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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 9 - Chapter 14


Book 9: Chapter 14 - Single-Handed

Indeed, the mysterious crimson-armored man was feeling quite anxious. The Demonic Faction survived until this point, so they naturally knew about this moving castle belonging to the Xia Clan Battleship D9! They also understood the battleship's sealing effect which spanned the territory in a 5,000 kilometers range.

A range of 5000 kilometers? What should I do? If I try to fly out slowly, I'm afraid that by the time I leave this region, a large group of Xia Clan Demigods would have already arrived. While he was feeling rather anxious, someone else was currently much more anxious than him!


The illusory skull of the Great Demonic God vaguely showed up on the crimson armor. As the strongest and most favored in the Demonic Faction, the 3rd Priest held two Deity weapons his armor and the blood-colored saber! Together with his perfectly cultivated demon body, they made him able to suppress the Grand Elder Palace Head in terms of combat power!

However, his Deity weapons were just like those of the Xia Clan temporarily borrowed. The Demonic Faction had similarly lent them over to the 3rd Priest! There were even some techniques of the Great Demonic God on them.

Hu, hu, hu, hu. Four figures suddenly rushed downwards from the Battleship D9 high up in the skies, surrounding and attempting to block all four directions of escape for the 3rd Priest. Naturally, these figures were four Deity warriors! After the encirclement and killing of the Demon Generals, the Deity warriors were told of the arrangement by Palace Head Chen and joined together with Battleship D9.

’’Great Demonic God.’’ The mysterious crimson-armored man looked towards the pitch-black Battleship D9 high in the skies before anxiously transmitting over, ’’What should I do now?’’

’’Use the shadow talisman to escape! Although it is normally used as a life-saving treasure and is not specialized in increasing your speed, it can still greatly aid you in doing so!’’ The crimson armor with the illusory skull of the Great Demonic God transmitted in a hurry, ’’Go as fast as you can to escape, the faster the better! Even if the Xia Clan Demigods arrive, as long as you escape from under the area of effect of Battleship D9, it won't be easy for them to surround you! With your combat power, you still have hope of successfully escaping! Whatever happens, you must bring back the bronze coffin!’’

’’Yes.’’ A strange talisman appeared in midair, ahead of the mysterious crimson-armored man. It was gray in color and was covered in strange demonic seals. Chi The dark demonic energy forcefully broke this talisman, shattering it and causing it to completely release the energy inside it.

An unseen wave of energy immediately affected the crimson-armored man, causing his body to begin fading as if he had become a blurred shadow. Xiu! All of a sudden, his speed greatly increased as he made his escape in the form of a shadowy stream of light.

One could see him flying in a flash past the river and the mountains, heading towards the horizon. Too fast!

He really is fast! At first Xue Ying was completely confident, but these turn of events left him stunned.

Too fast.

It had to be known that this current speed could already be considered rather fast. At 50 kilometers a second, it was a high level even among Demigods. Right, Xue Ying had heard that even the fastest Demigod could reach an approximate speed of 150 kilometers a second! Compared to that, the previous speed of this crimson-armored man could be considered average, yet after his figure turned into a blurred shadow, his approximate speed had actually increased tremendously, reaching a frightening 400 kilometers per second!

In other words, even after the other Demigods of the Xia Clan arrived, it would still be very difficult to surround him.

Hu. Xue Ying waved his hand, putting away the green-armored protector and the gold man for the moment. His figure then twisted as he entered the Mirage.

Within the Mirage.

Xue Ying teleported quickly. Even though the Battleship D9 was formidable, it could not suppress the stable Mirage! That made it so he could still teleport inside the Mirage! Shua, shua, shua! You might be able to cross 400 kilometers in a second, but a single teleport of mine is already 50 kilometers. I can easily catch up to you!


On Battleship D9.

Palace Head Chen was standing on the deck and looking at an image floating in mid-air. This image was precisely displaying the crimson-armored man's escape and Xue Ying disappearing.

’’What exactly is this new True Meaning Xue Ying comprehended? To have so easily discovered and investigated the Demonic Faction, and to now suddenly disappear without even this Battleship D9 being able to sense him...’’ Palace Head Chen was startled. The True Meanings recorded inside the Deity World records were merely the more famous ones, but many more remained unrecorded. An example would be a certain grade two True Meaning that had surfaced after multiple Laws of Profound Mysteries were fused together.

Those kinds of True Meanings were unpredictable. Although Palace Head Chen was curious, he did not continue questioning Xue Ying as he felt that the fewer the people who knew about it, the better it would be.

’’Xue Ying, you don't have to act. Just let me handle this,’’ Palace Head Chen transmitted before entrusting him with a different task. ’’I need some additional time to prepare. The Battleship D9 is ready, but my methods are quite slow since I'm not a Transcendent Mage. It would have been much better if Mountain Lord He were here to control Battleship D9 instead. Mn, it's almost ready. In a bit, you will be able to simply destroy that fleshy body!’’


In the Mirage.

Xue Ying's Qi Avatar could receive transmissions, so he teleported continuously to follow that crimson-armored man, keeping a distance of a few tens of kilometers.


Xue Ying's eyes suddenly widened in shock as he watched the scene from inside the Mirage. Hong A gigantic illusory sphere with the crimson-armored expert at the center suddenly appeared. Inside it, countless complex seals worked together to make this array truly unfathomable! This sphere was a full 1500 kilometers in diameter! The moment it appeared, it madly plundered the energy of thunder inside the world. In the blink of an eye, it had turned into a gigantic ball of thunder with a diameter of 1500 kilometers!

’’This is too...’’ Xue Ying was watching this scene as well.

A diameter of 1500 kilometers!

His current position would be inside of this ball of thunder when reflected in the reality! Even the Demonic Faction Headquarters under the ground was engulfed by this gigantic ball of thunder!

Fortunately, the headquarter was located in a desolate area devoid of people, deep in the mountains. They had been afraid that if many people settled in this place, they might dig randomly and build structures all around. Therefore, it was better for the Demonic Faction if fewer people were around. This was also how the Xia Clan avoided harming mortals.

Hua la~ Countless streaks of thunder began gathering. In a flash, the 1500 kilometer-wide gigantic ball of thunder converged into a single point! And this point was none other than the location of the 3rd Priest!

This gigantic ball of thunder had converged into a single point in an instant.

The world became quiet, as if sound itself had disappeared from it.

Xue Ying watched all of these events happen in astonishment.

Hong~ The point which had converged on the location of the 3rd Priest suddenly exploded with unparalleled power. Xue Ying could only feel his eyes burning from the brightness of the scene before him. The brightness then dissipated! Xue Ying could finally see what was happening in front of him.

The blurred shadow-like figure of the 3rd Priest was currently falling rapidly, his body seemingly broken and incomplete. The blood-colored saber had been launched far away by the explosion. Similarly, the other object which had been sent away by the explosion...was the bronze coffin! Even upon encountering this frightening power, the bronze coffin remained completely undamaged, the 13 shackles still binding it.

’’Quickly! Wake up! Wake up for me!’’ The illusory skull of the Great Demonic God on the crimson armor of the 3rd Priest was anxious as he frenziedly roared through the transmission, ’’You idiot, wake up for me faster! Quick, quick!’’


The 3rd Priest suddenly recovered his senses.

He had a perfect demonic body thus an undying body. Furthermore, his fleshy body was protected by a Deity armor and his figure was partially faded as well. All of these resulted in him receiving only minor damage. His body had not been shattered into particles, and strictly speaking, it was not serious damage. The explosion of thunder had, however, directly seeped deep into his soul, causing it to blank out for a moment and turning him completely mindless! It was the frenzied roar of the Great Demonic God transmitted into his soul that allowed him to gradually wake up again.

’’Go, quickly! Rush over to retrieve the bronze coffin! Quick!’’ continuously urged the illusory skull of the Great Demonic God.

It seems that this bronze coffin is extremely important to the Great Demonic God, the 3rd Priest thought to himself. He had never before seen the Great Demonic God lose his composure, which made him wonder about what exactly the bronze coffin contained.

As he finally recovered his senses, the 3rd Priest immediately turned into a streamer and flew towards the bronze coffin. At the same time, he extended his hand, causing the blood-colored saber which had been launched into the distance to come flying back to him.

How fast was the flying speed of the 3rd Priest? In a moment, he had reached the faraway bronze coffin. The illusory skull of the Great Demonic God heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing this.

But at that very moment a hand reached out of the void, grabbing the bronze coffin by an edge and then pulling it! The bronze coffin was pulled into the void 1.

The 3rd Priest was stunned.

It disappeared?

The bronze coffin that was right in front of his eyes a moment ago had actually disappeared in mid-air?

’’Ah ah ah ah ah, damn, damn, you idiot! Idiot!’’ The Great Demonic God skull illusion was completely mad as he raved about.

  1. Well, technically it's the Mirage but in this case, it's from the perspective of the 3rd Priest and he only see the hand coming from the void.


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