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Madam, Master Said To Eat Meal - Chapter 35.3


’’This time, Yuan Tang's Emperor He Lian Yun Qian come with his own younger sister, He Lian Yun Duo.’’ Huang Fu Yue Xun never thought He Lian Yun Qian would come personally. Hence, he was absolutely cautious because if bad things happened to siblings, would lead to two countries dispute.

He Lian Yun Qian? In Mo Qi Liang's network, he only existed as a name. That time, she thought would stay in a small town peacefully for whole life, but never expected that she couldn't escape her fate as Wangfei status. Therefore, she discovered that she knew too little and felt helpless.

’’Then Qiliang side, who will come?’’

’’Prince Li, Tan Tai Li. Although, he is a prince, at Qiliang, his status is highly rank, equally emperor status.’’

’’Looks like your father's birthday celebration receive extensive attention. Yuan Tang and Qiliang send their envoys are not small rank.’’

’’It's intractable due to this matter. Every time, emperor's birthday celebration, the envoys are always important or high rank. This is first time, He Lian Yun Qian and Tan Tai Li specially come here.’’ Huang Fu Yue Xun's words contained worrisome. If linked them with the incident just happened, he felt that birthday celebration wouldn't pass peacefully. Probably, suspicion arouse due to incident happened at Prime Minister Mansion. Regardless, it's better to be cautious.

Mo Qi Liang was pondering. These few days, You Qing Jia Tian didn't come for her. Except missing him, she was worried. She actually didn't doubt him, just that she was uncertain as something bound to happen, that couldn't be prevented. Moreover, until now the Ministry of Justice didn't find anything. The outer appearance of calm was just covering the future storm. How could she relieve?

’’Your father has any abnormal signs?’’ Mo Qi Liang always detest Huang Fu Zuo Tian manner, but she knew he only wanted to maintain his position in long term. Hence, he even suspected the massacre incident in Prime Minister Mansion was his intentions. After all, such well trained killers can be trained easily.

’’Imperial Father?’’ Huang Fu Yue Xun didn't know why Mo Qi Liang mentioned Huang Fu Zuo Tian. Can't be help, but his tone equally high octave.

’’He put you and Huang Fu Yue Yang in the struggling mode. His purpose, you never thought of it?’’ Having Mo Qi Sheng, that kind of father, Mo Qi Liang wasn't naïve to believe that every parents towards their children, love without getting any benefits. Moreover, Huang Fu Zuo Tian definitely wouldn't like someone who long after his seat.

Huang Fu Yue Xun really didn't think of it. Although Imperial Father didn't express any affection towards children, he wouldn't harm them. After all, they were his biologically son. More or less the bloodline was on the line. However, the more he thought, Huang Fu Yue Xun more fear. He actually did not have any confidence and after Mo Qi Liang mentioned it, he couldn't help but to think of it. If it really happened in that way, then don't blame him for injustice.

’’You said, Imperial Father purposely want me and Huang Fu Yue Yang fights against each other, resulted both side suffers?’’

’’I lazy to analyze. I believed the answer already appeared in your heart. Moreover, I do not have any interests to investigate you and your father relations. Anyway, the final truth will be revealed soon.’’ Mo Qi Liang simply said but had aroused Huang Fu Yue Xun's suspicion and alert. This is what she wanted to see but also don't want to see as well.

’’You really cast yourself cleanly.’’ Huang Fu Yue Xun sneered. If didn't have suspicion, even if Mo Qi Liang really meant it, the relation between Huang Fu Zuo Tian and Huang Fu Yue Xun will not shaken easily. However, the reality is, he actually does not believe Huang Fu Zuo Tian. When he was a kid, he longs for parents love and now, it was not important anymore. Deep in his heart, the regret gradually disappeared when he grew up. Whenever he thought about it, he would feel pain, but what could he do about it?

Mo Qi Liang helplessly laughed, he was not stupid, he should be able to understand. However, he was not that clever when deals with works and he likely did not have emperor aura. This point, he was still lack compared to Huang Fu Zuo Tian. Moreover, Huang Fu Zuo Tian has been an emperor for many years. Impossible to step down of the throne on his own will. That is why, neither Huang Fu Yue Xun or Huang Fu Yue Yang, the waiting time would not be short one unless they gain benefits for themselves thoroughly.


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