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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 16


Book 9: Chapter 16 - Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God

In the Demonic Faction Headquarters.

The fog previously enveloping the figure of the High Priest, Xi Yun, had dispersed. He had already been revealed, so why would he conceal himself any further?

His body was currently covered by scales, two sharp horns protruding from his head. He was surrounded in a mighty and dense dark demonic energy.

’’Great Demonic God,’’ Xi Yun greeted with the utmost respect.

In a location near the Devil's Well, an enormous sculpture of a skull was placed by one of the walls of the hall.

This sculpture spoke in a seemingly furious manner, ’’High Priest, the 3rd Priest has already failed. The fleshy body I would have descended into has been captured by the Xia Clan, while the space on the outside is currently being sealed by their Battleship D9! Their Demigods have arrived, which means that this headquarters won't last for much longer, and you have no way of escaping this place either. What I need you to do at this to avenge me, no matter the cost! Use the arrays of the headquarters. If you can kill any of the Xia Clan Transcendents, do it right away! As for you...after you die, I'll bring your soul into the Dark Abyss and resculpture your fleshy body so you may continue living over there!’’

’’Yes!’’ Xi Yun acknowledged. Among the powerful Deities and Demonic Gods, there were several who could bring the souls of Transcendents away.

A prime example of this was the Temporal Temple! Their Reincarnators traveled along millions upon millions of worlds;even if they ended up dying in battle, as long as their souls remained intact, they would be brought back to carry out the punishment of undergoing Hell-rank missions.

This meant that among those who followed powerful existences, most were very loyal. After all, it was very hard for a soul of a Transcendent under the protection of a powerful Deity or Demonic God to be destroyed.

’’Avenge me! Avenge me by killing every single Transcendent you can!’’ howled the sculpture of the skull.

The moment he finished speaking...

To the side, a hand extended from the Mirage. As soon as this hand was thrown out, six streamers appeared in this hall containing the Devil's Well. All of these streamers had vast and might auras. Within moments, they transformed. There were now the enormous Ancient Tree Protector with its dancing branches, the cold-hearted man with two divine swords on his back, the tyrannical black-colored gold man, the mystical eight-claws lifeform brandishing its claws and fangs and so on...

There were six in total!

They were all Deity warriors at the limit of the mortal world. They could rank among the top three in the Demigod rankings in terms of their offense, and their binding abilities to shackle their enemies or their excellence in a certain domain. In any case, all of them were indestructible and unkillable, and they were all extremely powerful. With six of them appearing at once, even someone on the level of Mountain Lord He or Grand Elder Palace Head would most likely die from their attack!

Only the number one under the heavens and an expert of survival the 3rd Priest might have a chance of staying alive using his perfect demonic body and Deity armor.

’’This...’’ Xi Yun was stunned.


The Ancient Tree Protector was the first to act as it whipped out with its branch, knocking Xi Yun all the way into one of the walls. The six then began attacking!

’’Damn, damn it! It's him again! Dong Bo Xue Ying!’’ the skull sculpture on the wall roared with a savage expression.

Peng. The gold man disguised in black immediately kicked the skull sculpture. Hong long long. Most of the wall crumbled apart together with the sculpture which, naturally, was also blown to smithereens.


Inside the Mirage, Xue Ying continued silently watching the scene of Xi Yun being beaten to death! The High Priest could not even withstand this assault for a full breath of time as his body started to crumble apart. After a total of ten breaths of time, his demonic body had been completely destroyed. In that moment, this generation's High Priest of the Demonic Faction died! This was the reason behind Xue Ying requesting the other four Deity warriors. With just two, he could not be certain of killing the High Priest in ten breaths of time. Only with six...could he really sweep over him!

A hand once again crossed into the real world to retrieve the six Deity warriors and to gather the treasures left behind by the High Priest.

A Deity weapon? Xue Ying easily refined the storage ring of the High Priest only to discover that it actually contained a Deity weapon. It had the appearance of a lamp and was currently stirring about as if it wanted to fly away.

It's such a pity that I can't use it. Xue Ying silently shook his head.

In the same way that the Deity weapons of the Xia Clan could only be used temporarily by Xia Clan Transcendents, this Deity weapon of the Demonic Faction...was similarly under the control of the Great Demonic God. Only, at that point in time, it was being kept within the storage treasure and could not escape. While the Transcendents of the Xia Clan were able to temporarily suppress it, they still had no way of using it.


Xue Ying took the six Deity warriors along with him inside the Mirage. He then released them within various crucial areas and let them wantonly destroy everything!

Whatever could be destroyed had been destroyed!

The headquarters of the Demonic Faction was governed by the High Priest with the white-robed female Deity warrior serving as his aide. With him gone, Xue Ying could destroy the different locations as he wished. With each successive generation of Demonic Faction Demigods, many arrays had been left behind. Yet right now, the most crucial regions of these arrays their nuclei were being destroyed. There were, however, several arrays that had been present since the refinement of this underground castle and were imprinted on top of the outermost layer of the castle;there was no way to destroy them.

The arrays present since the beginning were under the control of the white-robed woman.

’’Time to leave.’’ From the beginning and until Xue Ying brought back the six Deity warriors to the Battleship D9, only half an hour had passed.


Within the Battleship D9.

Only Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He were currently there. The other Xia Clan Demigods were currently coordinating with the battleship to attack the Demonic Faction Headquarters! Meanwhile, the experts from the Temple of the Earth God had brought along treasures and were assaulting the headquarters with all their hearts.

Weng~ Mountain Lord He was controlling the Battleship D9. He was a powerful Transcendent Mage and currently the more capable person of doing so. There were many arrays which could release a terrifying might and could be activated using the magic power contained inside his body. After all, this battleship had been refined in the Deity world for the use of Deities. Many of its arrays were very complex, which led to Palace Head Chen only being able to unleash their fundamental power.

’’Xue Ying is here.’’ Palace Head Chen revealed an expression of elation as he looked towards him.

’’Xi Yun is dead;however, his soul was led by the Great Demonic God into the Dark Abyss,’’ Xue Ying reported.

’’In that case, there's no need to care about him anymore. He will never be able to return from the Dark Abyss. Furthermore, he isn't a Deity yet, which means it won't be easy for him to live in a place like the Dark Abyss,’’ Palace Head Chen said.

Xue Ying nodded before immediately adding on, ’’I didn't bring too many treasures back from the Demonic Faction. The Great Demonic God was aware they would not be able to defend the headquarters, so he destroyed whatever he could. Whatever he couldn't destroy, I have brought back. Discussing how we'll split them up will have to wait until I send Pu Yang back.’’

’’We're in no rush when it comes to those treasures.’’ Palace Head Chen didn't seem to mind in the least. After all, Deity weapons couldn't be used, and Deity grade secret techniques utilized dark demonic energy while they cultivated magic which meant they were useless to them! The ones which could be destroyed had been while the ones that remained...would most likely not be terrific. So, Palace Head Chen didn't pay attention these treasures too much.

He even felt that this time around, Xue Ying's contribution was too big to calculate in terms of rewards.

’’Where's Pu Yang?’’ Xue Ying asked.

’’He is currently in the room by the side. He kept shouting that he wanted to go back and see his woman, but we cannot leave this place for now.’’ Palace Head Chen laughed. ’’Xue Ying, you have already done whatever you can. Let us handle the rest. You should send back this poor Pu Yang Bo first.’’


Xue Ying walked over to the room by the side and pushed open the door.

This Battleship D9 was very mystical indeed. He was separated by a simple door, yet he could not sense anything inside the room. No wonder it was a battleship refined in the Deity world.

Within the room, Pu Yang Bo was half-reclined on a bed.

Unlike his previous appearance which looked like a bag of bones, he now had rosy cheeks, white teeth and moist skin. The recovering ability of a Transcendent was truly frightening. Still, some deep fatigue could still be seen in his eyes. Clearly, six terrifying years of torture had completely worn him down. The injuries to his mind and soul could only be cured by Pu Yang Bo himself.

’’Pu Yang, what are you doing?’’ Xue Ying smiled as he came in.

’’I'm chatting with Xi Dong.’’ Pu Yang Bo immediately stood up. ’’If I cannot go back to see her yet, then all I can do is chat with her. Palace Head Chen even gave me a new communication wristband. Also...Dong Bo, I am truly thankful to you. If not for you, I think I would have entered oblivion, never to return again.’’

’’Even if you say that, I still feel sorry for you, so don't thank me.’’ Xue Ying felt uncomfortable to hear Pu Yang Bo express his gratitude.

’’Palace Head Chen and the rest myself included have already told you that any true Transcendent of the Xia Clan would have made this decision.’’ Pu Yang Bo displayed a wide grin.

’’Let's go, I'll send you back,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Mn.’’ Although Pu Yang Bo was tired, the feeling of expectation still stirred his emotions.


The crimson-armored 3rd Priest arrived in a major Transcendent World called the Oceanic Forest World.

Hong! Hong!

Two powerful auras appeared in the sky. One of them was a giant illusory skull, while the other was an illusory gold-robed man. These two illusions were facing each other from a distance, and they both released a mighty, mysterious aura.

’’You have disappointed me, Great Demonic God!’’ The illusory gold-robed man wore a sneer on his face. ’’We made up a plan, and we even signed an agreement. But now? You're actually telling me...that the fleshy body you were supposed to descend into has been destroyed by the Xia Clan?’’

’’Sorcerer God,’’ the gigantic illusory skull roared, ’’know your place! Keep in mind who's the junior and who's the senior here!’’

’’Seniority? Right. You are indeed more powerful than me, and it was precisely your combat power being higher than mine that convinced me to work with you! If not for that, you wouldn't even have had the qualification to enter. Your biggest use is the Deity Avatar you can descend into! Your comprehension of the reals is so much deeper than mine, and your Deity Avatar is the most important part of our plan. But it's gone now! If you can't descend into the avatar, what use do you even have?’’ the illusory gold-robed man coldly stated.

The Sorcerer Palace was similarly indignant.

Such a formidable Great Demonic God had actually made a life-threatening mistake during such a crucial period of time.

’’You...’’ The expression on the gigantic illusory skull turned savage. ’’You would dare say such things about me?! You...’’

’’You are a Great Demonic God of the Dark Abyss, yet you want to threaten a Deity from the Deity world?’’ The illusory gold-robed man sneered. ’’Not only that, I am the lord of a territory. You think I'd be afraid of you? Da Er Hao! I have always respected you before, but you have truly disappointed me this time! Since you can't hold your promise, our previous agreement is also nulled. Naturally, I deem you lacking in the qualifications necessary to participate in this plan with us!’’


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