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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 26


Book 9: Chapter 26 - Treatment

The green-armored protector by Xue Ying's side grabbed him and xiu flashed down to the ground. With a wave of his hand, he flattened the entire ground, and only after doing so did he place down the gold sculpture-like Xue Ying. Si Kong Yang, Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He and the others rushed over from the sky.

The green-armored protector hurriedly said, ’’Treat him, quick! He can't hold on for much longer we can't delay any longer!’’

’’He Yuan, come quickly and have a look.’’ Palace Head Chen looked towards Mountain Lord He.

’’Mn.’’ Mountain Lord He slightly nodded. He solemnly examined Xue Ying, who was akin to a golden sculpture, before revealing a frown. With the armor completely covering Xue Ying, how could he even inspect him? Even magic could not pass through it.

’’Open his mouth.’’ Mountain Lord He looked towards the green-armored protector.

The protector extended his arm, lightly prying Xue Ying's mouth open with apparent ease! During the battle, the flowing metal armor covered and protected every single part of his body, including his ears and lips. But when Elder Ao Lan and the others retreated, Xue Ying said something as soon as he left the Mirage. Naturally, the flowing metal on his lips had to be removed at that point.

They didn't think, however, that he would lose his consciousness as soon as he set eyes upon Jing Qiu's figure in the distance and let his concentration slip for a moment. He had not even managed to say anything to Palace Head Chen and the rest.

’’Xue Ying's been poisoned by the Sorcerer God's saber. Mountain Lord He, you should be careful when you inspect him,’’ the green-armored protector added.

’’Don't worry. Just move aside for now,’’ Mountain Lord He ordered. He also turned anxious upon hearing about the poison of the Sorcerer God's saber.

Although he didn't know any specifics about the Sorcerer God's saber, he could infer from the name...that it was most likely related to the Sorcerer God.

Mountain Lord He had merely requested the green-armored protector to pry Xue Ying's mouth open so he could affirm whether it was sealed by the armor or not. If it was not, things would be much easier. Even though his lips were stuck together, a slight gap remained between them.

Concentrating to summon a thread of magic power, Mountain Lord He easily moved it through Xue Ying's mouth, letting it spread throughout his body and beginning his inspection of every single muscle and bone inside for a complete check.

But the moment it entered

He discovered that some sort of sinister and tyrannical power had invaded every single part of Xue Ying's body his muscles, his bones, and even to the extent of his fundamental particles.

Fortunately, magic power was similar to Qi in that it could not be affected by this poison, so Mountain Lord He could continue his inspection. But much like Qi... magic power was also unable to expel or resist this poison.

’’This, what kind of poison is this?’’ Mountain Lord He was completely shocked. ’’It has invaded every single part of his body and even his Dantian Qi sea. It's like a symbiotic life form that shares Xue Ying's body down to his most fundamental layer of particles. This poison would be nigh impossible to expel.’’

The particles formed the most fundamental layer of the body had all been invaded by the poison.

’’Perhaps someone could be powerful enough to dissect the particles, suppress and expel the poison, and finally merge the cells back together into one body?’’ Mountain Lord He shook his head, a very ugly expression on his face. The particles were known as the lowest layer of constitution;it would be unimaginably difficult for him to do something like dissecting them.

Such an action would already be in the domain of Deities.


The large group of Xia Clan Demigods gathered beside Mountain Lord He and were currently watching his inspection of Xue Ying. Upon seeing his frown and ugly expression, they all had a feeling of anxiety growing in their hearts.

’’There's nothing I can do for him,’’ Mountain Lord He said in a hoarse voice. He truly wanted to save Xue Ying.

’’There's nothing you can do?’’ Many of the Xia Clan Demigods were startled.

’’This, this is...’’ Even Palace Head Chen felt anxious. He swept a look to all the Demigods of the Xia Clan around before his sight landed upon the lonely old man in the corner. He was outsider, but his combat power and comprehension of the realms were both above any of the Xia Clan Demigods he had seen many things, and his knowledge was vast. He had previously contributed a great deal with breaking the arrays.

Palace Head Chen addressed him, ’’Meishan Master, I'd like to request you to have a look.’’


The lonely old man did not add any conditions. He let out a thread of Transcendent Qi and moved it directly between Xue Ying's lips. After doing his inspection, he shook his head. He had not mentioned any additional conditions since he guessed that he would most likely be unable to help either. Reality turned out very similar to what he guessed would happen.

’’This saber of the Sorcerer God should have been the Sorcerer God's long time companion saber.’’ The lonely old man once again shook his head. ’’This matter has already transcended the capabilities of us Transcendents. If you want to save this Dong Bo Xue Ying, you'll have to beg those Ancestor Deities of your clan. Oh, right, this terrifying poison is currently destroying his fleshy body. It's fortunate that he has an Undying Body, allowing his life force to continue maintaining the body's form. But at the same time, consuming his life force means that the moment it runs dry, he'll die! You must hurry;if I'm not wrong, Dong Bo Xue Ying's Undying body can hold on for another hour at the most!’’


’’An hour?’’

’’Quick quick quick.’’ The Xia Clan Demigods were all in shock.

’’Return to the Infernal Palace!’’ Palace Head Chen immediately ordered. The green-armored protector rushed over to carry Xue Ying..

Hua hua hua, they all boarded the enormous Battleship D9.

’’Big Brother Eternal Wind, please bring us along as well.’’ There were several other Transcendents beside the Xia Clan Demigods. Naturally, these were Jing Qiu, Pu Yang Bo and the others. Before, Jing Qiu did not dare utter even a sound and had merely watched from behind, but the moment she heard the words of Mountain Lord He and of the Meishan Master, her eyes immediately reddened. Seeing Xue Ying lay there like a golden sculpture caused her heart to ache.

The mighty Transcendent who was always dazzling beyond measure and seemed able to solve any problem...

Was now at death's door.

’’Go.’’ Senior Master Gong Yu let out a sigh before bringing Jing Qiu up the sky.

’’The rest of you should just remain here. There's no point in you going with us. As soon as we have news, we'll inform you as well,’’ Chi Qiu Bai told Pu Yang Bo, Yu Feng, Chao Qing and the rest.

Hu hu hu...

Soon, Battleship D9 had already torn through space and left Razor Wind County.

’’Xue Ying, you've saved my life before. But now, you yourself are...’’ Pu Yang Bo looked to the spot from which Battleship D9 left the sky.

’’Xue Ying will definitely be saved. If our Xia Clan Ancestor Deities act, they'll be certain to save his life with ease,’’ Yu Feng said.

’’Our Xia Clan Ancestors will certainly have the methods to turn things to the better.’’

They were all greatly hopeful.

And that was exactly when the lonely old man slightly shook his head. He sighed to himself. Save him? Only a small group of Xia Clan ancestors have become Deities. From my knowledge, although some of them have become quite powerful, none of them have reached the realm of World Deities, who can direct the souls of believers into reincarnation or mould fleshy bodies! After all, they are merely ancestor Deities from a mortal world;is it really be that easy for a truly powerful existence to emerge? There's not much hope to save this Dong Bo Xue Ying.

There were many Deities in the Deity World.

With billions of mortal worlds and the vast Deity World...just how many Deities would emerge?

How difficult would it be to attain the qualification of being considered a powerful existence?

The Beast Clan believed in the Sorcerer God. The Demonic Faction believed in the Great Demonic God. These were both powerful existences on another level. Of course, the Great Demonic God was more powerful than the Sorcerer God! The Sorcerer God's combat power was currently at the level of the Great Demonic God from 30 million years ago.


Within the study room inside of Snowrock Castle.

A communication wristband was placed inside the drawer of the table. Not long ago, the red-robed Xue Ying sat in front of this desk, leaving behind several parting words for Jing Qiu and his family.

He had prepared himself for death.

The message stored within the communication wristband could not be refined and read by ordinary people;only Palace Head Chen, as the one presiding over the nucleus of the Xia Clan, could do so! The presence of that nucleus allowed the wristband to communicate with the others.

Of course, if he were to survive... these parting words would no longer be necessary.


When his Xue Ying's true body was pierced by the Sorcerer God's saber, the poison entered his body and caused a pain so intense that his soul trembled. His Qi Avatar then immediately dissipated, disappearing into nothingness inside this study room.

Qi Avatars were merely strands of the soul, unable to maintain the existence of a true life.

One had to borrow the formidable power from a true body's soul so that the Qi Avatar could maintain its form.

With the soul inside the true body in such pain, it became unable to maintain the Qi Avatar. Similarly, when one lost their consciousness or in other situations...the Qi Avatar would dissipate soul strands could not exist independently.

The study room...remained silent. A single communication wristband was left lying inside the drawer.


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