Maria)

’’Do you want me to run in the middle of the carriages? Maria.’’(Shin)

’’Listen up! You carelessly said something devastating!’’(Maria)

Mhm. It seems that she didn't like it. (Kaelpie: It fits like a glove. Can't possibly think of a reason why she wouldn't like it.)

Currently, we attended the departure ceremony, joined with the troops of each country we're in charge of and are moving towards battle positions on a horse-drawn carriage.

The team of me Sicily and Maria are with the Dahm kingdom.

Team Gus is with Kurt.

Team Tony is in charge of Karnan.

Team Yuri is dispatched to Swedes.

It was good that we all visited every country during summer break. Everybody joined their national army using Gate.

Then it's to the Demon territory border with a horse-drawn carriage. Aiming towards the old Empire's border.

I can fly, but everyone else can only use floating magix and even if you move with jet boots, the distance is too long as you'd expect so traveling by carriage it is.

Maria is letting her magic power run wild in the carriage.

...We may suffer losses before we even reach the battlefield.

’’It's a joke. Maria will surely find a nice person soon.’’(Shin)

’’...Isn't it easy for you who already has someone to say? You're extremely condescending.’’(Maria)

Maria is sulking...

Indeed, I wonder if anyone will appear for this girl...

’’Report! A large pack of demons appeared ahead!’’

And now it's demons!

’’Fufu... I wonder if a little would be ok...’’(Maria)

’’W-What is it?’’(Shin)

Scary! I was unintentionally horrified!

’’The demons... May I kill them?’’(Maria)

’’Huh? But we're supposed to let the military deal with the large ones...’’(Shin)

’’Just one shot, I feel like I want to shooting something...’’(Maria)

Her smile is black!

I judged it would be better she lets out some stress rather than stand in her way.

’’Umu, excuse me.’’(Maria)

’’! What are you doing!? Messenger!’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

When I talked to the knight from Dahm Kingdom riding alongside the horse-drawn carriage, I told him not to call me Messenger.

’’Err... Calling me that is a bit...’’(Shin)


’’...Nevermind that. Um, I'm sorry but can we handle the demon suppression?’’(Shin)

’’The messenger will?’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

’’It's not gonna be me, but I think that everybody should be aware of our ability.’’(Shin)

’’I see! I understand! I will tell the commander!’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

He said and rode off on the horse.

Was it a good excuse to let Maria release some magic?

Actually I think it's important they know how capable we are.

After a while the knight who I called out to earlier came back.

’’Report! Please only the first shot! Because the suppression of large packs of demons is our job!’’

’’Yes I understand. This is only for the purposes of demonstrating our ability.’’(Shin)

’’You're too humble! Thank you and please start!

He's really thrilled. Not only that, but i guess they want to emphasize this strategy.

We also have to work hard to contribute.

’’Maria, you're allowed only the first shot.’’(Shin)

’’Roger that.’’(Maria)

Eventually the Dahm/Els mixed army stopped and took a position to ambush the demons.

As for Maria, who was entrusted with the first move, she got out of the carriage and used jet boots to get on it's roof where she posed like a gangster.

Eventually a group of demons entered the range and a dense magical power began to gather around Maria.

It's about six months since she began practicing magic control. Maria is able to control a considerable amount of magic power.

And the image of a magic ’’process’’ she got from me.

Maria chose wind magic.

Maria who controlled enormous magical power, transformed it into wind magic.


’’Come on! Hyaaaa!’’(Maria)

Numerous wind blades hit the demon pack.

Maria's blades of keep devastating demons.

Then the wind blades became a whirlwind and eventually a tornado.

The demons were hoisted by the tornado into the raging wind blades and are cut to pieces.

...It looks like she was considerably angry. She released a magic without a fragment of precision.

’’Maria... You didn't have to get so angry like that...’’(Sicily)

’’Sicily, should you really say that to Maria?’’(Shin)

Even though she was angry because of me.

Why would you point out that Maria is angry if she's still considerably angry? And surprised.

As for the mixed army, they're all looking around dumbfounded with mouths agape by the magical power.

’’...The entire army! Most of the demons have been cleaned up! You'll mop up the rest!’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

’’Y... Yes!’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

When the commander who forgot to give instruction suddenly raised his voice, the soldiers who were stunned went to sweep the rest of the demons.

’’Nevertheless, you chose wind magic.’’(Sicily)

’’If it's fire magic, it's fire magic, the heat will remain and water wouldn't be much better, while explosion and earth would change the topography and it would cause issues afterwards. The only option was wind magic.’’(Maria)

’’Well, that was calm of you...’’(Shin)

’’I mean this isn't magic precision practice so I took it easy.’’(Maria)

Now, just like Maria said, that was nothing but the first move and she then had to hand it over to the rear guard soldiers.

Then it would be bad if you used magic that ruined the ground.

I think the the wind magic is the best choice.

I thought she was angry but despite that she still thought her action through.

’’Oh, it looks like it's over.’’(Maria)

’’Oh yeah, they managed to wipe them out in one go...’’(Shin)

There seems to be some soldiers who came back without hunting down a demon.

And the soldiers who came back from the suppression saw Maria still on the carriage.

’’...Valkyrie.’’(A guy with a much better naming sense than Shin)


’’Standing bravely on the battlefield and slaughtering demons with overwhelming power... Just like a Valkyrie!’’(That same guy)

What was that? She was standing pissed on carriage and only released great magic in frustration?

Looking at Maria on the roof... Oh, her face is red.

But because she's standing on the roof she attracts attention, and it seems that she stiffened because of the strange reactions.



Her frustration is gone...

’’Raise your hand appropriately and come down after responding to the soldiers.’’(Shin)


Saying that, she raised one hand in a salute to answer to the soldiers.

’’UAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!’’(The name brigade)

A big victory shout erupted.

Did she signal the end of the battle?

Maria stiffened again to the sudden victory shout.

’’Maria! That's enough! Come down!’’(Shin)

’’Fue!? Ah, yeah.’’(Maria)

Maria that came down from the roof jumped into the carriage to escape.

’’Those are some great cheers Maria.’’(Shin)

’’You can still hear them? A Valkyrie.’’(Maria)

’’S... Stop it... Please don't call me a name like that...’’(Maria)

Maria is writhing about the title that was arbitrarily chosen for her.

’’Fufu, It's embarrassing when everyone around you starts calling you like that.’’(Sicily)

’’Sicily, Shin... I understand how you feel now. It's embarrassing... Uuu...’’(Maria)

’’Is that so? But, while Maria says that, will the other guys from our group have to go through similar experiences?’’(Shin)

’’...I pity them.’’(Maria)

For now, I guess we showed off out skills, however does that make it easier to cooperate in various ways?


The alliance forces that met the pack of demons first.

There was a report that it will become a considerable number as they approach the demon territory.

Ralph was prepared to make some sacrifices to some extent but should the Ultimate Magicians make the first shot in the interest of disclosing their ability? A proposal came.

That offer is meddling! Although Ralph was furious inside, when he thought about it, he learned at the meeting that only Dahm wasn't aware of their ability.

He gave permission because it was the perfect opportunity to see their power first hand.

And the result was...

Ralph's understanding couldn't keep up with the magic that was released in front of him.

Demons were cut into pieces by countless wind blades and the tornado that happened afterwards hoisted the demons that got through.

A great magic he has never seen before.

’’This is... This is the power of Shin Walford... Is it...’’(Ralph)

Ralph's words which he muttered unintentionaly were misunderstood and revised by a subordinate who wasn't opposed to Shin.

’’No that doesn't seem to be the Messenger.’’(notimetothinkofajokename)

’’W-What!? S-So it's that woman Sicily von Claude!?’’(Ralph)

Ralph furrowed his eyebrows for a moment when he called him Messenger but was mostly surprised that wasn't Shin who released that magic.

’’No... If i'm not mistaken... Oh, It was Maria. Maria von Messina was the one that did it.’’(notimetothinkofajokename) (Kaelpie: This guy is everywhere.)

’’Wh... Wh... What...? Shooting such great magic... Someone other than that guy... If that's the case...?’’(Ralph)

He hates the very sight of Shin and Sicily.

However he was told that it wasn't those two that fired of that great magic just now.

Ralph was convinced that he has to post an achievement greater than them.

Naw that he was shown the power of Ultimate Magicians members outside Shin and Sicily he grew further impatient.


Scene change to the Dahm Cathedral at the time.

’’Aitatata*... It's gonna become a lump.’’(Ekatarina) (Kaelpie: That is japanese for ’’ow’’. I would translate it normally but I will be responsible for teaching you something before you die.)

’’Master's done it just like before. When I saw your punishment I was starting to ache too.’’(Aaron)

’’Aaron was the one most criticized by Melinda... How nostalgic.’’(Diseum)

’’Are you gonna remember something like that? Big bro.’’(Aaron)

Three people that were traveling with Merlin and Melinda gathered and started to talk about a nostalgic topic.

The companions who traveled together at that time are now heads of three major powers.

Diseum was the crown prince at that time, but the other two were just a peddler and a child.

If you think about it it's really impressive that they're all now heading their own country. (Kaelpie: Until you remember what you're reading.)

’’In any case, our master is really taking care of Shin.’’(Aaron)

’’Mhm. Just like a real grandson. Shin also must love Melinda as a real grandmother. Well... We always get yelled at by Melinda...’’(Diseum)

’’...So it would seem.’’(Ekatarina)

’’Because it's like that, we shouldn't do anything unnecessary...’’(Aaron)

When Aaron said that, silence fell on the place.

’’Ah... Sorry... It's a sore subject for Kate...’’(Aaron)

’’Err... It's all right... It was a long time ago. I had an epiphany.’’(Ekatarina)

’’Is that so...’’(Aaron)

Ekatarina showed a somewhat difficult expression to the talk of her epiphany.

Knowing that, neither Diseum nor Aaron said anything more.

’’Even so... He looks like her real grandson...’’(Ekatarina)

Ekatarina said as she looked out the window.

To Diseum and Aaron, Ekatarina's profile looked somewhat lonely.


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