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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 27


Book 9: Chapter 27 - Xia Clan Ancestor Descending

The Battleship D9 traveled directly into the Infernal World through the void between space. Soon, it reached the Infernal Palace.

Xiu xiu xiu...

Palace Head Chen stored Battleship D9 after the group of Demigods descended from it.

’’Members of the Bloodshed Tavern or the Temple of the Earth God are not allowed entry. Please pardon us,’’ Place Head Chen said these few words before bringing the Elders of the Xia Clan along inside a seemingly ordinary building within the palace. Jing Qiu and the green-armored protector carrying Xue Ying also entered.

There were six others who did not enter.

They weren't resentful or anything similar to that. The moment they joined the Bloodshed Tavern or Temple of the Earth God...the majority of them became aware that they would have to put the Bloodshed Tavern or Temple of the Earth God first, and the Xia Clan second. It must be known that if one of them brought a great contribution, even if their physical bodies were to perish, the powerful existences of the Deity World could still direct their souls and remould their fleshy bodies, thus allowing them to continue living.

That was a promise of reincarnation.

Of course

There were very few who would attain the qualifications necessary to have their souls directed into a remoulded fleshy body. The majority would merely have their souls directed into the Deity World, leaving them there to survive. Those superpowers would not always pay the huge price required to remould the fleshy body, allowing the user to continue cultivating.

Although they had no hope of getting their fleshy bodies remoulded and continuing their cultivations, didn't the Demigods agree to follow those powerful existences with the hope of continuing their lives?

As for the Xia Clan... it was ultimately just a clan within a mortal world. While some of their ancestors had become Deities, none of them had reached the level of being able to direct the soul into a remoulded fleshy body. Therefore, any Xia Clan Transcendent who died would truly be dead, and even their souls would disperse into non-existence.

As such, the Xia Clan Transcendents all agreed...

That it did not matter to them whether they could acquire a remoulded body or not;they might live on, but that was merely for the sake of contributing faith in the Deities until their souls perished due to old age or for other reasons. Such a life... was not a life the Xia Clan Transcendents sought!

They wanted strength and vigor a life they could live happily!

They were not willing to be bound down by anything!

They would rather live a happy life and end up with their souls dissipating in the end than be shackled down, with even their souls ending up redirected for the sake of contributing faith under someone else's control.

Those who ended up becoming Transcendents all possessed unbridled souls. Even if the benefits for joining the powerful Bloodshed Tavern of Temple of the Earth God were huge, only a minor amount of Xia Clan members ended up throwing themselves into their ranks. The Xia Clan did not mind them, since they operated by the belief that each person should have their own choices. As long as they did not betray their clan like the Transcendents who joined the Demonic Faction, the Xia Clan would allow them to proceed as usual.

Hong long long~

The doors of the hall were shut.

There were many sculptures placed inside this great hall, depicting various members of the Xia Clan. They all had extraordinary auras some wanton and unrestrained, some callous and proud, some gentle or calm, some emitting a domineering aura...

These were the ancestors of Xia Clan who had become Deities!

Of these sculptures, however, some were placed beyond a certain boundary, while others were placed beyond a different boundary. The first ones depicted the Deities who did not maintain contact with the Xia Clan! Due to that, their descendents in the Xia Clan felt a certain coldness towards them, but since they had become Deities, they still ended up crafting sculptures for them! As for the ones placed in the central positions these were the Deities who held the Xia Clan in their hearts and the ones towards whom their descendents felt the most grateful.

However, half of the roughly 200 sculptures placed in the central area did not emit any aura.

That was because...

They were all dead!

Becoming a Deity merely signaled the beginning of a journey in the vast Deity World. There, they would battle and struggle for their lives, and whether they held their home in their hearts or not, many of them would fall perish during these trials.

Currently, there were still 52 sculptures emitting auras, each containing a space mark left behind by the ones they depicted.

There were currently just these 52 Deities who remembered their home world and roots in the Xia Clan!

Of them, three held the strongest auras of all!

’’Ancestor Yun Hai, this Xia Clan descendant has a matter to request of you!’’ Palace Head Chen as well as the other Demigods present and Jing Qiu, all respectfully greeted. These greetings truly came from their hearts.

Emperor Yun Hai.

He was one of the three strongest Xia Clan Deities amongst the 52 still alive.

’’What's the matter?’’ the mouth of the white-robed male with long hair suddenly moved as he spoke.

’’Our Xia Clan has a young Transcendent named Dong Bo Xue Ying.’’ Palace Head Chen pointed to that metal-like sculpture lying by the side. ’’He has been afflicted by a poison coming from the Sorcerer God's saber, and we are out of solutions. We sincerely request Ancestor Yun Hai to save his life.’’

’’Sorcerer God's saber? The Sorcerer God?’’ Emperor Yun Hai's sculpture turned towards Xue Ying.

He borrowed the space mark to send down his senses, allowing him to 'hear' and 'see';it was a very crude approach.

’’Is the Sorcerer God's saber the one used by the Sorcerer God?’’ Emperor Yun Hai asked.

’’Yes,’’ the green-armored protector replied.

’’In that case, there's nothing I can do,’’ Emperor Yun Hai said. ’’This Sorcerer God whom the Beast Clan believes in, is an existence with very high innate talent. And he's even more capable when it comes to hexing poisons! I'm not proficient in this matter, so I have nothing I can do to save him. The one with the greatest accomplishments in the Dao of Medicine of our clan is, without a doubt, the Purple Thunder Emperor. He's even been taken in by the Bloodshed God Palace and is completely focused on comprehending the Dao of Medicine. He should have quite a few attainments in that Dao, so if you want to save this little doll, Dong Bo Xue Ying, I'm afraid only the Purple Thunder Emperor acting could provide him a chance at survival. If even he can't rescue him, there'll be no more hope.’’

’’Understood.’’ Palace Head Chen acknowledged immediately.

Emperor Yun Hai nodded lightly. After that, his sculpture returned to its original, unmoving state.

Palace Head Chen immediately went on to activate the space mark on the Purple Thunder Emperor's sculpture. In the distant Deity world, the Purple Thunder Emperor, who was painstakingly refining medicinal herbs, felt a sudden response in his mind. He immediately cast himself through the many world obstacles a vast distance from one another and into the sculpture.

’’Ancestor Purple Thunder, this Xia Clan descendent has a matter to request of you.’’ Palace Head Chen greeted respectfully along with the others.

’’What's the matter?’’

The Purple Thunder Emperor had the appearance of a kind elder. His moustache slanted on both sides, giving him an amiable air. As a mortal, he had been a doctor who single-heartedly went about, rescuing and treating the injured. He then awoke the tyrannical Thunder Primordial Bloodline, yet he went on to comprehend the True Meaning of Purple Thunder, allowing him to use the thunder for the purpose of saving lives. In that way, he ended up becoming a Deity before he realized it. Even after entering the Deity World, he was not particularly dazzling.

Among the dazzling Xia Clan Ancestors, there were figures like Emperor Scarlet Cloud who forged ahead vigorously, others who stuck at bottlenecks, and some who died.

And the Purple Thunder Emperor surpassed all of these figures one by one. Today, he was one of the three strongest Deity ancestors of the Xia Clan and had even been taken in by the Bloodshed God Palace. He had an extraordinary future ahead of him.

’’Our Xia Clan has a young Transcendent called Dong Bo Xue Ying. He has been afflicted by the poison of the Sorcerer God's saber...’’ Palace Head Chen explained.

’’You want me to save him?’’ The Purple Thunder Emperor turned to look towards the Xue Ying lying down. ’’The poison of the Sorcerer God's saber...are you talking about the Sorcerer God's companion saber? He actually let a Demigod of the Beast Clan use it?’’

’’That's right,’’ Palace Head Chen replied. ’’The one using the Sorcerer God's saber is the current Beast Clan Great Elder.’’

’’For a Demigod to be able to use it, it should be the saber which accompanied the Sorcerer God when he was at still at the Deity realm,’’ the Purple Thunder Emperor began. ’’The Sorcerer God is currently a World Deity, and his weapons cannot be used by Demigods. Had the Sorcerer God used his current weapon to pierce this little doll, he would have long since died. But he's only been pierced by the companion saber from long ago, which should be a saber refined to the peak grade Deity rank. The Sorcerer God brought this saber along with him for a long period of time, and it should be extraordinarily formidable. I'll have to send down a World Projection and do the inspection myself.’’

’’We'll have to trouble you, Ancestor Purple Thunder.’’ Palace Head Chen felt truly moved.


The space within the great hall distorted ever so slightly as it resonated with the Deity World where the Purple Thunder Emperor was located. The Purple Thunder Emperor's vast and mighty Deity power forcibly tore through countless space obstacles, crossed through the material world boundary, and finally arrived inside the great hall where it condensed in the form of an old man.

This was a World Projection!

Sending down a World Projection actually had incredible costs, but the Purple Thunder Emperor did not even mention them as he just sent down the projection. It could be clearly seen from this action that the Purple Thunder Emperor still considered the Xia Clan World his home where his roots lay.

’’Ancestor Purple Thunder.’’ The Demigods who were present felt really excited. Never before had they witnessed one of the Xia Clan Ancestors sending down a World Projection. It was actually quite ordinary for a Demigod expert to never see an ancestor's World Projection. Unless an urgent issue occurred, the descendents of the Xia Clan would not disturb their ancestors, much less want them to pay the price of sending down a World Projection.

’’Move aside. Let me have a look at this little doll.’’ The Purple Thunder Emperor moved directly over to Xue Ying's side. His aura might have been suppressed by the Will of the World, but his comprehension of the Laws of Profound mysteries was not.

He lightly extended a hand, and a thread-like purple ray passed through the gap between Xue Ying's lips.


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