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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 18


Book 9: Chapter 18 - Kill Dong Bo Xue Ying!

Xue Ying, who was until a moment ago lying on his side holding a glass of wine, suddenly vanished without a trace.

In an instant, he was already hovering in mid-air outside Razor Wind County City. He still did not know the identity of the approaching party;if hostile, they could endanger the whole county city including its countless citizens, his friends inside the mansion, as well as Jing Qiu. Xue Ying would not let this powerful unknown being come any closer.

The black-clothed Xue Ying standing in mid-air frowned as he looked forward with an icy gaze. With a wave of his hand, he sent a strand of fire-red qi containing the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing flying forward towards the powerful unknown being approaching. They were only a few kilometers away from the city. Si la, the fire-red qi forcibly ripped apart a section of space, forcing the approaching party into view.

Since he was still unsure about the identity of the incoming party, he left himself some leeway. He only used his qi to tear a portion of space apart and forcefully expose them.

’’Hahaha...’’ Ominous laughter spread throughout the surroundings as three figures gradually revealed themselves. They were a black-robed old man holding a scepter made of bone, a skinny, aloof man wearing green leather armor, and a woman with purple hair. The laughter was coming from this woman.


As an invisible wave instantly enveloped an area of 100 kilometers in every direction, the black-robed man sent Xue Ying a faint smile. With the old man as the core, this spherical area of 100 kilometers was isolated from the outside.


Since just moments ago they were drinking and chatting together with Xue Ying, Pu Yang Bo, Zhang Peng, and Yuan Qing, as well as the Jing Qiu and Xi Dong who were sitting a bit farther, were all confused. When they saw that Xue Ying had already left, they all looked outside to see him hovering outside the city walls. As Transcendents, they could clearly see this scene.

’’What's going on? Why did Xue Ying go out?’’ Zhang Peng and the rest were all curious. Their comprehensions were not as high as Xue Ying's, so they had not sensed the powerful existence still more than a hundred kilometers in the distance.

’’Something's not right.’’

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying.’’ Jing Qiu stood up.

They all felt inwardly suspicious, even vaguely uneasy. They saw the hovering Xue Ying send a strand of Transcendent Qi to tear through space, revealing the three figures.

’’Elder Ao Lan! Monarch Qing Yan!’’ The expressions on the faces of Jing Qiu, Pu Yang Bo and the rest took a huge turn.

Elder Ao Lan was ranked third on the Demigod list, the highest ranked of the Sorcerer Palace and their leader.

Monarch Qing Yang was a Deep Sea Beast ruler and the fourth ranked Demigod!

Both were powerful existences of the Beast Clan! They could not identify the purple-haired woman, but she traveled together with Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yang, so it could be assumed she was equally powerful! For three extraordinarily powerful existences to have appeared together outside Razor Wind County CIty, Jing Qiu and the others couldn't help but be shocked. How could they not panic?

’’Palace Head Chen!’’

’’Palace Head Chen, a group of powerful Beast Clan Transcendents have appeared! They are Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yang, as well as an unknown purple-haired woman.’’

’’Disciple Brother Xue Ying seems to have went over to deal with them.’’

Each of them tried to transmit details about the situation in a panic.

Jing Qiu worried to the point that her face paled. Pu Yang Bo crushed the glass in his hand without realizing it. He had just returned alive from hell. He didn't want for his good brother and savior to meet any trouble.

No matter how agitated they were, however, they could only watch from a distance. Their lack of power meant they were unqualified to meddle in.



Xue Ying's expression turned sour. Although he was surprised to see Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yan, he could still keep composure. But when the area of 100 kilometers surrounding them was isolated from the outside, a grim feeling overcame him.

His Mirage was affected by this zone of isolation. Normally, he could extend his Mirage up to 250 kilometers around him, but currently, it only reached up to 100 kilometers. He couldn't sense anything outside of that area!

Such an incredible force it could even isolate the surroundings, separating the inside from the outside!


Xue Ying's figure blurred and then vanished as he entered the Mirage.

Xue Ying flew to one side of the barrier and tried to tear it, to no avail. He then went over to the other side, punched it, and even tried imbuing his Stellar-Fire Cloud Spear with Extreme Piercing trying to drill and stab at it.


This invisible barrier was incredibly tough. It easily withstood Xue Ying's spear attack. ’’I've been isolated and sealed here?’’ He looked outside.

In the real world, Elder Ao Lan and the others seemed calm. He said towards the other two, ’’Monarch Qing Yan, Queen, the two of you stay here. I'll go lay down some arrays. The Demigods of the Xia Clan should arrive soon.’’

’’Go ahead’’ That purple haired woman randomly waved her hand.

Elder Ao Lan didn't mind her. He easily passed through the barrier as if nothing was there and then laid down the arrays by throwing out some contraptions around the barrier he had prepared beforehand. Soon, the contraptions formed a large array which quickly activated. With a rumbling sound, the array began affecting the surroundings, filling the sky with lightning. As another array was set up, the lightning spread all the way to Razor Wind City.

Boom! Several bolts of lightning struck down into the city, damaging the wall which started to crumble. Some mortals were instantly turned to ash while others began fleeing for their lives. The array kept getting bigger, enveloping the city and its surroundings in lightning. Regardless of direction, the city was covered in lightning and fire. High up in the air, black clouds converged over the city, swirling around and accumulating lightning.

’’You seem very confident.’’

Xue Ying left the Mirage, returning to the real world, and looked towards the experts in front of him. As soon as he realized their identities, he had transmitted the information over to Palace Head Chen. He now needed to stall them, to buy some more time until the Demigods of the Xia Clan arrived.

’’Of course.’’ The purple-haired woman displayed an evil smile.

’’A moment ago, Elder Ao Lan referred to you as Queen. Although I posses a vast amount of information, I have never heard of your existence in the Xia Clan World.’’ Xue Ying continued, ’’There is no one with the title of Queen.’’

The purple-haired woman complacently replied, ’’You should be proud that I would expose myself just to deal with you. Care to guess? You should be able to realize my identity,’’ she said while playing with her fingers. Her fingernails were extremely sharp and longer than the finger itself. At each of their tips, a strand of white silk entangled with countless other, smaller threads. Despite their size, these threads looked strong and sturdy.

Xue Ying's expression changed when he saw the white threads. ’’You're a Spider Queen!’’

Among the Beast Clan, there were some naturally born powerful races such as the Titanic Dragon. The dragonkind had many different variants, but the Titanic Dragon was the most famous among them. There were also some rare races even mightier than the Titanic Dragon, but they were so rare that rarely even one appeared after millions of years.

The Spider Queen was such an existence a special kind of Beast. She was known as the most frightening queen of the spiders. When she successfully evolved, her innate ability alone would put her in the top five of the Demigod rankings. Not even the Deep Abyss Demon royalty could stand a chance in front of her, as they depended on their cultivation to become strong, while the Spider Queen needed just her innate ability.

’’I would have never thought that the Beast Clan of this era would have a Spider Queen.’’ Xue Ying coldly laughed. ’’Especially not one so deeply hidden. I am honoured to have made you personally come out to deal with me. Not to mention the third and fourth ranked Demigods accompanying you, Elder Ao Lan and Monarch Qing Yan.’’

Xue Ying kept talking to stall some more time. He only had the gold man and the green-armored protector with him. In a direct clash, it would already be good if it ended up as an even match. He had no hope of winning, so he could only try to buy some time.

’’Ke, ke, ke...’’ Spider Queen haughtily laugh. She didn't mind Xue Ying's attempt to stall the time.

Her actions made Xue Ying feel uneasy. His True Meaning of Extreme Piercing had already been exposed when he attacked the Demon nests, while his True Meaning of Mirage had already been restrained to some degree, which showed that his enemies had come prepared.

They even let him try to stall. Were they stupid? Weren't Great Elder Ao Lan and the rest a crafty bunch? Their confidences meant they were certain of their victory!


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