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Madam, Master Said To Eat Meal - Chapter 35.1


MMSTEM Chapter 35 (part 1)

A man was willing to give up everything, either too capable or incompetence. Huang Fu Yue Xun didn't falls into either one of this category. That's why when he received Huang Fu Zuo Tian's Imperial edict, he left the pregnant Li Wan Wan and engrossed in works.

Due to Huang Fu Zuo Tian's birthday celebration, one after another one of Yuan Tang's and Qi Liang's envoy arrived. The servants automatically led them to Huang Fu Yue Xun and Huang Fu Yang's place. Without doubt, it tests their abilities in handling this matter.

Huang Fu Yue Xun was lucky because this was not the first time he independently handle such situation. As for Huang Fu Yue Yang, he was unable to relax this time as he was used to have Mo Qi Sheng assists him. Huang Fu Zuo Tian gave instructions to anyone not to assists any one of them. This applied to Su Zhi Xin as well which resulted unable to assist Huang Fu Yue Yang even though she was capable enough. Hence, Huang Fu Yue Yang was struggling without assistance. If Huang Fu Yue Yang's luck on his side, Mo Qi Sheng's favourite students would help him.

An Emperor birthday, naturally would have an excessive and grand celebration in capital city, Lin'an City. Absolutely cannot let people jokes about it. Therefore, one month ago, soldiers have driven out the merchant and hawkers stall to the deserted place, outside of the city. With power connection, some of them able to make a living by staying in the corner of the city. However, the business more or less affected. The rhythm of life of commoners also forced to change. This led to complaints and would change the Lin'an days if it's highly accumulated.

Huang Fu Yue Yang, the playboy emperor's son, never care about commoners hardship. He wouldn't feel the sadness from low level of commoners. Naturally, he would not have conscience to solve this kind of problems. Huang Fu Yue Xun was different from him. With Prince Mansion located among folks, plus he always deals such matter efficiently. In this 'special' period of time, Huang Fu Yue Xun decided to giveaway congees and dishes at the entrance of mansion. The quantities, of course not much as to avoid people from suspect him on corruption issue or else his good intention would turn into bad one. He was grateful if his good intention was remembered instead of bad one. Especially when, he heard commoners express gratitude in the city.

Naturally, Huang Fu Yue Xun was happy. However, Huang Fu Yue Yang probably anxious as with the same strategy move would only encounter spurning of commoners. As the idioms goes, water can keep the boat afloat but may also sink it (meaning: people can support a regime or overturn it). This principle, he wasn't really understood and his failure destiny absolutely cannot blame others.

These few days were lively in Prince Lie's Mansion due to Mu Rong Family assistance. The wealthy and powerful families of Lin'an City continuously visited him with abundance of money and donations. Not sure of what has happened, probably these people followed Mu Rong Lun Shu also supported Huang Fu Yue Xun as well. Huang Fu Yue Xun has mixed feelings towards this situation. Many supporters were the best, again, this would attract resolute people.


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