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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 32


Book 9: Chapter 32 - That is Why I Am Obsessed With This

In the Infernal Palace, inside a house owned by Xue Ying.

He was currently alone, curled up on a bed, trembling and perspiring so much it looked like starch paste had formed. He gritted his teeth so that only the quiet sound of his breathing could be heard. Unknowingly, he had been rolling left to right on the bed.

Soundlessly and ceaselessly, his soul was crying out in agonizing pain.

There was nobody other than him in the house. Jing Qiu had originally wanted to stay with him through the night, but he had chased her out instead;he didn't want his pain and suffering to be seen. On top of that, there was nothing Jing Qiu could do even if she was by his side, so, understanding his pride, she could only nod and leave him alone.

The night passed. Outside, the sky was brightening up as the sun rose.

But the pain he felt was only getting more excruciating. Gradually, it was approaching a peak.

At this moment, there was not even a single drop of medicine left in his body! The Six Ghosts Resentment hexing poison exploded with a mighty power, corroding Xue Ying's body faster than his Undying Body could recover. He was depending on his Undying Body to withstand the poison! Every moment felt distant, yet Xue Ying cold only grit his teeth and try to hold on.

That was right.

Although he could only live for another 200 years at most, wasn't it true that the longer he lived, the greater his hopes for a future? Xue Ying's bones were filled with a perseverance which made him the sort of person who would not simply bow down and accept fate!

’’Xue Ying, a day has passed. You can drink the medicine,’’ the voice of the green-armored protector announced.

’’Mn.’’ Xue Ying groaned. Even his breathing was coarse.

At the same time, the black bottle gourd appeared in the air by his side. Xue Ying used the World Energy to control the bottle gourd, remove its cord, and pour out the medicine. Hua, a dose of Hundred Bitter Restoration wrapped in World Energy flew directly into Xue Ying's throat.

So comfortable! As the medicine entered his body, the originally crazy and wanton-acting Six Ghosts Resentment was instantly and completely suppressed, lessening the pain Xue Ying felt. During this process of the pain being reduced, he couldn't even taste the 'bitterness' of the Hundred Bitter Restoration. The sole feeling which washed over his body was...comfort. It truly was comfortable, so comfortable that he felt as if he had just reincarnated!


A moment later, Xue Ying finally let out a breath. The sweat covering his body turned to nothing, and his complexion recovered. After all, he had an Undying Body.

This was merely the first day. I didn't think it would be so excruciating. Signs of a smile appeared at the corners of Xue Ying's lips. While he did feel like he had just walked away from death's door, he had, nonetheless, not fainted during the first day! That being said, he had barely maintained full control of himself for four hours. During the other eight, he had just suffered in bed. Storing the black bottle gourd standing by his side, he stood up.

Zhi ya! The sound of door opening could be heard.

He saw a beautiful woman standing right outside, in the courtyard. Jing Qiu was already there, clearly waiting for him.

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying.’’ Jing Qiu hurriedly ran over. Her bright eyes were filled with a sliver of concern. ’’How is it? It wasn't easy to hold on for a full day, right?’’

’’It is still passable. At least I didn't faint.’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’Let's go. We'll bid farewell to Palace Head Chen. It's about time for us to return.’’

As soon as they finished speaking, two figures appeared before them. They were none other than Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He.

Palace Head Chen laughed, ’’Haha, Xue Ying, we've been waiting for you.’’ The entire Infernal World was under his control, so he immediately knew that Xue Ying had woken up.

’’Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He.’’ Xue Ying laughed. ’’I've come to bid my farewell. Oh, right, during the assault on the Demonic Faction Headquarters, I've acquired a lot of treasures upon killing High Priest Xi Yun. I haven't had the chance to pass them on to you, and then, when I was under the joint attack, I ended up using a few protective treasures as well as this protective armor. The rest are all here,’’ he said, throwing a storage ring over to them.

’’That's... we've yet to reward you for breaching into the Demonic Faction Headquarters and destroying the fleshy body of the Great Demonic God's Deity Avatar. These treasures are merely your spoils of war.’’ Palace Head Chen returned the ring as soon as he received it.

’’Palace Head Chen, you all have paid a great price for the sake of saving me. The thick foundation of the Demonic Faction Headquarters built over many years includes all sorts of formidable arrays, unique treasures and Demigod weapons. But as you know, I can't even cultivate Transcendent Qi any longer. Is there even any point in me keeping these? In fact, even this armor I'm wearing requires Transcendent Qi, which means its current power is much lower than before,’’ Xue Ying explained. ’’These treasures should be kept by the Xia Clan;only then would they bring even greater benefits! Furthermore, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God have yet to give up. The more treasures we have, the better prepared we will be for them. In my hands, these treasures would just be wasted! As for those day to day treasures I use, the over two million contribution points I still have are more than enough to cover that!’’

Mountain Lord He replied, ’’You should still take some of the ones useful to you or to Jing Qiu.’’

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu looked at each other.

’’There's no need. The two million contribution points are enough. On top of that, Palace Head Chen should have already guessed, but I've obtained inheritance of ancestor Black Wind. When it comes to it, I can exchange some of those treasures for more resources. That will suffice for Jing Qiu to use,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Alright.’’ Despite his hesitations, Palace Head Chen no longer declined.

The current situation was indeed grim, and the Xia Clan needed these treasures.

’’I'm afraid the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God might not give up. Our Xia Clan should also take the initiative. When the time comes for the army to move, I'll spy on them from the Mirage,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Haha, Xue Ying, you don't have to worry about that anymore,’’ Palace Head Chen said. ’’Having suffered due to it once, existences such as the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God would not give you another opportunity! Alright, alright, stop being so anxious. If we truly need your help, we'll certainly ask you for it. What's more important right now is to prepare for tomorrow's joyous occasion.’’

Xue Ying laughed. ’’Mn, alright.’’

Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He were lamenting in their hearts.

They initially thought that Xue Ying's heart would be affected after suffering such loss. But they saw with their very own eyes that Xue Ying did not even feel discouraged or vexed. His thoughts remained with the Xia Clan, but that only made their hearts ache even more. Why did a Transcendent of their Xia Clan with such great innate talent have to fall to this state?

’’Xue Ying, take this treasure.’’ Mountain Lord He waved his hand, taking out a silvery-white sphere, one meter in diameter. ’’You should refine it in order to make it easier to control.’’

’’This is?’’ Xue Ying felt bewildered.

’’This sphere was originally a powerful array board. Once you activate it, it will cause the surrounding 50 kilometers of space to shatter!’’ Mountain Lord he explained. ’’This treasure was made specifically to deal with space seals, though activating the board required Transcendent Magic! Therefore, I modified it by adding an energy source within, so it could be activated by itself. As it is now, it can be activated with a single thought, instantly shattering the surrounding space in an area of 50 kilometers surrounding you. With your True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, you could then easily dodge, making it so that if the Sorcerer God's saber is once again used against you, it will be much harder for it to land a hit!’’

Xue Ying was startled.

This array board was meant to deal with space seals? There wasn't such a treasure even among the ones left behind by the Demonic Faction. The foundation of the Xia Clan was indeed extraordinary. Xue Ying understood just how precious of a treasure this was.

’’I'll bring it...’’ Xue Ying hesitated.

’’Don't think too much. Just take it. We actually don't believe the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God would pay the huge price required to deal with you again. But it would still be better for you to bring it along. In the future, if a huge war is to erupt, we can always just ask it back from you,’’ Palace Head Chen said.

Xue Ying nodded.

’’Xue Ying, don't you and Jing Qiu have any requests at all?’’ Palace Head Chen asked.

’’No...’’ Xue Ying began saying but became hesitant. ’’How about this our Xia Clan owns a few Transcendent Seven Flavor Flowers, right? Just prepare some for me.’’

Legend-rank experts could 'transcend' their fleshy bodies, becoming pseudo-Transcendents with lifespans of 800 years.

But this method was extremely dangerous and had a high rate of mortality. For example, the matriarch of his mother's clan, the Mo Yang Yu's clan, was a pseudo-Transcendent! In fact, quite a lot of pseudo-Transcendents existed, numbering at about 10 in every province. Even the demonification process used by several Demonic Gods was also a sort of transcendence of the fleshy body, albeit even more dangerous.

Despite being dangerous, it had a relatively low price. Legend experts merely needed to promise something small, such as giving up some of their freedom after success, and the Temple of the Earth God would be willing to help them 'transcend.'

Like the Mo Yang clan of back then. Even with their foundation, they had still been able to pay the price and transcend once.

The Transcendent Seven Flavor Flower was a medicine passed down by the ancestor Deities of the Xia Clan. It comprised of unique medicinal ingredients which were then synthesized into a flower. Using it, one could undergo a safe 'transcendance.' It was actually relatively cheap to make, but the price the Xia Clan sold it to Transcendents for was 50,000 kilograms of Origin Stones for a set, a price which could be considered very fierce! By comparison, the ordinary transcendence was something even the Mo Yang clan could afford.

On the other hand, under normal circumstances, only Demigods would be willing to obtain the Transcendent Seven Flavor Flower.

’’If my family members won't manage to become Transcendents, they could use this Transcendent Seven Flavor Flower,’’ Xue Ying said, though he was aware that the flower required one to be a Legend ranker.

’’I'll send you five flowers!’’ Palace Head Chen said.

They were selling them at 50,000 kilograms of Origins Stones for a set while the cost of making them was, in reality, just about 5,000 kilograms. This was one of the Xia Clan's methods for gathering Origin Stones.

’’I still have plenty of contribution points,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Then we'll do it like that. Don't reject the five Transcendent Seven Flavor Flowers,’’ Palace Head Chen said.

’’Haha, that works too. Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, I'll be taking my leave. Let's say our farewells here.’’

’’Mn, tomorrow we'll go over and congratulate you.’’

Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He sent the two off.

Upon looking down at the storage ring, Palace Head Chen frowned, his brows like a pair of sharp blades. ’’I feel truly bad about this! Dong Bo Xue Ying's innate talent is so high that it's unfathomable. Yet a proud man like him hasn't even cultivated to a hundred years before he was finished, ending up as a cripple.’’

He was like a bright and dazzling star, releasing an eye-catching light as it flew past the skies. But in just a short moment, it would start decaying and falling from the skies.

’’Everyone has their own destiny,’’ Mountain Lord He said. ’’At the very least, Xue Ying has been bright enough in this life of his.’’



Using the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, Xue Ying tore through space and arrived in the sky above Snowrock Castle.

It was still early autumn, so from this overlook, he could see the entire mountain covered in snow!

’’Miss Jing Qiu, I knew the two of you would definitely get married, but I thought that, as Transcendents, you would delay for such a long time that I wouldn't even get to see it before I have to close my eyes forever.’’ It was noon, and, sitting at the dining table, Mo Yang Yu felt happy beyond words. ’’Ah, Xue Ying, Qing Shi is also rushing along with his girlfriend. He'll most likely be back by this evening! He's also delaying his marriage.’’

’’Now that I'm back, I'm going to have a good talk with Qing Shi. He should not place all of his heart on magic cultivation;he should get married first.’’

’’I've eaten my fill, so I'll go out first to take a walk.’’ Xue Ying stood up.

’’Miss Jing Qiu, come and have a chat with me.’’ Mo Yang Yu was truly happy today.

’’You shouldn't swipe her away and waste their time together.’’ Dong Bo Lie frowned by the side.

’’It's alright.’’ Jing Qiu smiled.

Xue Ying had not yet told his parents about his issue, and neither did he have any thought of doing so. They would most likely find out about it gradually.

He walked by himself along the familiar castle.

All of the servants he met were extremely respectful towards him. Deep in their hearts, they were in great awe towards this dazzling existence of the Dong Bo clan.

Only, the servants who took care of him during his childhood were no longer around. After all, if those servants had still been alive, they would have been over 100 years old. But in reality, only if they had reached the Star realm could those servants have lived for more than 100 years. Clearly, too few of the servants from that time could reach that realm.

Hong long Xue Ying opened the door to the training grounds.

Looking at this space where the accumulated snow had already been swept clean, Xue Ying revealed a grin.

A very long time ago...

When he was still a teen, he had been training his spear over here like a devil.

Xue Ying waved his hand, making it seem as if his spear swung around like clouds of fire. He then began displaying his spear techniques as he liked. His spear was like a swimming dragon following its own intent, lashing out with the sounds of rumbling thunder, piercing out like a flash of lightning. Even though the pain in his body caused by the hexing poison was still increasing, Xue Ying's heart remained focused on his spear techniques.

It was different from comprehending the True Meanings, which required all of his mental and physical efforts in order to advance.

At that moment... he had no other thoughts, his mind empty like the void! He was merely displaying his spear techniques with all his passion, and the deepest parts of his heart were merely filled with simple and honest joy.

It was precisely because he loved spear techniques that Xue Ying could have such frightening accomplishments when he was a teenager! At the same time, he comprehended the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, the True Meaning of Mirage, and the True Meaning of Star...but without even realizing, ever since he grasped the embryonic forms of the three grade two True Meanings, he began relying more and more on them, deriving and perfecting them.

But right now, he was like a small child purely enjoying training with his spear and without caring about using this or that True Meaning whatsoever. His purity and innocence was like a newborn, and training in the spear was the thing that made him feel even happier.

And because he loved it so much, he became obsessed with it.


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