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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 8


Book 9: Chapter 8 - Unforeseen Circumstances

Atop a small hill on an island, Xue Ying was currently watching the huge battle taking place 1000 kilometers away. At that distance, he could still clearly see the fighting with his naked eyes.

The whole domain over there was covered in an endless frost. Even space itself began freezing meter by meter.

The fleshy body of an upper ranked demon such as Ralph truly was tyrannical he was still able to resist!

’’Palace Head Chen, what is the situation?’’ Xue Ying asked though the communication wristband.

’’Hahaha. Ah, Xue Ying, the situation looks good. We have already killed the shadow demon and the scarlet-armored succubus. The mountain demon, we have captured alive, leaving only the purple-scaled demon and the frost demon now.’’ Palace Head Chen was in a good mood. ’’Mountain Lord He reported that he's holding the absolute advantage, which means the purple-scaled demon should die soon. The sole group slower than the rest is Grand Elder Palace Head's, which should take about the time needed to brew a cup of tea.’’

’’Mn.’’ Xue Ying nodded. ’’I know. I'm currently at a location close to Grand Elder Palace Head. This battle is the most intense of them all. This frost Demon General Ralph had deeply buried his true ability. The strength he's now exhibiting is on another level compared to what had been previously reported in our intelligence.’’

’’That's true, yet it is still within our expectations. With our preparations, he should only be able to resist for a short while longer,’’ Palace Head Chen replied.

Xue Ying smiled as he continued observing the battle in silence.

Hearing about the Demon Generals dying one by one, Xue Ying let out a sigh of relief. Each of their deaths represented the Xia Clan getting a degree safer in the future.

Who asked you to invade our Xia Clan World and treat our people like cattle? We can only exterminate you in turn! Xue Ying silently declared.

Very soon, another report arrived.

’’Xue Ying, the purple-scaled Demon General has died!’’ Palace Head Chen transmitted.

’’Good.’’ Xue Ying was ecstatic.

General Yan Ze was truly patient. Had he not sent his Demonic Avatar over to assassinate Xue Ying, his combat power would not have been discovered. At least now he was finally dead.

Of the five...four had fallen!

Ralph, you're the only one remaining. Xue Ying looked towards the fierce battle in the distance.


Grand Elder Palace Head, the two Demigods, and the green-armored Deity warrior were as imposing as a rainbow.1 In particular, Grand Elder Palace Head had continuously cornered Ralph with his frenzied attacks. Even with his tyrannical fleshy body, Ralph's bones and scales were being shattered time after time. Every time the Sea Origin Rod the strongest Deity weapon of the Sea Deity Palace landed on his body, part of his scales got destroyed, annihilating his blood and flesh. That signified a destruction on the molecular level.

Ralph's entire body was dripping with fresh blood, yet it was recovering at high speed.

Ralph was in agonizing pain. This Deity Weapon is too hard to withstand. Every single one of its attacks is hurting me, not to mention this Deity warrior who is constantly binding me!

Without the arrays and without the Deity warrior acting as an aide, Ralph would never be terrified of the Grand Elder Palace Head! To be particular, the eruption of his innate talent should have placed him at a slight advantage over his opponent.

The Xia Clan had, however, arrived to exterminate him this time around, not to have a one-on-one challenge! Under this absolutely controlled offensive that surrounded him on all sides, Ralph could not properly exhibit his combat power.

’’Ralph, the other four Demon Generals are all dead. You're the only one left!’’ Grand Elder Palace Head's voice swayed Ralph's resolve.

Half of my body's life force has been consumed. I'll definitely die if nothing changes! Ralph did his best to resist. I am Ralph, an upper-rank demon! There is so much I have yet to accomplish. How can I die in this mortal world?!

Gradually, heavy damage accumulated on his body. Time after time, the Sea Origin Rod smashed into him without giving him the chance to dodge, consuming his life force.

Ralph sent a cold look towards the Grand Elder Palace Head, who was attacking him from the front. In a low voice, he howled, ’’I will die soon, but before that, could you tell you've managed to discover me?’’

’’How'd we discover you?’’ Grand Elder Palace Head sneered. ’’Should I tell you so you can relay it to the Demonic Faction? Not only that, you're just a dying demon;there's no need to ask so many questions!’’

The pain Ralph felt became deeper and deeper.

As a demon, he was not afraid of death. It was merely because he had so much yet to accomplish that made him unwilling to die. What made him even less willing was not being able to find out the answer to the question of how he had been discovered.

It was clear...that these Xia Clansmen were not willing to tell him the reason though.

In reality, it was not even a question of wanting to tell him or not. All of the Demigods, including Mountain Lord He and the Grand Elder Palace Head, had merely received transmissions from Palace Head Chen. Not even they knew how he could acquire the accurate coordinates! Naturally, this ignorance meant they could not tell the Demon Generals either.

’’Mn?’’ Grand Elder Palace Head's expression suddenly changed.

’’Who?’’ Sitting on the other side, the other two Demigods of the Sea Deity Palace the silver-robed woman and the old man in black robes suddenly turned towards the distant sky.

The sun high above shone down bright rays of light. A moment later, however, a pitch black crack appeared, a lone figure stepping out through it.

At the sight of this figure, the hearts of the Grand Elder Palace Head and the two other Demigods trembled.

’’This is...’’ Watching the battle from a distance of 1000 kilometers, Xue Ying could also clearly see this figure walking out of the pitch-black crack in space. His heart could not help but tighten at this moment!

This mysterious person wore crimson-colored armour with an incomparably sleek surface. The figure even donned a crimson bull's horn helmet, its two enormous appendages looking as if they were about to pierce the dome of the heaven! A crimson mask covered his face, revealing just a pair of eyes. And these eyes...what exactly were these eyes?! Xue Ying could not truly see them very well from his position 1000 kilometers away, yet he could still distinguish a grayish aura revolving around them.

This gray...represented an ultimate, deathly stillness! It signaled the final destruction as if it were the true, absolute darkness!

This sort of grayish aura also surrounded the surface of his armor. Any Transcendent would feel fear coming from the depths of their heart upon looking at it.

Chi chi chi~ A hoarse yet piercing sound rang out as the mysterious crimson-armored man unsheathed a gigantic blade, a full meter in length. The color of this blade was the crimson of an artery. It reeked with a frightening aura of blood. Grand Elder Palace Head could immediately tell that this was a Deity weapon as well!


Accompanied by an icy roar, the crimson-armored man brandished his gigantic blade. He appeared as a portrayal of the ultimate death!

Hu hu hu~ Practically soundless, wherever it passed, the gigantic blade caused space to begin crumbling apart, seawater to begin evaporating, and even the surrounding sunlight to begin being annihilated. It seemed as if the Myriad Existences would all be destroyed under this one blade. The arrays originally present all started disintegrating under this terrifying slash. Any ordinary person would have to first ponder over and understand the Profound Mysteries of Arrays if they wished to break apart these arrays. If one wanted to break them using brute force, it would suffice to directly clash against them.

Yet under this blade, all of the Myriad Existences were starting to be annihilated. This signified a destruction on the level of the Laws of Profound Mysteries. Without requiring any effort the arrays were simply destroyed!

Such might caused everyone to be frozen with fear.

The Grand Elder Palace Head even got the feeling that his Sea Deity Fleshy Body would lose its life under a single slash of that blade!

’’Scram!’’ the Grand Elder Palace Head fiercely shouted. This was the ocean, his territory. He could be considered unrivaled on the seas and the ocean!

All of a sudden, his transparent body akin to a stream of water grew in size dramatically. Wielding the Sea Origin Rod in both hands, he surged upwards before sending it down. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a dazzling golden ray which directly met the terrifying slash coming with incredible speed.


The gigantic blade directly clashed against the Sea Origin Rod, resulting in an astonishing shockwave which blasted in all directions with great might!

The figure of the Grand Elder Palace Head, the water stream body, had completely dispersed while simultaneously retreating, finally condensing back into a figure.

As for that mysterious person, he had merely been jolted back a single step.

’’Drawing upon the power of the ocean, the Sea Origin Rod is indeed the strongest Deity weapon when used on sea,’’ a hoarse and unpleasant to hear voice left the mysterious crimson-armored figure's throat.

’’What?’’ The expression worn by Grand Elder Palace Head turned ugly. ’’With a single slash, he destroyed the arrays while also suppressing me?’’

Ralph, the upper-rank demon, was left in somewhat of a daze upon seeing this scene.

’’You're still not intending to leave? Or are you perhaps planning on waiting until the Demigods of the Xia Clan surround you?’’ The mysterious crimson-armored man coldly glanced at Ralph, who immediately became excited and teleported to his side without hesitation. With the arrays broken apart, he could now teleport! By itself, the green-armored protector could not possibly bind him.

’’Go!’’ The mysterious figure tore space apart with a si la sound before tunneling through and leaving the area together with Ralph.

’’Palace Head.’’ The other two Demigods, as well as the green-armored protector, rushed over.

The Grand Elder Palace Head frowned, his expression ugly. ’’This unknown figure donning crimson armor and a cow-horned helmet was surrounded by fierce, dark demonic energy. He should be part of the Demonic Faction! They actually have such an expert? And he had even borrowed the strength of a Deity weapon? Regardless, his combat power is on another level when compared to mine and Mountain Lord He's. Although it has not reached the stage of complete suppression, it is quite obvious his strength is overwhelming!’’

  1. ’’Imposing as a rainbow’’ is an idiom talking about how one's aura is so imposing, it mimics the intensity and brightness of a flourishing rainbow


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