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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 20


Book 9: Chapter 20 - Sorcerer God's Saber

A breath of time had already passed as Xue Ying spoke a few sentences with the Spider Queen and Monarch Qing Yang in order to delay them.

’’They're here!’’ With a glance, Xue Ying spotted that in in the air about 150 kilometers away from Razor Wind City, space was suddenly torn apart to reveal a pitch-black battleship flying out of the crack. The battleship was imprinted with two special seals representing the characters 'D9'. An indignant roar reverberated from that space, ’’Ao Lan! Is your Beast Clan trying to exterminate my Xia Clan?!’’

’’Hmph, hmph. All of these years, you humans have kept trying to exterminate my Beast Clan, have you not? Such a pity you're not capable of doing so!’’ Elder Ao Lan sneered. He seemed to have meticulously made his preparations, since he finished setting up the final array as soon as Battleship D9 tore through space to space to arrive at that location.


Edler Ao Lan suddenly split into two figures as an avatar condensed next to him. To be precise, it was a Magic Avatar.

’’Xia Clan! Today, you will witness as the most formidable genius in the entire history of your clan dies right before your eyes!’’ Elder Ao Lan laughed out as he took a single step, entering the 100 kilometer isolated area, leaving his Magic Avatar behind to maintain the gigantic spell array.

These various arrays had been decided after a discussion between the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God, and they were clearly extraordinary. Undoubtedly, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God did not count on the hope of killing Xue Ying within a breath of time, instead setting down numerous arrays. They had thoroughly prepared, showing that this time they truly wanted to kill Xue Ying!


Palace Head Chen's roar shook the world.

A white-green beam of thunder shot out from the bow of Battleship D9, causing the entire world to darken for moments as it became the most dazzling light in across the world. It striked directly against the vast thunder-fire array. The various layers of arrays were all integrated into one. High up in the skies, the dark clouds revolved as thunder was continuously accumulating.

As it struck out, more than half the power of this terrifying beam was spread out and dissipated, while a small part of it was diverted by the thunder-fire array into the dark clouds, causing the thunder inside to accumulate in even greater amounts.


Within the 100 kilometers of space isolated from the outside world.

Only Elder Ao Lan, Monarch Qing Yang, the Spider Queen, and Xue Ying were inside.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, for the sake of getting rid of you, the great Sorcerer God has actually sent down this special forbidden world isolation treasure,’’ Elder Ao Lan sneered. ’’Currently, this region is isolated from the outside world, becoming a separate individual minor world. On top of that, the great Sorcerer God has paid an even greater price to ensure you will die here without hope.’’

’’Is that so?’’ Xue Ying continued speaking to buy more time.

’’Start!’’ Elder Ao Lan coldly commanded.

Within moments, the purple-haired woman transformed into an enormous spider the size of an ordinary mortal's house. It had a black body with eight thin violet legs;its pairs of eyes looked coldly upon Xue Ying. It then shot out a grand total of 16 finger-thick spider webs out of its back. The strands forming these webs had clearly been formed by intertwining even thinner strands according to the natural profound laws.

The 16 spiderweb strands flew across the skies in a flash before growing to dozens of kilometers in size and enveloping Xue Ying, whose expression changed. He absolutely could not allow himself to be bound by the Spider Queen. Once that happened, there would be no escape.


Xue Ying's figure distorted and then disappeared from mid-air. By entering the Mirage, he could prevent the white web from binding his movement.

’’Hmph.’’ Even though he could only move inside the isolated world 100 kilometers in radius, it was still enough.

There are only three of them. Since Elder Ao Lan is a Transcendent Mage, I have to kill him first. Xue Ying immediately teleported inside the Mirage towards Elder Ao Lan's position.

But as soon as Elder Ao Lan shouted 'start', a peculiar saber appeared at his side. It was black in color, with a hilt that looked as if a viper twisted around it, and had a body reaching a length of close to 1.5 meters. It was covered in bloody spots, causing it to emit countless faint howls of grief.

Pa! Elder Ao Lan took out a scroll emitting a boundless dark aura. He immediately tore the scroll, sending the dark aura into the saber. It then began emitting an incomparably terrifying might. The saber's might enveloped this entire 100 kilometers large isolated world and even permeated into the Mirage.


The entire minor world began trembling, and even space itself had solidified.

It was not only the space within the real world which had been solidified either;even the Mirage was affected. Xue Ying tried teleporting but ultimately failed!

’’This...’’ Xue Ying's expression turned ugly.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, this saber belongs to the great Sorcerer God! It followed him throughout his whole should be proud of dying under its might!’’ Elder Ao Lan's voice resounded throughout the isolated minor world.

Xue Ying felt a knot growing in his heart.

The Sorcerer God's saber was truly frightening the most frightening Deity weapon he had even seen, surpassing every other he had come across. Most likely, even the strongest weapon of the Xia Clan Ancestor Snow could not compare! Not to mention that Elder Ao Lan had even torn the mystical scroll to imbue it with additional power.

This saber has yet to even be unleashed, but it still caused the space within the real world as well as the Mirage to solidify. Xue Ying quivered in shock.

There were several powerful Deities who could attack the Mirage.

And this saber of the Sorcerer God's...had already begun displaying several abilities belonging to Deities.

Xiu! In the Mirage, Xue Ying rushed over to Elder Ao Lan's position. He then immediately let two streamers out into the real world.

They were precisely the gold man and green-armored protector!

’’Kill Elder Ao Lan!’’ Xue Ying understood that the most dangerous of them all was Elder Ao Lan. Without him, then the Sorcerer God saber would not work. It must be known that such a terrifying Deity weapon would also have enormous requirements for the user as well. For example, Ancestor Snow could only be used by Jing Qiu after she became a Demigod.


Shield in hand, Monarch Qing Yan snorted and then suddenly pushed forward. With a hong the surrounding space was shoved back like a wave. This wave of space rushed backwards towards the gold man and the green-armored protector.

Monarch Qing Yan was ranked fourth on the Demigod lists and had even condensed a True Deity Heart! His combat power was incredible, and currently, his main mission was to protect Elder Ao Lan.

Chi chi chi~ Dense white strands immediately enveloped the surroundings, including the region around Elder Ao Lan.

From Elder Ao Lan's wrist, another streamer flew out and transformed into a cold, black-robed female figure. She was precisely a Deity warrior.

Xue Ying's heart jolted again as soon as he saw these events unfold.

The Spider Queen, Monarch Qing Yan, and a Deity warrior were all protecting Edler Ao Lan? It must be known that Elder Ao Lan cultivated the True Meaning of Life, and his body had long since reached the level of 'undying'. Killing him normally would already be tough, but now there were three other experts protecting him?

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying, this saber can attack you inside any world, be it the Shadow or the Mirage. You cannot escape its pursuit. Just die!’’ Elder Ao Lan controlled the saber as the terrifying might it released suppressed the real world as well as the Mirage. As it flew out, it directly entered the Mirage


Elder Ao Lan closed his eyes.

With his current comprehension, he was not able not enter the Mirage. He could now only entrust his senses to the Sorcerer God's saber, borrowing its strength to vaguely feel the inside of this mystical world. Although Elder Ao Lan was not certain it was the Mirage, that would not obstruct him from attacking it.

With the saber's ability, he was able to sense an aura of life inside this mystical and strange world that should belong Xue Ying.

What exactly is this world? Even with my strength, I can only borrow the power of the Sorcerer God's saber to be able to attack the life-form inside it! Even controlling the saber is much more difficult inside this world, and I can most likely only display around 60% of its full strength. This Dong Bo Xue Ying is truly too scary. How old is he even? If his comprehensions of the realms had grown deeper, killing him really would have been mere wishful thinking. Elder Ao Lan's killing intent grew even fiercer.

’’Die!’’ He controlled the Sorcerer God to directly slash in his direction.

Xue Ying had become pale from the moment the mystical saber first entered the Mirage.

He was aware that several amazing existences at the levels of Demigods were able to attack the Mirage, but this saber could actually fully enter it and suppress him.

Hong long long~

The Sorcerer God saber came crashing his way.

The space within the Mirage had been completely solidified, and as the saber reached closer to him, an unseen force suppressed and bound him, drastically reducing his speed. Meanwhile, the bloody spots on the body of the saber releasing the faint howls of grief caused Xue Ying's heart to palpitate. He felt that the moment this saber touched him...the outcome would be something he had no chance withstanding!


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