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Lv1 Skeleton - Chapter 156


Chapter 156

Using my connection to the Sephiroth network I managed to cure her blindness .

’’Wow... to think that I could finally see something, even if its a bit blurry... . ’’

’’It will take some time for your eyes to adjust, but from here on out you'll be able to see . ’’



’’Thank you! You truly were my Prince charming!’’

I was caught unawares when she suddenly leapt into my arms, but the smell her fresh womanly shampoo was out of this world .

’’Did you just fix my eyesight using magic?’’

She asked me, as our faces were just 5 cm from each other .

’’Well, kind of?’’

’’Then you came to take me back?’’

’’Yes, just not right now, it's still quite a complicated situation . ’’

I heard some sounds coming from afar . It seemed that her parents had found out she was missing and were tracking her down .

’’We should go back . ’’

’’Okay . ’’

Although her mother was quite angry about her disappearing act, it was completely forgotten about when she learned that she could now see .

The very next morning she was rushed to the hospitable to be taken care of . I followed them there and painted a teleportation array in the hospital's basement, that way when I fully regained access to my magic I could return here to take her back .

Leaving her a note, I flew back to Korea .

We kept in touch, exchanging letters and the occasional phone calls . I was just glad to know that she was still doing well . Now that I was certain that my dreams were in fact true, I decided to enjoy my current life to the fullest . This continued until about 1 month away from my college entrance exams .

’’Johra I've received a message . ’’

Lena's voice rang out in my mind, I now knew better than to answer her outloud and continued to pretend to study .

’’Gaia has opened up a permanent bridge to the other world, you can go there anytime at these coordinates . ’’

I became excited, thinking that this had been long overdue . After class, I went to a secluded area and had a talk with Lena .

’’Can you now use magic?’’

’’Yes, I should be able to access the Sephiroth network up to four more times in a row and it would take 10 days to recharge .

’’Hmm... so that disturbance is Metatron's doing?’’

’’Right, he's installed several apparatuses across the planet which interfere with magic . It seems that he was keen on creating an environment for humans which didn't really on any magic . ’’

’’I see, but even if I return to my other world, I still want to make sure that Earth isn't destroyed like last time . ’’

’’You want to change the future?’’

’’Yes . ’’

’’Once I establish a link with Machina, we should have greater access to magic, but it might still get complicated is Metatron were to show up . ’’

’’Would we really be at that much of a disadvantage?’’

’’Yeah, pretty much, but don't worry too much about it, you still have me, remember?’’


I made my way to the coordinates provided by Gaia, which brought me to a building in the outskirts of the city which was under construction . I waited until night time, before sneaking in and crossing to the other side .



I was tackled to the ground by the combined effort of Valenor and Viezda . Valenor looked to be at least 10 years old, whereas Viezda's complexion had completely recovered and she seemed to be doing much better .

’’How have you two been?’’

’’Gaia took good care of us . ’’

’’How long have I been away?’’

Valenor put up five fingers .

’’Five months?’’


Valenor slapped me across the cheek


’’Bad hubby! Five years! You should have visited sooner!’’

Seen her tearful face, I forgotten the pain on my cheek and hugged her lovingly . I took some time to properly explain my situation and then bid them goodbye as I returned to Earth . I had to immediately begin my preparations to deal with Metatorn .

’’Lena, how are things going?’’

’’Everything is well, we can now ignore the magic jamming as Machina's created a direct link to the network . ’’

’’Good, but we should destroy those jammers just in case .


We created a teleportation array and arrived at the origin of magic disruption .

’’Huhu~ So this was one of the things responsible for blocking out magic on Earth . ’’

It was a large hybrid of magic and science, including Magic arrays, Magic stones and a mechanic component .


I brought down Excalibur on the whole thing and it began melting right through it .

’’Next one Lena!’’

I teleported away and spent the whole day destroying all 144 of those jammers that were spread around the planet . I left the one on Seoul mountain for last and took care of it during the night .

’’Huh, I can't believe I spent so much time doing this, I have an important exam coming up! ’’

I looked up into the sky and laughed helplessly .

’’There is still one that remains on a orbiting meteorite?’’

’’That's meteorite?’’

’’That's true Johra, but it would be hard to get there, unless you created some kind of spaceship . ’’

’’It should be fine, we still have a lot of time and don't need to take care of it right away . ’’

’’I will prepare a step by step plan, oh and Gnoss' birth should be around the corner . ’’

’’Do you have a specific time and location?’’

’’Yes . ’’

The time frame Lena provided was six months from now, which would be after my College entrance exams .

’’What do you think about giving him some of your nanobots, Lena?’’

’’Okay, I'll prepare for that . ’’

’’Good . ’’

Six months later I hid myself in the adjacent room of the hospital where the baby Gnoss was born, and spread the nanobots to him . With them, he would at least be quite safe since the Rohim's shield could defend him from pretty much anything save for Metatorn himself .

After accomplishing the task it felt like most of my work here was now done .

’’Johra . ’’

I heard my name called one night, returning from drinking out with my friends to find Metatron standing in the middle of my living room .

My whole body froze and my hairs stood up in fear . Excalibur was kept securely in the closest, and it was impossible to face Metatorn with Lena alone . Still, I played it cool and answered him .

’’What are you doing here, Metatron?’’

’’You are ruining the future . ’’

’’Huhu~ Wasn't it you who told me that it was all set in stone and couldn't be modified?’’

’’How dare you Johra! The purity of the universes... . ’’

’’How annoying, haven't you learned this by now? The future is constantly in flux, it is like a certain planned destination but with certain allowances and isn't fixed .


’’How do you think it was possible for me to affect the present reality and have it differ from the past one?’’

’’It is all because of you, you trash which has contaminated the universes!’’

As we conversed I slowly and naturally made my way towards the closet .

’’Well, how do you even know that Alpha and Omega were part of the eternal flow from the beginning of time, perhaps they too were the product of another's intervention . ’’

’’You are the source of all problems, that is my conclusion, now pick up your sword!’’

Metatron seemed to have guessed my intentions of going for Excalibur, and was even confident enough to let me grab it .

I took hold of Excalibur just as Metatron released his powers . As our magic clashed, magic clashed, his face began to distort . I came out ahead as Excalibur was an amplified version of Abbadon's powers, whereas Metatron had only received a limited version of Abbadon's magic .

I watched his arm disintegrate and turn to dust . He tried to hit me with his last remaining fist, but his other arm suffered the same fate .

’’It was a good idea to surprise me like this, but you shouldn't have allowed me to grab ahold of this sword . ’’

I spoke in a relaxed manner now that I had the upper hand and he had lost both of his arms .

Metatron seemed to have lost all reason and was incredibly desperate .

’’I can't believe that I've been defeated . You've already managed to change the future, setting it on a completely new path in a way that Abbadon and the purity of the universes will never return . ’’

’’Hmm... well I do feel a bit sorry for you, but I still can't forgive you for all the massacres you've committed . ’’

’’In that case let us die together! In that way I'll at least have managed to eliminate the trash and the universe will once again undergo its stage of reduction and reincarnation, even if I won't be around to witness it!’’

’’Hey, just wha...?’’


The next moment Metatron used his remaining powers to self-destruct in the center of his body . I immediately used Excalibur to massively slow down the speed which it occurred at, but likewise Metatorn had used all his mastery of time to speed up the process . Fortunately Excalibur's prowess slightly exceeded his, which bought me precious seconds to think .

’’That lunatic, by self-destructing he will take half of the known universes down with him!’’

’’Johra, the teleport array is ready . ’’

’’Where to?’’

’’Just create a place, you now have full access to the Sephiroth network . ’’

’’Create one?’’

I then recalled my strongest skill [Creation of Time and Space], which I promptly used with a swish of my hand .

’’Let there be light!’’

’’We've observed the creation of your new universe, locking on the location with the teleportation array, 3...2...1... Go!’’

I then disappeared along with Metatron's contained explosion and reappeared in a microcosm of space .

’’Damn, won't we now get caught up in the explosion?’’

The Rohim shield had immediately flickered and then given out, unable to contain the explosion any longer and even Excalibur melted down when exposed to it .

’’We no longer have access to the Sephiroth network as it doesn't extend to this new space you've created . This time, I This time, I will make sure that at least you'd be able to return . ’’

They were Lena's last words before we both were caught in the explosion .

’’Lena? Lena!’’

I called out to her, but there was no answer . I was now in limbo, floating through time and space . My arms and legs had disappeared as a result of the explosion, but my torso and head were still intact . I was beginning to lose consciousness, but hung on desperately, unwilling to give in to death .

’’Take my hand . ’’

I welcomed the familiar voice of Gaia .

As I grabbed a hold of her I reappeared in a flash of light and Gaia instantly helped me recover my missing limbs .

’’Odin, Skyfather, you're both here . ’’

’’How was experiencing the beginning of time?’’

Skyfather looked at me questioningly .

’’The beginning of time?’’

’’You might not be aware of it, but Metatron's explosion was like the Big Bang, the beginning of all the universes .


’’Did Lena do something at the very last minute? She must have spread herself across the universe after the explosion, leaving behind enough magic to recreate you, Johra . ’’

’’What are you talking about, I can't understand any of it . ’’

’’You'll have to be responsible for ensuring the eternity of the universes, but there is plenty of time before that becomes relevant so you can have a nice extended vacation until then . ’’

’’I don't get it . ’’

’’Now that Metatorn is gone, I have to shoulder all of his responsibilities...’’

Gaia showed a disgruntled expression .

’’Still, now Metatron is a part of us all, there is also a part of Lena and Johra across all the universes... . ’’

’’My head is begging to hurt just thinking about it . ’’

’’Okay, head back for now, everyone is waiting for you . ’’

’’Alright then . ’’

As I stepped through the door, the three Gods continued their discussion .

’’So now that the creation of the universes is done, the rest... . ’’

’’Ugh! I'm getting a headache . ’’

’’Is it fine for the universe to flow in this direction? The purity... . ’’

This discussion between the three of the continued until the end of time .

’’Do you think that Johra was the right choice?’’

’’Gaia asked Skyfather?’’

’’Yes, and Level 1 Skeleton Soldier was the perfect starting point . ’’

’’Hey Skyfather, that one was my idea!’’

Ha ha ha!

Odin laughed heartily as he watched the heated debate between the other two . He still had no idea why one would need to start as a Level 1 Skeleton .


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