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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 17


Book 9: Chapter 17 - Agreement

The Great Demonic God was inwardly resentful. The Sorcerer God was merely an ordinary Empire middle-class character in the Deity World, yet he acted with such arrogance. In terms of combat power, the Sorcerer God was merely comparable to his strength from 30 million years ago. The current difference between their combat powers was incredibly large, however, he still remained helpless the Sorcerer God held the initiative in this plan!

He, a Great Demonic God, had been chosen as a partner by the Sorcerer God merely because of his deep-rooted identity within the Xia Clan World.

’’Sorcerer God,’’ the gigantic illusory skull growled lowly, ’’the fleshy body which I was going to descend into might have been destroyed...but do you know how it came to be annihilated?’’

’’How was it destroyed?’’ The gold-robed illusion stared blankly.

’’The headquarters of my Demonic Faction had never been found in the long time since its emergence. Yet today, it was invaded, and even the fleshy body I was to descend into was destroyed. But why?’’ the enormous illusory skull coldly said. ’’It's because the combat power of the Xia Clan is so much higher than you would imagine! Unless you find out how I've been defeated this time, I believe your Beast Clan will suffer from a similar fate not too far in the future!’’

’’The plan has yet to start;failure at this point might not lead to excessive losses,’’ the illusory golden-robed man coldly replied.

’’Even if it commences, you'll ultimately face defeat!’’ the gigantic illusory skull said with confidence. ’’This terrible loss revealed to me a terrifying aspect of the Xia Clan as well as the reason for your imminent failure.’’

’’What exactly is it?’’ The gold-robed illusion frowned.

’’We must first sign a new agreement!’’ the gigantic illusory skull stated. ’’Then I will share everything I know with you.’’

His defeat had been caused precisely by Dong Bo Xue Ying, however, this secret had yet to be revealed to the public. Naturally, the Beast Clan had not heard about it yet.

The Great Demonic God used this method deliberately to frighten the Sorcerer God.

’’You no longer have your Deity Avatar. What do you think qualifies you to be here?’’ the gold-robed illusory man coldly asked. ’’A single secret of the Xia Clan?’’

’’No. While I might have paid an enormous price to cultivate the avatar, I'm still willing to cultivate another!’’ the gigantic illusory skull growled. He had suffered terrible losses, and unless he could participate in this plan and reap the rewards, those losses would have been for naught. He was willing to pay an even greater price for it to succeed. After all, once the plan was complete, it would spell huge profit! It had to succeed!

’’You'd cultivate another?’’ The illusory gold-robed man started. ’’But there's not enough time.’’

’’And that's why I'd need the plan to be delayed for another 50 years! That is also the reason why I asked you to sign a new agreement,’’ the gigantic illusory skull said. ’’As long as we sign the agreement, I will naturally tell you everything.’’

In the open sky.

The gold-robed illusory man and the enormous illusory skull faced each other at a distance. For a moment, they were both silent.

’’Alright! Then we'll delay it for 50 years!’’ The gold-robed illusion nodded. They had long lifespans, so he was willing to accept a delay of 50 years.

’’Then we'll sign a new agreement!’’ the gigantic illusory skull revealed a look of joy.


Very soon.

A piece of paper of a vague golden color appeared in mid-air. It was covered in many dense special seals. On its underside there was a faint illusion of a strange-looking island.

Soon, two names appeared on the lowermost part of the paper, written using the same special seals.

The agreement was signed!

The gold-robed illusion immediately said, ’’Quick, tell me. What is this secret of the Xia Clan which led to your defeat?’’

’’It was caused by a single person ’’ the gigantic illusory skull began, ’’Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’

’’Him?’’ The gold-robed illusion was startled. He had a feeling he had been scammed. ’’You lost because of a single Xia Clan Transcendent.’’

’’Do not underestimate him. If you do, you'll end up being defeated because of him too.’’


’’He comprehended another True Meaning on top of his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. This one is unique in the way that it enabled him to hide inside another world from the inside of which he could observe the real world. Using this ability, he found out the locations of the five Demon Generals as well as the location of my Demonic Faction Headquarters. He even pulled my fleshy body inside that other world. I could sense it being destroyed just moments ago.’’

’’What is this strange True Meaning?’’ The Sorcerer God was inwardly shocked.

’’I suspect it must be related to either the True Meaning of Mirage or the True Meaning of Shadow,’’ the Sorcerer God deduced. ’’This Dong Bo Xue Ying has merely cultivated for less than a hundred years, yet he is already so terrifying. According to our original plan, the moment we begin moving, he will have surely become even stronger! There is no place he can't reach, and if we are found unprepared, he can completely ruin our plan.

’’We have already made our preparations,’’ the Sorcerer God said. ’’Since we know how formidable he is, then it's time to exterminate him!’’

Indeed, the True Meaning of Mirage was mystical and unpredictable. Not only could the user move without a shadow or trace, it was also the pinnacle of illusion techniques.

Meanwhile, the True Meaning of Shadow might not have consisted of any illusion techniques, but it was even more vicious!

Xue Ying's True Meaning of Mirage was quite weak in terms of offensive ability, but he had the extremely offensive True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. These two True Meanings covered each other's weaknesses, which made them a terrifying pair!

’’Right. We must exterminate him!’’ said the Great Demonic God. ’’The sooner, the better!’’


What kind of statuses did the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God have?

They were aware that Xue Ying comprehended certain techniques to increase his combat power. But he was still a mere Transcendent it was simply too easy for them to crush him. If he could cultivate his True Meaning to the third stage realm and then condense a True Deity Heart, Xue Ying might become troublesome for them to deal with. But right now? In just three hours, the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God had already made the plan to exterminate him! All the required treasures had been gathered! The only reason they even needed three hours was that certain special treasures had to be sent over by the Temporal Temple through a Reincarnator who personally descended into the Oceanic Forest World.

All preparations were complete.

Now, they had to wait...

First, they would find Xue Ying!

And then, exterminate him!


Bright Sand Province, Razor Wind County City.

A group of Transcendents were currently celebrating inside a secluded mansion.

’’Haha, come, come, come, cheers.’’

’’Pu Yang, you brat. You just escaped from calamity, so fortune will definitely follow soon after!’’

’’Right, right, right. I'd say that very soon, Sister Xi Dong will give birth to a doll for you.’’

’’Hehe, I thank Brother Yu Feng. I'll wait to hug this doll of mine then.’’

Yu Feng, Zhang Peng, Pu Yang Bo, Xue Ying, Cheng Qing were currently drinking and chatting, while Jing Qiu was accompanying Xi Dong.

The bonds between them were very strong. They knew Pu Yang had suffered from agonising pain for six years, so, as good brothers, they came to accompany him and let him release his feelings as much as he wished.

’’I've heard the attack on the Demonic Faction Headquarters will be done soon. It's truly hard to believe...that bastard Situ Hong was actually such a bastard that he'd throw his eggs to the Demonic Faction. He even plotted against his own disciple brother.’’ Yu Feng was angered to the point that he clenched his teeth. ’’I truly wish I could use the Demonic Faction's own torture methods on him;let him know how it feels to be the one suffering the torture.’’

’’There's not much to be angry about now. He's already been captured, and I don't think the Xia Clan would easily let him go,’’ Pu Yang Bo casually replied. ’’Don't mention that disgusting subject anymore. It only served to disrupt the good mood of our brothers. Ai, Yuan Qing, why are you on such close guard and refuse to speak?’’

Yuan Qing laughed and remained as shy as ever.

’’Being as shy as a young lady...I truly don't know how you managed to cultivate to become a Transcendent.’’ Zhang Peng laughed by the side.

’’I just slowly cultivated...’’ Yuan Qing let out a few words.

Xue Ying willingly drank and chatted with his brothers. He was in a relatively relaxed mood.

The situation was developing in a positive direction.

The Great Demonic God Deity Avatar's fleshy body had long since been destroyed! It was destroyed at the hands of a Deity warrior, since Palace Head Chen and the rest worried that an accident might occur. Therefore, they ended up deciding to use the indestructible Deity warrior! In turned out, however, that destroying it was actually quite easy. It must be known that even a true descended Deity Avatar would be restricted by the Will of the World to the power of a peak Demigod! Since the soul of the Great Demonic God had not yet descended, how much resistance could a mere fleshy body put up?

During the attack on the Demonic Faction Headquarters, several Qi Avatars of the Demigods moved rapidly to capture the previously exposed Transcendents!

Due to this fast mobilization...the Demonic Faction Transcendents did not realize they had been revealed. Therefore, including Situ Hong, eight Transcendents discovered by Xue Ying were immediately captured.

As for the headquarters, without the management of Demigods and without any of the arrays left behind other than the primitive ones...Xue Ying heard that they had already breached into the inner section and were reaching the end of the fight.

’’Such a huge crisis is finally reaching an end.’’ Xue Ying revealed a grin.

’’Mn? The next moment, he turned over towards the distant sky with a frown. Since the start of the war with the Demonic Faction, he had always been examining his surroundings with the perception granted by the Mirage and had never fully relaxed. This allowed him to immediately sense that, 250 kilometers away, a powerful aura was closing in on him through the void!’’


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