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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 33


Book 9: Chapter 33 - Realization

Jing Qiu and Mo Yang Yu chatted for quite a long time. Even when the sky had darkened, Mo Yang Yu was still excited in grabbing Jing Qiu for a chat. She was truly too happy today. Finally, it was Jing Qiu herself who found an excuse to leave before rushing over to find Xue Ying.

According to her estimations, it had already been four hours since they left Infernal Palace.

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying will most likely be unable to hold on any longer.’’ Jing Qiu extended her senses, discovering Xue Ying's aura within the training grounds in the inner section of Snowrock Castle. She was shocked with what she realized, however. Disciple Brother Xue Ying is still training his spear?

She hurried over.


With a flash of her figure, as if it was shadow, she arrived outside the training ground.

At this moment, the movements of Xue Ying in the distance were not fast, but the spear techniques displayed were mighty and powerful. Hong long long~ Its might was controlled within the surrounding 10 meters in range, but within that 10 meters in range, there were signs of cracks showing. Occasionally, the spear would form hundreds and thousands of images and even form gravitational force, causing space itself to distort... Essentially, that 10 meters of range became entirely a domain of destruction.

It's already four hours, yet Disciple Brother Xue Ying could still persevere in training his spear? Is he not in pain? Jing Qiu did not dare believe it. Yesterday, during this exact same point in time, he had been in such agonizing pain that he could barely control himself.

Jing Qiu watched on by the side without disturbing him.

Half an hour, one hour...

The sky started turning dusk.

’’Brother, brother.’’ Qing Shi's shouting reverberated over half of the entire Snowrock Castle, and soon enough, he reached the training ground. So many years had passed, and Qing Shi was clearly a lot more mature than before. Since he was a Legend realm mage, though, his external appearance remained quite young. Furthermore, that pair of eyes he had was even more mesmerizing. Xue Ying had lamented before over the fact that his little brother could depend on his face for survival.

’’Brother, why are you still training your spear techniques when you are getting married tomorrow? Why not spend more time with Sister Jing Qiu, ah, I should call you sister-in-law instead.’’ Qing Shi walked over beaming with a smile.

’’Don't disturb your brother for now.’’ Jing Qiu said.

’’Oh.’’ Qing Shi replied.

Jing Qiu continued observing. She was shocked, extremely shocked. Yesterday, he had merely persevered for four hours before having to return back to his room. Today, he could actually persevere until now while training his spear?


The pain was indeed very intense, making it almost impossible for him to meticulously contemplate.

But currently, he wasn't contemplating at all!

He was purely following his instincts in displaying his spear techniques.

Faster faster faster! This still feels too slow, I must be faster! Hundreds and thousands of images were left behind by Xue Ying's spear. He was frantically stabbing forward, every single stab imbued with the Extreme Piercing! But right now, the Extreme Piercing had clearly started deriving some Profound Mysteries of the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. There was only one purpose in all these-to make this technique even faster!

Hong hong hong!

The power is still too weak, too weak. It must be stronger and fiercer! Xue Ying's spear techniques revolved, holding the spear with both his hands;he fiercely pierced outwards, doing his best to fully release all the potential he had. For a moment, the revolving spear techniques utilized the True Meaning of Star as well as the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing...

The way the spear swept felt as if it could split the heavens and earth in twain.

The spear flying around felt more like a dragon and a serpent rushing forward.

He was entirely immersed in his spear techniques, to the point where the pain did not affect him as much as before. However, as time passed, the pain started worsening, and Xue Ying was forced to stop.

Hu, hu, hu. Xue Ying's forehead was full of sweat. He saw Qing Shi standing at the entrance. The moment he saw him, Xue Ying could not help but reveal a grin. ’’Qing Shi, you've come back.’’

’’Brother.’’ Qing Shi immediately ran over. ’’Brother is still in quite a mood to train. You are getting married tomorrow, yey you've trained your spear till the sky is dark. Just now, I've came over to call you for dinner. Let's eat together.’’

’’Let's not do that tonight.’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’I still have some matter which I have to talk to Jing Qiu.’’

’’Oh, then I'll not disturb the two of you then.’’ Qing Shi had a heh laugh.

Xue Ying nodded before walking towards Jing Qiu. The two left hand in hand.

Soon, the two entered the room.

The door was shut close.

Xue Ying's face immediately turned pale. Sweat started perspiring profusely. He gave a lopsided grin. ’’So close... I've almost exposed myself in front of Qing Shi.’’

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying, it has already been five hours.’’ Jing Qiu was shocked. ’’It's much better than yesterday.’’

’’Because I've been training my spear techniques,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Training your spear techniques?’’ Jing Qiu was startled.

’’When training spear techniques and comprehending the world, we are quite different in these aspects compared to you mages when comprehending your spells.’’ Xue Ying explained, ’’Comprehending the World requires one to sense the True Meaning, and one has to derive from the various Profound Mysteries, overruling all sorts of misconceptions one had. Some would require one to test it out so as to improve their understanding of the True Meaning, improving it from stage one realm to stage two realm to stage three realm and even condensing a True Deity Heart! As for you mages, when you comprehend your spell models, it'll be much more complex and require a huge amount of mental strength for research.’’

’’Mn.’’ Jing Qiu nodded.

The World was indeed profound and complex. It was because of the powerful spirit which Transcendents had that gave them the capabilities to comprehend it. Mortals could not do so, and mortals who could barely reach the realm of Myriad Existences were all quite formidable already.

’’Training spear techniques only require one to chase after perfection in itself. I don't have to spend so much mind and soul to derive the True Meaning.’’ Xue Ying said, ’’As for True Meanings, they are there merely as supportive abilities for my spear techniques.’’

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying, what do you mean?’’ Jing Qiu did not really understand, ’’Not cultivating the True Meaning but cultivating your spear techniques?’’

’’As my mastery in spear techniques increase, my comprehension of the realms will also deepen, and similarly for the True Meanings.’’ Xue Ying said.

In reality, today's training of spear techniques gave Xue Ying quite a huge shock.

In the past, he was not being tortured with pain all the time, so he had never had this feeling before. But this time, under the torture of pain, he could fundamentally not spend any mind and soul to ponder over True Meaning and other mysteries. But this led to...Xue Ying purely chasing his spear techniques without any other influences!

In the past when he had pursued spear techniques, it would be to train his spear first before contemplating after every improvement he had, pondering if this was the right path. He could consider many different questions within a single moment, rapidly improving his spear techniques before giving him an even 'better path' to head towards. In reality, however, was this a better path?

But this time round!

He did not have the capabilities to think so much and to comprehend his True Meanings.

He could only depend on his instincts.

I've actually merged part of the Profound Mysteries behind True Meaning of Star and True Meaning of Extreme Piercing together? Xue Ying was really shocked. In the past, I would have absolutely been unable to merge these two True Meanings together. This is simply too reckless. I've actually done it this time, however, and somehow, the power of my spear techniques have even slightly increased?

Maybe this was meant to happen. Is this a different path? Xue Ying was contemplating.


I only have 200 years left, so why should I continue to be so prudent? Training my spear techniques should be enjoyable! As for True Meanings this or that, they are merely supporting abilities. Xue Ying laughed. That time when he entered the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, he did not follow any guidance given by his seniors! He had merely gone with his instincts. Even after Faction Head Si Kong Yang reprimanded him, he continued doing it his way before finally grasping hold of the embryonic form for True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

It should be done this way!

Xue Ying did not hesitate at all.

Ever since I've grasped hold of three different second grade True Meanings, I've been dazzled by their power and only wanted to make them even stronger. Xue Ying sighed with sorrow. And yet, I've forgotten my path of seeking perfection in my spear techniques! True Meaning is merely meant for my spear techniques as support. Spear techniques should be my main ability! Seeking for perfection in my spear techniques should be my goal. As for what True Meaning I'll comprehending out of it, let fate decide.

As long as my spear techniques become even stronger, I'll be improving.

This could not be blamed on Xue Ying.

The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, True Meaning of Mirage, and True Meaning of Star were truly too powerful and had made Xue Ying feel omnipotent to the extent that he felt nobody could threaten his life in the mortal world. It was this joint attack on him that struck him directly on his head! That woke him up and made him realize of his goal in the past to seek improvement in his spear techniques.

Actually, it had been because of these few years when he had to deal with the demon bases;he had been spending day after day and night after night trying to do a carpet search through the ocean and the ground. He had never stopped for a moment to think over his actions.

Chasing after spear techniques does not require me to think too much. I thus won't have to use too much mental strength over this. Every day, I can cultivate for five to six hours and prolong it over time as I get used to the pain. Xue Ying slightly nodded. Even though hex poison wrecked havoc in his body, he could still train in his spear techniques, making him feel really happy. When training in his spear, the pain felt like it had reached a minimum. Immersing himself in the world of spear really did make him addicted to it.


On the morning of the next day.

The Snowrock Castle was already decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Ever since noon, Transcendents arrived one after another, and there had even been a huge flying ship arriving with Transcendents from all over the place. All of them were here to celebrate this miraculous Dong Bo Xue Ying's marriage.


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