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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 9


Book 9: Chapter 9 - This is Enough

Xue Ying stood and watched everything happening in the distance, beginning to feel worried in his heart.

Who was that?

That mysterious crimson-armored man had such shocking combat power that he could suppress the Grand Elder Palace Head even on the ocean! With that strength, he should be clearly be known to everyone as the number one expert under the heavens. Any ordinary expert from the Demonic Faction would not count for much, but this expert was considered 'the number one expert under the heavens', which was enough to cause worry. What Xue Ying feared most, however...was that he had never heard of such an expert before!

What exactly are the Demonic Faction and Sorcerer Palace planning by hiding such an expert all this time! Not only that, they have even cultivated a Deity Avatar! Xue Ying frowned. Is this crimson-armored man someone I'd recognize from the Xia Clan? But there are only 17 Demigods in total, excluding those from the Temple of the Earth God and the Bloodshed Tavern. The ones who participated in the operation add up to 11 people, and even if we include Palace Head Chen and the exposed Xi Yun, the total only goes up to 13... As for the four remaining Demigods, their combat powers are quite ordinary.

The remaining Demigods could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and no matter how Xue Ying looked at it, none of them resembled this mysterious man in crimson armor.

Would it be better if we considered him an unknown expert? Xue Ying frowned. Might he be a genius cultivated by the Demonic Faction from the time he was still a mortal?

A storm is approaching. Hmph. Whatever the case, a snake will always die if it's hit seven inches below its head! The greatest threat to my Xia Clan should be that Deity Avatar of the Demonic Faction. As long as we get rid of the fleshy body and mess with the treasures in their headquarters, a single expert won't be able to cause waves too huge, Xue Ying thought.

All of a sudden

’’Xue Ying!’’ Palace Head Chen transmitted.

’’Palace Head Chen,’’ Xue Ying replied.

’’Are you still thinking about that mysterious figure? Haha. Don't worry too much. At least he's not one of the strongest Demigods of our Xia Clan;so as long as we gather all of our Demigods together, no one can frighten us!’’ Palace Head Chen said with confidence. ’’Just let us handle the matter of his identity;don't think about it too much. Also, you should come over right now. This enormous victory made all of our Demigods extremely happy.’’

’’Alright, I'll head over immediately,’’ Xue Ying replied.

After that...Xue Ying, who was standing atop a small hill on an island, let out a deep breath as he looked out towards the vast ocean.

In any case, the threat of the Demon Generals could be considered basically resolved. The only demons remaining were the weak, pesky ones who did not pose too much of a problem. As soon as they were discovered, they would easily be killed! As for the sole survivor, Ralph, he was still but a single Demon General. The moment he dared to show himself, the Xia Clan would immediately begin an all-round attack on him! The troublesome part of the previous situation had been all five of the Demon Generals communicating from a distance, working together and making it hard for the Xia Clan to dispose of them.

This time, Xue Ying had discovered them early on and informed the Demigods, which allowed them sufficient time for preparations. They could then surround and attack the generals while targeting their weaknesses. This way, they had a certain degree of certainty for success!

If not, according to the history of the Xia Clan, they would have paid an enormous price for such an opportunity to surround and attack them. In that situation, hundreds of millions of mortals would end up dying, and even the deaths of Demigods would not be avoided.

At least we've finally solved this huge disaster. Xue Ying felt accomplished. Although he had not participated in the battles, it was he who had triggered it in the first place. Borrowing the ability of his True Meaning of Mirage, he had spent a total of six years performing reconnaissance on over half of the entire Xia Clan World before finally finding the positions of the five Demon Generals.


In an underground location beneath the Infernal Palace.

’’Hou~ Humans, you damned humans! If you dare, come and fight me one on one.’’ A massive lifeform was there, his hands and feet shackled. Naturally, this lifeform was the 1000 meters tall mountain demon. His four limbs were being heavily restricted by several seals which formed arrays that entered his body and completely locked his soul. The mountain demon could not use a single strand of World Energy.

’’Haha, this mountain demon is in such a poor state, yet he's still clamoring about!’’ A group of Xia Clan Demigods were watching at his from the side while chatting and laughing amongst themselves. While they came here to celebrate, their true bodies remained stationed in their respective territories. The majority of those who came here, including the Xue Ying who had rushed over, were Qi Avatars.

His true body had already been brought by the green armored protector, and the gold man had replaced his Qi Avatar to continue observing the Demonic Faction.

Xue Ying was currently sitting to the side, drinking wine fruit and chatting with Chao Qing beside him. At the same time, he sent a glance towards one of the Demigods in the distance Xi Yun. This High Priest of the Demonic Faction is quite a master of disguise. So many years have passed, and he has yet to reveal any gap in his behaviour.

Xi Yun's Qi Avatar had come as well. Under his scarlet brows was a pair of eyes filled with cold intent. ’’For the sake of killing these Demon Generals, so many mortals have been affected. We must never allow him to just die peacefully. Certainly, we should make full use of him, dissect him, and make a full investigation of his body!’’

’’Indeed, it has affected many mortals.’’ City Lady Bu also frowned before lightly nodding. ’’He truly has a huge figure. Although we have thought up many methods in trying to protect the mortals, many of them have been affected inevitably. Especially considering how quickly the battle started, we did not have enough time to move those mortals!’’

’’Deaths and injuries are unavoidable,’’ Palace Head Chen said.

’’Hehehe...’’ Chao Qing instead just laughed as he stood up and looked towards the enormous mountain demon in the distance. ’’This old man will die soon, but I would have never thought that before the end of my lifespan, I would experience such a grand occasion! My Xia Clan has experienced so many demon invasions, and each time an invasion reached a degree similar to the current one, 80 to 90% of the Transcendents below the realm of Demigod would die, and even as much as half of the Demigods would end up dead! That is truly bitter! The invasion this time around, though, is going so much better than the ones in the past.’’

’’Mn.’’ All the Demigods of Xia Clan nodded.

That was right. These Demigods had all prepared themselves to face death with courage. Yet this time, eliminating the threat of these demons had been unexpectedly easy.

’’Old Chen, we're truly puzzled as to how exactly you discovered the positions of the Demon Generals.’’ Si Kong Yang laughed towards Palace Head Chen. ’’As they died, all of them were unwilling and kept asking exactly we were able to find them. In fact, honestly speaking, even we didn't know how.’’

’’That's right, Palace Head, how exactly did you find them?’’

’’What formidable method did you use?’’

’’Unless, is it a secret?’’

’’If it's a secret, then it's fine not to reveal it.’’

The group of apex Demigods of the Xia Clan were all truly curious. After all, multiple demon invasions had taken place throughout history, yet they didn't have any methods of discovering the demons.

Palace Head Chen looked towards the group of Demigods, and they stared back at him.

’’This...’’ Palace Head Chen smiled abashedly.

’’Quickly tell us!’’

’’So wishy-washy. Even now he's still leaving us hanging!’’ The Demigods of the Xia Clan scolded him smilingly.

Only then did Palace Head Chen finally reply. ’’This implicates an important secret of my Xia Clan. No Demigod except me has the authority to know it!’’


’’This had to be the reason.’’

None of the Demigods continued chasing the answer. They were all aware of the rule of secrecy which stated that only the Infernal Palace Head of a generation could know specific secrets!

The group of people continued chatting, laughing, eating, drinking they were all inexorably jubilant. After all, a huge mountain had suddenly disappeared from sight, taking away many of their cares! A single Ralph struggling at death's door would not affect the overall outcome of the invasion.

Xue Ying was instead carrying his wine bowl as he walked towards the mountain demon lying to the side.

’’So big.’’ Xue Ying was startled. As he lay there, the mountain demon released bursts of a metallic taste wafting out from his revealed teeth. A single tooth of his was bigger than an ordinary house!

Hou~ The mountain demon immediately opened his enormous eyes of a dark yellowish color to glare at Xue Ying while emitting a low growl.’’

’’This mountain demon is still not resigned to his fate.’’ Old Man Chao Qing walked over.

’’I am not resigned, not resigned!’’ roared the mountain demon as he stared at these humans a bald old man and a teenager. ’’It shouldn't be like this. It shouldn't be! It's impossible for you all to discover us.’’

Chao Qing shook his head, laughing. ’’Xue Ying, even in death, this mountain demon won't understand how he had died.’’

’’Mn.’’ Xue Ying nodded.

The matter about the True Meaning of Mirage was not even revealed in detail to Palace Head Chen. The fewer the people who knew about it, the greater the might it could display!

’’Actually, knowing or not doesn't make a difference.’’ Chao Qing squatted by the side of the massive mountain demon and laughed giddily. ’’Our Xia Clan has become even stronger and has gotten rid of the demon threat. As long as your understand this point, that's enough! This old man is going to die soon, but knowing that this disaster has been solved before I die makes me truly, truly happy!’’

Saying that, Chao Qing raised his head before gulping two large mouthfuls of fruit wine, some of the wine even trickling down from the side of his lips.

’’That's right. Our Xia Clan will become even stronger now, and that's enough.’’ Xue Ying nodded with a smile.


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